Oakland, San Jose Protests Over George Floyd Killing Turn Violent

Team coverage from Da Lin and Andrea Nakano in Oakland and Maria Medina in San Jose on a wild night of protest and rioting. (5-29-20)

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Ahmad A
Ahmad A:
You know attacking innocent people in their cars will just make them hate you more right?
AtlDirrty233 233
AtlDirrty233 233:
It’s not even about George Floyd they are just using his name as an opportunity to loot !!! 💯
Sad for the two victims that were ran over? The driver was the victim...
jeannine crider
jeannine crider:
If I had a baby in the car, I’d barrel through the crowd too!
Jon Doe
Jon Doe:
GOOD she should've run through them like skittles the devils
Getting Smarter
Getting Smarter:
She had a baby they threw debris at her. She had every right to be scared a run over people to get out of there.
mcsocg 0410
mcsocg 0410:
the woman in the suv asked the protestors to leave her alone she had a baby in her car.
Most of these violent protestors aren’t looking for justice for Mr. Floyd.
Crazy J
Crazy J:
If I was in middle of the riot and trapped, I would definitely save my self by speed through the crowd. Sorry guys, should stay home.
Protesters whining about being run over.... MAYBE YOU SHOULD GET OUT STREET!!!
ryvr madduck
ryvr madduck:
Why does the news call them "demonstrators" and "protesters?" These are criminals and rioters. Oakland is run by democrsts they will not arrest these peaceful protesters.
A woman with a child was attacked In her car, I’m glad she ran them over. They are messing with innocents.
Fernando Jr. Palileo
Fernando Jr. Palileo:
Why are they being called protestors? They are anarchist. They don't care about the racism what they want it to cause mayhem and maybe loot.
Brutus Gallicus
Brutus Gallicus:
Heh, I hope the driver got away. She had a baby in the car and was panicked when she found herself trapped in the protest.
Keith Garland
Keith Garland:
Protesters should be heard. Rioters and looters should be arrested.
I don't believe these people are protesting over George's murder, this does not help his cause at all, this is selfish vandalism and property destruction
Theancestors Jackson
Theancestors Jackson:
These are all the millennials on anti-social media, welcome to your future.
What do they expect? If I have a crazed mob attacking me with a baby in the car I wouldn't care how many of them get run over.
Todd Geer
Todd Geer:
They're no longer "protestors" when damage starts, they're "looters."
Christopher Pohl
Christopher Pohl:
These are many of the same people that were at the Antifa scripted events. Some are even wearing the same outfits.
Tomas Pichardo
Tomas Pichardo:
I wonder how stupid they going to feel whenever they call the police for help whenever this bs it’s over?!?! 🤔🤔
Max R
Max R:
Good for that lady, self defense.

