OUR Europa League Round of 32 PREDICTIONS...

OUR Europa League Round of 32 PREDICTIONS... Including: Club Brugge vs Man United, FC Copenhagen vs Celtic, Rangers vs Braga, Olympiakos vs Arsenal, Wolves vs Espanyol, Ludogorets vs Inter Milan, Sporting vs Baseksehir, Bayer Leverkusen vs FC Porto, AS Roma vs Gent, Getafe vs Ajax, Eintracht Frankfurt vs RB Salzburg, Wolfsburg vs Malmo, Shakhtar vs Benfica and more! #UEL #celtic #rangers

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What's everyone's score predictions for the Great British club games tonight? (Celtic, Rangers, United, Arsenal and Wolves)
It’s coming home
It’s coming home:
I don’t like that face you made when thogdad said ‘’a very good English team, Arsenal’’ 🤣🤣🤣 I understand it tho😂
Thogden: Roma hasn’t won in the last 5 at home Thogdad:Roma are on good form at home 🤨
Thomas Noblet
Thomas Noblet:
"I don"t even know where Brugge was..." Club Brugge is the only belgian club to have played a Champion's League final. In another world, with less money in the game.
Lennon14 AFCWH
Lennon14 AFCWH:
Hope rangers and Celtic do well to get the coefficient and show that Scotland isn’t as bad as most say
When are you uploading rangers v braga? very exiting great game. Love your channel and keep up the good work.
Abrahamtheman 852
Abrahamtheman 852:
Ahh I love this, on time!
Theo Paul
Theo Paul:
Love the predictions, great to see thogdad back.
Fantorangen Official
Fantorangen Official:
Thogdad with the fresh trim🔥
Max Stewart
Max Stewart:
I actually hope Celtic go far in the EL we really need us and them to do well for the coefficient (from a Rangers Fan)
As a wolves fan I feel super confident in actually going far in this tournament!🐺🧡
Zoe Tolley
Zoe Tolley:
the time im watching this my favourite team wolves are winning 1-0 against Espanyol and Braga are winning 0-1 against rangers. Also I don't think Manchester united will go on to win the Europe leage I think wolves might do it
Robbie Loudon
Robbie Loudon:
I’m going to the game hopefully I see the biggest legend ever thogdad
Jamie Eason's Vlogs
Jamie Eason's Vlogs:
Cheers Theo I suggested this video so thanks for that #ThogdenArmyForLife ❤️
Amy Key HCAFC:
Brilliant video Thogden and Thogdad and keep it up 👍❤️
Harry Clapp
Harry Clapp:
Brags are a very good side from a wolves fan 🐺
Ryan Cambridge
Ryan Cambridge:
ThogDad needs the job of reading the score lists post match!
Barney Swift
Barney Swift:
Class to see thogdad back again😍
Come on you wolves 🐺 The Thogden call for a Raúl hat trick got me excited (I’m going to the game)
Eddy Martin
Eddy Martin:
Good luck to all the British teams in the Europa league, apart from Man united of course 🤷‍♂️
John Duncan
John Duncan:
Dear Thogden, I am utterly surprised that you have not done a video of Odsonne Édouard vs Alfredo Morelos as who is the best center forward between these two, please do one.
Daniel Navin
Daniel Navin:
Thogden I recommend a league to follow.Its the 5th tier of English football.The national League is an amazing league to watch. I support Bromley FC
Anthony Dickson
Anthony Dickson:
I think it would be crazy if rangers draw Celtic next round 4 old firms in 2 weeks
Jordan 94
Jordan 94:
Very modest predictions a lot of 2-1’s,would like to see some bolder predictions personally. Is it unheard of for a team to score 3 or more? Lol
Thoughts on the SFA right now? Shocking decision to reject an appeal by Inverness before a cup final
Thogden - The underrated YouTuber
Thogdad - The underrated legend
Daniel Downie
Daniel Downie:
Get that rangers vlog up now can’t wait🇬🇧
Josh Hartley
Josh Hartley:
Love the videos thogden and good too see thogdad looking well
Alan Watt
Alan Watt:
Celtic going to win it ,trust me we really are.💚
Dave Boy
Dave Boy:
Thogden you said £10 for a pint in Copenhagen, remember that Denmark has far less poverty than England, higher wages, healthier people, more generous welfare state benefits, best pensions in the EU, better housing standards, Denmark over england any day as people don't struggle to heat their homes.
