Parma 2-1 Napoli | Kulusevski Wins it Late as Parma Upset Napoli! | Serie A TIM

A late penalty from Dejan Kulusevski secured the three points for Parma in a match that also saw penalties from Gianluca Caprari and Lorenzo Insigne | Serie A TIM

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100+ comentarios:

Evan Costanzo
Evan Costanzo:
The penalties given are absolutely absurd. All 3 of them. Serie A really needs to change their stance on penalties. If anyone is near you, just go down. You're essentially guaranteed a penalty nowadays. It's too much
-pas 07-
-pas 07-:
Incredible what that referee did
Come on those were no penalties.. Where is VAR
Rizki fadli
Rizki fadli:
Perfect diving bro
joseph garvey
joseph garvey:
That dive by Kulevski was disgraceful, should've been a yellow card
RedAce XV
RedAce XV:
none of them were penalties im so done with this refereeing this year
Ivan Pulido
Ivan Pulido:
That is not a penalty he dove in front of him before he even touched him, clear as day
irf 133
irf 133:
Imagine Kulusevski, Ronaldo and Dybala in Juve next year = Plenty of absurd penalties
Raging Gamer
Raging Gamer:
What a robbed match from Napoli, yeah they didn't play well but those penalties were a joke, I have no clue how this person is a referee
luigi scotto
luigi scotto:
This isn't calcio anymore. All three goals were penalties. I think none of them were. I watched them over 100 times and I see no foul. They jumped before the defenders touched them. Coming from a Napoli fan our penalty was not even a foul. His arm was at his side. I hope this gets fixed because it happens to often in seria A. Forza Napoli Sempre🔝💪💯
ĖNtër tHė Vøīd
ĖNtër tHė Vøīd:
how can those penalties be real?? come on maaan
Scandalous ref, second penalty for Parma should have never been given
Napoli Talk
Napoli Talk:
10/10 dives. Ready for the olympics next year 👌👍💪
Ricky Alfaro
Ricky Alfaro:
Seria A has the most questionable referees
Roger Sotelo
Roger Sotelo:
It’s ironic that the guy who flexed his muscles, also flopped to the ground after minimal contact.
Reananda Hidayat Permono
Reananda Hidayat Permono:
Why do you have VAR if you still allow penalty like that? 😅
Cristian Sánchez
Cristian Sánchez:
VAR: Exists
Referee: No
Ivan Di Marco
Ivan Di Marco:
Hardly believe these penalties have been given. The 1st one for Parma was a joke
Biswadev Majhi
Biswadev Majhi:
2019 -20 season should be named penalty season, United, Madrid, juventus, atletico
Diego Lobo
Diego Lobo:
For me, none of 3 penalties was fair, those Parma players clearly simulate. That VAR is a disgrace.
Club Skills
Club Skills:
Dive of the week kulusevski
Gianluca Dimauro
Gianluca Dimauro:
I don’t understand how there’s pk’s like the 3rd one when VAR is a thing. Like how obvious does it have to be.
90 mins game ❌ penalty kicks ✅
Diego Lobo
Diego Lobo:
Para mi ninguno de los 3 penalty fue justo, esos jugadores del Parma simulan claramente. Ese VAR es una vergüenza.
Parma played with 12 🤡🤡🤡
Jawad Boksh
Jawad Boksh:
1:51 perfect timing with the announcer 😂
Lost Robbens brother 3:26
Friendly Disiar
Friendly Disiar:
That dive though reminded me of suarez dive against psg....suarez would be proud if he sees this Lol
rowland jnr blay
rowland jnr blay:
Gattuso as really empressed me
Let’s be honest...

