Novak Djokovic vs Jan-Lennard Struff | US Open 2020 Round 3

Novak Djokovic takes on Jan-Lennard Struff in Round 3 of the US Open 2020.

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The best returner of all time.
Michael Vonhaven
Michael Vonhaven:
Djokovic plays Struff like Struff is a college level player.
"Everyone play their best tennis, until they face the Djokovic" - Ancient proverb
Ziru Zoldyck
Ziru Zoldyck:
Why does it seem like Struff always has to play Djoko? AO, Cinci and now US? I mean poor Struff and good job djoko.
I Purple You!!!
I Purple You!!!:
It was actually a great match, despite the score line, there were some fabulous rallies and points... keep the winning streak up, Novak!!!
the drop shot is back on fashion - you can see more and more lately
Jack Liu
Jack Liu:
Novak is the best.
Edwin Paul
Edwin Paul:
Struff is so unfortunate to be having Djokovic coming his way most of the time....
Mon mon Grubbs
Mon mon Grubbs:
Djokovic is unbeatable damn💥
Sajjad Shuaybi
Sajjad Shuaybi:
Djokovic really likes that left-side dropshot...
He is just getting better the older he gets. Love this guy
Nitish Dash
Nitish Dash:
Just handover the trophy to Novak already and go home
jack tennis
jack tennis:
Never seen such mastery of ground strokes in my lifetime. What a treat to watch Novak. Ps ..seen rod laver at his prime and counting.
Thinus Marais
Thinus Marais:
Every time I click on a Djokovic highlight video that I have not watched the full match of, I fear that he has finally been beaten. But again, no, still not.. 😆
Novak was toying with Struff with the drop shots. Poor Struff the German just run ragged around the court.
The Last Warrior
The Last Warrior:
This is the most ridiculous highlights ever. No set points, no break points?
federer roger fan
federer roger fan:
Novak always looks as if he is practicing with only 30% of his energy using when an opponent is not Rafa, Roger...
Delta keesei
Delta keesei:
Title Us open 2020 and French open 2020, djokovic take all.?

And 19 grand slam for djokovic. ..Insya Allah. ..amin. .
too strong
Milton Ng
Milton Ng:
You'd have better chances playing against the wall than playing against Djokovic

Absolutely insane how he can return those shots

His incredible feel has given him a new weapon to exploit too which is his corner dropshot which he pulls off with such ease right now
Davide Vaschetto
Davide Vaschetto:
Nole didn’t even sweat
People say Federer makes the game look easy, but for me it's Djokovic.

It's like playing with the computer in your video game or a wall in tennis. Neither can you get the ball past him, nor hit to a place where he doesn't magically appear.

No wonder Fed/Rafa have both almost gone bald...tearing their hair out in frustration playing Djoko 🤣
Please stop putting the winner on the thumbnails of the videos; for every video, the player on the thumbnail ends up being the winner. This ruins the highlights for the people who watch them as an alternative to the live games and still don’t know the outcome of the matches. Thx
I think this situation of no crowd it suits perfect to Djokovic to achieve the impossible.?..Anyway most of the people are against him like this good concentration clear head nothing to stop him.
Just save one week and give him the cup...
Witthawidth Kittitheeranon
Witthawidth Kittitheeranon:
OMG! What a game
Yannick Guiton
Yannick Guiton:
This US Open is for Djokovic to lose. Nole is in God-mode right now.
djokovic won without having a single drop of sweat
Dillan Lau
Dillan Lau:
djokovic is a very good tenniser
reactions 4u
reactions 4u:
Wow. Phenomenal performance
Agha Mobeen
Agha Mobeen:
Novak Djokovic is matchless at the moment.
ly arro
ly arro:
Strength,Mr. Super
Tennis player #1.🎾🌞🎾
I absolutely love the comments section, especially during Grand slam season.

You have everything from highly incisive technical observations to the absolute inane.
And then on the other hand the "friendly" jabs between the fans of the big 3.

Keeps me entertained during this depressing quarantine time 🤣
Abhishek Dixit
Abhishek Dixit:
If novak continies to play this fashion of tennis for lets say till the end of 2021, i am sure he will turn out to be the GOAT. Although i am Fed fan(not those toxic fans, i love the game more than any player) but i have to agree, Novak is on an another level all together...
Novak in tennis
Lewis in f1
Its too good🍻👏🏻👏🏻
Balaji T
Balaji T:
Just watched highlights.. what is the secret to Nole's victories when he plays this well.. he is relaxed and his court positioning.. he has a picture of how he wants to play a point and executes it perfectly 👍🏻👌🏻
Fed 1234
Fed 1234:
Struff played some of his best tennis first two sets and wasn't even able to push Djokovic to a tie-break. What a performance by Djokovic, simply incredible!
Tom Hoang
Tom Hoang:
Djokovic really really needs to lose the ridiculous salute to four sides.
Marko Karanović
Marko Karanović:
Al ih reseta nas Djole ... tooooo majstoreeeee👌👌👌
Could the highlight be any shorter!
cool!__ EEE
cool!__ EEE:
Those drop shots men they are fcuking awesome
Nole's drop shot and power seem to have improved a lot.
Volkan Celiker
Volkan Celiker:
1:06 Love this return!
Ammar Khalid
Ammar Khalid:
I can't see anybody other than joko winning this US open .
Hans Rindswurst
Hans Rindswurst:
I love Struff's attitude. Never gives up, despite having visably no chance vs Djokovic in this form.
Hari Haran
Hari Haran:
Just a matter of time struff will become better player