Don't want to be hit by a car, don't walk in traffic, it is illegal to jaywalk!
Huey P
Huey P:
I'm disgusted by what happened to George but this is not the way to make progress...
Troy Pistachio
Troy Pistachio:
Dont clean up leave it like that as a memorial to George. That's the kind of ppl thats supports him.
They aren't protesters, they're criminals, call them what they are!
shaufiq fauzi
shaufiq fauzi:
I'm sooooo jealous of them, they having a wild party on the street dancing with the police.
aminata kunda
aminata kunda:
If this dude say “ah” one more time
99% of these folks are low life thugs taking advantage of the scenario.
Some are not protesting at all. They're just taking advantage of the situation.
Lorry Camill
Lorry Camill:
When are we seeing riots of mothers that have there children killed by drug dealers ,owners of shops being robbed ,and woman that got rapped or there loved ones killed and so on
At 17:20 that is my parents lawfirm lol. I had to clean the mess these looters made thx yall!
Ezgar Panzón
Ezgar Panzón:
2 amendment rally in Virginia was a protest we even cleaned up after ourselves this is a riot even ray charles would of seen that
M May
M May:
protesters? I see rioters and thugs
AL Can
AL Can:
Most tragic thing is all the idiots wearing face mask like it's some how helping anyone
Perseus Rex
Perseus Rex:
"rowdy protesters" LMAO more socialist speak for rioters!!
Rob Banks
Rob Banks:
Whose looting the pharmacy’s? That’s what I need to know.
Window companies going get rich, buy stock in Windows lol
The M Files
The M Files:
Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” ― George Carlin
Zen Frog
Zen Frog:
This guy has taken the word "uhhh" to a new level
EJ RO28:
The oscar grant riots weren’t even this bad and that was someone from the bay area
It’s literally the purge without killing
I would run over every person in the city if it meant getting my child to safety. Great job mom
these riots are exactly what the country needed.
Am Pm309
Am Pm309:
Maybe glass windows for a storefront isn’t a good idea.
Lit Jr
Lit Jr:
My dude sounded scared when they started yellin at the camera 🤣
Elizabeth Miles
Elizabeth Miles:
It would not surprise me if this was a serious reaction to your governor's extended restrictions on all civil liberties, in your state.
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker:
Sounds like a scared mother with her child in the car. Became frantic when rioters yelled at her and started surrounding the vehicle and throwing things.
الزعيم الزعيم
الزعيم الزعيم:
Year 2020 . first 6 month. We still have another 6 month . its crazy year
Moto Robee
Moto Robee:
ever underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” ― George Carlin
This is what happens when your system is fundamentally broken and you cover it up for hundreds of years.
Andre Duran
Andre Duran:
4:47 So federal security officers employed to protect the Federal building get shot at the same time where the same mob was and "it may unrelated to tonight's protests"?
The Paulding Light Channel MelIssa G
The Paulding Light Channel MelIssa G:
That mother had every right to protect herself & her child! She was most likely terrified scared for her life & her baby's & confused!
“a beautiful sight to behold”  by U.S. House Speaker Pelosi
We didn't start the fire it was always burning since the world was turning 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Mark XRP LA:
A lazy no good criminal or as a reporter called them "cockroaches" for running around like crazy with stolen goods, will always have an excuse to take away property from a hard working citizen!!
The protests and the burning is for GEORGE! Yeah, George Soros.
Zmanj413 The unknown
Zmanj413 The unknown:
The worst part about the guy smashing the car window is that he’s being cheered on, also side note he can’t even smash a window right.
"Frank Ogawa is lit up over there."
After all these years, Frank is still hitting it. Oakland's ballingest.
Andrew Charley
Andrew Charley:
7:53 in the name of brother George? Attacking the innocent.
Give me a break!!!!!!!!😡😡
dan gauthier
dan gauthier:
"ARM & ARM, Protect!!!!!" - JR Smith -
"ARM & ARM, Protect!!!!!" - JR Smith -
face plant
face plant:
I can't believe that all these shops, Target, Autozone killed that guy.
Arrest these deep state people that are being paid to Riot..
Efren Rodriguez
Efren Rodriguez:
18:21 police on motorcycle 🏍 I’m out of here ya can all have the street 🤓
“What started out as a peaceful protest.” 🤔
When they said someone was driving I laughed because they needed threw but people be in the road laterally GTA Style hahahaha
Why r we allowing this military martial law time curfews looters rioters r Domestic terrorist Trump will not put up w that
IsmokeHiphop Live
IsmokeHiphop Live:
In case you forgot, the Joker predicted this when he said, "Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos."
Sound of Gugu
Sound of Gugu:
The Man’

