Paolo Rossi, Pablito [Best Goals]

"Paolo's great quality has always been to understand the characteristics of his teammates and the weak points of the opposing teams. He always knew how to be ready and possessed an incredible instinct for the goal." (Cesare Prandelli about Paolo Rossi)

Music: Élite - I Can't Stand It (instrumental)

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faraaz khan
faraaz khan:
One of the greatest strikers of all time. Elegant and ice cold finisher. Injuries prevented him from achieving more. RIP paulo rossi.
A truly all-time great player. Unlike many goal scorers, the defenders could never tell whether he'd shoot with his left or right foot as he was equally good with either.
Jp Inzaghi
Jp Inzaghi:
Grazie per questo bellissimo video... per lui, per il capocannoniere di quel indimenticabile mondiale di Spagna 82. Il mio eroe azzurro che oggi ci ha lasciato ma non Sara mai dimenticato. Grazie per tutto Paolo, Pablito! Il piu forte 💔🇮🇹💙💪🏻🏆 (che bella canzone, mi porta all 82 e a quella felicita che lui e quella bellissima squadra ci hanno regalato ❤️).
Juan David C.
Juan David C.:
Paolo Rossi GOD bless you
Now you and Maradona 🇦🇷 are doing goals at the heaven.
R.I.P. Paolo 🇵🇪🙏🇮🇹
We pray for it
Paul Khrooger
Paul Khrooger:
Now I'm on a Rossi kick. RIP Paolo Rossi. Thanks for the joy of 1982! Grande Pablito!
Luiz Gustavo Perdigão
Luiz Gustavo Perdigão:
Vindo aqui ver os gols e lances do craque, após seu falecimento em 2020. Deixem o like por respeito 🇮🇹 & 🇧🇷
Thorgal Aegirson
Thorgal Aegirson:
Gone too soon! Rest in peace Paolo Rossi

