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Paolo Rossi collected the Golden Ball, Golden Boot and FIFA World Cup Trophy at Spain 1982. Relive the Italy star's finest moments at the global finals.

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Italy v Brazil (Spain 1982) | FIFA World Cup | Full Match:

1982 WORLD CUP FINAL: Italy 3-1 Germany FR:

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Om Brahmbhatt
Om Brahmbhatt:
He is only player in history to have ballan d'or, world cup, golden ball, golden boot in the same year. Rip legend 🙏🙏
Francisco Rodri
Francisco Rodri:
Rip Legend. Paolo Rossi. Maximum Respect, From Brazil.
Unique in history to have scored a hat-trick against Brazil.. 🇮🇹🙋🏻‍♂️
Augusto Cezar
Augusto Cezar:
Rest in peace Paolo Rossi. Respect from Brazil.
Marcelo Nobre
Marcelo Nobre:
Thank you for your talent, Paolo! You made Brazil cry, but we Brazilians admire you for that. After all, you defeated that fantastic selection, and only one of the big ones could have made it. May the best energies reach you today and forever. Rest in peace.
Thanos 75
Thanos 75:
Unfortunately, another football idol of our childhood passed away. RIP Paolo Rossi🙏
4:31 Socrates applauding the winners at the final whistle shows what great player and man he was.
I remember driving through Italy as a small child with my parents in 1983.. Paolo Rossi's picture was all over products from milk cartons to sweets... He was Italy's hero at the time...
Lieaul 4906
Lieaul 4906:
RIP Paolo Rossi! Still remember when you scored in WC 82 against us in the final. What a great team that defeated all great nations! Full of respect from Germany!
A legend of Italian football and world football. RIP Rossi🙏
Nevio de Brito
Nevio de Brito:
RIP Paolo Rossi. You are still an italian idol. 🙏✝️🕊
sean gowdy
sean gowdy:
Another legend of football gone, 2020 has been a terrible year, RIP rossi 🇮🇹 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Jürgen Raabe
Jürgen Raabe:
Paolo, you were a great one of Goalgetter to remember for ever.
RIP from Kassel in central Germany.
Micha Dampf
Micha Dampf:
Italy 1982 fully deserved World Champion . RIP Paolo Rossi , the year 2020 sucks , I wish the family much strength in this difficult time . from Germany
Adam Games
Adam Games:
We had yet another legend gone. Dang. 2020 sucks. RIP Paolo Rossi
Lorenzo R
Lorenzo R:
As an italian I remember the very young Paolo Rossi scoring tons of goals with his first Serie A team, Lanerossi Vicenza.
He was a very strange player, with an apparently weak body, not very technical, but with terrific mental speed, so he could achieve goals being the first to see even a very tiny opportunity to score.
After the two years sospension, when he came back in 1982 everybody thought he was finished.
And probably he was. He would never be as effective as he was until 1980.
But with the exception of 1982 world cup matches, where he was for 4 games the young Paolo Rossi everybody remebered.
After 1982 he played with the major team Juventus, along with Michel Platini (one of the best player of all time), but he was able to score and be effective like he was in his golden age only at times.
Nontheless he gave to all italians one the best day in our life, when we won against a super talented beautiful Brazil team, in an epic match no one cant ever forget (what a day!)
He was a very shy, gentle and smart person. RIP
Beatriz Droguett
Beatriz Droguett:
Will never forget him🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹😭
Francesco Zane
Francesco Zane:
Paolo Rossi and Gaetano Scirea always in the Italian heart.
Vincent Ong
Vincent Ong:
I will always remember how he destroyed Brazil singlehandedly. RIP Rossi
Jan Van Der Schans
Jan Van Der Schans:
Heavens team becomes better and better. RIP Rossi.
RIP Paolo Rossi. You are as important as Diego in Italian football. Although you broke many young kids heart in 1982 WC, you are truly a legend and deserve a place in the higher echelon with Maradona, Socrates and and many other greats of football.
Too young to die, RIP Rossi, Rossi, Rossi... El Bambino de Oro, Paolo Rossi !!
R.I.P Paolo Rossi. So many legends have left us.
Arrazi Nebukadnezzar
Arrazi Nebukadnezzar:
RIP Paolo Rossi 😢🙏🇮🇹
I used to remember his name since I was elementary school as greatest striker and top scorer after learning a lot about world cup history.
Afandii Muttaqii
Afandii Muttaqii:
RIP Paolo Rossi.
The artist of the field and the symbol of super-star team.
From Ethiopia with love..
I was born in 1982 and becos Italy won the world cup that year, I had been supporting Italy since I started to watch football. RIP Rossi
RIP Paolo Rossi! I enjoyed watching you play in the 1982 WC! Even though you beat my favorite team at that time (Brasil), I did admire your immense talent.
