One of the Greatest Speeches Ever | Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos's Life Changing Advice (Must Watch!!) The $160 billion dollar man share's his greatest advice with you.
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Jeff Bezos

Bezos is the CEO and Chairman of Amazon and the richest person alive (2018)

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100+ comentarios:

I just lost my job because of the pandemic as a music teacher, so I started a YouTube channel. wish me luck guys :))
My passion was nursing. It never made me financially rich. I have enough to get by and I'm happy. I make sick ones smile and abandoned elderly people feel loved. That's a success to me.
Joseph Mutua
Joseph Mutua:
I just realized this is the first time I ever heard him talk
literally to the 1% who’s reading this, God bless you, and may your dreams come true stay safe and have a wonderful day :)
Funny Life
Funny Life:
For the 1% people who see this, God bless you and stay safe. You are a smart and awesome person.
"...encourage people to be bold!"

...I honestly thought he said BALD at first
David Clark-Riddell
David Clark-Riddell:
"One" of the greatest speeches? Man, he really jumps around a lot. Even changes his outfit. Interesting
Jeff Bezos
1. Having a passion is a gift - they've already chosen you, just look for it
2. Passions give direction and meaning - follow your calling
3. Work life harmony comes from meaning
4. Nimble and Robust - get back quickly from adversity;
5. Don't skip steps - do the steps with passion and ferocity
6. Be relentlessly stubborn (passion) and flexibility (details)
7. Think long term
Oumar Diallo
Oumar Diallo:
Plot twist : his greatest advice is, don't get married
Darrel King
Darrel King:
I’ve made billion dollar mistakes, getting married 😂
Pokey Ua
Pokey Ua:
8:00 he's looking like Adam Shiff's doppelgänger!
George G
George G:
“When you find your passion, its
a fantastic gift for you. All your work, won’t feel like work” Jeff Bezos
I have just lost my job in a hotel industry. I was a manager. Now I am making youtube films about hospitality. Wish me good luck guys. :) :)
colby berger
colby berger:
He's more down to earth than most billionair CEOs
Creative Innovative Concepts
Creative Innovative Concepts:
I really needed this. MY passion is MARKETING and SOCIAL MEDIA.
Sylvie Ngono
Sylvie Ngono:
“You have to learn enough.. there is no short cut” wisdom !
0:58 'Is to encourage people, to be bold' -Jeff Bezos
In the time it took to watch this video he just made $1 million dollars.
Ian Board
Ian Board:
I would add the corollary: learn to do something that pays the rent while you look for your passion.
Best Kind of Smile
Best Kind of Smile:
Your passion is calling out to you... "It is always Day One."
Arms General Services
Arms General Services:
im just starting my business, i like the way he speech, its give me more idealistic in the world of business, i hope i can handle all obstacles and trials, good luck to me guys .,
ruba gopa
ruba gopa:
"You don't have to choose them ,they pick you."
I see....
Karl Jo
Karl Jo:
When you have 200 billion dollars, every word you say is ultimate truth.
whose the jerk in the front row that keep raising their hand instead of letting the man talk
akanksha a
akanksha a:
i feel like these interviews just makes you more lazy because as i was studying and following some study with me vids , stuff like this got recommended to me and i fall into the loop hole. couldn't focus for the past two days because of this. guys its bullshit. just watch one vid or dont at all. dont watch vids after vids to look for motivation ,, you'll just be trapped and would delay taking actions. get out of here and do the damn work !!

anyways im out. wish there was a block button for the channels here on youtube
Anterea Taan
Anterea Taan:
“My goal is to encourage people to be bold” ...