Hello thogden and thogdad
I hope rangers and Braga will be a good game 👍👍
Can you do a prediction review too, would be interesting how good you do
Billy Tester
Billy Tester:
Will you ever go to a mersyside derby ?
100 Subs With No Videos
100 Subs With No Videos:
Couldn’t make it to the Rangers game tonight, gutted. I hope you guys have a good time and let’s hope Rangers win
Jackosmitho YT
Jackosmitho YT:
Thodgen ur amazing keep up the great work
Shikabala 77
Shikabala 77:
Sporting 💚💚💚
Harley M22
Harley M22:
love these vids,, I love thogdads pint ratings as well lol
the ucar
the ucar:
Love your predictions💪🏿
Luis Dos Santos
Luis Dos Santos:
Vamos porto🔵
Nathan Heaver
Nathan Heaver:
Istanbul seriously underrated vs sporting my pick for a win.
Fair play Thogdad
Football 3636
Football 3636:
Thogden plz got to Ireland to watch the Dublin derby , shamrock rovers vs bohemians. One of the best Derby’s and a great atmosphere. The next one is the 10 th of April.
Fabrizio Ilari
Fabrizio Ilari:
You should do a video about Rangers and Celtic being in the English Premier League!! Hope all British clubs do well especially Rangers 🇬🇧
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae:
Thogden was close! 4-0 wolves and jota hat rick😂
Shea Smyth
Shea Smyth:
Yess thogden live the way ur with my with the Celtic prediction COME ON THE CELTS 🇮🇪🇮🇪💚💚
Harry Harmer
Harry Harmer:
Great vid Thogden 🍿👌
_predictedscroll _
_predictedscroll _:
Nice predictions you two but I think tonight for celtic it will be 1-1 or 1-2. Btw celtic fans have a tifo for the game buzzing to see it.
Riley SAN
Riley SAN:
Thogdad didnt vote Manchester United i hope he said they'll win im a massive fan of thogden army
I hope Celtic go through and get drawn against Man Utd, think that'll be a good game
Leverkusen was spot on, nice!
Adam Wise
Adam Wise:
Keep up the work thogden love the vids !
David Rieck 24'eren
David Rieck 24'eren:
What'a light show in Parken!!!!
Copenhagen should have won!!
But what a atmosphere!
You picked the right game to watch
Love the vids! Keep it up!
justin deforche
justin deforche:
I am a Club Brugge fan i'm going to the game tonight. After our good UCL performances, i think we have a chance to win it.
Billy Tester
Billy Tester:
Class video ⚽️👍🏻
Daniel Navin
Daniel Navin:
We smashed the like Target 3hours in. Give yourselves a pat on the back
Ankit Roy
Ankit Roy:
I'll be watching live! Hope to spot you😂
S. Hölli25
S. Hölli25:
LASK won 4:1 against PSV and 3:0 against Sporting Lisbon, they have also beaten Salzburg in the Austrian Bundesliga this weekend and are now 1st. Theyre not gonna lose against AZ Alkmaar i think... and I also hope.... 🇦🇹
Alex Shearer
Alex Shearer:
C'mon rangers🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
I BETthogdad will get a lot correct.WE LOVE THOGDAD
The God of Mischief
The God of Mischief:
Cfr -Sevillia (1-1) Sevillia was lucky...🤩CFR POWER
Jack B
Jack B:
Thogden tell me what u thought of the Liverpool game and who u and thogdad wanted to win, I’m a city fan so wanted atletico
Come on Theooo!🐺
You made a great choice
Zombie Ruler
Zombie Ruler:
United turn up in big games! Which indicated they can go all the way in Europa
freddie tomkinson
freddie tomkinson:
I love your video’s keep up the good work
Ryan Carmichael
Ryan Carmichael:
Cody Big Man City Fan
Cody Big Man City Fan:
Great To See Thogdad Back My Predictions Are Club Brugge 1-3 Manchester Utd Copenhagen 1-2 Celtic Olympiacos 1-1 Arsenal Wolves 5-0 Espanyol Rangers 2-1 Braga
Thogdad trying to say some of these team names 🤣
We need more Thogdad in our lives xx
I went to the Inter game, you got it right tho.. Sadly..