Elizabeth steed
Elizabeth steed:
Thank-you Paolo Rossi for what you aceived for Italian football. You will never be forgotten. A Legend of the game. Proud to be Italian. May you rest in peace.
RIP Paolo Rossi my dad's favorite player
Willaq Q
Willaq Q:
Ha fallecido PAOLO ROSSI !!!!!😓😓😓
que está pasando en este 2020????😤
Leyenda ETERNA!!!!
EL BAMBINO D ORO!!!! ⚽🏆⚽🏆⚽🏆🇮🇹🇮🇹
Leo Messi
Leo Messi:
Vittorio Marino
Vittorio Marino:
I was just an 11y old little gave me emotions I will never forget and made me proud to be italian for the first time in my life, we will miss you
The Heart Break Kid
The Heart Break Kid:
One of the greatest ever left the football field ,,, R.I.P Paulo Rossi
RIP Paolo Rossi. I am very sorry Italia has just lost one of her greatest (if not THE greatest) football player/legend.
RIP legend of Italy 🇮🇹
Denis Ametta
Denis Ametta:
Another piece of my childhood is gone. Adios hombre del partido.
Erik Scano
Erik Scano:
Rest in peace man, u legend on Italy and on football🇮🇹🇮🇹
An ordinary man doing extraordinary things
Benjamín Altamirano
Benjamín Altamirano:
Rest in Peace, true legend of Italy.
Riziero B
Riziero B:
The Greatest Italian Forward. One of the best of all time. Rip Legend. Thank you. ❤😥
Nibras Radhi
Nibras Radhi:
RIP Paolo Rossi, you will remain in the hearts of people forever
Alfred Vinciguerra
Alfred Vinciguerra:
RIP Legend your goals will forever be engraved in the hearts of all Italians and sculpted in the history book of Football 🙏🏽🇮🇹⚽️💙
Souhail Benameur
Souhail Benameur:
May his soul Rest In Peace 🙏Paolo Rossi you will never be forgotten 😞italia forever 🇮🇹
RIP Signor Rossi. We have lost two golden boys of 1970's and 1980's. We will always remember Paolo and Diego.
Who can forget that summer of 1982 when his goals took Italy to the title? Just before the last tournament in Russia, a national paper invited submissions for the best ever team from each country. For Italy, I had Rossi and Riva up top. What a combination they would have been. RIP to a great player.
Christian Genna
Christian Genna:
Legends never die, goodbye Pablito🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Francesco I
Francesco I:
One of the players that let me fall in love with football 💙 2️⃣0️⃣ RIP 🇮🇹🏁
Respect for a great legend player Paolo Rossi
Italian Legend.
Klas Eronen
Klas Eronen:
Thank you for the memories you gave in the 1982 World Cup to a then 8-year-old school boy from Finland, dear Paolo Rossi. You will be remembered 💖🌹⚽️🏆
Mr Chavez81
Mr Chavez81:
We all want to remember him with that big smile on his face, raising his arms in celebration with that legendary blue jersey. RIP Pablito...
G C:
He made us cry ,he made us laugh,he made us dream and he made us Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are a star Paolo
Stars always shine
Now you can play whit Diego.................
Fun Ghouls
Fun Ghouls:
I remember the 82 World Cup fondly. We partied in the streets for days :). Bravo Paolo Rossi e tutta la squadra quell’anno. RIP signor Rossi. You made so many of us proud
Rodrigo Platti ◢◤
Rodrigo Platti ◢◤:
R.I.P Legend! 🇮🇹🇧🇷
Paulo Lúcio Machado de Brito
Paulo Lúcio Machado de Brito:
"Italian goalscoring machine"
Nailed it
B S:
Legends fall,but we always remember them.🇮🇹🇩🇰
D J 23 65
D J 23 65:
One of my favourite Italian players in the game. Rest in Peace, sir.
Richard T
Richard T:
I was 6 when Italy won with Rossi ... now 40 years later, I weep at the passing of a giant. RIP Rossi!
Franco Della Mura
Franco Della Mura:
Thank you FIFA for the tribute. Diego AM and now Paolo. A sad year.
Robbie S
Robbie S:
Very sad to learn of Rossi's passing. He will forever be the Star of my favorite World Cup tournament in 1982.
