Oscar Isaac & Pedro Pascal Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Triple Frontier stars Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves.

Triple Frontier launches globally on Netflix March 13 with exclusive theatrical engagements.

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Oscar Isaac & Pedro Pascal Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

100+ comentarios:

t. things
t. things:
I feel like Oscar and Pedro are the tíos that get drunk at the party and roast eachother the entire night
Lacy Lorenson
Lacy Lorenson:
Aw the pre pandemic days when you were free to sit shoulder to shoulder with your friend and lick their ear.
Christian Suchit-Hudson
Christian Suchit-Hudson:
This is like the latino version of the Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal interview.
LavaTea Educates
LavaTea Educates:
Their accents became gradually more and more Latino 😂
Hannah Morgan
Hannah Morgan:
i love how oscar looks all neat and composed and pedro looks like he rolled out of bed and went to the interview
*Two Latinos save the Star Wars franchise*
Ben Hensley
Ben Hensley:
No one:
Single dads at their kid's birthday parties:
Grace D.
Grace D.:
So in short...Pedro is lucky he wears a helmet during mandolorian shoots or else it would literally be two seasons of bloopers of a giggling pedro
Berenger Burkhart
Berenger Burkhart:
"Óscar Isaac Hernández Estrada"
"José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal"
> when I want it to feel like someone else
I cackled
Viølet Mckinstry
Viølet Mckinstry:
The fact that the “that muppet I TOLD YOU ABOUT” was in there suggests they’ve been talking about muppets. That’s it’s. That’s wonderful.
Rising Fist
Rising Fist:
Love watching these two guys on-screen, but watching this interview is equally fun to watch. So cool that they're such good friends too.
1:30 “you just got that kinda face, you just wanna kill it”

Pedro: * proceeds to play a faceless character *
Brooke Ann
Brooke Ann:
This video has become a very odd like, comfort video for me. They're both so funny and it's such a consistent source of serotonin.
Oscar: “You famously die.”
Pedro: “I die a lot.”
Sean Bean: “Hold my horn of Gondor.”
Edit: Thank you for all the likes. Never intended to get so many.
Midget Phoenix
Midget Phoenix:
Each of them slapping each other jokingly is the most chaotic hispanic energy ever
space enthusiast
space enthusiast:
why pay for thearpy when this is free
Sol Reategui
Sol Reategui:
Oscar’s “Malo” at 1:58 is too funny
Pedro: "I die a lot."
Me, someone who likes The Mandolorian: *sweats*
Jessica Petrova
Jessica Petrova:
Me to my Grogu doll: Look it’s your Dad!
Oscar answering all the questions great.
Pedro: gRuMpY eAgLe
Attack Pattern Delta
Attack Pattern Delta:
Pedro Pascal is the Chilean equivalent of Sean Bean. You know his character is dead as soon as he’s announced as being part of the cast.
Victoria Pumilio
Victoria Pumilio:
Are we just going to ignore Oscar Isaac's comment about his left hand: "Only when I want it to feel like someone else." SCREAMING
Pedro: “these are the questions people are asking on google?”

Yeah those are just some of the “appropriate” questions people are asking on google lmaooo
“Who does Oscar Isaac look like?”
The gigachad
Angry people: throws the chair.

Happy people: throws themself off the chair.
Goldenmoon12 R
Goldenmoon12 R:
You know this interview is spectacular when you can hear the background crew laughing throughout the interview😂😂 gosh, I love my baby chicken and grumpy eagle🥰😂
"I get killed off a lot."
Mandolorian fans: *oh no*
My FBI agent is probably so concerned because I watch this video at least once a week.
Laura Oliveira Vieira
Laura Oliveira Vieira:
Oscar Isaac & Pedro Pascal/ Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal autocomplete interviews being my confort videos on youtube for life thank you wired
Emily Parise
Emily Parise:
I know this video isn't therapy, but it sure feels like therapy.
The chemistry between these two brings me joy.
Did Pedro need back surgery for single handedly carrying the Star Wars franchise
"I get killed off a lot" If Din dies, I will lose it
Sam Baltzley
Sam Baltzley:
*Is Oscar Isaac left handed?*
"Only sometimes"
"When I want it to feel like someone else"
PARDON???? 😭
dekis Joyce
dekis Joyce:
Pedro looks both very well kept and absolutely disheveled
Kat Seiler
Kat Seiler:
"Is Oscar left handed?"
"Only when I want it to feel like someone else"
Said so quickly I almost didn't catch it 😂
Rina Concepcion
Rina Concepcion:
Ngl, I don’t know what it is but I am straight up in love with Pedro Pascal
Robert Botello
Robert Botello:
We need a movie with Pedro Pascal , Oscar Isaac y Diego Luna
its funnier in enochian
its funnier in enochian:
my fbi agent seeing im back for the 3rd time this week to watch this video: 👁👄👁
Gabriel Vargas
Gabriel Vargas:
if this was done today it would be something like:
-pedro pascal crying
-pedro pascal smiling and crying
-pedro pascal smiling and crying meme
-pedro pascal cries and smiles
-why did pedro pascal smile and cry in that one video
Both of them saying their full names in Spanish gave me life.
Carlos Araya
Carlos Araya:
Pedro posees la HUMILDAD DE LOS GRANDES !!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏
Pedro when he’s playing Mando: A Serious Bounty Hunter

