PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN - FC METZ (5 - 0) - Highlights - (PSG - FCM) / 2021-2022

PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN vs FC METZ Highlights (5 - 0) in video.

Ligue 1 Uber Eats - Season 2021/2022 - Week 38 PARC DES PRINCES - Saturday 21 May 2022

Goals : Kylian MBAPPE (25' - PSG) / Kylian MBAPPE (28' - PSG) / NEYMAR JR (31' - PSG) / Kylian MBAPPE (50' - PSG) / Angel DI MARIA (67' - PSG)

Red cards : Boubacar TRAORE (58')

PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN Team line-up : 3 - Presnel KIMPEMBE /6 - Marco VERRATTI /7 - Kylian MBAPPE /5 - MARQUINHOS (c) /11 - Angel DI MARIA /10 - NEYMAR JR /1 - Keylor NAVAS /15 - Danilo Luis Helio PEREIRA /2 - Achraf HAKIMI /4 - Sergio RAMOS /30 - Lionel Andres MESSI CUCCITTINI

FC METZ Team line-up : 27 - Jean Armel KANA BIYIK /14 - Vincent PAJOT /30 - Marc-Aurèle CAILLARD /10 - Farid BOULAYA /22 - Didier LAMKEL ZE /2 - Dylan BRONN (c) /25 - William MIKELBRENCIS /23 - Boubacar Dit Kiki KOUYATE /8 - Boubacar TRAORE /15 - Pape Matar SARR /13 - Fali CANDÉ

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100+ comentarios:

bobby nameirakpa
bobby nameirakpa:
It's very sad about DMaria for ending his contract at PSG. I wish him the best of the best in his future plays at any clubs. He was & still the best play maker along with Messi & scored goals from
unexpected angles. I wished the club make him stays at the club for at least a season more.
Ramos and Messi celebrating a trophy together??? Well damn 😂😁
Qobamo Q
Qobamo Q:
Farewell Di Maria.. one of the best midfielder of 21st century 🔥
Budhaditya Bhattacharya
Budhaditya Bhattacharya:
Messi and bar....
A never ending love story
Di maria has a perfect last match at psg. Now he's leaving😭
YQ Cui
YQ Cui:
Di María is phenomenal, one of the best we have seen in this generation
When Mbappe talked about Real he meant Riyal (Qatar's currency). Journalists just misheard that.
Gufaruddin Ahmed
Gufaruddin Ahmed:
Keeping mbappe is good but letting other key players leave is the main problem why psg can't win any major uefa title
On the other hand, can't wait to see mbappe's first signing
Abdelhakim Mohammedali
Abdelhakim Mohammedali:
Why is it so painful to see Messi in a forward position? He assisted many of the PSG goals since day 01,(even in this final game).. with astonishing accuracy, very calculated and genius passes.
He is the player who changed football matches from competition to ART. I feel like we are losing the Artistic side of him and football in general. I wish he leaves PSG and join a team and league where he can use his full potential and show miracles from he used to and he desires to..
Sky guy_213
Sky guy_213:
No one could have beat Messi at his prime
Neeraj Kumar
Neeraj Kumar:
Di maria underrated legend👏👏
shreyans shetty
shreyans shetty:
That first goal only shows the quality of ligue1, 4 players walking before the halfway line, nobody is pressing 🤣🤣🤣
shashank gupta
shashank gupta:
Wow another post hit for Messi 🥹💦😢
Taufik Fasa
Taufik Fasa:
messi is a great player of all time, his contribution on the field makes it easy for attacking players to score goals and he is very humble lucky psg has him
Sum Gowda
Sum Gowda:
Had mnm been this clinical throughout, nobody would be mocking them. They could have done a lot this season.
Anıl Türkmen
Anıl Türkmen:
Yıldızlarla dolu bir kadro fakat bireysel yeteneklerden gelen goller ve galibiyetler. Hiç beğendiğim bir takım oyunu yok.
Little Bro
Little Bro:
If zidane is psg's manager next season I think Navas will be psg's main goalkeeper
Chris Kaloki
Chris Kaloki:
Messi has broken a league 1 record by hitting the post 11 times in one season
Md. Asadul
Md. Asadul:
What a Accilant Match❤️🔥
sojiro B
sojiro B:
Yo love me some Kylian but those Messi assists were 'just casual greatness' 😮‍💨🙏🏿💯 #WTF
Matheus Reis
Matheus Reis:
Dia no qual vai ficar marcado na vida do meu filho @mathxmt, e de toda nossa família. Assistimos esse jogão ao vivo e a cores, na Tribuna, graças ao nosso filho ser atleta do PSG no Brasil, e ter sido um dos convocados entre 14 atletas de vários Estados do Brasil, para representar a Seleção Brasileira do Sub-15, em Paris, na PSG Academy World Cup🙏🙏🙏 E antes desse Show de gols, os nossos atletas do Brasil do Sub -15, e mais 13 delegações do mundo todo, abriram o jogo do PSG e METZ, dando uma volta no campo segurando suas bandeiras, e os nossos atletas, a Bandeira do Brasil. ❤❤👏👏👏
Perfect farewell for Di Maria ❤️
All the best for Di Maria,Legend❤️
Sir Richard
Sir Richard:
CAMPO ⛈️🍊:
Liga 1 hacer historia a nivel mundial ❤️🇨🇵👑👏👏👏👏
Agbasi Johnson
Agbasi Johnson:
Great season! ❤️👏🏾
NY Tech
NY Tech:
What a debut! Mbappe
His trying his best to make an honest living. Who are we to criticize him. He is the best farmer in the village. Consider yourself privilege to even witness such greatness.
Karma Ghising
Karma Ghising:
Messi always helps his mates everywhere he goes,helps them get their dreams come true,what a legend 👑
Wassim Mpk
Wassim Mpk:
Congratulations to Paris Saint-Germain for the league title. Good luck. Comment
Poli Kadoa GPS
Poli Kadoa GPS:
Love you DI Maria.My legend
John Okereke
John Okereke:
I really see this PSG team under a better coach winning the champions league next season
They have what it takes 🔥
Di Maria the greatest.Goodbye one of the best player.
Светлана Беларусь
Светлана Беларусь:
Красивое завершение! Насчёт Месси - когда-то Хави и Иньеста играли на него , теперь он играет на Мбаппе - смена поколений, но возраст не принижает опыт .
Ernest Onwona
Ernest Onwona:
It's a shame that PSG won't keep Di Maria after all he's done for them.
Huge heavy loss for PSG Di Maria is the world best midfielder and king of assist
NiL Ahmed
NiL Ahmed:
All time good passing Messi 🥰
Priyanshu Kumar Thakur
Priyanshu Kumar Thakur:
Angel di Maria ❤️😇💞🌹, always in the hearts of psg fans!!
Boya Taluk
Boya Taluk:
Messi hitting the post for fun this season
But Emotional farewell to Di Maria he has given su much to the club hope he does well wherever he goes next
Ranadeep Ghosh Rony
Ranadeep Ghosh Rony:
Gracias por todo di maria❤️💙
Friddo Weah
Friddo Weah:
Félicitations pour la Ligue des fermiers🙌💪👏
