David Silva steps out on to the Etihad for the last time to re-live his 65 Etihad assists.


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100+ comentarios:

SoL Rider
SoL Rider:
You are the best, Silva. Once a blue, always a blue.
You are legend 🔥
Nguyễn Lê
Nguyễn Lê:
Im a Manchester United fan but i will say bye to a Epl legend and a man city legend
Goodbye David Silva👋
Shamir Haziq
Shamir Haziq:
Agüero’s the last player in that game. Can’t imagine him leaving next season
Nytrex _YT
Nytrex _YT:
David Silva: **leaves Man City**

Everyone: *Its enough to make a grown man cry*
The YouTube Cuisine
The YouTube Cuisine:
I’m a Liverpool fan, but can we just have a moment to respect this legend 🙌
David silva what a carrer he's had
From a Liverpool fan.
Mohd Zaid
Mohd Zaid:
I remember when the entire Spain squad had Barcelona and Real Madrid players but then there was David Silva whose replacement was not there in entire La liga.
i'm not a city fan, but dang, i hate Silva, he's one of the most OP players in EPL, almost never lost a ball, his pass is always near perfect, and dangerous, it's like cheating to play him in everygame, no wonder city can win EPL for lot of years. he maybe outshine by Iniesta and Xavi in Spain, but not Outclassed, i dare to say, he's as good as they both, Cheers David !! one of the best spainiard ever played in EPL.
Lil Football Pros
Lil Football Pros:
I wish City won ucl for David Silva. Anyways David Silva is my favorite player and a legend!!!!
Muaz Azemi
Muaz Azemi:
Assists, assists, assists. That's Silva ftw. You can't never hate this man. Good bye legend..
tmani menon
tmani menon:
All the FOOTBALL fans will miss this LEGEND
Others: football is just a game

Me: no
Twinkle Unicorn star light
Twinkle Unicorn star light:
We will miss you legend 🙌🏻
I wish you all the best in your future 💙
The end of an era 😢
Last season we said goodbye to Vincent Kompany, this season we say goodbye to David Silva, next season we also might say goodbye to another legend Sergio Agüero 💔
These 3 are the best 3 players I've seen play for Man City 💙
Help me get 10,000 subs with only one video
Help me get 10,000 subs with only one video:
I have a feeling that this will get recommended to everyone in 4 years
Bum Betch
Bum Betch:
I’m a Liverpool supporter but ima miss him in the prem he was a goodass player
g gaming
g gaming:
The legend,Respect to this legend, David Silva
Bye David Silva- was a legend and still is a legend- a Man Utd fan
Vinh Hong
Vinh Hong:
David Silva left City and we have Bernardo Silva. The next generation will continue to write our legend
Annabel Bassett
Annabel Bassett:
I LOVE YOU DAVID SILVA!💙💙💙 El mago will always be in the hearts of our City fans. He has done so much for the club and has made history everywhere he’s been!😆 He is a fantastic player overall and I love him so much! He has inspired me and made me fall in love with football.⚽️Good luck with your new club David! I’m sure everyone at City wishes you all the success you could ask for with Real Sociedad.😊
Jei Marbañiang
Jei Marbañiang:
"He would have twisted me inside out"
Roy Keane.
Martin Joseph
Martin Joseph:
The reason I started watching City games. 😭😭😭😭😭😭. Gonna miss you Legend.
OK this is really sad. See you next time when fans are allow to be in the stadium. A proper send-off is needed.
I’m a united fan but I’m sad to see David Silva go😭😭
Messi’s comments
Messi’s comments:
As a Barcelona fan I always loved him and he was one of my idols growing up good luck with your future David your always in our hearts...
ayush kumar
ayush kumar:
The concept of putting the boots and the memorable strikes in pictures, is just awesome. Thanks and all the best El Mago.
Siddhesh Misale
Siddhesh Misale:
It doesn't matter who you support. Silva forever a legend ❤️
Premier league legend😍and I don’t even support city
Darius Oprea
Darius Oprea:
It's so hard to see players like him leave. Unfortunately, age is not just a number
He is of xavi inesta level....true legend
Tsiantey Narteh-yoe
Tsiantey Narteh-yoe:
As a united fan I still loved this man as a player very loyal to Manchester city
You know your getting older when this Arab oil new money team have legends now 😂😂 this team has NO HISTORY 🤧🤧 Money ruins our beautiful game
FeelsBadMan n
FeelsBadMan n:
Sad to see him saying goodbye without Audience.. freaking Corona man...😢
Mounik Yerusu
Mounik Yerusu:
The last decade has been a coming of age story for man city, and David silva was one of the leading torch bearers of that growth. People say it is oil money, true they spent a lot of money. But we if can see beyond money or perhaps not look at it in an appalling way and see it as a medium that has brought together a talented pantheon, then we'd see the beauty.

