Official Trailer 2 | WandaVision | Disney+

"We are an unusual couple."
Marvel Studios' #WandaVision, an Original Series, starts streaming Jan. 15 on #DisneyPlus.

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100+ comentarios:

Mr. Krepshus
Mr. Krepshus:
I feel kinda bad for Netflix seeing all of those Dinsey Plus announcements
"This is our home"
"Then let's fight for it"
*To grow old in*
Actually, this whole trailer hits different after episode 8
Telltale Toad
Telltale Toad:
Evacuate the city, engage all defences, and get this woman a therapist
Sadman Sharif
Sadman Sharif:
Who is here with me after watching full wandavision series
This series is f**king INSANE. Just finished episode 4 and I got literal chills. Wanda is absolutely terrifying, the cold stares and the tone shifts in her voice are bone chilling!
Mr. Krepshus
Mr. Krepshus:
Marvel’s 2021 agenda is to mess with our heads as much as possible. These new shows look like pure imagination and total insanity. Goes to show what you can get when you let great filmmakers have full creative freedom. Love it.
Mc80's Entertainment
Mc80's Entertainment:
Who else comes back and watches these trailers for more little visual clues after each episode? 😂
Is This Ryan?
Is This Ryan?:
Agnes asking “are you here to help us?” like she isn’t aware of what’s going on. Sneaky, sneaky witch.
Jordan Lalata
Jordan Lalata:
Who’s here after watching episode 8? Everything makes sense now
TheMarvellous Thor
TheMarvellous Thor:
They both holding hands in the end kinda hits different now after the finale..! 😢
Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato
Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato:
the chills I got from watching this just got worse and worse as the trailer went on.
Yehia ElSwaify
Yehia ElSwaify:
Little did we know that the thumbnail was the saddest part in the finale...
Sebastian Lozano
Sebastian Lozano:
This trailer hits different after the finale...
*barfs cutely*
*barfs cutely*:
me waiting for the scene of agatha riding a bike : 🤡
youcef bouzidi
youcef bouzidi:
0:14 that smile... it's really sad now
Yash Bhatter - Personal Mastery
Yash Bhatter - Personal Mastery:
So essentially, it’s not Wanda and Vision

It’s Wanda’s vision.
Jaden Ledkins
Jaden Ledkins:
This show man. This show. WandaVision needs to be nominated for some golden globes and Emmy’s. Best actress, best actor, best supporting actress, best screenplay, writing, score, etc... what a phenomenal show.
Amish Lakra
Amish Lakra:
"Let's fight for our home" scene will definitely be in the finale
Zeynep Su
Zeynep Su:
This trailer made a lot of sense after Episode 8. "This is our home." "Then let's fight for it."
Shradha Pandey
Shradha Pandey:
This hits different now, the nostalgia.
So did Shuri save ANY of Vision in Infinity War?
Abel Owen
Abel Owen:
Monica: "He was killed by ultron, wasn't he?"
Wanda: DIE
i cant wait for episode 9
7 episodes in and im still dying to see that minds stone scene
Panagiotis Zois
Panagiotis Zois:
Can we get a shoutout for Jac Schaeffer
? She's the showrunner of _WandaVision_ and this is her first show ever (though hardly first project). She's done _such_ an amazing job. They ALL have!
The last shot of this trailer hits so differently now
Lyric Camp
Lyric Camp:
Yep...still don't get it😂
Rudra Shah
Rudra Shah:
Who's here after the finale?

