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Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta sing 'You're the One That I Want" at the 2002 Grease DVD Release Party.

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Is it just me or does this make everyone smile? Still one of the world's cutest couples!
Robert Miller
Robert Miller:
You can tell they had a lot of fun singing that. Olivia was an amazing singer and a wonderful woman... she will definitely be missed
Mark W
Mark W:
I love how they only pay attention to each other, and they act like they’re just happy to see each other and it doesn’t even matter if the audience is there or not. You can’t fake that kind of chemistry. They were never involved in real life, but nevertheless they just had it. Sadly, there will be no more reunions like this one. 😢
M C.E.
M C.E.:
Efectivamente las leyendas nunca mueren. Descanse en paz la bella Olivia.
Frank Montez
Frank Montez:
Yeah a lot of people forgotten that Travolta can sing and dance . Two monumental talents . RIP Sandy you were a great bright luminary while you were here with us .
Denise Smith
Denise Smith:
RIP Olivia Newton John you will forever be one if the greatest memories from my childhood 💔❤️
I find it very sweet and heartwarming that both John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John had always remained synonymous with _Grease_ and as close friends as well being co-stars in real life in the years after it’s release up until Olivia’s passing. 🤍💖⚡️
Stephen Blakely
Stephen Blakely:
Came back to watch this after hearing of Olivia’s passing, may she R.I.P. Even though they were both happily married, I truly believe that they were each other’s “one that got away.” It was incredible to seem them have such a close friendship so long after Grease was released.
Teerapol Wongcurewan
Teerapol Wongcurewan:
They were perfect as a duo, love their chemistry. Never get bored to see them perform.
tony mazziotti
tony mazziotti:
I just got tears in my eyes after watching this... I'm 63 and grease is one of my favorite movies ever...she was divine and I'm sure they both really enjoyed doing this... I'll truly miss her...so beautiful she was
John's voice isn't what it was when they did the movie, but it's been a long time and I'm thrilled to see he and Olivia doing this. I didn't know until just lately that Olivia has cancer, and John talks with her every day. That is a true friend!!
Angelo Casimiro
Angelo Casimiro:
Wow, this was 20 years ago. One of best pairings ever in movie history - John and Olivia, Danny and Sandy! Rest in Peace, Olivia.
Cheryl Kiley
Cheryl Kiley:
I'm so glad they had the chance to sing together again! The Magic and Love was still there. And the moves! Wow!!!❤️❤️❤️
Shane Griffin
Shane Griffin:
An absolute legend. I may be a 2000’s kid but I remember Grease being one of my favorite movies growing up. Heartbreaking to see her go, but the legacy she left behind was beyond words.
Laura Barto
Laura Barto:
I love it! I know Olivia had her share of pain, but she really had a beautiful life. I just finished listening to her memoir on Audible. She wrote it with stage 4 cancer. It cheered me! It made me want to be a better person. If you are grieving her, you will find it very healing and your soul will smile because she loved life and takes every opportunity to share bliss. RIP sweet lady!
Carlos Eduardo Preza Quezada
Carlos Eduardo Preza Quezada:
Descansa en paz, Olivia! Una gran artista y un gran ser humano. Tus canciones forman parte del soundtrack de nuestras vidas por la gran alegria que nos dieron y nos siguen dando! ❤️🎼🎼
Moms Daily Agenda
Moms Daily Agenda:
RIP ONJ! Beautiful voice and her spirit will be missed! It makes me smile knowing her and John were still good friends after all these years. 💕
Delightful to see them together (so natural!) again with this great song! Instant mood picker-upper--The joy will last forever!
Olivia e John Travolta são lendas da música e do cinema, descansa em paz Olivia, vc será lembrada sempre.
Sérgio Bento
Sérgio Bento:
São eternos, maravilhosos, divinos, deuses dos anos 70. Gratidão 🙏 🙏
Mónica Fernández
Mónica Fernández:
En la madrugada de hoy pregunté aquí por Olivia y su estado de salud.
Se acaba de informar que hace pocos minutos falleció en su vivienda de California.
Estoy demasiado triste pero conforme porque está descansando después de tanto sufrimiento que no merecía.
Siempre la recordaré como una cantante y actriz excepcional, y por su extraordinaria belleza.
"Linda, descansa en paz, muchos millones de personas te recordaremos con amor por siempre".
denise Rose
denise Rose:
The chemistry between them is amazing.the way they look at each other, even in interviews I’ve watched...I can’t beleive they never ended up together.luv them both..❤️
How do you not smile throughout this entire performance! What chemistry 🔥
Cris Nogueira
Cris Nogueira:
Que lindo!!! Fiquei emocionada!! Grease fez parte da minha adolescência. Não tem não se emocionar... 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤
Cin M
Cin M:
This hit me so hard, I can't stop crying - what a beautiful spirit - I am sure she's flying high with the rest of our angels in heaven ♥
Serena Round
Serena Round:
John still can sing!!! Anyone else watching in 2019 ??