David Silva. AGUEROOO!!. kompany. Joe hart. Balotelli. Dzeko. Yaya toure. And many other good players have written a history that'll live on. That old man city in the first half of the last decade is no more except for aguero who is in his twilight years too, but let us remember them as a union of great players who created some magical moments in pl history. Good luck to you david. Thank you. I Wish your family wealth and good health.
Didi adityawarman
Didi adityawarman:
I know this guy’s a legend, no wonder he’s the Captain
I want someone to ask him how he feels about Sterling missing that open goal against Lyon
Fonze Bronze
Fonze Bronze:
This gonna be more emotional for me than Messi and Ronaldo retiring
Hi I a person
Hi I a person:
I'm not crying you are

Ok we're both crying
Kun Bouzas
Kun Bouzas:
I can't imagine how we are going to start next season without David silva 😢
Richard Thant Zin
Richard Thant Zin:
David Silva has been one of Man City's greatest players and will rightfully be honoured with a statue. He will be remembered by many football fans worldwide for a very long time for his extraordinary ability and contributions to Man City.
n.r cruz
n.r cruz:
I'm a liverpool fan, but this man is a legend
it so sad to see david silva leaving without any fans watching him for the last goodbye due to covid 19. He deserved more than that.
Karma TwisteD
Karma TwisteD:
I adored his footwork so much he really changed the class of midfield
ayush panwar
ayush panwar:
What a lovely way to recall those glorious moments 💙
Big respect for the club legend.
From The Far East
From The Far East:
Liverpool fan here.
Thank you David for being an awesome opponent and making the PL entertaining.
PL will miss you. Wherever you are YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE.
Anup Gurung
Anup Gurung:
The man who give us magical moment now that man is a memory now😭😓we miss u the legend💯♥️
Aurobindo Sequeira
Aurobindo Sequeira:
The most bad thing I felt about David silva is that he did not got the farewell he deserved infront of that cheerful Man City crowds bcoz of the coronavirus
VI Nemesis
VI Nemesis:
Thank you David Silva for everything you have done for this club
A true icon of Premier League football
Darkwear GT
Darkwear GT:
Him: the stadium look exactly like when i first join
Scarson Whitte
Scarson Whitte:
Couldn’t give you the send off you deserved, but every City fans including me loves you from our heart. Forever in debt, magician 💙
Alin Rai
Alin Rai:
David silva looks like my friend literally.
I wish i could post a photo of him here.
Jezz A
Jezz A:
It's already emotional enough 😢, the song just made it worse😭. Who else is crying. 😢
Girls: why don’t boys show emotion? Do you ever even cry?
Pastor Yosua Riva
Pastor Yosua Riva:
I think this man will be loved in all around manchester even for neighbours.

