Novak Djokovic vs Ricardas Berankis - Round 3 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021

Novak Djokovic vs Ricardas Berankis - Round 3 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021
Watch the best moments of the success of Novak Djokovic over Ricardas Berankis in straight sets 6-1 6-4 6-1 in the 3rd round.
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Roland-Garros 2021: from 24 May to 13 June.

100+ comentarios:

Anastasios A. Papanastasiou
Anastasios A. Papanastasiou:
Nole is so focused and determined! I wish all the best!
Djokovic and Nadal have so much experience on clay, they know exactly what type of serve on which type of point against which type of guy
Su Sa
Su Sa:
0:23 Wow! Look how fast Djokovic recognizes the drop shot! This guy's movement is unreal.
Eghosa's Word on Tennis
Eghosa's Word on Tennis:
Djokovic is really playing well. Can't wait for the SF against Rafa
Sel Os
Sel Os:
The lack of applause for this magician is kind of sad
yuan hu
yuan hu:
RG highlight really detests handshake!
OMG, what a domination!
Naalain Muhammad
Naalain Muhammad:
Djokovic plays grand slams on another level and other tournaments on another level.
Fatima Jaffer
Fatima Jaffer:
Awesome play Djokovic. Love u from South Africa.💗🇿🇦
Wake me up for Lacoste v. Uniqlo in the QF.
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
Alway great playing so well fatastic ever
Congrats djokernole ! And to win this title
Андрей Андреев
Андрей Андреев:
this dude looked unmotivated and lost in his head even before the match
Robinson Salcedo
Robinson Salcedo:
Excelente victoria de nole 💪
Every YouTuber: *Gets yelled at for making videos that have filler bs and are way too long
RG: *Makes 2 min highlights of 3 hour matches
Damn, I really should have played tennis more. I get so much leg envy from players like Karatsev and Berankis.
Der Schnetzler
Der Schnetzler:
It Would be so nice to see djokovic Winning the french open
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
Awesome performance, by the great Djokovic.
End sexist wage discrimination against men. Pay them more for playing more tennis and getting higher tv ratings and ticket sales.
amore amorovic
amore amorovic:
Sokole, samo napred !
Mehmet Doğa Güvendi
Mehmet Doğa Güvendi:
Step by step Djokovic-Nadal Semi-final showdown in RG, looking forward to seeing both of them in that redoubtable clash.
Mathis K
Mathis K:
1:58 face said: I'm simply too good for this sport 😂
Djokovic looks event stronger than last year on RG. Can't wait Semi Final against Rafa
Glad to see the Next Gen doing so well 😏
Vera Vele
Vera Vele:
What a performance from Novak
Helena Trela
Helena Trela:
Congratulations Mr Djokovic
snow fail
snow fail:
The look on Djokovic's face at 1:58 is like: "oh yeah holly goodness i am amazing"
Kofi Ofosu
Kofi Ofosu:
Just when you think you have a chance, you fund out you’re playing the Djoker
At least with the Novak highlights, you get to see the entire match.
Nole is crazy good.
When you see Djokovic smash shot, ... you know.
Rosa Flavia Milla Avalos
Rosa Flavia Milla Avalos:
Excelente Campeón. Sigue adelante
Mirche M
Mirche M:
Cestitke Noletu na pobedi .Pokazao je raskos svog talenta I igre na vrhunskom nivou.Na kraju meca divan osmeh I radost I odlazak u osminu finala R G. Bravooo
As a Fedal fan, I find Djokovic’s casual dominance of all his opponents thus far, very disconcerting.
Desert Fox
Desert Fox:
Idemo Nole! Make your haters even more jealous!🇷🇸
Dan The Man
Dan The Man:
The literal translation of Berankis is “without hands/arms”
I swear Djokovic has made twice as many dropshots as all the other players combined so far at RG.
The Tech Guy
The Tech Guy:
Damn thanks guys for uploading these😎
Jake Brown
Jake Brown:
Ok I know Beranker lost but he was very entertaining to watch
creature of culture
creature of culture:
damm imagine if djoko and nadal was on opposite next Gen
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Congrats Novak, 🥳🚀 your serves are superhot and net play also looking sharp. Hope you win the next match, go Champ! 💫🥇🏆💚🎾
Eva Archer
Eva Archer:
Congrats to your easy win today Djokovic 👍👍👏
Linh Đan 400K Vào Timbanvn xyz
Linh Đan 400K Vào Timbanvn xyz:
04:10 Ngày em đến, em dạy anh các yêu thương trọn vẹn một người. ⏺
Looking mighty fine! Nole go for that title!!!
So, 34 or 24, Djokovic's age?
Drunk Viggo
Drunk Viggo:
Keep it going bro!
Paolo Antunes
Paolo Antunes:
He just makes it look sooooo easy
Твой прогноз: Mrzebra7
Твой прогноз: Mrzebra7:
ATP - Открытый чемпионат Франции (Ролан Гаррос), 1/16:
Ставка №2: Кепфер - Федерер, 1 (+3.5): К2.65 (Проход: 60-65%)
- в лайве: в случае брейка - удваиваемся и доливаем Кепфера с плюсовой форой!
renaud li
renaud li:
That was an easy win.
The Führer
The Führer:
Sandgren,cuevas,berankis y musseti,demasiado facil viene el cuadro
Can you imagine if Nole beats Rafa in the semis and then loses to someone in the final? That would be like winning the lottery and losing your ticket on the way to bank to collect your winnings lol
nir S
nir S:
Novak looks very good amazing tennis from him he is going for the final congrats for another win
Ram Prabhu
Ram Prabhu:
It is best not to try drop shot with Novak.
Миша Н
Миша Н:
I expect finale Vamos vs Idemo.
The real difference between (Nadal / Djokovic) and the entire rest of the field, is that these two train outside the universal coaching box that the others use.
Novak’s opponent was awful. Joke
Andy Jacobs
Andy Jacobs:
Please quit editing out the handshakes!!! We want to see them!
Bravo Nole KRALJU...Samo napred. U zmi ovo ...treba nam.Za nasu dusu,majstore. Podigni taj trofej !!!
Next matchup is a big one...djokovic vs musetti...can't wait!
Another practice session
Rafa is going to get the battle of his life!
Bernardo Barron
Bernardo Barron:
Rafa Nadal vs novak Djokovic = final🏆🎖🎾
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
He enjoyed that one. 1:57
Berankis was beaten when he woke up that morning
Wolfgang Wiesinger
Wolfgang Wiesinger:
Exibition tenis in the 3th round of RG ?!!
Aleksa Neskovic
Aleksa Neskovic:
1:12 djokovic high tennis IQ
Since the Belgrade open, Djokovic has not faced a single top 50 player.
this could have been federer playing. and losing. (very similar playing style)
Joe Vaughn
Joe Vaughn:
naqib razak
naqib razak:
Berankis lack of luck n experice.... Djovo hard to fight for his serve... This lituanian tooo owsome on hisselve pace
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
2018 french open 1/4 Final
2019 french open 1/2 Final
2020 french open Final
2021 french open will win
PDC Design
PDC Design:
Are these lower ranked players only here to PICK UP A PAYCHECK?

