Oscars 2022: What to Expect

The 94th Oscars will air Sunday, March 27 on ABC.

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Owen McAnuff
Owen McAnuff:
Ain’t nothing could’ve prepared us for this Oscars
Princess Daisy
Princess Daisy:
What to expect:

1. Amy Schumer repeating some jokes she stole from a comedian
2. Celebrities congratulating themselves on how hard they tried to entertain people
3. Woefully unqualified court jesters trying to tell world leaders to do better
One thing i didn't Expect the most is Will smith Slapping Chris Rock 😂😂
It's going to be a hard watch this, the amount of Virtue signelling this year will be unbearable 😖
Blade Castlevania
Blade Castlevania:
I expect another borefest event from the Oscars.😴
Tharuka Epaarachchi
Tharuka Epaarachchi:
I like these 3 women as individuals but to host Oscars. It's a big No No!
It would have being great if 3 Spidermans host the Oscars.
Erica Williams
Erica Williams:
I've never been a fan of the Oscars but it's nice to see that they are becoming more diverse because talent is about being creative and you can't limit creativity to one Nationality.
Apache Helicopter
Apache Helicopter:
Even though it was one of the most jarring weird interactions I've seen in a LONNG time....the slap still had more comedic value than Amy Schumer
Liz Segura
Liz Segura:
Worst Oscars of all time! I thought I was watching the BET Awards, not the Oscars ! The evident racism, rude remarks, political and not about who had the best performance but about (again) giving awards out based on your skin color, not your acting ability!!! Turned it off and won’t ever watch again. What a waste!!!
Oscars 2022: What to Expect......Me, Not Watching. How about you?
Jeff-R- Son
Jeff-R- Son:
And the winner is.... Volodymyr Zelensky 🥇
Yo, it's A Prank Bro, Don't Shoot don't shoot aahh
Yo, it's A Prank Bro, Don't Shoot don't shoot aahh:
Brave and stunning ✅️
First _blank_ of color to do _x_ ✅️
"Funny" and original jokes about white people ✅️
Putin's baaaad, amirite? ✅️
Virtue signaller of the year award ✅️
2 minutes of hate section with insults to Trump, Capitol invasion ✅️
A lot of standing ovation, fake crying, canned laughter at all the stunningness and braveness in display ✅️
Special mention: who's helped Ukraine on Instagram the most ✅️
Manjusha Vineeskumar
Manjusha Vineeskumar:
You can expect Will Smith slapping Chris Rock😭😭😭😭
Musical Space
Musical Space:
Not Amy Schumer 😐
Krasimir Barzilski
Krasimir Barzilski:
Damn this is gonna be a dumpster fire. Will the viewership plummet more. Please god say YES.
Angelique Alessandra 🇦🇹
Angelique Alessandra 🇦🇹:
I thought the Smith Family wanted to boycott the Oscars 🤔🤔🤔
Princess Daisy
Princess Daisy:
Ok did not expect Will Smith to be slapping Chris Rock.
Is this the same as the golden globes but without Ricky gervais ?☹️
I'm curious what the ratings will be , curious if they'll be even lower than last year.
Zita Zita
Zita Zita:
Did you say Oscars Bhahahahaha. Are there still actors around to receive them ?lol.
Clown Lamisha
Clown Lamisha:
SM2011 SM2011
SM2011 SM2011:
Guess I was the only one expecting Will Smith to slap Chris Rock.
Veronica Taylor
Veronica Taylor:
And the Oscar goes to Zelenskyy
Rzenia S.
Rzenia S.:
What we can expect from The Oscars?.......not Zelensky's speech for sure. All you're going to hear is....who are you wearing? 😱🤮
Damn, the BET awards are here already?
Ezedequias Vitorino
Ezedequias Vitorino:
Eu queria que tivesse sido um ou dois socos na cara do Chris Rock, mas um tapa foi melhor que nada.
Viv W
Viv W:
Man...when Wanda Sykes is back in the game you know Covid time is over.
C W C T:
I was not expecting Will Smith to snap on Chris Rock like that!
B T:
Oscar: freshwater, tropical fish of the Cichlid family native to South America. They’re popular in home aquariums. They can grow quite large and have curious, friendly personalities. This species will accept a variety of foods and can be hand fed.
aber dunsky
aber dunsky:
these women are not funny....here comes woke PC politics
Oscars 2022: What to not Expect will smith smacking the shit out of chris rock
Kenny P.
Kenny P.:
What to expect? A crime live streaming on a national television?
Hope Faith
Hope Faith:
I hope I see masks on everyone! Covid, you know
Flame Plain
Flame Plain:
Betcha never could of thought that would happen
Jamie Siple
Jamie Siple:
i think this oscar rating is going be low again, so i hope people who go to oscar enjoy it
I'm expecting lots of wokeness, and left wing virtue signalling.
Antonina Cawley
Antonina Cawley:
On what I saw I thought of the show I thought my tv was broken. And put it brighter.
jimmi burne
jimmi burne:
Will Y'all be giving more awards to pe do's?
Larry and Darlene Oliver
Larry and Darlene Oliver:
All the class and ceremony has long since left the Oscar ceremony !! It now just focuses on trying to keep the woke and special interest happy by including them talent or no talent !! pretty sad !!!!
L Fischer
L Fischer:
You live for the cameras while the rest of us – we live in the real world. We fill out our own tax returns; pay our own medical bills; worry about paying
utility bills; cook our own meals, maintain our own computer wireless LAN and software; budget for our vacations; go to Macy’s, WalMart, COSTCO or Fred Meyer to buy our clothes or shoes. And finally, we constantly worry about the care of our parents, and the public education of our children. And some of us fear potentially living way too long and landing in a nursing home, having exhausted all our assets.