World Cup winner with Italy in 1982, he will stay in our hearts forever!
Alvaro Vilca Músico
Alvaro Vilca Músico:
Buenisimo el video. Muchos buenos goles que no había visto. Era más técnico de lo que pensaba, se desmarcaba muy bien, buen juego aéreo, remate certero y no daba pelota por pérdida siempre atento a robar el balón, como el gol que le hizo a Brasil.
Ignorelands Record Label
Ignorelands Record Label:
Rossi had severe troubles at both his knees when he was a youngster. Sports medicine at the time was not comparable to today's standards, he probably lost a few years in his career to be added to the unfair two years ban he was forced to right at the very best moment of his career. They stopped him when he was simply unstoppable. Bear in mind that he was selected for the top 11 of BOTH the '78 and the '82 world cups. So the 1982 summer was not an exploit, it was his right place in the history of the game. Anyone with an ounce of working brains can see the sports intelligence of this man, always at the right place, at the right time. I reckon he is in the same league of such legends (forwards) as Romario and Gerd Muller, to name a couple. He made me love the game, he made a whole nation cheer for the unthinkable. Impossible is nothing: Paolo Rossi should be credited for this claim.
Graad Hobire
Graad Hobire:
As a boy Paulo Rossi was my favorite player at that time condoleces to his familly, salute from somalia.
Johnny Jaramillo
Johnny Jaramillo:
Fue un delantero que tardo un poco en ser una leyenda pero al final lo consiguió de una manera maestra con un mundial
Rodrigo González
Rodrigo González:
Descanse en paz este gran hombre 😔♥️♥️
iago Argentina
iago Argentina:
Paolo Rossi was amazing at the 1982 world cup I remember the game Italy 3 Brazil 2 Paolo Rossi and Dino Zoff were incredible
Un idolo Paolo Rossi appare sempre in momenti importanti del gioco
Addio idolo mio sarai sempre ricordato
Paolo Rossi 1956 - 2020 💜💜🇮🇹🇮🇹
줄게 내 갤럭시
줄게 내 갤럭시:
RIP Pablito - We will remember you as an Azzurri Legend
Mikhael Jemy Pratama
Mikhael Jemy Pratama:
Paolo rossi is One most underrated footballer with A great Achievement,Congrats for italy who has a legend like a paolo rossi
Clavier Wintergreen
Clavier Wintergreen:
May this legend rest in peace.
There'll never be another Pablito 😣💔
Rossi truly was a master of his craft, positioning, speed, reaction and accuracy.
Truly the perfect ace striker.
Henrique Silva
Henrique Silva:
RIP Paolo Rossi
RIP, still remember Spain 82, he was the difference
Jerller Alves83
Jerller Alves83:
Descanse em paz,Paolo Rossi.
Глеб Черныш
Глеб Черныш:
He was great goalscorer! He won everything in clubs and national team. Legend!
Ivan Ivan
Ivan Ivan:
Grazie Pablito! You gave us so much...that world cup for people of my generation is unforgettable...nobody would have bet a euro on Italy in '82, and we beated all the greatest teams in that world cup, grazie piccolo grande Signor Rossi!
Bahruz Gasimov
Bahruz Gasimov:
He was one of my favourite soccer player and one of the best forwarder I ever know
Marcelo Angel Of Death
Marcelo Angel Of Death:
Rossi era predistinado,em Copas,14, jogos,9gols e 3 assistência, após 2 anos de suspensão, envolvido no escândalo do tottonero, voltou em abril de 82,2 meses antes da Copa, Artilheiro, Melhor jogador da Copa e do Ano e Campeão do Mundo, Herói italiano, e um dos poucos a fazer 3 Gols na Seleção do Brasil
He was legendary,World Soccer player of the year in 1982,world cup top scorer for Italy alongside baggio and veiri ,top scorer and best player in 1982 wc and inspite of all this sadly underappreciated.Once again great video
Pedro Pires
Pedro Pires:
I just wanna say RIP Rossi Rip to another legend...
I J:
Rip Paolo Rossi, sad year for football, first Maradona, now Rossi. Hugs from Brazil 🇧🇷🇦🇷🇮🇹
Dayanara Nicole Vasquez Mocha
Dayanara Nicole Vasquez Mocha:
💔😭Descanse em Paz,,,, Pablito Rossi😭💔
susa edu
susa edu:
Pablito, l'Italia tutta intera ti ama e ti ricorda. R.I.P.
Italy and the Italians love you, Pablito. Always in our hearts 🇮🇹❤🇮🇹 R.I.P.
Starman on Channel 2
Starman on Channel 2:
Fantastico.....well remembered by many,but maybe not appreciated enough in modern times.Great video work as well.
R.I.P Paolo rossi ☆Diego Armando Maradona 😭
Miisterious doom satanas ramirez
Miisterious doom satanas ramirez:
Para mi el mejor del mundo !! Saludos desde Mexico 🇲🇽
Flecha de Fuego
Flecha de Fuego:
Muy Lindo Homenaje😊🇮🇹❤️
Por cierto como se llama la canción de fondo?
RIP Paolo , I will never forget 1982
Bhaskar Bijoy Kashyap
Bhaskar Bijoy Kashyap:
Adios Paolo. Although I am too young to have watched you play, your videos have always mesmerised me. See you on the other side
666 WMDI
666 WMDI:
Rest in peace italian legend.
Riposa in pace Paolo / Rest in peace, Pablito.
Javier Di Maio
Javier Di Maio:
Great forward, amazing performance in Spain 1982!
Now only Del Piero and Roberto Baggio are missing.
Albo Shqipo
Albo Shqipo:
Rest in Peace Paolo! You are a true legend!
Andy Berridge
Andy Berridge:
1982 world cup semi final, Italy vrs Brazil, hatrick. One of the greatest World Cup games i've watched.
paolo tondo
paolo tondo:
Uno dei più grandi attaccanti italiani..fondamentale a Spagna 82 con 6 reti di cui ben 3 nella celeberrima partita contro il Brasile
Mário Alvarenga Pereira
Mário Alvarenga Pereira:
Descanse em paz,Deus está esteja ao seu lado!!😔😔😔😔
Comunista sem comida
Comunista sem comida:
Carrasco do Brasil em 1982.
Claudio Guglielmi
Claudio Guglielmi:
Icona dei miei anni 80 col tuo nome semplicemente Italiano sarai sempre nei nostri cuori il tuo poster non lo stacchera mai nessuno dalla mia parete RIP Mitico 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹💙💙💙💙
Jacopo De Benedictis
Jacopo De Benedictis:
Classy poacher with great positioning. R.I.P.
John Paul
John Paul:
Grande delantero, enorme bambino, inmortal Paolo Rossi. Leyenda mundial del futbol. Gracias por tantos goles!!!!
Helgi Þór
Helgi Þór:
Rip legend ❤️
Bagas Adtyaa
Bagas Adtyaa:
Rest in peace legend football🎗️
When it wasn't clear wich player had just scored you could be sure that he was (Giovanni Agnelli) RIP Champ
João Batista de Lima Resende
João Batista de Lima Resende:
Football has just lost a wonderful legend. Due to his incredible foward ability we brazilians had to live that real nightmare in the World Cup of 1982, Three fantastic goals led him to history as the incredible player who won one of the best teams of all times. We lost that day – it inheres to sports.  Italy has lost you today Great Paolo. It is part of life. Nevetheless, let’s go on until the day we will be all together at the same stadium beyond the hill. God bless you and Italy. See you soon.
Giovanni Ferrara
Giovanni Ferrara:
Il Davide che sconfisse uno dei Brasile più forti di tutti i tempi, praticamente li distrusse in 90 minuti da leggenda. Ti ringrazio per avermi regalato al mundial 82 alcune delle emozioni più grandi della mia vita. Grazie campione. R. I. P
Luis Enrique
Luis Enrique:
Antonio Mazzella
Antonio Mazzella:
Rest in peace legend
Carlos CU
Carlos CU:
¡Descansa en paz Paolo!
Budhi W
Budhi W:
R.I.P Legend ! Pablito !!
Luis Lizard
Luis Lizard:
Let’s please mention that Pablito was picked by Berzot in favour of the then serie A top scorer R. Pruzzo people were like wtf????
Pablito didn’t play for two years but for some reason Berzot felt he was the right guy
RIP Legend 😭😭😭
graziano ghinelli
graziano ghinelli:
Ciao Pablito. Che dispiacere ho provato leggendo della tua scomparsa pochi minuti fa. Ai tuoi gol al Mondiale 82 sono legati i miei più bei ricordi
Sommando le capacità tecniche e la qualità umana non è mai esistito nessuno paragonabile a Paolo.
Avevo 8 anni quando fu disputato il Mundial 82. Ricordo tutto come se l'avessi sempre vissuto. Nulla è più stato come quei giorni irripetibili.
La sua vita calcistica e personale fatta di drammi ingiusti e rinascita da favola è una storia non rara ma unica.
Come unico era e sempre sarà Pablito.
Che la tua anima gentile possa riposare in pace per sempre bravissimo ragazzo dal sorriso indimenticabile.
emmanuele luna
emmanuele luna:
Rest in peace Paolo Rossi, grandisimo campioni
José Alcir Oliveira
José Alcir Oliveira:
RIP, legend...
Grazie di tutto Pablito! Ci manchi tantissimo
Помню этого игрока, щуплый, быстрый, забивал когда надо
Jason Alves
Jason Alves:
Não era nenhum gênio do futebol mas deixou o seu nome marcado na história com o carrasco de 82 meus sentimentos
Jack Samuray
Jack Samuray:
Sabia fazer gols, perna direita e esquerda, de cabeça e driblava. Era um atacante diferenciado! Gosto do futebol Italiano. Está que nem o Brasil precisando de um incentivo. Argentina também está no mesmo caminho.
Julius Meretani
Julius Meretani:
RIP Italian legend⚽
Eliot Ness
Eliot Ness:
avec Rossi il y a toujours but là où on ne l'attend pas ! un vrai talent du foot mondial !!!
Kevin Mulgrew
Kevin Mulgrew:
I'm 39.. just missed out on watching this Class live.. RIP 🙏
Leonardo Fontana
Leonardo Fontana:
Губин Игорь
Губин Игорь:
Paolo was dramatically banned for three years in suspicions with fixing matches. Bearsot believed in Paolo and took him in command for Espana 82.
R.I.P. Brother! I loved watching you play!!!
Se ne va un" altra leggenda del calcio. Ma rimarrà per sempre nei nostri cuori.
Riposa in pace leggenda
Suat Kaya tennis
Suat Kaya tennis:
One of Italian football's biggest profiles who scored one important goal after an another. RIP Paolo
Ale O
Ale O:
Q.E.P.D. Paolo 🙏
Makane Sissoko
Makane Sissoko:
Paolo Ieva
Paolo Ieva:
"Pensavano di avermi seppellito.
Ma non sapevano che io ero un seme"