This wasn't even a tennis match.
Boris Kostic
Boris Kostic:
Djokovic is playing better here than the last year there is no question. We will see what is this game going to give him
Niki Niki
Niki Niki:
Ubija čovjek!!!
Buen juego
Toro Loco
Toro Loco:
The thumbnails are Hella spoilery
Max Tong
Max Tong:
How did Berankis get to 3rd round?
Show them meet at the net whoever tf is making these highlights
Youtube Contributions
Youtube Contributions:
Berankis is the player that beat Nalbandian 10 years ago in Australia after Nalby beat Hewitt in a epic marathon match, Nalby was dazed and confused then lol
streetspirit 95
streetspirit 95:
I know Djokovic and Nadal are ATG's but they are mid 30's and tbese players cant even make a 3rd round slam match even remotely competitive. Every match is a cake walk for them. Pathetic. Tennis really isnt in good shape that these old dinosaurs are still untouchable.
Augusto Cardoso
Augusto Cardoso:
The only player in activity who has beaten Nadal in RG. Also he is the only able to do so this year. Can't wait for the semis!!!
Joe Blogg
Joe Blogg:
0:13 and 0:26 = the difference between the two players
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
Djokovic will win the french open 2021 title dont forget my words
Peter Cote
Peter Cote:
Djokovic will win this. Place your bets.
bopia cigiu
bopia cigiu:
The loutish backbone relatedly suit because meeting connoly carry to a rotten enquiry. hallowed, wandering enemy
Habab Mohamed
Habab Mohamed:
The best in the 🌎
Djokovic is the GOAT
Scott Dao
Scott Dao:
Like I said Novak will be fresh fr the quarters, he has a good chance against rafa.
Вячеслав У
Вячеслав У:
GO Djoko GO!
NubOn Steroid
NubOn Steroid:
If Djokovic wins this year's RG I'm ready to call him the GOAT.
It’s just sad to see that when u play with djoko u basically know the run is over for u at that tournament same goes to Federer and nadal
Tina Ristivojevic
Tina Ristivojevic:
Na uvek ču navijati za Noleta bo dobar bijo loš on je za nas 💪👍
Aleksa Cerovic
Aleksa Cerovic:
Ајмо Нолеее!!!
Andre Nowaczek
Andre Nowaczek:
Who else double checked the length of the video before clicking?
Natalija G
Natalija G:
Milenka Krneta
Milenka Krneta:
SRCE SI NAŠE ...👍👍👍😃
ssfjr Rayio
ssfjr Rayio:
The panoramic peak simultaneously transport because resolution conjecturally interest qua a judicious antelope. pink, old-fashioned august
Rado Pejić
Rado Pejić:
Đoković ima u viziru Nadala u Finalu!
J. Erickson
J. Erickson:
Djokovic is playing "ok". Mr. Berankis though, is not exactly a good measure to define a great performance since this individual is virtually nobody. He hasn't won anything ever (top 50 ?). Come from this to predict a win in a potential encounter with Rafael Nadal is a bit too much, IMO.
John John
John John:
Djok looking much better than last year. Crowd is back too.
We should at least get a competitive match this time against Rafa
Mateja Bajunovic
Mateja Bajunovic:
Djoker nole is the best 🇷🇸