Liza’s Pleasure
Liza’s Pleasure:
Wolves will win the Europa league. I’m just gonna go out and say that right now and wait for it to happen.
Darren Dundas
Darren Dundas:
Welcome to the partyyy 🔴⚪🔵
Jesper Lundgren
Jesper Lundgren:
My biggest insperation in life rn❤
Boyd Alexander
Boyd Alexander:
Good man going to see Rangers 💙🔵⚪️🔵
Michael Huey
Michael Huey:
Still unbeaten against Portuguese teams 💙🇬🇧💙🇬🇧💙🇬🇧💙🇬🇧
Kyle Mc
Kyle Mc:
I'm not a massive fan of English football so I haven't seen enough of United, Arsenal and Wolves to predict anything but I do think both Celtic and Rangers will win tonight. Being a Celtic fan I personally think Celtic could go all the way in this competition with their current form in Europe topping the group etc but albeit Rangers have also been very impressive in Europe and I think they'll do really well. Would love to see a Glasgow derby in the Europa League, what a match.
Sore Arse rekz
Sore Arse rekz:
i also think arsenal are going to finish strong this year and be a major force in both league and Europe next year....cheers lads...lufc..
Pasquale Martorana
Pasquale Martorana:
Come to FRANKFURT!!!! 🦅⚫️⚪️🔴 Best fans
Manolo Gonzalez
Manolo Gonzalez:
Yes Thogdad is back. Up the union of the Thogs.
Marc McDonald
Marc McDonald:
Cmon the hoops 💚
Jonny Franklin
Jonny Franklin:
Thogden are you going to mk dons vs Bolton on Saturday?
Blendi Selmani
Blendi Selmani:
What a comeback by rangers 2-0 down 3-2
I’m a united fan and I complain with the board not ole although he’s inexperienced I don’t know why we complain about ole.
Man U 3-1 Brugge
Braga 2-2 Rangers
Wolfsburg 5-2 Malmo
Shakhtar 1-2 Benfica
Wolves 6-1 Espanyol
Getafe 4-2 Ajax
Frankfurt 2-2 RB
Ludogorets 0-2 Inter
Leverkusen 1-1 Porto
Arsenal 3-2 Olyimpyakos
FC Copenhagen 0-3 Celtic
Sporting 4-1 Baseksehir
AS Roma 2-0 Gent

I didn't do all of them. But those are my predicitions @Thogden
BeAsT 01
BeAsT 01:
Is there another draw for the round of 16 or is it just certain winners of the game against each other after the round 32
Great vid lad keep it up
Clement Schott
Clement Schott:
FC BASEL ❤️💙❤️💙
Robust TW
Robust TW:
Why doesn't the Europa League get the same respect the Eufa Cup did back in the day ? Do they need to pay teams more for competing?
Jonny Franklin
Jonny Franklin:
Thogdad would be a great manager
Joshua Harvie
Joshua Harvie:
See u tonight lad 🇬🇧🙌🏼
Darren's Patrick
Darren's Patrick:
Can’t wait for the rangers vlog
Allan Curtis
Allan Curtis:
I am a big rangers fan and some great atmosphere
Oliver brimble
Oliver brimble:
Want wolves to win as I got Jimenez road to the final
Club Brugge 2-1 Man UTD
FC Copenhagen 3-1 Celtic
Olympiakos 4-2 Arsenal
Rangers 2-0 Braga
Wolves 3-2 Espanyol
Slothy Woffy
Slothy Woffy:
Thogdad is a bear, or at the very least has a big soft spot.
Jonny Franklin
Jonny Franklin:
Thogdad is a true god. All hail mighty thogdad
Red Manchester
Red Manchester:
Copenhagen top of the League😂. They normally win in Denmark, but they haven’t played as well as other seasons, and are seven points behind Midtjylland. And they just lost 1-0 13. placed Esbjerg, out of a League of 14 teams. But apart from that a great video mate💪🏻
Tamo Ball
Tamo Ball:
At 4:13 honestly I knew none of those players