By nole fan
victorien thierry
victorien thierry:
Have you notice that djokovic plays at the moment an offensive tennis with a lot of winners
Dejan Milovanovic
Dejan Milovanovic:
22-0 since 2020 started.. Keep practice rafa for RG xd
Murali MS
Murali MS:
Why most times in grand slam struff against jokovic? Something else....
Marko Uskokovic
Marko Uskokovic:
Ajmo sokole sreco nasa!
Haajir Yabre
Haajir Yabre:
Djokovic is looking good. Good tournament for stuff

Sorry my bad it’s struff
Clearly the best drop shot in the history of tennis. If you see Djokovic in your bracket you might as well just forfeit and not waste your time and energy.
aymeric quaegebeur
aymeric quaegebeur:
The drop shots of djoko are insane !!
M Boromisa
M Boromisa:
Looking sharp! 🔥
Boris Kostic
Boris Kostic:
Theese highlits show nothing only dropshots, Nole was playing great he hit so many good winners ecpecially from the forehand side. You didnt show any of them you should be ashamed
Mark Lundie
Mark Lundie:
Vintage Djokovic!
cool!__ EEE
cool!__ EEE:
One corner to another djoko just destroys them internally.
Neeraj Jain
Neeraj Jain:
I cant see any player beating him in this us open other than medvedev
Ridiculously good from Djokovic
صابر وعابر
صابر وعابر:
Novak Djokovic ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Steff Oldkellerhand
Steff Oldkellerhand:
1:41 OMFG!
White Fang
White Fang:
Despite Struff losing convincingly, I have to say there were some impressive rallies.
Ajay Kumar akula
Ajay Kumar akula:
Simply wow!
Djokovic is on another level it seems. He's got the power of a Rafter, the shot placement of a Chang and the speed of an Agassi.
Well... That’s the end of that streak..
2:06 was thag BTS "Dynamite" during the break lol
Like Skylefalker
Like Skylefalker:
Fedal laugh at home 😅
Tad Ficus Catus
Tad Ficus Catus:
Scruffy Struff is strutting his stuff.
Hermano de Jesús
Hermano de Jesús:
2:22 hahaha
Goran Brailovic
Goran Brailovic:
H P:
For all the comments below Nole is on andriod diet cant beat that shizz he us committed to the cause
miko foin
miko foin:
Every time I click on a Djokovic highlight video that I have not watched the full match of, I fear that he has finally been beaten. But again, no, still not.. 😆
Tom R
Tom R:
Boy was he having a struff time. Must be struffed!
alex sokolov
alex sokolov:
Хорошая игра, динамичная.
Jason Broady
Jason Broady:
What amazes me and saddens me is the big 3 esp Novak schools the rest of the tour like they ain't even pros, from the hardworking ones digging for the last 10 yrs to the young gen with loads of talent. They've made players reaching the top 10 unremarkable. Even reaching number 4 in the world doesn't hold much merit cuz he's still miles behind the top 3 hence why they're the big 3 now.
James Collings
James Collings:
Don't wanna burst any bubbles, but................Djokovic has won the US Open 2020. The guys' invincible, bar none. No one and I mean NO ONE can defeat this guy in a Grand Slam. The British squad were out like a silent fart and the rest of the competition are not even in the same league. Fair play to Novak though. Greatest player of ALLLLLLLLLL time.
pieter pan
pieter pan:
lol he is disqualified
eomans armanda
eomans armanda:
Sadnessss . . . . !!!
James Park
James Park:
Wash rinse repeat
Ahmed Hossam
Ahmed Hossam:
Would you please stop putting the winner in the thumbnail? You can put the 2 opponents for example just for our excitement.
Thank you
Chirag Malhotra
Chirag Malhotra:
Lol now he is disqualified 😐
02 Andrew Edwin y
02 Andrew Edwin y:
2:24 Djokovic trying to stop struff breathing
Iván Alejandro González Andazola
Iván Alejandro González Andazola:
Have you noticed how the editor puts 'people-clapping noises' after every point in all the videos?
masa kurakura
masa kurakura:
M Sem
M Sem:
C'mon Djokovic...

....totally awesome!!!
Ljillja Todorović
Ljillja Todorović:
Novak is the best 👌💪👍❤️
Zoran Armanda
Zoran Armanda:
Novak Djokovic SERBIA !!!
Adam Blister
Adam Blister:
COVID caught NOVAK and suffered! Just like all his opponents!
Vuk Micunovic
Vuk Micunovic:
King of tenis !
Stanley Marsh
Stanley Marsh:
Once again Djokovic shows us why he is the world number one at the moment. Struff was completely outplayed
Bartholomew Lyons
Bartholomew Lyons:
Djoko needs to collect them slams, virus or no virus))
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose:
weapon to exploit too which is his corner dropshot which he pulls off with such ease right now
bb 123
bb 123:
Nole needs no crowd man !!! 😎😎😎
Senthil Veeran
Senthil Veeran:
It looks weird to see Djoko doing after win rituals with empty stands 3:20
Katrin Klatschmohn
Katrin Klatschmohn:
if he is that good why so many breaks because of mysterious health issues then? - question in general, just wondering
Mirjana B
Mirjana B:
NOLE ❤👍🏆
Hamburger OneHourLoops
Hamburger OneHourLoops:
akshay aghera
akshay aghera:
Dawson King
Dawson King:
Here because Djokovic just got removed from a tournament for injuring a line coach with a tennis ball to the neck
H P:
So this is how post apocalyptic tennis looks like clap generators n all , interesting 🤔 great match btw