Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine shows positive immune response in early study

A potential coronavirus vaccine developed by Oxford University in the U.K. has produced a strong immune response in a large, early-stage human trial, according to newly-released data published Monday in the medical journal, The Lancet. CNBC's Meg Tirrell reports. Subscribe to CNBC PRO for access to investor and analyst insights on vaccine and more: https://cnb.cx/2BT2E7y

A potential coronavirus vaccine developed by Oxford University with pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has produced a promising immune response in a large, early-stage human trial, according to newly released data published Monday in the medical journal The Lancet.

The researchers are calling their experimental vaccine ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 (AZD1222). It combines genetic material from the coronavirus with a modified adenovirus that is known to cause infections in chimpanzees. The phase one trial had more than 1,000 participants in people ages 18 to 55.

AstraZeneca’s shares were down 2.5% in midday trading.

The researchers said the vaccine produced antibodies and killer T-cells to combat the infection that lasted at least two months. Neutralizing antibodies, which scientists believe is important to gain protection against the virus, were detected in participants. The T-cell response did not increase with a second dose of the vaccine, they said, which is consistent with other vaccines of this kind.

“The immune system has two ways of finding and attacking pathogens — antibody and T cell responses,” Oxford professor Andrew Pollard said in a release. “This vaccine is intended to induce both, so it can attack the virus when it’s circulating in the body, as well as attacking infected cells. We hope this means the immune system will remember the virus, so that our vaccine will protect people for an extended period.”

The vaccine was found to be well-tolerated and there were no serious adverse events, according to the researchers. Fatigue and headache were the most commonly reported, they said. Other common side effects included pain at the injection site, muscle ache, chills and a fever.

Adrian Hill, director of Oxford’s Jenner Institute, told CNBC on Monday the strong immune response means the vaccine is more likely to provide protection against the virus, though nothing is guaranteed. He said scientists hope to begin human trials in the United States in a few weeks.

“We are using single-dose and two-dose of the vaccine,” he told “Worldwide Exchange.” “It looks like both give useful immune responses even though after two doses we see stronger immune responses.”

The potential vaccine is one of at least 100 being developed across the world for Covid-19, which has infected more than 14 million people worldwide and killed at least 606,206, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. At least 23 of the vaccine candidates are already in human trials, according to the World Health Organization.

Last week, biotech firm Moderna released promising data on its vaccine trial, saying it generated a “robust” immune response. That trial included 45 healthy participants and was run by the National Institutes of Health.

Earlier this month, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, alongside German drugmaker BioNTech, released positive results from its closely watched early-stage human trial. The company said its vaccine produced neutralizing antibodies in all participants who received two of the 10 or 30 microgram doses after 28 days, according to the preliminary data.