Hero without haters
Shankarjit Phukan
Shankarjit Phukan:
This man can't be replaced..... Legend 😭❤️
Nihh Nihh
Nihh Nihh:
I have so much sweat in my eyes wow it’s really hot outside
Amy Lawton
Amy Lawton:
Gonna miss him, such a shame he couldn’t get a CL trophy
Thoriso Makinta
Thoriso Makinta:
David Silva you're the best player in Manchester City😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢💙💙💙😭😭🎉
I will never forget when he and another David rocked
in Valencia. That was the Valencia I was in love with, beside Barcelona.
Sports and Games
Sports and Games:
I’m tearing up
Pionirski Zec
Pionirski Zec:
I completely respect them for this, unlike other clubs they do appreciate their players.
Kam Zibari
Kam Zibari:
People are like omg I loved him he was such a good player but
Don’t even watch his matches ;-;
Mr M
Mr M:
Bravo David silva city will always remember you peace out
Mr Pluto
Mr Pluto:
An Arsenal fan here, this lad shaped the modern EPL we know today. A City legend that they truly deserved!
Henrik Hörlin
Henrik Hörlin:
On behalf of Spurs fans, thank you! An amazing player, man, character and person!
David Silva will surely be missed🥺 Wish him luck in his new chapter at sociedad🔥 Thank you El Mago💙
Gamming World
Gamming World:
This the most emotional Moment
harith danial
harith danial:
Im not city fans but he is one of my favourite player,i think he second legends for city,after company. And after aguero last match,they must build statue of this legends
I got goosebumps watching this emotional tribute to a legendary footballer. Bon voyage, El Mago!
As a Liverpool fan, I will miss him. Best of luck for future David.😢🤙
CTID 1994
CTID 1994:
Thank you David for the magical moments that will never be forgotten by city fans and premier league fans. In my eyes the greatest player ever for city. Can’t wait to see your statue! 💙💙💙
ole sanampa kinyagah
ole sanampa kinyagah:
All the best David silver, always man city will remember you for the great work you did
Farah Hassan
Farah Hassan:
always a legend and always will stay a legend i never missed any one so much jk i have but still
Always loved him play hope to I play for mancity
Adolf Bin Stalin
Adolf Bin Stalin:
When cantona walking to court after 🦵
JoLo Magcalas
JoLo Magcalas:
"David Silva" the legend, world class☝️
Bảo Long Hoàng
Bảo Long Hoàng:
thank you david silva myself am a man city fans wishing you well on the next journey
Fonze Bronze
Fonze Bronze:
Tinashe kapisavanhu
Tinashe kapisavanhu:
David Silva will be greatly missed!! What a legend!
All the best for your future
David Silva. One man , One Legend! Gracias por todos en futbol Silva.
Prajwal Tegta
Prajwal Tegta:
A PL Legend who deserved a proper goodbye. You will be remembered. David Silva❤️
naprantsu npz
naprantsu npz:
He is a true legend, sad to see his last appearance at the Eithad without audience. ✌✌
Russa Shiwambi
Russa Shiwambi:
U will always be a legend
João Vítor
João Vítor:
We need a testimonial for him with the fans, one of the greatest midfielders to ever play the league. Love you forever David
TTV Mustigotu7
TTV Mustigotu7:
As a United fan this hurts my heart and I will miss him
Goodbye legend its been a long ,fantastic journey with innumerable memories ❤❤
Manchester city fan27
Manchester city fan27:
Thank you David silva your a legend the team won t be the same with out U good luck 💙💙💙
cryptic 2977
cryptic 2977:
Farewell David silva you will never be forgotten ❤
TR Ygriffin13 Brawl Stars
TR Ygriffin13 Brawl Stars:
Not a city fan but David Silva, 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😢
Baller 4 A Life
Baller 4 A Life:
Im a huge Liverpool fan and even that it's sad to see David silva leave pl and it even hurts me to see him bcs I know what it feels like leaving a club u rly loved....
Fot Guru
Fot Guru:
I still remember the time when he was a youth prospect, omg my life is passing quickly
Brady Cote
Brady Cote:
This makes me cry I love him he’s so good
Fonze Bronze
Fonze Bronze:
nazneen choudhury
nazneen choudhury:
David Silva announcing his departure be like:
Hey guys, I've gotta say..
KDB: Let me talk
But I wanted to say...
Rishi Kumar
Rishi Kumar:
Legends never die🔥🔥🔥
Dejan Putra
Dejan Putra:
eventhough i am Man United fan...I put a ton of respect to David Silva...i wish he was Man United player but he is a legend in Man City...
Prathamesh m
Prathamesh m:
It would have been nice if City had won the champion league for Silva❤️
Matevž Markež
Matevž Markež:
Bro I cryed😭
Good bye legend!!!👋