Novak Djokovic vs Diego Schwartzman | Rome 2020 Final Extended Highlights

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53 comentarios:

Russel Stephan
Russel Stephan:
Djokovic will win in 3 sets

The GOAT of tennis will shine bright as usual.
Djokovic is The GOAT.
Erik The Half A Bee
Erik The Half A Bee:
"What, they have their match at Roland Garros already??" Is what I always think with these videos.
Mayank Sharma
Mayank Sharma:
Well, an upset seems unlikely but you never know. Although, we can expect a tough 4 or 5 set battle.
Rafa and Novak seem poised to meet in QFs.
Well Novak has beat him for the 6th time now.. Didn’t even drop a set at RG 22.. Came back from 0-3 down in the 2nd set!
GOAT all the way♥️
Sxlmxxn Ahmxd
Sxlmxxn Ahmxd:
it was close but not close, schwartzman fared batter than most people probably expected
Rolder Drummer
Rolder Drummer:
Diego Schwartzman is a tremendous athlete, a great tennis player, and it is unfortunate that he always has to measure himself against Djokovic, if not the best one of the best players in the history of the ATP tour. but I insist that Peque is a tremendous tremendous tennis player…
bing lee
bing lee:
What a battle! Looking forward tonight's game between them!
I saw that someone in the comments wrote that the match was close, well, the match was so close that Djokovic won in two sets, without even a tiebreaker...
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown:
Damn I thought this would actually be a tough one. Diego can go god mode sometimes on clay. But djokovic domimated. Suprisingly nadal is actually having a tougher time right now instead with alliassime. But man the draw is so incompetently stacked on nadal and djokovic’s side. Nadal, djokovic, alcaraz, zverev?! What a pthetic shitty draw. Roland garros should be ashamed
Celestial Spartan
Celestial Spartan:
Djokovic always gets a tough fight from Diego on clay.
Виа Ноле !!! победићемо га и овога пута! 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
flathead tangx
flathead tangx:
At the end, Diego wanted to hug over the net. Novak is like please no, I'll be disqualified. Lol
Diego can defeat almost anyone in RG except for Rafa and Nole. Bad luck for Diego.
Fing Book
Fing Book:
Novak fan here, but Diego great competition!!
ajay kumar Yadav
ajay kumar Yadav:
No respect for the cup, he used it as a bucket😂
Molly Alexander
Molly Alexander:
Both played super God bless you both 💞💞💞💞💞
What a match, would love to see a 5 set battle at the French open!
Good boy
Good boy:
forehand of nole was cracking
Very good Match
moonlight fitz
moonlight fitz:
We are going to see this again😎
AresXtremE Nemesis
AresXtremE Nemesis:
Lee Banks-Gorton
Lee Banks-Gorton:
Very poor crowd considering two brilliant players. What’s up with the French !
azz blaster
azz blaster:
saw the muzzles and instantly closed the video.
Anuj Jyothykumar
Anuj Jyothykumar:
They shouldn't upload this match..... They upload their classic in Rome 2019
Ridiculous that they had to put their masks back on after the match.....I hope we all learn from this.
After School with The African Barbie 🖤
After School with The African Barbie 🖤:
I like the sfx in a tennis game, men or women 😂
The Fair Observer
The Fair Observer:
Now the Argentinian is a much more mature player! It will be a dangerous player for NOLE in this 2022-RG!
3:0 fór Novák. Novák wont lose a set abs will pičk 21 slam
reactions 4u
reactions 4u:
that mask nonsense, having to wear it for the picture. who tf thought of that
Federico Town
Federico Town:
Nole will win easy today in 3 or 4 sets
501 Man
501 Man:
I did not watch it but I heard that Djokovic was Booed. If this is this true,,, why?
Damn why is the stands so empty? Covid?
longinus galaxy
longinus galaxy:
Like the heart at the end.
Redo FO2022.....who will win?
Luka Bijelic
Luka Bijelic:
Sparta🛡 is coming!!
Rachit J
Rachit J:
Kyrgios vs Tsisipas 2020 ATP Cup please
Why no audience? Why masks?
m o
m o:
I know it's inconsequential......but why do they wear the same colors???

The females did the same thing the other day. Is it a rule??
きりおす ニック
きりおす ニック:
Eddie Diesel
Eddie Diesel:
Look how ridiculous people look with masks on.
Darmian brooks
Darmian brooks:
Because of economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money💯
Diego has this one in the bag.
Lili Wang
Lili Wang:
Vero TT
Vero TT:
sto Sto
sto Sto:
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
🇨🇭1) Federer: King of Grass.

🇪🇸2) Nadal: King of Clay.

👑3) FEDAL: King of Hardcourt.
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
The GOAT of tennis list: 🎾

🇪🇸1) Nadal: 👑
🇨🇭2) Federer: 👑
🇺🇸3) Sampras: 🐐
🇺🇸4) Agassi: 🐐
🇸🇪5) Edberg: 🐐

The most grand slam title list: 🏆

🇪🇸1) Nadal: 21st major champion.
🇨🇭2) Federer: 20th major champion.
🇺🇸3) Sampras: 15th major champion.
🇦🇺4) Laver: 13th major champion.
🇸🇪5) Borg: 12th major champion.
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
🇨🇭GOATderer (Federer): GOD of Tennis. 👑

🇪🇸 GOATdal (Nadal): KING of Tennis. 👑

Plus, Witness a true greatness and greatest achievement in tennis, legacy will live on 100% forever!!! Vamos 💎 King FEDAL!!! Cheers!!! 👑💪🐐
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
Golden era of tennis list: ❤️

🇪🇸1) Nadal.
🇨🇭2) Federer.
🇺🇸3) Sampras.
🇺🇸4) Agassi.
🇸🇪5) Edberg.
🇷🇺6) Safin.
🇦🇺7) Hewitt.
🇺🇸8) Roddick.
🇧🇷9) Kuerten.
🇦🇺10) Rafter.