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घूसखोर पटवारी
घूसखोर पटवारी:
Serum institute of India will be help you for production Million doses ,, World is a family 😊
Just wondering how much the medical companies are gonna screw us over on the price once one comes out.
Screw the stocks, where’s the cure?
I wonder how much clinical trials testing went into side effects generated when the polio vaccine first came out.
unanimous reporting
unanimous reporting:
you take it let us know how you feel in 10-15 years
jimmie lønsmann
jimmie lønsmann:
It dosent matter how good the immune and t. Cells are in the vaccine iff the result is that it is not save.
This kind off DNA - RNA crisper vaccine have never been approved Before and now they want ALL the people in the world to take such a Vaccine after just 6 month
In progress.
An the same compagnies can never been set to trial for the harm it Going to do to the hole world.
Dont let any MAN talk you
In to chance the God given DNA in that body HE created.
Because God is the One to get all Our praise Because HE is Creator off all things
Trough Jesus Christ.
Vidyasagar Buddha
Vidyasagar Buddha:
Hope the world do not look over CHINESE CHEAP medicine this time :-)
Black Baron
Black Baron:
1:00 Going UP! YES!
ir vi
ir vi:
Praise Him..😇💜
May this vaccine , would be success before the end of the year
Preston Bishop
Preston Bishop:
A person could be stuck with literally anything, and have a "positive immune response." That's how the immune system works. The exception is when big pharma puts too much poison in their dope.
David Ellis
David Ellis:
It's a great 🌄 & Happy Monday with the lovely Meg !
Big Murff
Big Murff:
I guess test results aren't enough to cause a hype anymore. AZN stock nowhere showing the hype Moderna stock showed last week. People waiting for actual release of vaccine now 😂
This vaccine was developed fast and alot of gullible people cant wait to take it!!! Smdh
Jason Ludwig
Jason Ludwig:
Trading bets on unicorn blood. Perfect.
King Don Julion
King Don Julion:
Afro Panda
Afro Panda:
So, how much longer do we have to wait till one of these is deployed?
Great.. effort
Jae Lee
Jae Lee:
Now it’s the time for finding the raw material manufacturer whoever getting a success for c19 vaccine that needs enough supply! The key will be on hand of raw material manufacturer. Bio chemical like nucleocide.
Jack Smack
Jack Smack:
Biju vithura
Biju vithura:
great news
1...... 2. ...... 3. ......
Li Ly
Li Ly:
And pls don't forget to research and
thoroughly analyze what else that liquid will induce in a human body years later ? Maybe cancer, thrombosis, infertility ,aplastic anemia , blindness , seizures , multiple sclerosys and so on ? Isn't that important ?
Barbara Pietra
Barbara Pietra:
Such BS...
Bhabotosh Mandal
Bhabotosh Mandal:
I think astrazeneca may be successful to remove this killing coronavirus with this vaccine.
Just waiting eagerly to accept it.
They may give emergency authorization in October or November. Like giving it to health care workers and at risk people first. When it’s released publicly it won’t stop the spread in one week it will take time for enough people who got the vaccine to stop the spread.
CrystalRe 4w-NewRoman
CrystalRe 4w-NewRoman:
ruben d
ruben d:
So when are we suppose to get that 2K check? Quit playin
Isaac Miller
Isaac Miller:
No chance in hell that I take a new experimental vaccine.
take it if you want to but don't sue them if something go's wrong.....OK
Terrific! I had heard that this was in a Phase 1 trial, & it seems this may indeed be what all the scientists have been working toward.
Hari Harsha
Hari Harsha:
Always saying In media only wen I'll cm out ??? Everyone money minded people in society sad poor people
Lambo Ferrari
Lambo Ferrari:
Love You Meg!
Cheryl Alikhani
Cheryl Alikhani:
Test it on Trump.
Càbdulaahi Gaabow
Càbdulaahi Gaabow:
Better potential trial we hope we can do better what we are looking to human trial assistance not less deteriorations of our humankind.
Shilonious Monk
Shilonious Monk:
Want to scam you outta more money before they bring you the “cure”
Tomatl D&T
Tomatl D&T:
what a lie
Don’t worry world. Britain’s got it 🇬🇧
Robert Giffin
Robert Giffin:
Ok but what is in it.What is wrong with herd immune.easyest way to fight the virus.
Tracy Garner
Tracy Garner:
Very nervous this was tested on mice or went straight to humans? No telling how long until we see the long term effects.
no name
no name:
Just imagine how big and small countries will fight for this vaccine..
Huz echoe
Huz echoe:
Anti vaxxers are the first group of people flocking every vaccine news video comment sections ironically to say the aren’t taking it. Yeah we know. Don’t need to reiterate
Ray C.
Ray C.:
That's good you can give it to all the sheep because they are putting that poison in my body. I tested positive months ago and have yet to be sick.
taco tuesday
taco tuesday:
why should i give af about their stock?
Phillippides Nutz
Phillippides Nutz:
I won't be getting the vaccine, for my age group it's less of a risk to actually get covid.
Raya Raya
Raya Raya:
When will it be available for generals?
I’m not going to lie, as a senior in HS soon to go to college, other than ending school early this virus hasn’t effected me at all. Got my stim check, got a job, graduated yesterday, and am off to school on the 19th
Michael Hall
Michael Hall:
All I can think of is their drug commercial.

