Olivia Wilde's Fiancé Jason Sudeikis Can't Smell

Olivia talks about her fiancé Jason Sudeikis not having a sense of smell and reveals how it affects their lives.

Judge James – Landlord Have Mercy! https://youtu.be/F9HQ48oXQ4Q

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Olivia Wilde's Fiancé Jason Sudeikis Can't Smell

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100+ comentarios:

Chelsea Denney
Chelsea Denney:
he wouldn’t even know if he had corona
New Message
New Message:
I have next to no sense of smell either... Can I marry 14 tiers above my league too?
She’s a natural at storytelling
Harshita Srivastava
Harshita Srivastava:
youtube can stop now we've all understood who harry went to the wedding with, we know a lot about her
Lol. That Forrest Gump reference.
James Hobbs
James Hobbs:
She's adorable
ams 1216
ams 1216:
yeah... harry styles, thats the comment
Mariam MJ
Mariam MJ:
And I thought Perrie Edwards from Little Mix was the only person with no sense of smell.. except she can taste every little ingredient in a dish
i feel sorry he cant smell pizza
Crazie Dimond
Crazie Dimond:
I was born without my olfactory nerve. That's the nerve that controls smell. Its rare. And it truly does effect the taste of things.
She has a decent sense of humor! I'm a fan now
Margarita M.
Margarita M.:
She’s super attractive and has nice personality.
Imagine if it actually is a lego!
k333999 Smith
k333999 Smith:
It is called anosmia. I know someone who has it, she lost hers due to sinus problems and it really messes with your sense of taste, since smell is such a large part of taste.
Jennifer Webb
Jennifer Webb:
wow! after 5 years and they still haven't been married!?! :(
FF Semonty
FF Semonty:
"New York in the Summer time........ You don't want your sense of smell!"
Ana Ribeiro
Ana Ribeiro:
Jimmy Kimmel's REAL laugh is way better than Fallon's fake one.
She’s low-key trolling Kimmel lol
Bob Trent
Bob Trent:
I wonder if his other senses are enhanced so maybe that's why he likes her cooking because she is indeed a fantastic chef
Olivia Wilde is so funny. Amazingly attractive and funny? What's her flaw...
Angela A
Angela A:
lmao i lost it when she said: that‘s why I leave him with a dog or a child to look after him 😂
Alexis Lidia
Alexis Lidia:
Yo I keep getting old vids since Harry is supposedly is ‘dating’ Olivia. They held hands for gods sake, right Niall.
Anjalee Chahal
Anjalee Chahal:
Who else came here to see if her personality matched Harry’s??
Authentically Nobody
Authentically Nobody:
It's so easy to fall in love with her.
It's called Congenital Anosmia and it's not that bad.
Kamran Razzaq
Kamran Razzaq:
love her eyes
Kuba Moses
Kuba Moses:
such an amazing woman. well spoken, adorable, sweet and really really funny. good for you Jason
Scooperman needs to happen now
Ione Shakur
Ione Shakur:
I can’t smell either but it doesn’t affect my ability to taste.
Kendy B
Kendy B:
This happened to a friend of ours- it was a side effect of an antibiotic he was given and sadly it is permanent.
kimberly sanchez
kimberly sanchez:
I lost my sense of smell in middle school!! I had allergies regarding changes in weather and it got really bad and I never took medicine so it just dissapeared! I have almost died twice because I couldn't tell there was a gas leak 😱😱 thankfully someone came home in time to realize something was wrong 🤣😂
Simply Divine
Simply Divine:
He can't taste or smell anything? I can't imagine not being able to taste food! What a living nightmare that would be!
Tony Bueso
Tony Bueso:
I’m glad to know Jason Sudeikis is now the only other person I know who was born without a sense of smell just like me, except I’m able to taste still
Saif ul malook
Saif ul malook:
Working at an Ammonia Plant, I can imagine so many problems that lack of smell can cause.....
Who ever wants to hear actors talk (wihtout a script)? She's an exclusion though! She's surprisingly interesting. I enjoyed hearing her talk.
I'm the same! Didn't come out until I was in my 20s. I got used to pretending I could smell, growing up. But I think I can taste just fine!
Kyle Skerjanec
Kyle Skerjanec:
She's so damn fine!
Utku Hasan
Utku Hasan:
With great power comes great responsibility, Jason!
Blue Mind
Blue Mind:
How long have they been engaged 😂
Bo Didley
Bo Didley:
I have almost no sense of smell and it seems almost like a blessing. I can taste food fine, so I'm fine with it.
Not gonna lie I just clicked to see the gorgeous suit. 😍😍😍😍😍
I have the same problem, that’s why i don’t like to cook, when I leave the kitchen and the food burns, until the smoke alarm goes off that’s when I notice something is really burning.
It really bothers me sometimes and I can’t really explain it to people
cyborg kitty cult
cyborg kitty cult:
I didn’t have a sense of smell or taste until I was 8 & had my adenoids removed because they were so enlarged!
instagram user
instagram user:
Perrie Edwards doesn't have a sense of smell either.
Adriana S
Adriana S:
Wow, didn't know that about Jason Sudeikis. I'm anosmic too. One of us.
Jason give regular guys all over the world hope.
Chuck B
Chuck B:
wonderful conversation
Roeland C.P. Braaksma
Roeland C.P. Braaksma:
This felt so scripted. Scooperman was a good one though, prepared or not :D
Eli Martin
Eli Martin:
I get the feeling that Olivia cooks alot of Steamed Hams.
A 'forest Gump' moment lol.
Manu Gulati
Manu Gulati:
Aditya Pathak
Aditya Pathak:
Iam second
Tara Rosenlund
Tara Rosenlund:
I was born without a sense of smell, parents didn't realize until I was in 6th grade cuz me not wanting to be different from others would lie about it. Girls would ask me to smell their lotion and I would wait for a clue as to whether they thought it was good or bad and then agree with them. Never wished I had a sense of smell until I had a child but I will still take that over loss of hearing or sight which are also slightly going too..
Kristen Bell..Olivia Wilde..seems like beauties are into comedians
B F:
I’m sorry but this interview is actually heartbreaking
sami hussaini
sami hussaini:
Reminds me of Ryan Gosling's character in The Nice Guys. He had the same problem lol
sTn AnoMaLy
sTn AnoMaLy:
I have a neurological disorder called essential tremor that causes rhythmic shaking throughout my body, I'm not sure why but one of the side effects is reduced sense of smell. I can still smell, but only if the scent is really strong or right by my nose.
Zuka Kvintradze
Zuka Kvintradze:
Guy already had Covid 19 symptoms 🤣
Tanja Ylimaa
Tanja Ylimaa:
I don't have a sense of smell either. When I was little, I never thought it was weird in any way so nobody knew about it until I was in middle school (I think). My other senses work fine. But it's true that it could be dangerous. About a year ago, I was hanging out at my parents' house and I was putting a huge puzzle together on the living room floor. While I was doing that, my mom had burned some food or something on the kitchen stove. No fire, but the kitchen was almost filled with smoke. My mom and dad just opened a window so the smoke would go out. I walked in the kitchen when they were doing that, and I was like; What happened? O_O I've been to doctors about it, but all they've said is that I could have been born with it or that I could have developed it when I was little, but I don't remember any time when I could have smelled something.
Nancy Ramos
Nancy Ramos:
What even is life without the ability to taste??
black man
black man:
My girl said she cant smell and I always thought she was lying her ass off but apparently this is a thing
Carole A
Carole A:
😂😂 *"Oh I see steam"*
That’s so sad, he can’t smell or taste popcorn :(
I came to see if they meant he wasn’t allowed to smell bad (to her), or that he literally didn’t have a sense of smell.
Ranganathan Ramanujam
Ranganathan Ramanujam:
Still hot after years. Aging gracefully !
Jurre Goldie
Jurre Goldie:
Olivia is just gorgeous no matter what ❤️❤️❤️
Jessica Romero
Jessica Romero:
Why am i promised all my dreams will come true 🥺
She’s so fine dude
Del Rosario
Del Rosario:
He could have been a garbage collector 😂
Efw Ewfwef
Efw Ewfwef:
ok now that was a funny conversation:)))
Kevin Berger
Kevin Berger:
Look in the dog park, on the grass, it’s Scooperman!!!
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent:
My brother lost his sense of smell after a motorcycle accident, so now he eats his vegetables.
Ana Mateo
Ana Mateo:
Omfg I actually meet someone that has no sense of smell. Because I can’t either Lol.
james evarts
james evarts:
Arun Munagala
Arun Munagala:
This aged like milk.
Am I the only one who's noticing this trend of A-list female actresses getting married to comedians?

A. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski
B. Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis

Scrapper 69
Scrapper 69:
This is an interesting interview.... I had no idea Jason had no sense of smell... I thought my son was the only one who had this. Good to know he's not alone! Don't know why? or How it happen to him either, but it's true.
Jessica Murillo
Jessica Murillo:
she is stunning
Olivia Wilde is so pretty! And wow, never knew that about Jason. I don't care, he's still hot <3
Mustard Oli just as hot as any other version
Deanna Christmas
Deanna Christmas:
My cousin has no sense of smell either and we have no clue why 🤔
Daniel Millar
Daniel Millar:
Loss of sense of smell can be an early symptom of Parkinson's disease. It was for me.
It’s called anosmia. Like Jason, I am a congenital anosmic. It’s a liability and a downer far more often than it’s advantageous!
Lost my ability due to contact w/chlorine gas. I tell people that if he's quiet, a skunk can live under my bed UN-discovered. Unfortunately, it also means food has little flavor beyond salty/sweet/spicy
I've got that too! And I'm a nurse so.. that worked out well
I didnt know Jason's uncle is George Wendt
David Figliuzzi
David Figliuzzi:
I thought I was the only one who couldn't smell and had no reason behind it. Paid a butt load of fees for scans and stuff and the doctor was just like "Yeah, nothing's wrong in there."
M.L Soll
M.L Soll:
How did he...score so out of his league
Joyce Barros
Joyce Barros:
Whyyyyyy did you guys have to breakup 😭😭
Jose Uribe
Jose Uribe:
Just realized her mom is running for Congress in my district
roger peet
roger peet:
That is One Wilde Hot Mama.
jerry turner
jerry turner:
I can't smell either and neither can my Father, but my children and siblings can all smell.
Enlicce Mccarter
Enlicce Mccarter:
I like her.
Juliana e
Juliana e:
she's so cool
Gonzalo Ivan Gil
Gonzalo Ivan Gil:
Kimmels statues. He is glad to be sleeping.
Christina Cascadilla
Christina Cascadilla:
Is that why she dumped him? Gee, this is only about 20 months before that. And she’s going on like he’s her forever guy?
It must be a bleak existence to not be able to taste anything 😧
Rambo j
Rambo j:
she has wild eyes, a kind of craze to them
Paanchali Purohit
Paanchali Purohit:
What he can't even taste!?!
Ryan Nield
Ryan Nield:
Jon Risinger of Rooster Teeth also has no sense of smell.