Godfrey Berthus
Godfrey Berthus:
For PsG to unfold the best results. They need
*Team work
*Messi as captain
*Messi as center forward and Neymar and mbappe as wingers
King Drae
King Drae:
Did psg really let di maria go even tho he would wanted to stay? 😲
Shelsingsankhil Lamkang
Shelsingsankhil Lamkang:
Well done Di Maria in last match 👍👏🤙💪👌.
Gabriel Archibong
Gabriel Archibong:
PSG needs a coach who can blend these crop of players together
Егор Ушаков
Егор Ушаков:
Поздравляю, Мбаппе. Отныне ты занимаешь заслуженное первое место в списке загубленных талантов. Ты и в Реале мог зарабатывать нехило. Ну, хозяин барин. Футбол действительно лишь бизнес
Di Maria the goat we sell see him go but what a last goal😫😭
Arnav Tulachan
Arnav Tulachan:
Imagine Messi scoring that shot which hit the post🤩🤩🤩
Unknown Man
Unknown Man:
Marquinhos+Ramos perfect duo ❤
Puga Magar
Puga Magar:
Messi again with the woodwork🤦‍♂️
Gracias por todo di maria❤️💙
Wize Majola
Wize Majola:
PSG made a wrong decision on Di Maria my hero. Nothing is wrong with him
Rasul Shaikh
Rasul Shaikh:
Best match ❤️❤️❤️
Rund um den Sv Niederwerth
Rund um den Sv Niederwerth:
1-0 Kylian Mbappé (24 min)
2-0 Kylian Mbappé (28 min)
3-0 Neymar (31 min)
4-0 Kylian Mbappé (50 min)
5-0 Angel di Maria (67 min)
He's a Beast😨😬💥💥💥
Damn... Goal taken away from Messi to be given to 😇... Sad but also amazing
Cat straight
Cat straight:
The Metz defending, especially at the first goal,looks pretty sus 🧐
How many times did mbappe go pass the keeper this guys talent is mad ❤️
I̶ a̶m̶ S҉a҉h҉r҉k҉a҉🖤⛓🥶
I̶ a̶m̶ S҉a҉h҉r҉k҉a҉🖤⛓🥶:
Nice ending for Di Maria🖤💫
Christian Ogoegbunam
Christian Ogoegbunam:
Match looked like an Mbappe testimonial
mustafa sajjad
mustafa sajjad:
Messi as per usual was amazing
Valterney Santos
Valterney Santos:
Parabéns Paris
I'll miss di maria but ALLEZ PSG❤️💙
Ruslan Zakharov
Ruslan Zakharov:
Забавно смотреть как Рамос и Месси празднуют победу в чемпионате в одной команде 😊
Kamrunnaher Keya
Kamrunnaher Keya:
very nice played from mbappe and di maria. but di maria's contract end😭
Great passes from Leo Messi in this match
Selamat buat PSG atas keberhasilannya menjuarai Ligue 1 dan memperpanjang kontrak Mbappe 👍👍👍
Ngaann Cute
Ngaann Cute:
neymar đỉnh quá😍
Amit Shah
Amit Shah:
Thank you Angel Di Maria for the contribution.
Fernando Andres Restrepo
Fernando Andres Restrepo:
soy colombiano, de la Ceja Antioquia hincha de atlético nacional y gracias a Dios tuve la oportunidad de estar en este partido con mi hijo, un espectáculo impresionante q calidad la de este equipo...
mucha fortuna para Di maria , gran campeon !!!!!
PSG champion, franchement Angel Di Maria 💔😢 on t'aimera toujours légende
Abdulhakim Saggaf
Abdulhakim Saggaf:
Second goal should be own goal, not mbappe's goal
Nusrat Jahan
Nusrat Jahan:
A am waiting for Messi and Di Maria . At the last moment Di Maria make me so happy . Thank you boss .
Svoboda slova Demokratia
Svoboda slova Demokratia:
Мбаппе Хет трик фантастика. Лучший бомбардир ассистент король
Hikmet Sönmez
Hikmet Sönmez:
Respect Di Maria!
Mbappe tem que aprender com o Brasil o maior campeão do mundo.
Os brasileiros tem liga dos campeões Mbappe fala de mais jogando nesse campeonato de nível muito baixo
Tanish Mamidwar
Tanish Mamidwar:
0:56 is the reason neymar has to be removed. messi always walks.. but u cant have another player who always walks. reason mbappe has most goals is coz he's the only one who runs after the ball everytime.
eFootball 2022 MOBILE SB
eFootball 2022 MOBILE SB:
Hopefully messi next season will be🔥🔥🔥
That happiness will never get by Leo and Ramos🥲
di maria big psg legend🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️🇦🇷
miki ac
miki ac:
Mbappe puede elegir su futuro 🔮. Pero si realmente quería renovar podría haber dejado claras sus intenciones mucho antes. Nunca será Bienvenido en España 🇪🇸
Good job Paris 👏
Yohanes Setyadi
Yohanes Setyadi:
Messi playmaking abillity 🔥
Best Wish for Angel Di maria ☺️💞
The Dark Knight Racist
The Dark Knight Racist:
Zidane all of sudden talked about Messi and CR7, it's pretty obvious PSG are on contacted with Zidane, he will be the highest paid manager in the world.
The PSG is very strong in French league no other team is there to compete them
Shivanshu Roy
Shivanshu Roy:
Congratulations PSG🔥🔥🔥
Supratik bhattacharjee
Supratik bhattacharjee:
Di Maria is leaving i m sad 😭
I would change the Club name to PSM = Paris super Maschine.
Mbappe became most hated player in Madrid after messi🤣
Jithin Krishna
Jithin Krishna:
Miss you di maria 😓😓
Ataure Rhaman
Ataure Rhaman:
di Maria is vary good 🖤🥰
Farous Popoola
Farous Popoola:
happy for psg, they really played amazingly well
Messi Should go back to Barça after this season
jennefer aycardo
jennefer aycardo:
Just like what he said when he joined psg he is there to assist to bring psg a championship.
Antonio Bevilacqua
Antonio Bevilacqua:
Another post for Messi. He has some type of curse no doubt.
Rosi Piedra
Rosi Piedra:
Felicidadessssssss 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🌟🌟🌟🔥🔥💥💥🤦🏻‍♀️🎂🎂🎊🎉🎉