Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal THRILLER | Rome 2016 Quarter-Final Highlights

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56 comentarios:

Brandon M
Brandon M:
Even though it was straight sets it is still one of my favourite matches of theirs. Djokovic's highest level on clay was insane
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
Well at last we have a highlight of this Masterclass
Crazy to think that it's been more than a decade ever since their first rivalry, and now they are still considered the best players in the world battling each other.
We're hours away from their 60th H2H encounter.. as a Djokovic fan I hope this is ends as another thriller !! Good luck to both
The skill of these players made it feel like a final
One of the most frustrating matches I’ve ever watched as a Nadal fan especially during this time in his career. He was up 4-2 in the first set and nearly took a double break lead and blew 5 set points in the second set. After he withdrew early from the French Open I was about ready to call it a career for him.
Zooo Z
Zooo Z:
Holy shit. These 2 playing some crazy high level clay court tennis. No other player would stand a slight chance. So competitive.
Ahmad Irteza
Ahmad Irteza:
Congrats novak 😍incredible match well played.
man 2015/2016 was such a hard period for rafa fans. I got happy for any match as long as he won it
Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic:
He was too good .. Respect!!
Golf Fanatic
Golf Fanatic:
BOOM! Nadal turns back the clock once again. After that 5 setter against Felix, I didn't think he had anything left in the gas tank. WOW!
fl tv
fl tv:
Nadal during 2015-16 years was lacking slices and early attack.
Which he uses more often to reduce rally for longevity
Shikhar Ankit Sharma
Shikhar Ankit Sharma:
For those who thought Rafa is done, Novak will win in straight sets..Now go cry in the corner..Phillipe Chatrier belongs to Rafa..
너무나 멋진경기를 보여줬습니다
결승경기 같아요
나달님 수고 하셨네요
다음 유에스 오픈에서 보겠네요 ㅠ
Joshua C
Joshua C:
6:08-6:26 WOW wtf!!!!! Best shots I’ve ever seen from Djokovic
Aakarshit Srivastava
Aakarshit Srivastava:
Vamos Rafa !!!!
Bodzarn Pertrvick
Bodzarn Pertrvick:
This is one of those matches that had insane quality but highlights are non existent. Something like djokovic nadal wimby 2011
Peter Yu
Peter Yu:
Djokovic got a lot of crowd support.
Flavien Crozier
Flavien Crozier:
This match is so underatted!
Damn never realised how hard Nadal choked this match
Pablo Soraluz
Pablo Soraluz:
Vamos Djokovic
Atomic S.H.
Atomic S.H.:
Why release the highlights so soon????
You could have waited 10 more years
Aneesha Rao
Aneesha Rao:
Rafa gave a reply to all his haters who shamed him for his Aus Open GS win on Nole's forced absence.

I mean seriously! Who are we guys to talk about these two legends!
So each time the the referee says djoko Djokovic the Italin crowd hear: game gameovic 😀
Pistol Shrimp Studio
Pistol Shrimp Studio:
At the time, a pretty average match from Djokovic. Good enough for the win.
Ridha Jouini
Ridha Jouini:
Novak vs The Australian gvt + Nadal + the nwo.. We still have a clear winner ;)
Mohanlal Rampersad
Mohanlal Rampersad:
How many times does Nadal make the sign of the cross before he serves?
3 times. 1st shoulder to shoulder and ass then ears to ears and nose twice.😀😁😂😃😄😅😆
Joshua C
Joshua C:
Djokovic went god mode
W K:
10:28 it was out from Nadal
Djokovic should have been challenged
Harry Potter
Harry Potter:
One lengend skipping tournements and hoping that he could win his favourite but he is no more favorite in any grandslams....
Other two legends dominate in each and every tournements and fight for a single point without any fear to compeate in any tournemnts...
How may years we fans hoping that roger will compete and win rolandgaross again in his career but we all knoe that thats not happen... Roga rafa nadal 😍
Mi Nguyen
Mi Nguyen:
Watching the QF match live now , can never understand how disgraceful the french crowd is! i get it - you all want Nadal to win, but why booing another great champion? one of the GOATs. they dont do that to any other players coming out on the court, only Djokovic! did you seriously spend your money to boo the opponent?
Madan Patel
Madan Patel:
It's a crime if they meet before semis in a tournament
Hyacinthus Argus
Hyacinthus Argus:
To understand how badly Rafa was playing back in 2015 and 2016, remember Novak got bagelled by Bellucci in this tournament. And yet, Rafa couldn't defeat him
Of course for Nole...! Napred Nole!
6 years ago, too long ago! 🤣
Liam Cannon
Liam Cannon:
Go djokovic
Taylor Pack
Taylor Pack:
Idk what was wrong with nadal in 2015-16 but he definitely wasn’t himself
Pablo Soraluz
Pablo Soraluz:
Gano Djokovic...jaja fuera Nadal
Naalain Muhammad
Naalain Muhammad:
Djokovic please win in 3 tonight. I can't handle pressure anymore 😭😭.
Jack draper
Jack draper:
Upload rafa vs Djokovic rome 2007 highlights..Cant see anywhere that highlights..please tennis tv
Karina Крос
Karina Крос:
Vamos TUE
Patricia Moutoussamy
Patricia Moutoussamy:
Vamoooossss mon RAfA !🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾 tiens bon!moutchachosss tu es le roi ne l'oublie pas .🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎
come on Nadal beat this lying cheat
VAMOS NOLE! Let's go to RG and Wimbledon!
Flordeliza Cabading
Flordeliza Cabading:
This is spam,,, rewind and retaped are very, annoying and very stressful to watched this video footage 3yrs ago. They are making making money out of who ever is doing this replays. Real talk 👄
moonlight fitz
moonlight fitz:
Keezy Wit A Banger
Keezy Wit A Banger:
You can see Nadal is injured.
JMB Aug 12
JMB Aug 12:
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
🇨🇭GOATderer (Federer): GOD of Tennis. 👑

🇪🇸GOATdal (Nadal): KING of Tennis. 👑

Plus, Witness a true greatness and greatest achievement in tennis, legacy will live on 100% forever!!! Vamos 💎 King FEDAL!!! Cheers!!! 👑💪🐐
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
Golden era of tennis list: ❤️

🇪🇸1) Nadal.
🇨🇭2) Federer.
🇺🇸3) Sampras.
🇺🇸4) Agassi.
🇸🇪5) Edberg.
🇷🇺6) Safin.
🇦🇺7) Hewitt.
🇺🇸8) Roddick.
🇧🇷9) Kuerten.
🇦🇺10) Rafter.
Ivana Mitrovic
Ivana Mitrovic:
Rafa is the best..and Djokovic 👎👎👎👎👎👎
Justus Zaino
Justus Zaino:
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
The GOAT of tennis list: 🎾

🇪🇸1) Nadal: 👑
🇨🇭2) Federer: 👑
🇺🇸3) Sampras: 🐐
🇺🇸4) Agassi: 🐐
🇸🇪5) Edberg: 🐐

The most grand slam title list: 🏆

🇪🇸1) Nadal: 21st major champion.
🇨🇭2) Federer: 20th major champion.
🇺🇸3) Sampras: 15th major champion.
🇦🇺4) Laver: 13th major champion.
🇸🇪5) Borg: 12th major champion.
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
🇨🇭1) Federer: King of Grass.

🇪🇸2) Nadal: King of Clay.

👑3) FEDAL: King of Hardcourt.