Therefore, I just don’t care where you stand on issues.
victoria reyna
victoria reyna:
they should to the stooges
Natalie Zack
Natalie Zack:
Nobody becomes a millionaire or billionaire by working for others and depending on them, good Investment breed millions of dollars and consistency breed billions
Mark W
Mark W:
Listen to the bellowing drums of NB, and the steam whistle that evades you.
TT Usagi
TT Usagi:
Hoping Kristen Stewart Wins! 💖🧿💜✨ vibes ✨ I've never cared about the oscars until this one knowing that she's nominated!
Joshua Poort
Joshua Poort:
Chris Rock getting bitch slapped by Will Smith was not on my list of things to happen at the Oscars.
Congratulations and above all have fun.
Your Daily Blessings with Love
Your Daily Blessings with Love:
C L:
OOOOOOF, 2:14, a shot at the presenter, that is
Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee:
What to expect? A bunch of woke tokenism so rich yt celebs look progressive.

Beyoncé opened with a song about racism. So that was a good indication of what’s going to happen
Alex Perales Lerma
Alex Perales Lerma:
God is good 24/7 i never been Orcas meters winners 🤣😂😂🤣🔥😍🥰😘😘😘
The wokeness would be insane and unbearable...
Walter Brown
Walter Brown:
# I hope Halle Berry does not show up for this year's Oscar the way they did her with the movie bruised I don't blame her that she can sit home with her boyfriend band hunt sipping on wine and chilling at home
Will Smith in a movie is Will Smith in a movie, but they will give it to him, politics.
A M C:
I don't think the Oscars are that relevant anymore (where they relevant some day to begin with?)
C L:
Now I understand the auld saying Expect Unexpected
lowest ratings ever
Anas Nayyar
Anas Nayyar:
Andrew Winning Maah Boii
Mark W
Mark W:
Expect the 3rd rail to be known and exposed.
Sharon McDuffie Alabama
Sharon McDuffie Alabama:
No to Amy...lol
Never Ending
Never Ending:
What to Expect: Will Smith slaps Chris Rock
bob dobleena
bob dobleena:
Please tell us again how to live.
Mo Vo
Mo Vo:
A weak film list
More projects nobody watched or heard of
Nathan Pitek
Nathan Pitek:
Everyone is waiting with baited breath for Will Smith to assault the opening COMEDIAN
Alex Perales Lerma
Alex Perales Lerma:
God is good 24/7
Straight Black Girl
Straight Black Girl:
Apparently Will Smith smacking Chris Rock.
Jason Damen
Jason Damen:
Excited to see Amy back in the spotlight, I thought she ran out of jokes to steal
Caper Crusader
Caper Crusader:
I expect some punchlines
Andrew Balan
Andrew Balan:
What to expect? Ratings around 1Million, that's what! With the garbage titles that were chosen this year not even unemployed people with time to burn in front the tv won't glance at this onanist, self-gratificating, show. Sorry, but Hollywood chose this path when they thought it was a good think to get political about everything possible. People are sick to be lectured and they prove it by changing the channel, cutting the cord or simply...stop watching. This was the way the Emmy and Grammy went...and now it's time for the Oscars to have their curtain fall too.
Lorrie Johnson
Lorrie Johnson:
Did will Smith hit Chris rock!
L Fischer
L Fischer:
Hollywood Celebrities.
The reality of my life is that you exist is for my entertainment. Some of you are beautiful. Some of you can deliver a line with such conviction that you bring tears to my eyes. And others are so funny you can make me laugh uncontrollably.

