Novak Djokovic vs Stefanos Tsitsipas - Semi-final Highlights | Roland-Garros 2020

Novak Djokovic vs Stefanos Tsitsipas - Semi-final Highlights | Roland-Garros 2020. Watch the best moments from the match that opposed Novak Djokovic and Stefanos Tsitsipas at the semi-final of #RolandGarros 2020. Novak Djokovic won 6/3 6/2 5/7 4/6 6/1.

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This is the official YouTube Channel of Roland Garros. The tournament 2020 will run from 21 September - 11 October.

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100+ comentarios:

I go for Novak but i have to say Tsitsipas played really good
Pol T
Pol T:
I was impressed by both of these men performance tonight but I'm even more impressed with RG making two 5-minute highlights in a row
Tom Deverson
Tom Deverson:
Absolutely tremendous effort from Tsitsipas, 99% of these next gen's would've lost hope after the 2nd set, but Tsitsipas showed great heart. And that forehand is going to be a real force to be reckoned with for a bright future ahead.

Novak again just too solid, doesn't do anything wrong, never to risky, never too passive, always finds the middle ground, that's why he's world no.1
Kevin Chang
Kevin Chang:
Djokovics mental strength is insane
Don't worry Stefanos, your time is coming soon.
Great game brother from Greece u r now most serious oponent to Djokovic. Great game. 🇷🇸🇬🇷
D M:
Tsitsipas should be proud, very proud. He was awesome against Novak, really awesome. He could have beaten Novak, OMG
Aleph Null
Aleph Null:
I was very impressed by how calm and focused Djokovic kept throughout the match despite losing a match point in the third and the third and fourth set.
Congratulations to Tsitsipas on a great performance, he was fighting like a young lion, keep going:))
Johnny BeGood
Johnny BeGood:
We love Novak in Ireland, but Tsitsi played excellent. If he won, I would cheer for him in the finals.
Ramon Purugganan
Ramon Purugganan:
Handsome Tsitsipas. One of the futures of Tennis.
Jennifer Ou
Jennifer Ou:
No one else can speak over Nole right now. He might come full circle from 2016 to all the issues he had, to his lowest after the Ceccinatto loss to now having won 5 slams since than and potentially winning all major tournaments twice. He would also be the only person to beat Nadal twice and in a final if he wins on Sunday. I believe in you Nole, IDEMO!
Tsitsipas will win a GS next year and more in the future
Teun Boots
Teun Boots:
gg Djokovic of course but men, I like tsitsipas so much, his looks, his playing style, its a future icon for me
A whole 5 minutes -- oh Roland Garros, you do spoil us!
ARIS 1914 W.S
ARIS 1914 W.S:
Bravo Tsitsipa, you are an excellent talent. Gongrats to Djoko , he is the best. Greece-Serbia= Orthodox brothers
Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell:
Novak is his own worst enemy, he has the tendency to complicate things when he is about to finish the match, luckily he almost always ends up winning it
Mai Thatphicha
Mai Thatphicha:
After 15 years, still Nadal and Djoko in GS final.
Demetrius Paschalides
Demetrius Paschalides:
fun fact : When Tsitsipas was talking to himself , he was saying " need a lot of work" .
P.S Ela means Come on. The rest is not so family friendly so i wont translate
iG W
iG W:
now I am really impressed.. This is the first real quality match I've seen on RG this year.. Tsitsipas really played top level.. I'm sure he will get in the top, but it's all about experience.. .and Nole is like.. what the hell? how he get those balls out of reach and he played so tactical.. insane.. well done
Djokovic is a BEAST. Tsitsipas was playing some champion level tennis and Djokovic still willed himself to win. We got our dream final y'all!!
🔥 Djokovic vs Nadal 🔥
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
novak never lost a match, when he SERVE for a match.....
Tina X.
Tina X.:
While he was losing 2-0, Tsitsipas yelled to himself "You need work, endless work". And he is no.5. And he is only 22. And then he made this huge damage to Novak. I mean COME ON!!!
Alexander Pruger
Alexander Pruger:
Great fightback from Stefanos but it was tough to come back against Novak. His time will come and he will be a grand slam champion one day.
Daniel Williamson
Daniel Williamson:
Never really liked Tsitsipas until this match. Really showed great mental strength and the will to keep in the match.
Jimmy He
Jimmy He:
Novak deals it best when it comes to crunching time. Critical monents brought out his best form!🥰
Mike Jones
Mike Jones:
Unreal tennis from both players, best and most entertaining match of the tournament so far, what a fighter Tsitsipas.
1:16 he was yelling “come on” in Greek. That was funny
Stefanos is getting closer. It was nice to see him keep fighting after being down two sets to none. I think Rafa wins on Sunday but it'll be close.
Eric Lowe
Eric Lowe:
My God, I simply love the way Tsisi strikes the ball! Give him a year or two, and he's going to have multiple slams!
What a performance from Stefanos, only 5 players in history have came back from a 2-0 Novak lead to force a deciding set...only 1 player has won. That in itself was an impressive feat for the 22 year old. Top 5 in the world after this FO, well earned. Shame he was injured in that 5th set and couldn't give it one more battle