Who did pay the referee ? He offered the game to Parma... that second penalty is especially a joke
andrian dp
andrian dp:
Kulusevski practicing speciall ability before join to juve
Rad Fette
Rad Fette:
Why are there so many penalties in Serie A?))
Vintage Kakashi
Vintage Kakashi:
Penalties ruin the beautiful game
it's a women's game now
a little touch and you are dead
M K:
The corruption is always very clear in the late stages of the Seria A
Aris Andri
Aris Andri:
Perfect diving kulusevski! Really juventus player!
Remi SS
Remi SS:
What disgraceful refereeing😧😧
Bruh cmon this game and the Atletico-Barca one. Quality of refereeing despite having VAR has dropped miles below when we had greats like Pierluigi Collina
Martin Hansson
Martin Hansson:
Kulusevski anounced best youngstet in the serie A this season🇸🇪👑
Since var started in football, serie A is going to be destroyed. Everysingle match penalty, its too much, everytime penalty its not fair
Hpku Hpkita
Hpku Hpkita:
Welcome to Serie-P
Ducson Saint-jean
Ducson Saint-jean:
Thank you parme for Milán ac
The Pipposaurus
The Pipposaurus:
Thank you Ac Parma!!!
frank simba
frank simba:
You never want to concede through a penalty it makes it too easy for your opponent
Idawati Ida
Idawati Ida:
Diving, diving everywhere...
Mowgli From the Jungle
Mowgli From the Jungle:
I love watching Napoli play but the officiating in this game was horrendous. I didn't think any of those "penalties" we're warranted, much less be the deciding factor for the match.
Yo bhinda raj Gurung
Yo bhinda raj Gurung:
Every mid table team can beat anyteam at the moment 😂
Paok Kok
Paok Kok:
Diving 💤
khalid Ismail
khalid Ismail:
they watched kulesevski dive in slow-motion using var , jokes on us
Ismail Rusdin
Ismail Rusdin:
2 fenalti parma! Ferfect diving
Esteban Sarmiento
Esteban Sarmiento:
Buenas noticias para mi amado Ac Milan , esta mas cerca el sueño de volver a Europa 🙌🚩
Hannes Hovmöller
Hannes Hovmöller:
the beast Swede!
Rich Chigga99
Rich Chigga99:
That dude tried his best with the block.. I respect his decision there
All in penalties? Wow
Kulusevski practicing for when he plays for Juve, there he will get penalties like these ones regularly
Kulusevski will fit perfectly into juve ;)
Nice diver mate
Hikmawan Sp
Hikmawan Sp:
Penalty Penalty Penalty. Italia 😂👌
Andro Kunica
Andro Kunica:
2:26 where is a penalty
Serie A’s implementation of VAR and the effects on the refereeing have been the worst among the elite leagues imo. I feel like I’m watching the NBA with how severe the officiating is. Killing the spirit of the game
cr7 aa
cr7 aa:
After break, most of the goals have been scored in penalty as well. Are player thinking without fans,its hard for refree to give penalty but that's not the case.
Neifen 64
Neifen 64:
Je ne suis pas d’accord pour le second penalty de Parma il s’est jeté tout seul
Taufik Bn
Taufik Bn:
Napoli what lost champion 😂
Abu Nizar
Abu Nizar:
Thanks to Gattuso, for making my Milan Sits on Sixth place
El misa_
El misa_:
Lozano ❤️🇲🇽 venga
J S:
Kulusevski monstruo!!!
Ceez 9800
Ceez 9800:
What a dive neymar would be proud
Alfa Martans
Alfa Martans:
It calls MAFIA in ASEAN 😂🤣
imagine Buffon joining Parma
Mohamed Remah
Mohamed Remah:
That is too much ,... every match for all clubs penalties given!!!
M K:
I love how people are blaming the “bad” ref.

Do you not see it is simply match fixing?
Julio Chavez
Julio Chavez:
So much diving, am I watching a swimming competition?
Divyendu Kashyap
Divyendu Kashyap:
Everyone's saying they weren't penalties. Someone explain why?(not the kulusevski dive, the other 2)
عبدالله المقصودي
عبدالله المقصودي:
stop flopping around!!!!
Frank G.
Frank G.:
Last one wasn't a penalty
abo alnoor ja
abo alnoor ja:
There is a player who wish to belong to two teams in this match😂😂 guess who?
The Batman
The Batman:
3:26 This is not a penalty
Mamat Pelo
Mamat Pelo:
cue the "tantanella neapolitana" music
Muhammad Bavana
Muhammad Bavana:
wasit italy ..wkwkw
Kunte Okonji
Kunte Okonji:
Kulesevski is RVP in disguise.
Garin Nanda
Garin Nanda:
What a diving smh
ight ight
ight ight:
Oh you do a flexing celebration but fell down like a little girl, OK 🤔
Prithwish Ghosh
Prithwish Ghosh:
Kidz If you play like this..... Forget UCL
And Next years Europa League....Becoz Roma and Milan are🔥🔥
Milan should go European League!
Alisan Kecelioglu AA 1u
Alisan Kecelioglu AA 1u:
parma second penalty comedy
Rychu Beta
Rychu Beta:
3:26 hahah whats was that ?Ahh sorry he is russet :D
Sergio Ruiz Sáez
Sergio Ruiz Sáez:
What a joke all the three penalties! I thought here in Spain should change something with regard to the VAR, but seeing what happens in Italy, spanish VAR works perfectly!! :)
Giancarlo Giambarresi
Giancarlo Giambarresi:
Shocking from the last pen
Tapdiq Xalilov
Tapdiq Xalilov:
Parma 2 no penalty . ❌
My Sun
My Sun:
Kij Bereś
Kij Bereś:
No penelty in 87 minutes
David Peham
David Peham:
Where is Parma from the 90's??
Ace Gio
Ace Gio:
A game with 3 non penalties !!!🤣
Moses John . Pedro
Moses John . Pedro:
Useless Club NAPOLI are!! They just cut my bet ticket I've been so expectant of winning they cost me 7k & 16k all together I won't forgive them for this! 😒😒😫
Bill Oloo
Bill Oloo:
I want to see Insigne playing for AC Milan and Zlatan Ibrahimovic playing for Napoli. What a time it will be to watch the two best teams in Italy.
Roger Rodriguez Vera
Roger Rodriguez Vera:
El único penalty que fue, es el del Napoli. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Ciccioforchetta 88
Ciccioforchetta 88:
What a dive!
Julio Pisano
Julio Pisano:
I honestly dont think the second penalty for parma was even a penalty....dawg chucky lozano is too big of a talent for napoli and dont even start about maradona cuz his times are over
Dhot 420
Dhot 420:
Bet bet bet and always bet
Calciopoli !!!
Yo bhinda raj Gurung
Yo bhinda raj Gurung:
2:05 similar to Ronaldo penalty against lazo 😆
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
3 penalties, oh nice