GOODBYE, PAOLO: Rossi, hero of Italy’s 1982 World Cup
eyeForGoal Shorts
eyeForGoal Shorts:
Legendary Italian Player !!! 🙌
francesco cirano
francesco cirano:
What a summer!!!! Rip Paolo
Jonathan Antoun
Jonathan Antoun:
_lots of legends have moved to heaven fc. in a free contract. The heaven team becomes better and better after the death of every footballer who made millions smile. These are the footballers who have sadly passed away in 2020_
🖤🇮🇹|Rest in peace Pablito Rossi
🖤🇦🇷|Rest in peace Carrizo, (the first keeper ever who wore gloves)
🖤🇦🇷|Rest in peace Diego Armando Maradona
🖤🇨🇲|Rest in peace Papa Bouba Diop
🖤🇦🇷|Rest in peace coach Pablo Sabella
🖤🇨🇵|Rest in peace Gerard Houllier
🖤🇷🇺|Rest in peace Viktor Ponedelnik
alea& logos
alea& logos:
Fantastic team, fantastic striker
R. I. P. Legend 🌟 🇮🇹
Paolo rossi Great player rip champion ❤️
Alaa Basodan
Alaa Basodan:
R I P Paolo Rossi
Maximum respect from YEMEN
luis neves
luis neves:
🇧🇷True legend.Even with bad knees since Young age he was brilhant in 2 World cup.Enzo Beazort always trusted him despite all Italy was claimed to take him away from the squad until that sunny day at Sarriá Stadium...Rest in peace always humble and respectfull about that particular day and with Brasilian people.
James Golder
James Golder:
The year that just keeps taking... R.I.P Rossi another football megastar playing in the sky 🌌⚽
Kenny Michael Alanya
Kenny Michael Alanya:
R.I.P. Paolo Rossi
You're a legend 🙏🏼
Neil Thompson
Neil Thompson:
Rossi against one of the greatest Brazilian sides ever. Brilliant!! R I.P. Star!!
Daniel santhanadas
Daniel santhanadas:
Rest in peace legend 🔥🇮🇹
Octava Productions
Octava Productions:
He made my dream come true in the Summer of 82. Never to be forgotton . Grazie Mille Pablito!
D10S Relish
D10S Relish:
RIP Paolo Rossi .... respect from 🇦🇷
Your memory will last for ever 💙
un marco qualsiasi
un marco qualsiasi:
Riposa in pace Eroe ! Grazie di tutto ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
victor newman
victor newman:
Rossi playing soccer with Maradona in heaven
RIP Legend❤️⚽
In 15 days we lost 3 legends Diego Maradona, Alejandro Sabella, Paolo Rossi RIP [*]
clemens gruber
clemens gruber:
Rossis 3 goals vs. perhaps the greatest Brazilian national team of all time simply have to be remembered as one of the greatest performances of a single player in any football match!
Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy:
Goodbye Paolo( Pablito ) Rossi. You were my childhood hero. A great Italian and so humble. If only more players today were like you. We cherish the great memories you gave us. The number 20 should now be retired from the national team, in your honour.
Declan Ferranti
Declan Ferranti:
Love from 🇺🇸, absolute legend of soccer.
Joseph Carrasco
Joseph Carrasco:
Paolo Rossi was an amazing player... Rest in peace! 🇮🇹🙏
Rest In Peace legend ♥️ we love you from Argentina 🙏
henry 63
henry 63:
1982...💔 r.i.p. was great...condolences to his family 🇮🇹
33 9C Hrisheekesh R
33 9C Hrisheekesh R:
Rip legend 🙏🙏
Ivan B
Ivan B:
RIP,the Heroes of Italy,Paolo Rossi😭
Jeet Singh
Jeet Singh:
Will never forget his hattrivk against brazil. Grazie
Stefano A
Stefano A:
I'm Italian....I was 14 years old in 1982....I can remember all the amazing feelings I had thanks to that wonderful team, and thanks to Paolo Rossi.....I can't still believe he's gone....the only thing I can say is Grazie di tutto'll be a legend forever
Thanks for the wonderful memories and getting me interested in football Paolo. Rest in peace.
Paolo Rossi una leyenda de fútbol
RIP Paolo. I will never forget running home from school as a 15 year old boy all those years ago back in England and watching you score that hat-trick against that wonderful Brazilian team. The greatest game of football I have ever seen. Thank you and bless you Paolo Rossi🇮🇹
Il bambino d'oro has passed away. "Per Sempre".
Kids Sy
Kids Sy:
RIP legend 🕊
Another legend gone.What a worst year.R.I.P legend.
Rip 🙏💔
Legends never die 💪❤
He destroyed The invincible Brasil Team, goodbye Paolo🙏🏻💙
the ScreamS
the ScreamS:
R.I.P. Paolo Rossi.
The man knew he'd scored the goal before he'd even kicked the ball in the penalty area.
A true legend.
Igor Xa Mas
Igor Xa Mas:
Juventus lost another of her dearest sons, Italy her legendary striker... We'll never forget you, Paolo Rossi. R. I. P.