Congrats to Novak for the win, hopefully we have another amazing final vs Nadal
Favour Ofonime
Favour Ofonime:
I see stefanos winning a Grand Slam in 2021..His game has really improved
Luis Novelo
Luis Novelo:
Oh Stefanos, you played some great tennis and you should be very proud of yourself ! ! !
Aot93 9393
Aot93 9393:
Great match. And a great win for djokovic.
I can tell for sure that tsitsipas will be the number 1 by the age of 25-26. He doesn't have experience yet.
And he's playing in the era of the greatest tennis players and manages to beat them as well.
J. Erickson
J. Erickson:
Man Djokovic is good. You had to be the best to overcome this Tsitsipas. Djokovic was smart, just let him extend the match. The more you run, the more tired you get. Fitness is 70% of what these guys do. The other 30% is the mind. Djokovic is mentally strong, the same as Nadal. We will have the final we deserve: the world number one against the best clay-court player in the history of the sport. Let the best player wins. Tennis already won.
Advice Viriri
Advice Viriri:
This match was a rollercoster ride
djoko forever ❤️
jessica reddish
jessica reddish:
Unbelievable. Incredible. Congrats to both for a playing great tennis!!
Abstraction Art
Abstraction Art:
Bravo Novak, bravo Stefanos! Novak, we love you! :)
This was the first full match I watched and realize that there is more gem then the highlights lol....I must have missed many good matches on this RG :(
Imran Sahir
Imran Sahir:
I went to sleep when Nole was 2-0 up. Woke up this morning only to see the kind of brilliant fight the young lad put in. Well done both. Excited for final.
I was shocked at the level of Tsitsipas's game today. Overcoming 0-2 deficit and fighting for 2-2, against the best tennis player and Number 1 at the moment. Great job.
Park Inseo
Park Inseo:
Omg so hyped for Djoko-Nadal final 💙💙💙💙 These two have been going at it for over a decade 👏👏 GOATS ftw!
August 25th
August 25th:
stephanos showed great heart today he should carry on showing emotion on the court
Pierre Seydoux
Pierre Seydoux:
Despite who's your favourite player to lift the trophy, I hope both players can perform at their best level so we can delight ourselves with the best tennis ever seen. There's 2 more years left with this guys on tour playing at this level. Tennis is never going to be the same without them. So appreciate them, instead of trying to impose your "truth" about who's the GOAT.

Rafa has the best chances.
My heart goes with Nole.