Nathe London
Nathe London:
Stunning. Absolutely stunning. They haven’t lost it. And they only have eyes for each other ignoring the audience. Perfect.
Marlene Green
Marlene Green:
RIP Olivia! Never forgotten! Such great chemistry in this video! Eternally great music still here in 2022! 😍
Christopher Wright
Christopher Wright:
They had such amazing natural chemistry together. RIP Olivia Newton John!
Patricia Miralles
Patricia Miralles:
Descansa en paz, Olivia. Gracias por tanto, me has acompañado en muchos momentos de mi vida!
Fidel López Eguizábal
Fidel López Eguizábal:
Descanse en paz Olivia Newton John, usted dejó un gran legado. Sus películas y canciones son eternas.
Best duet ever written, and performed to perfection.
Chris Kehoe
Chris Kehoe:
Olivia always was happy and vibrant and you can see the Genuine love that they both have for each other there chemistry is great together I will never forget the summer of 78 it was such a great sumner grease will always be the word
Greg G
Greg G:
The chemistry is amazing..... a true and pure friendship....God Bless them both always.
Chai Iturbide
Chai Iturbide:
Leyendas, Olivia Newton-John pasa a ser inmortal. ❤️
It's really cool that they both got together to do the song live and they can still do a lot of the dance moves.
E Pluribus Bigly
E Pluribus Bigly:
Absolutely love this
Canal Paranormal
Canal Paranormal:
Uno de los mejores bailarines del mundo John Travolta, al lado de la bellísima y recordada Olivia Newton John....
Go FISH Global
Go FISH Global:
No one could sell the emotions of a song like Olivia. Such a deep-hearted performer! She felt everything she sang.

May the Lord take you, Olivia, into Heaven quickly. Amen.
Patricia Meza
Patricia Meza:
Siempre bella, siempre sexi, ya eres eterna, ya eres leyenda, ya eres polvo de estrellas!! Descanse en paz Olivia Newton John
Ilma Santos
Ilma Santos:
"A melhor forma de homenagear um artista é enaltecendo o seu talento!"(Paulo Rodrigues)
Fátima Arruda
Fátima Arruda:
The iconic couple that marked the movie screens in the past... Olivia still maintains the same sweetness of her vocal timbre
Joseph Green
Joseph Green:
Got to see her sing in Vegas a few years ago. Beautiful lady throughout her career, with a great voice and a wonderful human being.
Rest in peace Olivia,xxx
Benito Solano
Benito Solano:
I just cannot stop crying, this brings beautiful memories of my childhood.
todd borden
todd borden:
Its physically impossible not to smile during this 3 minutes of pure joy
picolo santiago
picolo santiago:
When I watched this, I realized how great my childhood was seeing these two perform then...kudos!
Paul Joseph
Paul Joseph:
Brings tears to my eyes. RIP beautiful lady. Thanks for all you've done
Chico Lopes
Chico Lopes:
Fizeram história..!!
Simplesmente... Fantástico, Maravilhoso e Espetacular..!! 👏👏👏
Olívia.., vc vai fazer muita falta e deixar muitas saudades..!!
Descansa en Paz Olivia. Desde pequeño me encanta Grease. Gracias a ti y a John por ese peliculón!! 🙏🏽✨
Justine Chua
Justine Chua:
Their chemistry is still amazing!!! You can actually see that they are enjoying performing one of the greatest songs in this movie!
Flory Koke
Flory Koke:
I really love this song. Looking great Late Olivia Newton John and John Travolta. Love you both 💖💖💖💖💖💖
Sean S
Sean S:
So amazing and brings back great memories. Smiled from begging to end
green leewood
green leewood:
I enjoy this one so much more than the film version.
Fabiola Souza
Fabiola Souza:
Olivia será sempre uma lenda imortal em nossos corações sempre linda talentosa e carismática!!!!!!!
RIP Olivia Newton-John!
As lendas nunca morrem de verdade, sua voz viverá por toda a eternidade! Especialmente com seu clássico Grease! 🎬🎶🎵
Carlos Fernandez
Carlos Fernandez:
A esto yo llamaria una gran fiesta sobre el amor y la amistad! Gracias Olivia y John por legarnos este ejemplo. Siempre estaran presente en nuestros corazones
Dear Jelena
Dear Jelena:
The best performance I ever saw. Whole story behind. Love you.
Adrian Aballay
Adrian Aballay:
Con un grupo de amigos vimos esta película en el año 1984, hoy a mis 51 años la sigo viendo y me emociona igual que en ese momento. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Gilza Bomfim
Gilza Bomfim:
Nos deixou Olivia Newton John...ficou esse lindo clipe para nos lembramos sempre q a saudade bater forte.
Descanse em paz Olivia.