ok thanks Jeff I’m shaving my hair like yours
Ori Akumia
Ori Akumia:
so the "greatest speech ever" is a montage of his different interviews?
alwaleedi alshehree
alwaleedi alshehree:
0:53 Love this moment
mairaj shaikh
mairaj shaikh:
When ever I saw this man I want to do something in my life Jeff is alway my inspiration and my big goal. I alway followed him
Think Science 7
Think Science 7:
Watching this while ordering some Headphones on Amazon
Top Motivation
Top Motivation:
"If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful." -Jeff Bezo's
Josephine W Duia
Josephine W Duia:
Thank you so much Jeff , I love this speech so much n hope I can reach my goal
Nrithik adhyan Reddy
Nrithik adhyan Reddy:
Mr.Bezos: made billions of dollars of losses
Interviewer : Am i joke to you
Jacob Bush
Jacob Bush:
“Speeches” and he’s worth 200 bil I think he’d know what he’s talking about
Mary Holt
Mary Holt:
I really admire this man. He is extremely interesting and candid.
Nqoba Zibuko
Nqoba Zibuko:
You can be an expert but also keep a beginner's mentality, I like that very much! 💪
Francisco Sanchez Molina
Francisco Sanchez Molina:
This was truly a great and inspiring compilation, thank you.
8:46 did not know Jeff Bezos had that kind of warm homely feel to him, wishing to see his kid grow up. He feels very homely and unlike other tech giants like Lizard man Mark Zuckerburg 🦎
I wach it twice a day and I'm still impresed.
Chris S
Chris S:
When ur laid in bed and everyones asleep... and your earphones die 32 seconds in... pfft... maybe id be a billionaire if only I got to listen to the rest oh well maybe next time...
Olzhas Kadyrakunov
Olzhas Kadyrakunov:
"One of my jobs at Amazon is to encourage people to be bald" - a bald guy.
Mary Lane Mon
Mary Lane Mon:
I Wish i can Work in Amazon in Future I Want Jeff Bezos to be my Boss 😄😃
Courtney Garman
Courtney Garman:
These are times when investments has become the prior task for achieving actual success, I’ve been making series of huge profit returns from my forex trades I run with professional trading services of Nigel K. Phineas
Napalm Baby
Napalm Baby:
"Never Lose Your White Belt Spirit"
Seán Upton
Seán Upton:
‘My biggest advice to you, is to stay up until 2am watching Youtube motivation videos..’ - Jeff Bezos
The Do Right Movement
The Do Right Movement:
Having a passion of doing something that don't feel like a work but you love doing, is the key to happiness
The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it. - @rocminds
Funny. My passion is to have a large company and pay employees good salaries so they can too pursue their passions
Mouhamed Djatta
Mouhamed Djatta:
"Things take time"
nget cheysovath
nget cheysovath:
Finally, I can find my passion. I will take action now !
kat undmaus
kat undmaus:
This is my greatest advice to you - *don't pay taxes!*
0:53 someone give that man some tums!
Ahmad Izzat Shahmier Alhamdulillah
Ahmad Izzat Shahmier Alhamdulillah:
Alhamdulillah,good advice for myself :)
This is a great video. Your passions pick you but you have to be alert to them.
Michael Holt
Michael Holt:
Follow your passion, if your passion is to exploit the working poor, paying them the bare minimum and creating working conditions that drain them mentally and physically.
HesKidFiddy _
HesKidFiddy _:
We really do have to listening, with age comes wisdom, with wisdom comes, with respect honor.
Ayrat Khalikov
Ayrat Khalikov:
0:52 My job is to encourage people to be bald.
Aight, where are my scissors?
Ice cream : Teacher ! I'm please to see u again . Good luck ! 😊
Gary Ng
Gary Ng:
6:15 , watching it at 4am from Singapore.
Stubborn on your Vision, Flexible on the details.
Beckham Rajkumar
Beckham Rajkumar:
"....encourange people to be BALD"
тупои пакенова
тупои пакенова:
Thank you this is chanel's motivation hub very really affect at me.
V. D.
V. D.:
Best advice from this video: companies need to embrace failure and take small risks, experiments and bold bets constantly. Second advice: be stubborn with your vision, but be flexible with the details.
King Rob
King Rob:
Listening to him speak.. gives me the chills
Abdulmajid musema
Abdulmajid musema:
When i knew this dud own 150% more over my countries GDP
... i got amazed to a cosmic level
Prasoon Trivedi
Prasoon Trivedi:
Interesting upload date.
Kathryn Day
Kathryn Day:
The waiting lunge expectably watch because throne objectively sail near a testy birch. fixed, afraid hexagon
// Mellow Vibez //
// Mellow Vibez //:
Legend has it if you rub his head you get good fortunes in life
Apoorv Verma
Apoorv Verma:
The part after 7:10 is pure gold!! Amazing!!
M C:
You have to stop putting those music in the background to stir up emotion. It's Manipulation.
Werner Mills
Werner Mills:
I just realized this is the first time I ever heard him talk
"If you can't tolerate critics, don't do anything new or interesting. Work hard, have fun and make history." - Jeff Bezos
Anas Al-ameen
Anas Al-ameen:
0:57 to be bald
Undisputed Internet Moments
Undisputed Internet Moments:
This made my day. Thanks 🥰🥰
Jennifer Galloway
Jennifer Galloway:
My biggest passion is playing on my phone and posting music.
Maksi Markovic
Maksi Markovic:
Even 0.0001% of his wealth would be enough for me
anatomy of a "killer"
Bitsy Willmott
Bitsy Willmott:
Proud of your accomplishments. Thank you for this world including Amazon.
Cody Weidner
Cody Weidner:
In the end the $160 Billion dollar man says his best advice is to find what works best for you...
Wow.. that's deep!
Make sure your parents give you 400k to start to your business like his parents
Dan Yell
Dan Yell:
Great advice: don't presume that super rich people can guide you to happiness.
Audra Wintheiser
Audra Wintheiser:
‘My biggest advice to you, is to stay up until 2am watching motivation Youtube videos..’ - Jeff Bezos
Markus Faasen
Markus Faasen:
Becoming successful also comes going through alot of pains
Kristy Devi
Kristy Devi:
Be stubborn on your vision but flexible on the it!
Maik Lok
Maik Lok:
Amazing to talk so much without really saying anything
Dejen Wogayehu
Dejen Wogayehu:
Greatest success in life is being happy most of time.
Pedro Pablo Cuvi Santa Cruz
Pedro Pablo Cuvi Santa Cruz:
Great video man, thanks! This should be the suggested comment instead of that guy asking about the interview compilation made. Fantastic wisdom condensed. Thanks man
Drip Drop
Drip Drop:
This was amazing
Facts Facts
Facts Facts:
Greatest montage ever... Think of others, be kind, be positive, see the best in your fellow man.
shekaib taheri
shekaib taheri:
Always start your day early and exercise first, to keep your body active
The Finance Focus
The Finance Focus:
It always feels good to hear stuff like this. It keeps us going especially with what the new normal is like. we move...
Romeo MK
Romeo MK:
Best Advice: Bring water to interviews
Moravian Wallachia
Moravian Wallachia:
One of the greatest speeches ever? Come on! It was mediocre at best. I haven't learnt anything new. It was mostly just cliches.
Beth Hayes
Beth Hayes:
I just realized this is the first time I ever heard him talk
Victor Robert
Victor Robert:
Do what you love and work hard for you.
and make time for yourself travel, be with the people who matter.
and take the time to create peace of mind that's my advise.
איתמר חיון ליווי ואימון עסקי
איתמר חיון ליווי ואימון עסקי:
It’s so true!! As a small business it really hard to grow but your video give me a power thanks !
Dan Snyder
Dan Snyder:
He was backed by hedge funds to build amazon. Take his wisdom for a grain of salt.
Everything can be the greatest speech ever with this generic speech music
derek johnson
derek johnson:
The notion of imagining urself as an 80 yr old looking back on ur life is genius, im gunna be using that a lot
Joseph Kelley
Joseph Kelley:
Really love stuff like this, MotivationHub, thanks for Jeff Bezos/this great piece.