May the best of 5 win.
Nenad Rajic
Nenad Rajic:
Finally again a RG final between Novak and Rafa. I've been waiting for so long now, since 2014, and finally it will happen again. I wanted to see one more RG final between these 2 before they retire and man I am hyped for sunday. I think Novak has the best chances a player has ever had of beating Rafa in a RG final due to the conditions and his form. I hope he can win this one more time and god would it be sweet because it would mean he beat Rafa in the RG final, the first man that would have been able to do that. Go nole for number 18 and 2nd career grand slam and securing the world number 1 spot.
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
Both of this Guy Were playing there best tennis ! This was amazing to see ! Tsitsipas prooved he is becoming one hell of player and a threat to big 3 in coming tournements such as thiem !
mavrick pan
mavrick pan:
Even though Novak failed to close it out in 3 sets, i was pretty impressed by his composure.. He looked pretty confident and didnt looked worried or frustated at any point of time. Novak looks like a man on mission and this is bad news for Rafa. Novak in 4 sets!
"The hardest day at job. We weren't sure we were going to survive it", RG video editors
Djoko the GOAT in Final 😎 let’s goo
james john joyce
james john joyce:
Stefanos, the next numer one (fight with Thiem)
Schreckschusspistolen Jörg
Schreckschusspistolen Jörg:
One of the best matches i‘ve ever seen!
Feliciano Lopez
Feliciano Lopez:
After the big three era...tsitsipas will be one of my favorite player
Congratulations Stefanos Tsitsipas for this epic match. Its sure that in next years you will win a Grand Slam. Bravo Novak Djokovic. Good luck in the final. ΕΛΛΑΣ-ΤΣΙΤΣΙΠΑΣ.
Prettycat 777
Prettycat 777:
Both players display great talent and I think Tsitsipas will become the best one day. Both did well, but Djokovic's playing style and dynamic also pull through to win the game. Tsitsipas is still young and has very great stamina throughout the 3rd and 4th set. Good Job!
I believe Tsitsipas if he works on Stamina can defeat any player next time. Like Thiem he jsut got drained and lost energy in last set
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
It is an historical meeting cause either novak 2 majors at least in each of them or rafa catch roger ! Im proud to witness this
hollister lowe
hollister lowe:
Gutsy performance by Stefanos! A major in 2021 is on tap!
"Good, but not yet"
man sid
man sid:
Not even a 4 hour match it can be good practise for novak hopefully!
Man this final is going to be epic. From the one hand you have Nadal, and on the other hand you have Djokovic with a 37 - 0 win / loss record this year.
Flakes Hatem
Flakes Hatem:
Stef, you had proven your worth WOW! Thank you for such a beautiful match . From the Philippines to you... BRAVO !!!
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson:
Tsitsipas one for the future. Hopefully the new boys start winning more majors soon. How long can djok nadal go on for there nearly mid 30s
Adegbolade Adebote
Adegbolade Adebote:
The frustration these next gen must feel everytime having to play the big 3... Unbelievable
Ish Jain
Ish Jain:
RIP to the thoughts of those people who were thinking of someone other than Rafa Vs Nole in Roland Garros Final 2020 😂😂.

