Novak Djokovic vs Stan Wawrinka | Rome 2022 Highlights

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100+ comentarios:

Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
It was great to witness this match up once again, even though Wawrinka is not in the best of form. A pleasure to have Stan back on tour!
I didn't have much expectations for Stan. I just wanna see him play.
Djokovic’s court coverage is insane ! An absolute rocket
His anticipation skills are always on point ! And his forehand was brutal today
Leo Yang
Leo Yang:
Nole slowly gaining form, people gotta realize he didn't start this season til April and he's looking better than he did last year at this point of the season imo
Trent V
Trent V:
Missed Stan a lot!!! Looks like he still has the game just needs tourneys under his belt.
Although the score was lopsided, he hit some great shots!!💪
Novak is peaking ahead of Roland Garrors and played a near perfect match. Everything is just falling in place for him. Even against Alcaraz, he played impeccably but was unlucky to lose in a cliff edge of a contest. Although, one can argue that Wawarinka is not at his best, yet the comprehensive way Novak demolished his opponent inspires Novak's fans like me to believe that he can successfully defend the title
Thomas Miles
Thomas Miles:
A pleasure to see Stan back with that deadly topspin backhand of his. One of the most legendary shots in the game. Cheers.
Captain RogerCall
Captain RogerCall:
Two of the best backhands.One single handed another double handed.
A very expected result. 2006 the last time Wawrinka won a 3 setter against Djokovic. This here is pretty much a free pass, Stan just came back after a long time out due to an injury and played just few matches. No matter the result it brought nostalgia
S J:
Novak is getting in-form. I see him beating Alcaraz in an epic 5 set final @ the French Open. Like last year against Stefanos. VAMOS NOLE!
Zdenko Bakula
Zdenko Bakula:
Novak is rising,great match.Hope he will catch rythm completely.
Dimitris Mythos
Dimitris Mythos:
Stan the man. One of the most likable tennis players. Too bad he had to face Nole. I would have wished he had an easier opponent before he could get some more matches under his belt.
Roman Dobczansky
Roman Dobczansky:
I’m happy to watch Wawrinka playing against the best because that’s were he deserves to be again
Novak needs to sharpen his drop shots a bit and then he'll be at his best 👌
Johanna Jacoba Van Der Watt
Johanna Jacoba Van Der Watt:
Congratulations Novak, good luck for the next round!
Helio Nevack
Helio Nevack:
Parabéns Djoko vc é fantástico recuperação maravilhosa 🙏
Goxy Eagle
Goxy Eagle:
Novak rising his level for Roland Garros
Stuck In Space
Stuck In Space:
Wawrinka is just out of form this tournament will really motivate him to do better
fedalovic ❤️
fedalovic ❤️:
Dont worry stan, you have won two matches in rome, gave your best today. We are with you 👍 keep going 🔥 we want to see you win grand slams again ❤️
As usual novak at his very best 👍🔥 gud luck for the qf 👍
I thought Stan was done before this tournament, but even if this was, in the end, an easy victory for Novak, I saw some flashes. It makes me believe it's not over yet.
A Haddou
A Haddou:
Djokovic is a damn beast man!
Maybe it was just Nole's warming-up, but the match between Stan and Nole is still exciting to me.
John Sheary O.D.
John Sheary O.D.:
Always enjoy a Nole vs Stan meeting, anytime, anywhere, and no matter what the score. There are not very many current Grand Slam tournament winners playing, so to get a match with both participants GS winners is always a nice extra. Go Nole!
Saleha Xo
Saleha Xo:
I love Djokovic so much! My King ❤❤❤❤
I'm really enjoying all the support for Stan, he has really won over our hearts.
Jim Cholley
Jim Cholley:
These two have had some real dogfights over the years. It was good to see them in action against each other again (though I did not see the match). Stan Wawrinka has been a very tough "out" for Novak Djokovic through the years, but not on this day when Stan is just coming back, and Novak seems to be quickly regaining his magical and stellar form.
JS Cab
JS Cab:
A very good return to the competition for Stan. I hope he will keep improving !!
althea graham
althea graham:
so good to watch Stan and that awesome backhand-- welcome back!
P Werf
P Werf:
I can't imagine Djokovic not winning this tournament now..
Anand G
Anand G:
Stan did good. I don't know but any great player who's coming back should have a new coach? Stan can still do wonders. He needs more tournaments
Jo Gann
Jo Gann:
I'm so happy to see Stan playing again
2:16 GOOD LORD the speed that Novak shown there wow
Looks like tennis matches consist of only passing shots and (failed) drop shots if you believe the highlight selection. Sometimes it's just nice to see a good rally as well, regardless of how it ends. Also interesting to see the big 3 have put so much fear into opponents of their own generation that they often have easy wins there and struggle against the young newcomers :D
STAN! So good to see you back out there!
Antonito Bendrito
Antonito Bendrito:
As a die hard fan of Stan, this was sad to watch.. it only had nostalgic value.. Time rules everything and its ultimate Reality..
Joey Cronologia
Joey Cronologia:
WOW! a masterclass on tennis by both great player.. placement and strategy ion display!
Nathan Graham
Nathan Graham:
No matter what shot you choose, Djokovic will be there to intercept.
David Carvalho
David Carvalho:
Stan will be back, you know it and I know it🔥🔥
C.V. V
C.V. V:
Djokovic silently shuts everyone up.. Everyone thinking it was going to be a decisive match
Djokovic is slowly coming back, keep going GOAT, just few weeks more and you are surpassing Steffi Graf in weeks on 1st place, ABSOLUTE RECORD !
Maître Yupa
Maître Yupa:
Happy to see Stan again and congrats Djoko 🙂
Emiliano Sosa
Emiliano Sosa:
The last volley shows how underrated is Novak in that side the last couple of years.
Good to see both of these guys play against each other again although next time we as fans want them at their peak which in my opinion neither were in this match.
And they should play doubles together at some point before it's to late
Mr. White
Mr. White:
Beautiful match! .... ❤️
Mauro Ts
Mauro Ts:
Stan looks very well ! Whit more of this level the results will come its a process
Stan is really far from his best ..he can at times look like he has already given up
Julián junior
Julián junior:
Honestly Stan shouldn't be dragging himself around the courts and I don't think he has any financial problems, a timely retirement is a victory. And this also goes for Federer without his comeback not having the expected level.
Edwin Paul
Edwin Paul:
Stan just needs matches... I see if he is healthy he can be a potential player for 2 more years
Stan's Tennis is the epitome of power and grace.
Renato Amaral de Miranda
Renato Amaral de Miranda:
All I need it from this match I got on the first point ❤️ the rest was just gravy 😁
J O:
Loving ❤️ Novak!
Gideon Cheung
Gideon Cheung:
He isn't there yet, but glad to see the big guns competing again!
Darko Perković
Darko Perković:
normally Djokovic has only good stamina and bad shoots but here he has many powerful shoots 👌
Thusith Jayasuriya
Thusith Jayasuriya:
When nadal side lines Novak comes in , wise versa too.. these two are real fighters of the game . Younger players will have to dig it hard
Basileus Basileus
Basileus Basileus:
Looks like Djokovic is catching some serious form for RG.
These dropshots are only making Novak stronger again
I don‘t get Novaks Drop Shots, 90% of them are too high and taken in wrong situations. But he still get‘s away with it and beats everyone, what a player.
It's ok Stan. We're glad you're back !
X Qin
X Qin:
This game made one feels like go back in time, although same 2 players, probably different conditions with the pass of time.
Rocha Rocha
Rocha Rocha:
The GOAT champion is back…
Great highlights as always 👍
i used to watch them play in mid 2010s brings back memories
Thanks for the memories Stan
Brady Mendler
Brady Mendler:
Stan just needs to get his movement back, then he'll be fine.
Novak Djokovic1
Novak Djokovic1:
Idemoooo Noleee 🏆🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
I didn’t get the watch this match, and I know highlights show just the best drop shots - but I feel like more players are trying to incorporate drop shot winners from anywhere in the court after seeing Alcarz’s success. Personally I think he has the best drop shot in the world right now and it’s caught so many people by surprise at a moments notice.
Boris Kostic
Boris Kostic:
Moment of silence for all who thought Wawrinka was going to win
Joannie Bu
Joannie Bu:
Love Stan🥰 Go!!!
Aryo Medianus
Aryo Medianus:
Novak the God against my other favorite tennis player star Stan the man .
krishan yadav
krishan yadav:
Good to see stan the man back
Vector Zine
Vector Zine:
Watching this alone w/o seeing the score, I'd think Wawrinka won the match. Such a weird 'highlights' reel.
Erik D
Erik D:
Nice to see Stan playing again but he is nowhere near the level hè once was and in all honesty I don't think he'll ever get there again. Hope he will prove me wrong.
This witch hunting against Novak in every possible sphere, throughout his entire career, is becoming ridiculous. Even in the smallest details, there is a proof of double standards, animosity toward Djokovic and well known western chauvinism. He won 12 sets, Stan took 4, yet the half points in this video belongs to Stan. Just like the result was 7:6 6:7 7:6. I dare anyone to find a highlights of match where Novak lost, and to check ratio of points shown between the winner and Novak. I guarantee that there is no more than 1/5 of Novak's points in any of those videos. On the other hand, when he wins, there is usually 50/50 points from both players. Those micro pressures, like this example, journos questions, court allocations from time to time, etc, together with a serious pressures, like the draw, match timeline, fake news, intentional and planned humiliation on AO, media pressures about some invented scandal before each GS resulted with the fact that Novak is missing at least 3GS and at least 4 masters. The amount of effort they invest in attempts to prevent him winning it all, is just scary.
Tom Patriot
Tom Patriot:
EVERYONE using the drop shot now. Most were sitting up way to high.
Eliza Lai
Eliza Lai:
Bravo, Djokovic !
Selcuk Cifci
Selcuk Cifci:
Its enough to See really we love u stanwawrinka
Philip Cross
Philip Cross:
Nice S&V from Djokovic on match point!
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Happy that 💚💚Novak won 🥳🥳 The dropshots are still a bit shaky...bounces too high ...his court coverage is FROM ANOTHER PLANET 🏆👑🪙
Sahebrao Konge
Sahebrao Konge:
Good luck to Djokovic for this title & French Open which starts 23.5.2022
Iori Yagami
Iori Yagami:
Nostalgic moment
Noah Friebel
Noah Friebel:
is it just me or are we seeing a lot more drop shots on the tour this year? i love it
Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington:
After the first two points in the highlights, I was thinking "might as well show the whole match if those were the first two points played" lol
The time that Wawrinka beats Djokovic is over.
The Great One
The Great One:
Wawrinka looks far too slow to compete now with Djokovic.
I can't believe anyone thought this was going to be close. Djokovic is clearly in better shape. Just because he lost to Alcaraz, some people want to write him off already. This was an entertaining match, and I feel like Stan still needs a bit more conditioning before he's back in full flow.
Also, Djokovic really needs to learn a thing or two from Alcaraz's drop shots because if someone who isn't even in top form was able to get to so many of his drop shots, it doesn't bode well for him against some other players, i.e. Nadal, Alcaraz, etc.
Wawrinka made many winners but many unforced as well
2022 is the year when dropshots made a comeback
Roli Tshindane
Roli Tshindane:
Moonball return to the one handed backhand of Wawrinka was a very clever tactic
Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington:
Fans: How many dropshots can be done in one match?

Djokovic & Wawrinka: Yes
Wow what a matchup!
Whatever Stan. Just happy to see u on court !! Welllcome back_ next week is for u
STAN is BACK - good to see...

Novak nearly ALWASY plays "WELL" (of course)...
... but it's been a while since I saw him play like something was really DRIVING HIM this entire tournament.

WANT to see Stan get some more court time in tournaments - then we'll see HIS confidence return too!

Sony M.
Sony M.:
Cold handshake from Stan. Well, some things are different after AO 😏
Stan moving at 0.5 speed
Pistol Shrimp Studio
Pistol Shrimp Studio:
Let's go 💪.
Vinoth V
Vinoth V:
Score read 6.2 6.2 but most of the winners shown are from Stan
Kevin Funk
Kevin Funk:
Sorry that was kinda funny at the end when djikovic made the applause gesture but you cant really hear anything 😂
Margaret Smith
Margaret Smith:
Novak you are amazing love 💘 ❤ 💕 💖 💗 ♥ you Millions and millions Simply the Best in The Whole world 🌎❤♥ 🌎 Margo
Azmi Ganie
Azmi Ganie:
the big three goats, rafa 35, federer (38) and novak djokovic 34, still reigning djokovic the world's no 1