R.I.P. Piccolo Grande Uomo
Stefano Pacitti
Stefano Pacitti:
Polo Rossi, made my summer of 82 the best, molto grazie. God bless.
eyal gofen
eyal gofen:
Rip legend
Francesco Ginestri
Francesco Ginestri:
Rip Leggenda🇮🇹🙏
Omr Mazmaz
Omr Mazmaz:
Marco Bazzo
Marco Bazzo:
Un grande un pazzesco fortissimo campione leggenda italiana e che bellissimo video di numeri azioni dribbling magie e gol pazzeschi mammamia da tifoso interista grande Paolo Rossi per la Nazionale 🔵🇮🇹💙💪⚽️👏👍🏆 e grande anche in tutte le squadre dove ha giocato Juventus Vicenza Milan e altre 💪⚽️👏👍
Ángel Enrique Brito Guzmán
Ángel Enrique Brito Guzmán:
Goodbye Rossi
Absolute Legend
Hilmi Robbyn
Hilmi Robbyn:
The better version of Inzaghi
He was The most goal in championship league Inzaghi
He was The most goal in World Cup
Paolo Rossi
But he is gone now...
Philip H
Philip H:
I'm English but think Paulo Rossi should get more recognition when they talk about the best strikers the world has seen.
Luto , o cara era bom heim
Rich Chigga99
Rich Chigga99:
Before Valentino rossi.. There's a legend called Paolo rossi 😎
Davide Giancristofaro
Davide Giancristofaro:
Thank you my friend. An Italian Paolo Rossi's fan
Zacarías Satrústegui
Zacarías Satrústegui:
Gloria eterna. RIP
Loris DP
Loris DP:
Grazie del video. Grande Paolo, condoglianze alla famiglia
R.I.P Paolo Rossi (1956 - 2020).
Yahya_Japheth Bathory
Yahya_Japheth Bathory:
Header Accuracy: 99
Luis Paz
Luis Paz:
En paz descanse Paolo.
fra 16
fra 16:
Rip hero of 1982. The brazilians are still crying....
R.I.P. you legend.
Fotis Tzafer
Fotis Tzafer:
Rip best Italian footballer ever