Roge, Rafa, and Nole are 3 GOATs, and legends ever walked and graced the tennis courts.
N X:
Stefanos's game looked like Federer's game sometime
WOW. That was an interesting game!
Tsitsipast might have lost the match, Tsitsifuture will definitely win ...
Kin XXX:
Who beat Novak this year
No one, excepted himself.
With all the respect to Stefanos, this was a real test for Nole! As for the final, I'm picking Nole in a thriller five-5 on Sunday, but it feels very weird to bet against Rafa at RG, especially in the final... and the Big3 is going to win another major... \o/
koding kid
koding kid:
1:31 Greek God Mode
Tsisipas will Win a grand slam for sure he’s got great quality of tennis
farmafan w
farmafan w:
I was shocked by the level of tsitsipas and of this highlights
Zoran Armanda
Zoran Armanda:
Unique Novak Djokovic ! La fierté nationale de la SERBIE !!! Mondial no.1 !
1:16 lmao
Achilleas N
Achilleas N:
I was rooting for tsitsipas but Djokovic was scary good and so composed!
Az Akh
Az Akh:
Tsitsipas could be future no.1 and is the best next gen player along with Thiem.
Soso Zlekha
Soso Zlekha:
The way that Novak control the match it’s show you that he is Number one an deserved ❤️
So after all the excitement of the newer generation fighting to make it theirs, we're left with the two old guys. Sounds like the US election.
Haajir Yabre
Haajir Yabre:
What a match and what a fight from stef. There is a reason why nole is 216-1 when winning the first 2 sets.
August 25th
August 25th:
stephanos looked like prime roger in that 3rd set but once novak goes into that level you dont stand a chance
Ραφαηλ Μ.
Ραφαηλ Μ.:
This seemed like the most exhausting game, both physically and mentally, that Tsitsipas has ever played.
The fact that until the middle of the game he did not manage to make any breaks despite the many opportunities he was given, at the same time that a not so good Novak had taken the first two sets with three breaks in just four opportunities is painful.
Although he lost the next two sets, Djokovic managed to "torture" Tsitsipas with the ruthless way that made him react to his way of playing. I mean how many times he chose drop shot, 20+?
In the end, although it seemed that in the 5th set the Greek could complete his epic comeback, a better Novak gave him a brutal defeat.
What matters is that Stef did not give up, played good tennis, and did better than the Australian Open semifinal
Kaaun Hall
Kaaun Hall:
Great match. Im glad he didn't give up and lose in 3 sets!
Jolene Lin
Jolene Lin:
I'm a fan of both Stefanos and Novak but truly impressed by the way Stefanos dealt with the moment, the stage, the pressure and relentless (truly) hitting of everything he gave by Novak.
Stefanos really showed true fighting spirit as he said but it may have been wrong shot making (not following his instincts and trying something new as Stefanos has said after this match) and not being 100% physically (which is needed against top players, especially the big three).
Amazing shot making and saving of break points and eventually figuring things out during the match itself by Stefanos. Now that he knows how it's like on the big stage, he can go forth and work hard to reach Novak's level and win his maiden Grand Slam! There's many of us supporting you so do as and yourself proud next year!! ❤️
Park Inseo
Park Inseo:
What a GOAT 👏👏👏👏
Miguel Ortiz
Miguel Ortiz:
Tsitsipas’s face seems to say”I did all my best and I still can’t beat you man”
M Sem
M Sem:
Wow, what a fifth set...

....This is where the Big 3 have it over the rest, mental strength!!

Go Djokovic!!👍🥇
Adrian Troickic
Adrian Troickic:
Looks like we'll finally see what would happen if he reached that final in 2011
Stefanos is strong. He will be one of the next tops.
Two things I noticed in this match that he can improve compared to Novak is handling slices and take those opportunities.
Eghosa's Word on Tennis
Eghosa's Word on Tennis:
Great try Tsitsipas! Maybe next year!
Ben Carson's Blackness
Ben Carson's Blackness:
1:17 when I say something dumb on a first date
Tesla Death Ray
Tesla Death Ray:
amazing what it takes for anyone else to beat the big 3. tsitsipas was pushing himself admirably and bringing premium level stuff
mohamed kerfal
mohamed kerfal:
This one was incredible-great math.., so how will the final occure..?!..Wow.
T Ahmed
T Ahmed:
Novak needs to play the game of his life on Sunday. Rafa already has 12 of these and I can easily see him getting his 20th Slam next year in RG, if not on Sunday. But the form Djokovic has been in 2020 and this tournament alone, I think this is his only chance. I think he has more to play for.
André Barroso
André Barroso:
Impressed by Tsisipas performance, unfortunately he was having some phisicality problems in the 5th set, although I think Novak's experience would shine in these moments. GG's
JC Lewis
JC Lewis:
His touch is magical. Can’t wait for the final
John Smith
John Smith:
Stef started the match with 0-10 on break points. If he could've executed some of those, this would've been a different match. His physical game is there but mentally he is too in his head. If he masters the mental game, he will overtake the big3. Let's hope its soon
irsan utomo
irsan utomo:
Both are amazing.. I guess tsitsipas just too tired on 5th set