The masses stand to attention when madness calls
And it’s the man snapping its fingers in time to the agenda
as another one pointlessly dies without cause
squeezed to death at the neck
silence by the system of course confident of being unchallenged
until rebellion acts as justice seeker
Only to be judged obscene for wanting impossible equality
As those rightuosly opposed are convicted
Though untouched oppressors rise free and higher
and the innocent guilty
sanity locked away and shamed
by so few that decide the game
money makers behave as doctors one n all
whilst the real doctors are compared to google
And it listens not to your true voice
Unless to compromise, manipulate and trick
sold to you is a version of mind, it renders you content
the soundbite, the facebook, your bible, only really as strong as a tent
your religion, technology
your attention, hell bent
your computer bugged, full of virus
your virus, plugged in your arm, the one you beg steel for
mr and mrs average police loved ones and neighbours alike
Ego demanding to comply or you be outcast
outcast stereotyped as madness
the madness who calls on the masses to stand to attention
because the man snaps its fingers to the agenda
are you, the man, the agenda, are you, truly you?
Joseph Astier
Joseph Astier:
That car "drove into the crowd" in reverse while turning. Looks more like an escape than attack.
Bryan Gorman
Bryan Gorman:
I like the background music. You can tell its from the Bay area.
ben edwards
ben edwards:
Haha in the middle of the road of course they got ran over what did they expect
Leon Reaper
Leon Reaper:
If they were angry theyd only target government buildings, looting shops just makes people poorer.
J Damian Abel, RN
J Damian Abel, RN:
RE: SUV running over "Protestors" . Rioting is dangerous work.
Sheep Tru
Sheep Tru:
This is ALL STAGED!!!

P Neron
P Neron:
The Left destroyed virtue, destroyed love of nation and destroyed the family: *this* is the result.
browneet caramell
browneet caramell:
Well there it goes for the second wave of covid-19
Chris Walesczak
Chris Walesczak:
The government loving this, giving them reasons to strips your freedoms now
Joseph Astier
Joseph Astier:
7:51 That's a good window.
I want to make a game called " 5 nights at Floyd's" a game where you try to escape po po and suffocation should I???
J S:
@7:55 If protestors are seen smashing windows, that mama definitely had a reason to protect her baby at all costs....
Castle Windsor
Castle Windsor:
Those who looted in Oakland were not protesters, they were criminals.
You know it reminds me of when my 3 year old draws on the walls. At the end of the day the grown ups have to come and clean it up.
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong:
Gary Fields
Gary Fields:
Bo Song
Bo Song:
Please hit me up when you guys raid a target walmart costco or best buy, I need a 8ktv, a macbook and phones 👍😅
Where Is Waldo
Where Is Waldo:
They finally brought that Walgreens to justice for what it did to George Floyd
Christian Terrill
Christian Terrill:
If I looted a walgreens I'm going right to the pharmacy ;)
@6:09 "i have a baby let me through" moms are more scary than police to me... they like a horse with blinders only see their baby
James Lee
James Lee:
18:21 the three on the right hand side? Undercover cops?
"I have a baby! I have to run you over!!"
Good job that driver. Pose a threat to my family while I'm behind the wheel and you're in a literal ton of trouble.
If I was in a car with a baby or child I would run over anybody who got in my way sorry that just how it is.
If I drove into that mess yeah I'd be ramming my way to safety, especially with a baby in the vehicle. These people need to get out of the street.
Fredrick Hight
Fredrick Hight:
"Violent protest? How about just straight out call it a riot?"

Ezra 4:15
“That search may be made in the book of the records of thy fathers: so shalt thou find in the book of the records, and know that this city is a rebellious city, and hurtful unto kings and provinces, and that they have moved sedition within the same of old time: for which cause was this city destroyed.”

King James Version (KJV)
Craige Morehu
Craige Morehu:
Rip George Floyd from New Zealand 🇳🇿😢💀☠️
a S
a S:
Imagine the "protests" when people finally realize that covid was all a giant scam!!
2:02 Que onda guey....
So Nancy Pelosi, the beautiful sight of Democracy that you lauded in HKG is here right at home.
Carlos Lunna
Carlos Lunna:
Lovelyti2002 on instagram minanapolis supposibly under martial law!!!
Jc123 _Inc.
Jc123 _Inc.:
By the way the police that killed this man “ George Floyd” has already been charged with life in prison. You can’t do anything else. This is as far as it gets. He won’t get the death penalty. George Floyd Rest In Peace dude.