One of the best MCU projects. Undoubtedly.
Gucci Ponk
Gucci Ponk:
I’m gonna miss this show:(
Wandavision ep8 has about 40 minutes with absolutely NO JOKES. Not even infinity war got so dark as this
Derek Connors
Derek Connors:
0:12-0:15 is the moment where we are all going to cry. Calling it right now.
Batman Big Fan
Batman Big Fan:
"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."
Now i came back here to watch this trailer again because i feel empty that WandaVision series is finally over :(
James TH
James TH:
Anyone here to see what we will see in episodes 8 and 9
Stephen Reed
Stephen Reed:
This is probably gonna be the most unique show for Marvel.
Noah Rivera
Noah Rivera:
The story: *is a different and unique version of storytelling in the mcu*

8 year olds: nooo where’s the explosion and action
Ep9 trailer: we save our home
Ep9 (spoiler):

The home gets destroyed anyway.
Ny B
Ny B:
Anyone else watching the trailers over and over because it has context clues while still watching the episodes ? No ? Just me ? Ok.😂
Tess Coady
Tess Coady:
Vision: 'Wanda"

Wanda: 😍

Me: 🥺😭
Man Tin
Man Tin:
Just finished ep9, it's been a journey, so sad it has to end. I feel empty.
Holy crap. This is the most unique thing MCU has ever released yet. I'd say it was pretty ambitious too and hell they really pulled it well. The production, the acting, the cohesiveness of each scene were such a delight to see. I've already rewatched it a couple of times.
mr stark i don't feel so good
mr stark i don't feel so good:
"to grow old in" - v
i'm not crying, you are
Julius Ferrer
Julius Ferrer:
i cant wait for the scene
wanda: this is our home
vis: then lets fight for it
Marvelous Meh
Marvelous Meh:
"I'm married. To a man. A human man."
Me: Yeah, that's not suspicious at all.
Giorgos Stefanidis
Giorgos Stefanidis:
Mild spoiler alert :

The only thing we haven't seen so far and will be on episode 9 is
Wanda : This is our home
Vision : Then let's fight for it

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez:
I think the scene of her and vision standing in front of the window holding hands will be their final scene together before the hex falls apart. Hopefully they finally get closure
i’m telling ya, this show is going to blow in trending at the final episodes.
Uncanny Ken
Uncanny Ken:
Here after that epic finale!! The Scarlet Witch is in full effect. Need Multiverse of Madness now!
Kira Maru
Kira Maru:
This is funny, sad and terrifying all at the same time.
Probuscus 519
Probuscus 519:
This hits different after Episode 9
Lord Voldemort
Lord Voldemort:
This show left me deeply broken and emotionally scarred. I seriously feel like my life is now empty that it’s over
This is even sadder when you know why and how she did this
Hermiston's Good
Hermiston's Good:
Even now, I still get total chills when Agnes ask for help and she’s acting like the people that are trapped there but knows exactly what’s going on..
This show is gonna be the most confusing, most epic show ever.
Junaid Ysf
Junaid Ysf:
she's wearing today's outfit at 1:05... next ep is gonna be crazy
Raka Banerjee
Raka Banerjee:
I'm literally obsessed with this show!
Creed Bratton
Creed Bratton:
This is one of the greatest and most unique TV series ever made. There. I said it.
S_all_good_man 44
S_all_good_man 44:
Possible Spoilers!

In 1:14 we can see Wanda and Vision holding hands. Marvel usually shows scenes on the trailers so it doesn't spoils the upcoming product. My guess is that Wanda and Vision are facing either the white S.W.O.R.D. Vision or Doctor Strange on the upcoming final episode.
CarryMinati FanClub (NAFIS)
CarryMinati FanClub (NAFIS):
Is she in a dream world?
Matrix part 4 XD
mikki sonn
mikki sonn:
🎶It was Agatha all along🎶
Deadpool Memes
Deadpool Memes:
The ending is going to be some sad thing like scarlet used her powers on herself and is crying in the end
My brain: wow so wanda is controling or being controlled?
Franklin Brown
Franklin Brown:
Seriously how much money do you want for a copy of this remix of Daydream Believer?
Wanda: “I’m married. To a man. A human one!”

