Olivia Wilde's Kids Think Ellen Is Their Real Mom

Actress Olivia Wilde explained to Ellen why her two kids with Jason Sudeikis think she's their "real mom." Plus, the "Life Itself" star chats about her mom running for Congress in Virginia.


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Zoe Zhao
Zoe Zhao:
youtube really said let's recommend this to every who stan Harry
Maddie xx
Maddie xx:
Who else is here to get to know Olivia incase she’s dating Harry 😂😂
Random Kid
Random Kid:
Is olivia a person ? Is Olivia an emotion ? Is she a place ? We don't know !!!
O O:
Olivia has now become the most searched person on the internet.
pilar martinez
pilar martinez:
Valentina Carmona
Valentina Carmona:
Ok we are here just to know her, she’s now dating with all of us
midnight memories
midnight memories:
not gonna lie I'm only here to get to know Olivia incase she's dating Harry Styles
Mia Cova
Mia Cova:
who´s here after seeing the pictures of olivia and harry styles at a wedding and potentially dating?
Mizzy's Parrots
Mizzy's Parrots:
That Otis is a drummer in training. I can already spot that behaviour in him 😂
*_Olvia Wilde_*_ has the most beautiful jaw line i have ever seen_
Akanksha Dwivedi
Akanksha Dwivedi:
Am I the only one who's head is just screaming one word...."Harryyyyyyy"????😂😂
abby davila
abby davila:
y’all the way this popped up on my recommended but i’ve never watched a video of her a day in my life, yt KNOWS i’m a harry stan😭✋
Not that it even matters but I approve, Harry. I approve.
Ximena Vera
Ximena Vera:
she seems so nice. I already love her how's that possible.
akrouf imene
akrouf imene:
the way we get to know the people involved with the boys like meeting someone dating a family member
Gianella Delgado
Gianella Delgado:
Who’s here after seeing the pictures of olivia and harry?? Yesss I’m not the onlyone🤓😌😂😂😂
I like Olivia Wilde, she is so beautiful. She strikes me as a reliable and responsible person.
Ramya P
Ramya P:
She rocks that outfit
She seems like such a wonderful person if the rumors are true about her and Harry I’m glad they’re happy ☺️
angel uno
angel uno:
She is quite literally one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen
Goddamn, Olivia just doesnt age and she's just as beautiful as 15 years ago! And more ironically, I'm still in love with her 😂 just kidding! lol or do I? 😏
Olivia Wilde has very beautiful facial bone structure...
Kaylah Matano
Kaylah Matano:
*I absolutely love her personality and she's so freakin gorgeous. So I'm not mad if she's dating Harry* 😭
Ellie Bellie Watermellie You Smellie
Ellie Bellie Watermellie You Smellie:
I’ll be at that garage sale 😂😂😂
Saly P
Saly P:
Olivia Wilde is so beautiful.
Jule Lol
Jule Lol:
I’m just here because they might date iykyk
The other parents like didn't know that it was a joke so they were just looking at each other like geez intense Beyonce love 😂
Mary Clare Olive
Mary Clare Olive:
Here cause of Harry!
marlry Coffie
marlry Coffie:
When you search Olivia Wilde because of Harry Styles and now your on your 4th vid, know the names of her kids, and realize she’s pretty cool 😂
Crying Bitch
Crying Bitch:
This was recommended after her and harry's dating rumors. They look cute though
Poushali Bose
Poushali Bose:
Love how Olivia's interviews are being suddenly recommend to me ☺️
Bruno Rehder
Bruno Rehder:
*She looks exactly like how I would imagine a goddess looks like*
She could easily play Aphrodite in a movie
cheezy ¡
cheezy ¡:
lots of people comment they're here about the rumours about harry, but for me it wasnt even what I wanted to see, youtube keeps recommending me videos with her just because I'm a harrie???
Adeeb Ifteqar
Adeeb Ifteqar:
I hope everyone sails throw all their hardships and stay strong 🍟🍟
Ankita Chowdhury
Ankita Chowdhury:
I'm here to know her.. like just in case..
Sam DeFabio
Sam DeFabio:
youtube really knows what they’re doing when they recommend this to every harry stan
Wow, her children are very beautiful.
_Olivia is one of the most "WILDE-ly" beautiful woman alive._
Charlotte Styles
Charlotte Styles:
How does it know im a harry stan i-
This is the proof that anything or anyone remotely related to Harry magically appears on my recommendations
Leslie Mendes
Leslie Mendes:
this was on my recommended-
Heidi Naomi
Heidi Naomi:
Imagine if the rumour is true and Harry already met her children 😩❤️❤️❤️
Carla Ann
Carla Ann:
She’s fooking awesome! Beautiful inside and out. So much passion, down to earth and funny. And then there’s her outfit...I love her
Sam R
Sam R:
WOW SHE’S GORGEOUS dang it Harry 😭
Beatriz Nusdeo
Beatriz Nusdeo:
She seems nice, i rly hope people dont attack her like they did with Camille
Michelle Varley
Michelle Varley:
I just clicked bc of Harry... but, not gonna lie, she's beautiful
Mood Forever
Mood Forever:
That outfit & her hair & her makeup ! HER EVERYTHING 😍
She is so beauty and mature. Glad that harry is dating to her🤩
Ava Mallory
Ava Mallory:
I am only watching this to learn who Harry is dating
Ruqaya Blue
Ruqaya Blue:
She is so cool.
Lea Stojmanovska
Lea Stojmanovska:
Here only because of Harry Styles, wish him and Olivia the best in life
Brenda Mbhele
Brenda Mbhele:
The first time I ever really saw Olivia Wilde, I was like "Wait, Whoa, Whaaat" (^^,) Those eyes are everything ❤️❤️❤️ It was one of those Revlon ads where they always seem to zoom into the eyes alot...
Lisa Dor
Lisa Dor:
I’m just binge watching vids of Olivia in case her and Hazza are actually dating, ya’ know to see if our baby is in nice hands
love Olivia and Ellen! <3
Tejaswi Muralidharan
Tejaswi Muralidharan:
I always like to call her “thirteen” 😂❤️
Miss Bumblebee
Miss Bumblebee:
What makes her even more beautiful is that she seems grounded and personable.
J P:
Omg, I’m so early and now I can’t read comments
I saw in 1984 play on broadway. She’s very talented and sweet in person.
katelyn silly squirrel
katelyn silly squirrel:
Her eyes are so beautiful. 💕💕
Camila 03
Camila 03:
the comments are so fresh plsss i cant w this fandom
Edgar Filho
Edgar Filho:
The way Olivia Wilde laughs is so sweet!
Olivia 😍
Kess Cheney
Kess Cheney:
She seems like a really sweet individual. She’s beautiful as well!
Can I just say, that I stan this ⭐angel⭐
Alyxandra Arnold
Alyxandra Arnold:
I ❤️ Olivia Wilde!
Nan. Directioner
Nan. Directioner:
Me at 2:47 :: "What?! Style? Harry Styles?... Oh 'Ibiza-style....' "😆😆😆