But you all have one thing in common; In my world you exist only to entertain me. The only words of yours that matter to me are scripted; Written by someone else.

You make your living pretending to be someone else. You play dress-up like a 5-year-old. Your world is a make believe world. It is not real. Your entire existence depends on my patronage. When I turn off my computer or TV you CEASE TO EXIST!
dr rd
dr rd:
I don't understand why Venus and Salina Williams have a movie about them. This be honest, I am a woman but no one really watches woman's tennis. I went to the Australian Open and the woman didn't get a quarter the Audience the men got.
Mark W
Mark W:
Do not expect harry potter to come to the rescue.
Jack the pirate
Jack the pirate:
Will everyone stop breathing while taking their mask off for photo ops??
D. Fatty Adams
D. Fatty Adams:
Did Will Smith just cuss out Chris Rock? Chris Rock crossed the line with Jada. Put a damper on things. It wasn't funny. Leave Jada alone at the Oscars. Wrong place, wrong time.
I expect the ratings will be even lower this year than they were last year. Nobody really wants to watch a narcissist convention.
Donald Lamont
Donald Lamont:
*The Oscars 2022*

Best Original Score: Volodymyr Zelensky for that good shit he got from Colombia, the country, not the film company. *Sniffs* .
Best Original Song: *Crimea River* .
Best Supporting Actor: Hunter Biden for *My Beautiful Ukrainian Money Launderette* .
Best Supporting Actress: Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe for *The Spy Who Came Back to the Cold* .
Best Actor: Volodymyr Zelensky for *Citizen Ukraine* .
Best Actress: Greta Thunberg for *Robocop 26* .
Best Director: Vladimir Putin for *From Russia Without Love* .
Best Picture: *Tsar Wars: The Russian Empire Strikes Back* .
Lifetime Under-Achievement Award: Boris Johnson.
Herb Superb
Herb Superb:
You can expect nobody to watch. Couldn't possibly care less about the oscars anymore. Used to be such an event, that everybody could rally around and enjoy together. Now it's just left-wing politics. No thanks. Yet another fun thing the Left has ruined. Enjoy your crummy ratings. Barely a sixth of what it once was.
Diane Hutchinson
Diane Hutchinson:
Amy Schumer nominee for A TAMPON STORY.
N K:
Uh, a slap may be?
Dave Travis
Dave Travis:
scott mic
scott mic:
Maybe we can use the Ukraine war for Ratings ?
Robert Sorenson
Robert Sorenson:
Nobody really cares about the Oscars
Var Varuso
Var Varuso:
Any Schumer... Really?!? 😒🤦🏼‍♂️
Nick C.
Nick C.:
Y'all forgot to mention Will Smith slapping the crap out of Chris Rock
Brandon Sukdeo
Brandon Sukdeo:
Robert Pattinson
Trivial Gravitas
Trivial Gravitas:
I expect another round of ivory tower nonsense and garbage.
T Slaytonic
T Slaytonic:
28 years SAG/Aftra I will NOT be watching this work cringe fest!
Boy ₿ata 🍤
Boy ₿ata 🍤:
Ye, just drop the wokeism guys, and you'll be OK.
Shelia Franklin
Shelia Franklin:
Yes Lordt
Vegas 1987
Vegas 1987:
I honestly think Amy is off to me. They should’ve gotten Monique being she’s a Academy award winner and a comedy legend.
Melissa Bever
Melissa Bever:
Who cares anymore. Just read the names of the winners and call it good. Mail the award to the winner's house and call it good.
No more making it into a televised extravaganza event every year.
RiteshB Doerga
RiteshB Doerga:
3 powerpack women. Amazin. Lookin forward..
jimmi burne
jimmi burne:
Will Tom Hanks be getting an award from GITMO?
Great! Hollywood award show for the woke Hollywood elitist! FJB!
Ihtisham Khan
Ihtisham Khan:
Why not someone talking about chris experience about hosting .
Jackson Willbert
Jackson Willbert:
Celebrities need to be humbled. No one cares what you think. Just pick up your award, be grateful and say thank you, nothing more.
Mark W
Mark W:
Expect no audience. You have no audience