*That’s suspicious. That’s weird*
jassica albert
jassica albert:
1:11 there is no Scarlet Witch reflection in Wanda’s eyes 😭
El Pizarrón
El Pizarrón:
I really wanted to see that shot of Agnes riding her bike at 0:38 but it never happened. :(
Well, noticed that vision's dialogue "wanda, welcome home", is not in the show till now. So he will definately say this when wanda creates him in his dream world
r e v e l a r e_ XVII
r e v e l a r e_ XVII:
*And so begins Phase 4 of the MCU. Brace yourself Marvel fans, this is gonna be one hell of a ride.*
Depressed people don't want to die they jus want a different life...
Abigail Yoder
Abigail Yoder:
Her: We just don't know what to expect

Me after watching episode 4: HECK YOU WANDA NONE OF US DO

episode 7 update: **rocks in a corner while sobbing**
Iron Bruno
Iron Bruno:
Surely in the future we will be old and we will be in a chair saying "I remember those intense weeks waiting every day to see a series that marked my whole life" thanks wandavision you will reach your end but a great ending and with honor
cesar anthony dime
cesar anthony dime:
finishing the whole series, i feel like i was inside the hex, feeling wanda's pain and grief. idk why i feel sad watching this trailer again, maybe bcoz i now know what it means, thank u marvel for this, u saved me.
Minch Yoda
Minch Yoda:
“We just don’t know what to expect”
This show in a nutshell
Marcus Campos
Marcus Campos:
It's all fun until someone tells Wanda that she doesn't have children
아라༊*· ̊
아라༊*· ̊:
We still have some scenes from this trailer we haven't seen yet so it will be part of the last episode... very excited!!!
Akshat Kembhavi
Akshat Kembhavi:
When you realise that we haven’t seen the footage from 0:12 - 0:15 in first 2 episodes
irs cyunn
irs cyunn:
John Zeus Nuevo
John Zeus Nuevo:
"...this is Chaos Magic, Wanda;
And that makes you... the Scarlet Witch"

- Agatha Harkness (2023)
"I think we handled that well."

Something tells me she isn't going to handle it well.
Blake Lewis
Blake Lewis:
I still get chills watching this trailer
Nicks spot 3D
Nicks spot 3D:
If someone asked me to describe this show in 1 word it would be “perfect”
FE-02 Donny Sabri Ashari
FE-02 Donny Sabri Ashari:
Wanda: you're not my neighbor, and you're definitely not my friends and i want you to leave. 💥🤚🏻😡🤚🏻💥
Monica: 👁️👄👁️
j h
j h:
After watching episode 8... I'm wondering how the very last scene when they hold hands is gonna be incorporated
Impossible, I killed this man
who's here after episode 7. this episode was phenomenal!
the last few scenes are definitely the last episode 😭😭😭😱😱😱
Maggie Rappa
Maggie Rappa:
I love the song choice. It fits the wacky vibe but with the underlying creepiness
Me when my siblings ask me what the show is about: 0:47
wanda breaks the multiverse so hard she brings in the spider-verse
LKC Edits
LKC Edits:
This trailer makes me teary for some reason after watching Episode 8 😢
Anonymous Acc
Anonymous Acc:
I warned that, "it's Agatha all along"
They called me a madman. What i predicted came to pass.
Tom Rae
Tom Rae:
I come back to analyse these trailers every week
Marvel, thank you for this amazing and much-needed show. So many people are dealing with grief from losing loved ones to this virus that’s taken over 2 1/2 million lives. It’s so important we understand what pain and grief can do to people, especially right now. Thank you, Marvel. I hope you realize your content isn’t just dumb fun all the time. It heals so many people emotionally and cheers them up when they are down. Thank you.♥️
Teaser PRO
Teaser PRO:
This is gonna be awesome!
Tih ‘
Tih ‘:
Who’s here after the finally all I can say is wow 💯
Louis Gomez
Louis Gomez:
The only scene that’s not in the show yet is Wanda touching the mindstone
Moiweird Edi
Moiweird Edi:
This gonna be Fire next episode I CANT WAIT 😩
Karlo Gregor
Karlo Gregor:
Im just so happy that this really feels unique and fresh to the MCU. It's on Streaming but still feels part of the universe. Feige didnt disappoint.
Wicked Edge
Wicked Edge:
*Clicked faster than tom holland can spoil un-released movies.*
Muhammad Dzaki Ihza Mahendra
Muhammad Dzaki Ihza Mahendra:
who's here after watching episode 9?