Btw, she is very beautiful ❤❤❤❤❤but 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
ok but she's the only person youtube reccomends me now.. thank you harry🤠
Danie Harris
Danie Harris:
It's beautiful how friends with benefits CAN turn into REAL LOVE ❤❤💛💛💛 I love Jason & Olivia!!
I helped Olivia at the airport as my job. She was so sweet snd kind. She spoke of herself as if I didn’t even know who she was lol so humble
Manish Kirtane
Manish Kirtane:
I'm the first to comment on this video 📹.. And she looks beautiful btw..
dont eat yellow snow
dont eat yellow snow:
"i live for you, i love for you olivia" 😗
Miss Charlie Aurora
Miss Charlie Aurora:
For such a great actress it's almost kind of sad how many of the comments are just about her physical attrctiveness.
THIRTEEN! (I miss that show. :-( )
Livvy Maher
Livvy Maher:
I love her! Never seen an interview of hers before but wow... she’s cool!
I like that already- he’s wearing an AC/DC tee & loves Beastie Boys. That’s some good parenting! Though I can vouch for the whole school thing- you send your kids to school confident, great people with great taste in music etc & after a few weeks they’re barely recognisable!
Constança God.
Constança God.:
She’s fine.......I rlly hope Harry is happy with her
Sruthi Vaseeharan
Sruthi Vaseeharan:
Not YouTube recommending Olivia vids to all the harries lol😂
Otis is such a pretty name, well picked! Daisy, too, but Otis is less frequent. :)
I remember her first episode on House, that's when I fell in love
Jason is such a lucky man! Olivia is so fine :-)
I remember when I first saw her in alpha dog I thought she was the most beautiful chick I’d ever seen and that still stands 😍
Lona O
Lona O:
no one make me laugh when i am down more than Ellen ❤❤❤
sie und er
sie und er:
Nikshita Singh
Nikshita Singh:
I like her a lot and love to see Harry happy but it still breaks my heart😭😭😭❤️
Catalina Miranda Larraguibel
Catalina Miranda Larraguibel:
I cant get enough of her laugh, is the cutest thing ever
Katelynn Cole
Katelynn Cole:
5th district Virginian here, I'll be voting ❤️
Tin Verdeflor
Tin Verdeflor:
I really like Elle's humor 😅❤
Vidushi Kapoor ,10B,55
Vidushi Kapoor ,10B,55:
Youtube literally recommending this now coz we stan Harold😋
Wayne Bendelow
Wayne Bendelow:
Olivia just obtained a new fan in San Diego. Did not know who she was or what she did. Her sense of humor won me over!
Omg I love her so much she's hilarious 😂😂
I got to see her on Broadway last year and she was amazing! :))
Mr. Orr
Mr. Orr:
Olivia is just so stunningly beautiful!!
Wahida Anwar
Wahida Anwar:
That T-shirt written 'Rolling Stone' just won my heart 💓
Sasmi Cay
Sasmi Cay:
Paulina Suwae-Binding
Paulina Suwae-Binding:
One time for that Rolling Stones T'shirt! Yass girl! 😍🤘🏽😝🤣
Uwase Lilian
Uwase Lilian:
Wilde is so attractive
just another human
just another human:
She is so confident..I love it
Maria Eduarda Cruz
Maria Eduarda Cruz:
She seems such a nice, interesting and funny person!!
I'm still crushing on her even though more than a decade has gone by. Alex from The O.C, amiright? 😛
Sweekruthi Maitri
Sweekruthi Maitri:
Harry and Olivia............ I don't know if I should be jealous of Harry or jealous of Olivia
I already love her❤