*AstraZeneca* *may* *be* *able* *to* *help* hopefully...
U.P. dan
U.P. dan:
Russia already has a tested vaccine. I want that one, it’s hugely cheaper and more effective.
Dummies will want one out of fear. Lmao
Freddie Ferguson
Freddie Ferguson:
little britain about to save the world not bad Proud to be British
Joe Peluchette
Joe Peluchette:
Good how much will it cost will poor people be able to afford it
Yanuario Arias
Yanuario Arias:
if your life is not at risk and you take this vaccine your life will be at risk.
The virus will mutate yearly this is a joke
Nicole Buckingham
Nicole Buckingham:
I will never take your vaccine!!
mikel parent
mikel parent:
More disinformation to keep that artificial market pumped full of juice... you guys are getting old
Just announce that we have a vaccine and the whole crap show is over - or wait until after Trump is re-elected and the virus is kaput then as well
Calling Bull
Calling Bull:
Amen in the name of Jesus.
I'll pass. Thanks anyways though. If this mutates to a new strain, like the flu does, 😂
Gary B
Gary B:
Fauci already picked Moderna as the winner back in February. Stop lying to ppl as if there's really some competition here
Dwayne Smith
Dwayne Smith:
I loved working at AstraZeneca was one of the best experience I've ever had as far as learning new things every day. Im not surprised by this they have some of the best scientist in the world working there I've witness this Hands-On.
arsonik 187
arsonik 187:
based on how the united states is handling covid... getting a vaccine from the us is like getting your medication from a homeless person.... no thanks
Savita Mahesh
Savita Mahesh:
There are so many sheeple ready to jump and die to survive, if that makes any sense 😆😆😆😆😆
I like it! Give them money! They are saving the world!😄
Sweet addiction to awesomeness
Sweet addiction to awesomeness:
So the plan is for us now "wanting " whatever crap is on that cocktail?
Yeah IDTS!
Harry McNeal
Harry McNeal:
Baloney. This isn't medicine in the remotest sense. Check back with these test dummies in a year or so, how healthy they are.
GAIL rowland
GAIL rowland:
CNBC...STOP pushing for vaccines that have not gone thru years of controlled studies. Many Americans will refuse to take them because their safety is not proven
annie carroll
annie carroll:
I would not take the vaccine for any reason, but especially because the information came from CNBC.
Nickel_ Less_215
Nickel_ Less_215:
Population control. So as long as the stock is good sound legit. Can’t wait for the reply’s
Davelle Coleman
Davelle Coleman:
I'm pretty sure you'll be able to clean your bathroom with the vaccine if Trump has anything to do with it.
Tracie Roberts
Tracie Roberts:
No thanks. No vaccine for me. 💖
Inc n
Inc n:
WHO, vaccine developers and manufacturers should show some more responsibility. In this severe state of pandemic (where many kids lose their parents, parents lose their kids, etc) these medical bodies should fast track vaccine development and should not rely on conventional easy-going techniques. Mostly these manufacturers are much focused on the share market than the development.

Lack of coordination is clearly visible, only business and competition are going on.
The President of Brazil took covid 19, he was treated with (chloroquine / hydroxochloroquine) and within a week he was cured. They banned the use of this medicine in Brazil, claiming that it was dangerous for health, since this same medicine has been prescribed by doctors for years, for the treatment of malaria, lupuz and etc ... They prohibited the use of it, because this medicine is very cheap. They are trying to force the people to get the vaccine, and no one has yet been cured by the vaccine. The Brazilian president proved to everyone that using chloroquine cures covid 19, many people in Brazil have already been cured with this medication, including doctors.

May God protect us all!!! 🙏❤️
Billy White
Billy White:
You don't say! An English medical journal -- which was recently discgraced when it was forced to retract an anti-HCQ study with obviously false data - is touting an English-made vaccine which requires not one but two undoubtedly expensive shots which generate antibodies... a week after we find out antibodies dissappear after 3 weeks... which the "journalist" seems unaware of... while they enthusiastically show the stock price? Seems legit!
Joe Hall
Joe Hall:
Don't care about the immune response, give me a list of the ingredients in this vaccine & the safety of each one. Phrama & The Lancet can not be trusted to give trustworthy info.
Jim R
Jim R:
Let them do their work so that the vaccine isn't as dangerous as the virus itself. We should also be testing more with much faster turnaround times. Right now, COVID-19 is a raging wildfire - and virus can mutate as they spread. Have no idea what Trump and the GOP are thinking trying to CUT testing while at the same time pushing all schools to reopen. How on earth are we suppose to be safe with LESS TESTING?
CloonyTheRat V
CloonyTheRat V:
They’re trying to depopulate the earth. What gives you that right bill gates?
Michael H.
Michael H.:
I'm a purist.
No drugs!
Not even to prolong my life!
No thanks.
Great! The health care system under Trump is actually working.
Roger Dodger
Roger Dodger:
Bill Gates thinks you should take the vaccine.
Fake news
Fake statistics
Fake pandemic