Pedro In Real Life: Intense Giggling
space enthusiast
space enthusiast:
oscar: ~the language of love~
pedro: hehehe tHe LaNgUaGe Of LoVe
Peter Simone
Peter Simone:
Alright hear me out: Poe Dameron and Mando buddy cop film, the chemistry between the two actors is perfect
Maddy Gibino
Maddy Gibino:
These guys are my last two brain cells when I have insomnia.
Nerd Mommy
Nerd Mommy:
“I die a lot” - watching this after knowing he’s gonna be Joel
Amila Hodzic
Amila Hodzic:
I am in love with both of them.
Kassie Grace
Kassie Grace:
the fact that pedro is all “u look like that muppet i told u abt” and immediately know which one he’s talking abt
Elizabeth Sunderland
Elizabeth Sunderland:
"Is Pedro Pascal death?" "He certainly is."
i came here not knowing anything about these two guys, and just realized that while watching i had a huge smile on my face
This is Joel. And I'm happy
“Life is good, but it can be better.”
- Pedro Pascal
Jade S
Jade S:
Can we just appreciate how literally precious pedro pascal is 😂 he's honestly adorable. He's like one of those people you just want to give a big hug too 🥺
jesse i.
jesse i.:
you know people are cool when the crew is laughing in the background
“Nope. Both of those things are wrong.” Kills me every time. 😂
An updated question in this would be : "Why is Pedro Pascal crying?"
Rhi Snowdon
Rhi Snowdon:
"that muppet i told you about"
"baby chicken?"
Héctor G. Vega
Héctor G. Vega:
Diego Luna - México
Oscar Isaac - Guatemala
Pedro Pascal - Chile
The three latinos of the Star Wars universe
whats funny to me is that they're joking about pedro always dying, and now he got the role for joel
Dre Carolina
Dre Carolina:
Coming back because I am in love with 7:27 thank you pendejos los amo
“I get killed off a lot” Hehe...
Thank you oscar isaac for convincing our Mandalorian daddy takes the role🥰
Caleb Wayne Jensen
Caleb Wayne Jensen:
Oscar Issac: Lawful Good
Pedro Pascal: Chaotic Good
The only bad thing about this video is that it's too short!
Kamiccol o
Kamiccol o:
It’s official that Pedro is super ticklish/sensitive because he goes crazy whenever Oscar grabs his thigh lmaoo
karan Onalan
karan Onalan:
Din Djarin:😑😑😑
Pedro Pascal:😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😝😝😝🙂🙂
Pedro: I die a lot.

Sean Bean: Hold my beer.
Pedro's hair looks like hes been wearing the mando helmet in his spare time.
I need to see a full 8 minutes of Oscar softly slapping Pedro over and over again. It's doing something for me. Shut up.
Honestly without seeing their faces, their voices would make me believe they were two regular American dudes or something but then when that accent comes out it adds some ✨flavor✨😏
Niamh Humphrey
Niamh Humphrey:
This is a duo that we didn’t know that we needed
Bethany Fish
Bethany Fish:
You can tell that they really are friends.
Maddie Willett
Maddie Willett:
Mando: serious, rarely talks, never laughs
Pedro: giggly goofball
Airbender Hawk
Airbender Hawk:
Just Din Djarin and Poe Dameron just chilling after saving the galaxy, that’s the comment!! The chemistry, banter, and humor are on point.

I want to find someone the way these two look at each other
2 years and I've seen this whole thing at least 30 times
Ant the sith
Ant the sith:
Pedro pascal looks like a very fun person to be around
Bridger Damgaard
Bridger Damgaard:
The bromance is strong with this one
Varun R Vel
Varun R Vel:
0:59 thats whom our big Thanks would be given to
Mohamad Ilham
Mohamad Ilham:
Didnt know Poe Dameron and Din Djarin would make an intergalactic interview
Okay, these two definitely need to do more things together
Joel Miller and Solid Snake are friends and that is awesome
Pedro is like that friend of your uncle that’s always drunk.
Who’s here after hearing he got cast for Joel in the TLOU adaptation on HBO
Pedro: "He's left handed some times"
Oscar: "Only when I want it to feel like someone else"
Marley Tucker
Marley Tucker:
The way that this is my comfort video and I watch it multiple times a week...
All Rounder Guy
All Rounder Guy:
Isn't the guy on the left that guy who laughs and then starts crying.
victoria castillo
victoria castillo:
Every chilean family has at least one uncle who's just like Pedro lol
James Mayo
James Mayo:
The two besties in the back of the class.
Caleb Belanger
Caleb Belanger:
Their relationship is so wholesome and I'm here for it
I love how when Oscar said his full name, he said "Isaac" the Spanish way instead. That was so cute 😭
since when did therapy become free to the public??
Hector Grave Santiago Nil
Hector Grave Santiago Nil:
This is super wholesome. You have to do a 2020 version.
brandalyn marie
brandalyn marie:
i come back to this video a lot. it’s my comfort video
Elsa Labouret
Elsa Labouret:
Pedro Pascal looks like such a fun dude... I want to have a beer with him and get into shenanigans
pedro seems like someone who would be good in a star wars show
I need a buddy cop movie with these two hysterical lunatics like yesterday. Someone make it so.