Emily Lazo
Emily Lazo:
2020 quarantine!! Will always love Olivia and John for this!!❤
Rosangela De Fatima
Rosangela De Fatima:
Não consigo acreditar, fizeram parte da minha vida! Olivia esteja em paz no reino de Deus!!!😔
Eduardo Rodrigues
Eduardo Rodrigues:
Descanse em paz grande artista e iluminada Olívia
Joan Marsala
Joan Marsala:
Great song and it was great seeing them together. R.i.p. Olivia you will be greatly missed
Carlos Guillermo Mendez Rodríguez
Carlos Guillermo Mendez Rodríguez:
Ahhh que bonito recuerdo de mi adolescencia saludos cordiales desde Costa Rica, mis plegarias hasta el cielo a la maravillosa Olivia Newton
Kk Zz
Kk Zz:
This is the only duet that has magical chemistry! …. No other compares ⭐️
Romeu Vila Real
Romeu Vila Real:
Emocionante. Nossa Olivia Newton John não esta mais entre nós 😭
A Jalapeño
A Jalapeño:
Their voices are amazing!
Wow even after all those years, those 2 still had it!
J Bro
J Bro:
You can tell there's a real chemistry between them even all these years later. Sort of like Kate and Leo. Love Grease!!!!
Luis Enrique
Luis Enrique:
Lo más bonito es lo espontáneo... porque son profesionales y unas verdaderas estrellas.
Olivia 🙏😢
L S:
When I was a kid, I hoped with all my heart that they were really going to be a couple and get married. They still had the chemistry. ♾ Olivia RIP
Mario Aceituno
Mario Aceituno:
Después de muchos años de la película, ese fue un estupendo reencuentro y una actuación formidable, eso solo lo pueden hacer dos grandes, descanse en paz Olivia Newton.
Adriana Sandoval N.
Adriana Sandoval N.:
Que haya luz en tu camino y descanso eterno, hermosa Olivia! 🌹❤️
taetor tot
taetor tot:
Almost 40 years ago and they still have beautiful chemistry
I had the biggest smile throughout the whole video ❤
Sam Haskins
Sam Haskins:
She'll never be forgotten, voice of an angel! ♥
Q.E.P.D Olivia 💐💐💐 Gracias por tus canciones ,fuiste una gran artista 👏👏👏marcaste nuestras vidas 🤗❤
Erivaldo Soares
Erivaldo Soares:
Saudades eternas obrigado por me dar tantas alegrias, suas músicas fazem parte da minha vida 😥meu Deus que tristeza ❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Mark Davis
Mark Davis:
For 3 minutes the world stops and we revisit the 1970s in this video. Bless them both.
Sou Trezeano
Sou Trezeano:
Esse reenconto ficou marcado pra sempre, descanse em paz Olivia, que Deus te receba em seu Reino!
Cristián Kramarenko
Cristián Kramarenko:
Gracias Olivia! la música de mi vida por tantos años!❤
Sara Dollins
Sara Dollins:
This was incredible! And even seeing them do some of the dance moves was AWESOME!
Daljit Atwal
Daljit Atwal:
Its electrifying 💕 RIP Oliva Newton John
Israel Messias Lolis
Israel Messias Lolis:
Que lindo. Faz parte dos bons momentos da minha juventude. Nunca esquecerei!!!
João Artur Leuck
João Artur Leuck:
Obrigado Deus por ter nos dado essa excelente atriz e cantora, vai com Deus querida Olivia Newton John. Sentiremos sua falta mas seu legado será eterno.
Wes Clark
Wes Clark:
Still hitting the notes. Both of them. RIP Ms Newton-John
Still got it, even after all these years! 👌🏻
Doug Triplett
Doug Triplett:
This is probably my favorite performance of this song. Yeah, John's voice has faded but the passion and fun they are having. I would have loved for the cast to do a recording when they were older.

Fair winds Olivia. You will be missed.
Well they still got it what a great talent they have
Meu Cantinho E Um Monte de Coisas
Meu Cantinho E Um Monte de Coisas:
A sintonia entre vc e o John Travolta era fantástica. Vc foi uma guerreira e deixou lembranças e saudades. Descanse em paz, Olívia! 🙏🏻
Michael Ball
Michael Ball:
It's a feel good song, I will always love it!
Sporting a la Grieska
Sporting a la Grieska:
I love this stuff. They're both like made for each other. Rest in peace, Olivia Newton-John 👑⚘
Trafalgar Law
Trafalgar Law:
Seriously one of the best on screen couples. John and Olivia had chemistry from day one and I love how they still keep in touch.
Gerardo Calviño
Gerardo Calviño:
No se puede volver atrás. Esto me hizo muy feliz en mi juventud.
Ya tengo 58 meses
Toan Nguyen
Toan Nguyen:
Very real feeling when both performed this song ... best version !
This brings tears of joy to my eyes. Theres a twang of pain watching this knowing that a legend has left us.
espada de damocles
espada de damocles:
Ambos muy encantadores y buenos artistas ,pero Olivia bella como siempre y con un charm impresionante
John still has that Danny smile and Olivia still has that Sandy flare! I swear I love Grease so much 😭💖🖤
ian E
ian E:
What an iconic moment, close your eyes and john sounds exactly the same at the start, RIP Olivia
Ashley  Roe
Ashley Roe :
Soooo good!!! Love this!! ❤️She was a class act!