Novak Djokovic vs Pablo Carreño Busta - Quarterfinals Highlights | Roland-Garros 2020

Novak Djokovic vs Pablo Carreño Busta - Quarterfinals Highlights | Roland-Garros 2020. Watch the best moments from the match that opposed Novak Djokovic and Pablo Carreño Busta at the quarterfinals of #RolandGarros 2020. Novak Djokovic won 4/6 6/2 6/3 6/4.

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This is the official YouTube Channel of Roland Garros. The tournament 2020 will run from 21 September - 11 October.

100+ comentarios:

Pekillas ?
Pekillas ?:
The match had so many great rallies yet you showed none. Shame
Joshua Garbe
Joshua Garbe:
It's unreal how good Busta is and still just can't beat Novak.
very poor job in the highlights.. I would not expect that from a Grand Slam as big as Roland-Garros. Next time hire better editors, don't post something just to post, either do a good job or nothing at all, you are Roland Garros, not the local tournament of my Greek village
Whoever makes these highlight video' should get fired ASAP.
Larry jablinski
Larry jablinski:
this match was actually insanely high quality, especially the last set. carreno busta gave djokovic nothing, and made him work for everything. thought busta was gonna break him back in the final set but djokovic just raised his game
The french should stick to what they do best. Making wonderful macarons. Not making highlights of this match
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
He need perfect condition for friday
Nathan Roman
Nathan Roman:
Great champions like Novak find ways through on days like today when they’re not playing their best.
Krishnasai Chalasani
Krishnasai Chalasani:
I hope Novak recovers from injury, he def needs to be at his best against Tsitsipas
European Patriot
European Patriot:
Praise for Pablo, very good match. But Novak is Novak, he is a fighter, mentally strong, best defensive player of all time, fastest precise ball strokes.
will wahl
will wahl:
Another example of terrible reporting. This is such sloppy cutting. RG is a disgrace throughout.
Milos Tomic
Milos Tomic:
I watched this match on Eurosport.They're heavily biased against Djokovic.I mean they always were.
It's hilarious in a way.
Живео краљ тениса Новак Ђоковић!
Larry jablinski
Larry jablinski:
felt so bad for busta not breaking djokovic back after working so hard to get 40-15 up. djokovic was class though
bayu adrian
bayu adrian:
After US Open Drama,, and now time for hand clap to Novack 👏👏
I really hate that Ellen at the US Open
Daniel Freitas
Daniel Freitas:
At the end, when Djoko is looking to Pablo, he has a face of "That's what I should have done in NY" 😅
Boris Kostic
Boris Kostic:
One of the toughest quarter finals in RG for Nole, almost as tough as 2012 with Tsonga
Maurits Reitsma
Maurits Reitsma:
4th set was incredible tennis by both!!
Jimmy He
Jimmy He:
Bravo Nole! Keep it up!
Asdf Gadsg
Asdf Gadsg:
Ok but why was this just a compilation of Djokovic ducking up drop shots for 4 sets
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan:
Mine Full Stop
Mine Full Stop:
Imagine waking up sore as hell and you have to go out and play a physical match like this anyway my point is that Novak always finds a way to win even while playing no where near his best.
Busta doesn't know how to raise his game on a big point. He didn't elevate his game until the last set. That's why his squandered all his break points
T Ahmed
T Ahmed:
I really do question some people's logic here. If Novak's playing incredible tennis all tournament, why would he feel the need to 'fake' an injury. That also being against an inferior opponent. It really baffles me 🤔 It's so easy for people to sit on their armchairs and make all kinds of conclusions when they're not athletes playing at the highest level so they can't put themselves in his shoes. It's easy to make claims when you're not on that court yourself. Get a life!
Jarod Rodriguez
Jarod Rodriguez:
Diean Warraich
Diean Warraich:
Novak’s just incredible 🙈❤️❤️
from the comment section the full match seems intense. but from the highlight it looks like they are both practicing and rallying...
come on roland garros, give the fans mroe!!
Amadeus Alaniz
Amadeus Alaniz:
What was that. Those were the most lazy overheads I've ever seen from Busta. Game doesn't even seem real.
Worst highlights ever for the best match of the tournament so far, sad
The view court level view in the first few points was amazing. If you could show more of these then you would receive less hate
Daminda Bandara
Daminda Bandara:
When are they going to stop putting the winners picture in the thumbnail. Some of us like the suspense even if these are highlights....
"Busting the Busta ..."
Artur Fonseca
Artur Fonseca:
Hopefully we’ll see Djokovic vs Nadal in the final.
Gabriel Braz
Gabriel Braz:
Hey RG channel
Can you guys please put 10 or 15 minutes from highlights
I hate watch in another channels with no good resolutions
Just saying
Mark Lundie
Mark Lundie:
Well done Novak! Great win. I hope his injuries are nothing serious and he recovers well for Friday. Go Novak!
Dan Render
Dan Render:
13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan:
Really great camera angles in these highlights!
Hope he recovers soon and find his best form
Maggie Rhoads
Maggie Rhoads:
4 minutes! Bet you in a couple years they will upload extended highlights.
Santy Ferreyra
Santy Ferreyra:
Yeahhhh nole!!! Go to 2do roland Garros! !! 💪
Erick Stratford
Erick Stratford:
If we start a hate with NBC, Bandsports and others, they will improve the highlights...
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
Hoping for a Nadal vs Djokovic final!
Lincoln Hawk
Lincoln Hawk:
Mr. Anderson
Mr. Anderson:
Busta played so terrible. Djokovic almost couldn't walk in the second set, but Busta instead of attacking, was just piercing the ball, so weak mentaly
Mario Oliveira neto
Mario Oliveira neto:
despite the declassification of the us open, number one remains very boastful
Dropshot king, is that the new title of Novak! I think he has more dropshot than everyone combined in this tournament! I don't know if I'm liking it or annoyed about it!
Larry jablinski
Larry jablinski:
that last set was the best set of the french open so far. busta played so many brilliant points and didnt give djokovic anything. awesome to watch
Raul 6699
Raul 6699:
I'm just glad no line judges got injured in the making of this tennis match!
Efehan Eryiğit
Efehan Eryiğit:
Erwin Acosta
Erwin Acosta:
Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖
cool!__ EEE
cool!__ EEE:
That mental toughness,that focus is out of this world, Djokovic 💪💪 world no.1. best in the world. 🙏
All in the mind
Brendan Lee
Brendan Lee:
Novak was injured and carreno screwed up when he had chances in second set, was so nervous
Tamil Selvan
Tamil Selvan:
who expect it to be Tsitsipas Vs Swartzman final?
Ana Maria
Ana Maria:
10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Alley._. Mae
Alley._. Mae:
10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Nole the baddest..even a wounded GOAT can't be defeated..respect 🙌🏽
Ljillja Todorović
Ljillja Todorović:
The best Nole 👌💪👍❤
Lefty animator & Bonnie The Boni
Lefty animator & Bonnie The Boni:
King Novak
King Novak:
2:32 is that you Thiem? Insane Thiem-esque FH point
Toni Georg
Toni Georg:
13th Roland Garros semi final for World number 1 👏
Efehan Eryiğit
Efehan Eryiğit:
Rituraj Borah
Rituraj Borah:
One should try to be a Djokovic at what he does in life.
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs:
too go(o)d!
Richard Leong
Richard Leong:
Waiting for novak to loose
Goran Brailovic
Goran Brailovic:
Let' s go champ
Delta keesei
Delta keesei:
Novak is here playing slowly and serving is also bad, if the first serve is still like this, the chances of winning over Tsitsipas and Nadal are Novak must calling coach Goran ivanisivic, how can serve very fast and consistent. .
T Tanksley
T Tanksley:
This is great, but doubles fans are always snubbed by RG even on their website.
Some of the angles are making me dizzy...
mavrick pan
mavrick pan:
Easy win for Novak. Lost the first set mostly due to unforced errors. Injury dosnt seems to be serious, seems like minor niggles. My predection is easy victory for Novak against Tsitsipas, probably in straight sets and if he let his guard down then it might be 4 sets. Go Nole!!
Guto Feitosa
Guto Feitosa:
Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Marina Darin
Marina Darin:
I'm Single 😍😥
Magnus Frejat
Magnus Frejat:
I'm Single 😍😥
Stocky Guru
Stocky Guru:
He may have beaten him us open aswell never know
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan:
Dominic Spiller
Dominic Spiller:
Tsitsipas looks real good so the semi will be interesting
Mustafa Özocak
Mustafa Özocak:
Some different camera angles make the game more beautiful.
dr Oetker
dr Oetker:
Novak with his 20% :) Still win 🔥💪🔥💪
Renan Eich
Renan Eich:
2:39 - What the heck are those half assed smashes?
Mike Vasko
Mike Vasko:
Почему Павел Воля играет в теннис?
Piscator 1910
Piscator 1910:
Pablo was the first real challenge for the Djoker- rest of the draw was very easy. excited how he handle tsitsipas
crazzy men
crazzy men:
mohammed abduallah
mohammed abduallah:
Novak will suffer in front of the Greek
The Master
The Master:
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M Sem
M Sem:
Go Djokovic!! 👍🥇
novak seeing doing those dropshot, seems like he is trying to practice them on game.
Erwin Acosta
Erwin Acosta:
I'm Single 😍😥
Hi H
Hi H:
This was a crappy match until 3rd set .Not impressed
Oh I'm getting beaten ,im injured again .That old card
Nikolina Milic
Nikolina Milic:
It’s crazy how well he played and he still didn’t beat Djokovic
Dan Render
Dan Render:
OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Başakşehir Ölümüne
Başakşehir Ölümüne:
Coleman Roberts
Coleman Roberts:
I'm predicting his semi final match against Tsitsipas will be a brawl
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan: