Pat McAfee Talks About How Matt Groening Is A Time Traveler

The Best Simpsons Conspiracy Theory Ever Created. (Which is actually real)

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The Entire World: *Laughs Nervously*
Did the Simpson’s predict the future or did the world copy the Simpson’s 😂
Max D
Max D:
No one could have predicted Polamalu in the C gap
Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Dempsey:
Who else is watching this when corona virus is goin wild lmaoo
He isn’t a time traveler, he’s an occultist, and his show has been an incredibly clever and well written tool for social engineering.
The Simpsons have the power to leak every DLC fighter in Smash Bros
Brendan McDonald
Brendan McDonald:
I mean anyone with a brain could've predicted that tiger attack. Lmao
The Scout
The Scout:
"Facetime. Not even a thought."

Ever watched 2001: A Space Oddyssey?
DeadmaN 2112
DeadmaN 2112:
What's actually going on here is, he's good friends with several people who have their pulse on what will be trending in the future and he gets his info from them.

For the record, the Simpson made far more predictions that didn't come true then the ones that did. You're simply focusing on the ones that did.

Basically if you make a million predictions a few of them are bound to come true

Also consider the fact that almost all of the tech stuff that you mentioned was in development, and was well-known and publicized.

This dude is no time traveler he simply pays attention unlike the rest of the primates on this planet.

PS the God particle was originally theorized in 1954 and a paper was written about it in 1960.

Just learn a little history and you won't fall for stupidity like this.
Crazy Joker
Crazy Joker:
He recently went BACK in time and saw that Epstein didn't kill himself.
Jason Wede
Jason Wede:
3:06 2014 was bad because of Ebola. 2020 “Hold my beer”.
All these events are being staged. Matt Groening is connected to the Elite! Wake up!
Stephen Blackwell
Stephen Blackwell:
The God particle equation has been around for decades
The observance of the God particle happened in 2012
So writing the equation on the chalk board is no biggie they could have copied it from almost any quantum physics book
Jesse A
Jesse A:
Is simpsons the most trusted news source in usa?
Hayden Sims
Hayden Sims:
Lol who's watching this during corona??? He's freaking out over the ebola outbreak lol
aph switzerland please step on me
aph switzerland please step on me:
the simpsons: _shrek 10 was great!_

everyone: *H* *O* *L* *U* *P*
Chris Gilbert
Chris Gilbert:
Matt Groening doesn’t always time travel, but when he does he uses the Lolita express.
Tacomanbob 123
Tacomanbob 123:
About the Ebola one, the re had been previous outbreaks of Ebola in Africa, just none as bad a 2014s
sindelislove821 C
sindelislove821 C:
He predicted yellow people then boom China happens!!
PLANNED EVENTS arent "time travel". Lmao...
Paul Trigger
Paul Trigger:
3:53 this is crazy, they even match fonts wtf
Matthew Martin
Matthew Martin:
"they had people in hazmat suits for Ebola! In the modern world this is happening!"

Coronavirus: "ohhh-ho ho buddy. Just you wait."
It's called predictive programming.
darthrib 12
darthrib 12:
%80 of these "predictions" are just things that been on people minds forever
Tom Tutt
Tom Tutt:
All this is nothing more than predictive programming.
Jon cold
Jon cold:
“SIMPSONS DID IT, SIMPSONS DID IT” who knows the southpark reference?😂
Dr Phot
Dr Phot:
Who’s back here because of “The Wuhan Rona”
Smart watches: Dick Tracy had one in the 1940's.
Robert Isaksson
Robert Isaksson:
Theyre not predicting things... They're causing them

*X-files theme Plays*
Simpons: The Worlds Ending

All Of Us: (Chuckles) I’m In Danger
Got ya nose
Got ya nose:
Mcaffe: You’re a time traveler

Matt Goering wants to know your location
Olly Lewis B
Olly Lewis B:
More like Groening is high up in the free masons. He knows what’s coming
Futurama: It was 2019, when I was hit by the werecar.

2019: AI robot gets hit my self driving car and killed.
Technically Lady Gaga said she was inspired by the Simpsons version of her and based her halftime show off what the Simpsons showed
Salem Baron
Salem Baron:
Yes, sure. He is "predicting" the future instead of revealing plans and likely events.
Mr Sqeez
Mr Sqeez:
Or Simpson’s is so influential they literally altered the world by existing
C V:
Im 100% sure matt groening sold his soul to the devil.
Silvio Justo
Silvio Justo:
3:26 Another prediction happened, in the "You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee". In this episode is offered bribe to Homer with R$200 bills in Brazil. The paper money with this value doesn't exist in Brazil. But now, 30/07/2020 the brazillian central bank announced the creation of a R$ 200 paper money. Bizarre!
Antonio Volante
Antonio Volante:
This guy thinks Matt Groening is the only guy involved with the show.
Joy Mouzone
Joy Mouzone:
Time traveler or agenda he’s following ? 🤔 come on, what makes more sense?
Hey, they predicted the Area 51 raid too!
He’s trying to warn us without changing the future that much
Henry Rodriguez
Henry Rodriguez:
The Simpson’s: I know what’s going to happen 10 years!

Nostradamus: hold my beer 🍻
Emanuele Del Grande
Emanuele Del Grande:
Matt Groening: I'm going to fart in 3 seconds
Matt Groening: *farts*
No, Groenig is a Mason. He is told what to insert in his shows. Similar to most every show.
who else is watching this while all the riots are happening right now? 😳
All technology of today existed 50 years ago, deep-state-military and deep-state-research is always 50 years ahead of the curve we minions are made aware of.
planning an attack on like 9-11 isn't done in a few months but is more likely done a decade in advance - even the architects of these 2 buildings advertised with the features "these buildings will not collapse when it's hit by a plane !"
I don't know why they keep the Simpsons in the loop about events they've got lined up but I'm a 100% sure it ain't time-travel.
Absolute secrets they are not passing on to the Simpsons : Obama's wife has got a wiener and his oldest adapted son has got to go through life pretending he's a girl.
Camaron Diaz has an Adonis-belt just above her waist , the big-baby-belly of Beyonce collapsed/folded when she was trying to take a seat during a live TV-show (I didn't see her face so this could be fake-news).
There are days on the hub that all actrices are in fact transgender-males. A couple of presidents-wives were born male and my personal favorite :
THE FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT OF THE USA - Mister Billy Clinton - the whole ruse played on everybody with the Monica Lewinsky cigar-scandel and especially the dress was only intended to create a false realization of a fully functioning Pe-Pe ... PENIS !!!
Never heard the Simpsons about dinosaurs or nuclear energy or flat earth or the big empty cities around the world in 1850 - or the maps of America depicted with many cities and even more villages on the West-Coast of America pre-dated Columbus by at least 20 years...
BEST to do however is to ignore all the above because knowing this shit will not change the world for even a tiny bit !

BUT IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A BETTER WORLD ? Than stay tuned for every broadcast about the EPSTEIN-CASE in 2019 because it will be the first time in our history that more people than ever will be AWOKEN to the secret-world of the ruling-rich-elites and it sure as hell isn't about Epstein or his pedophile-pals - IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU - YOU BEING AWARE THEY EXIST !!!

BE AWARE cause YOUR OPINION MATTERS !!! (at least in a further future the world will change for the better because of it)

@The Pat McAfee Show
Personal theory: Homer's catschfrase is Do'h. Later was put into the dictionary. Ik ik well they did that bc of the simpsons. But if Matt groening is a time traveler, he would've known that no one in the past knows that word so he can make it iconic and take credit for it. Therefore altering the future. Just a theory
Jesse Tidler
Jesse Tidler:
It’s not that hard to predict a tiger attacking someone
Part 2
Part 2:
imagine being able to time travel and your best idea is make a cartoon tho...
Hey Pat, since this whole Storm Area 51 thing is going down me and a buddy looked up a Simpson’s episode for it and guess when it aired... September 21, 1997. A day after this is supposed to go down.
Maybe it’s not time traveling and their actually programming us....seems more plausible to me
Came back to watch this video, all that reaction to Ebola and look where we are with Coronavirus... iTs cAuseD bY 5g
*Donald Trump probably just watched it beforehand and decided to mess around with everyone*
And then there’s that medieval show on Netflix to top it off
All it takes a little digging to realize the Simpson's didn't predict alot of these things.
- The episode where Trump rides down an escalator to announce his presidency did not come out in 2000. It came out in 2015 after Trump did it in real life.

-The God Particle or the Higgs boson was named after Peter Higgs, a scientist who came up with the theory in 1964. It was a known scientific theory for decades. Long before the Simpson's was a tv show.

-The episode with the digital notepad where he writes "beat up martin" was based on this device called the Newton made by Apple. It was the first ever personal digital assistant. It was notorious for getting words wrong when you tried writing in it just like what the simpsons showed. The Newton existed before the episode.

- In the Simpons episode Lady Gaga wasn't actually performing at a Super Bowl.

-Voting machines glitching and changing votes in the 2008 election was already being reported before the Simpson's episode came out. Heres a CNN article reporting on it:

-Ebola was discovered in 1976 with multiple outbreaks in Africa long before the Simpson's episode.

-Greece had already been in a debt crisis for years and talked about defaulting on its debt in 2010 before the Simpson's episode came out.

-Michaelangelo's sculpture of a naked David was covered with a fig leaf back in 1504 when it was first unveiled. In 1563 they had what was called the Fig Leaf Campaign where all religious sculptures and paintings with nudity had to be covered. The naked sculpture of David has been an issue for religious people for centuries.
Jerry Maze
Jerry Maze:
they also predicted COVID-19😰
Rouge Shark
Rouge Shark:
Comedy always becomes reality, Life imitates art not vice versa.
Erling A. Ø. Thommesen
Erling A. Ø. Thommesen:
Maybe they were all inspired by the simpsons?
Noah Lowery
Noah Lowery:
There is a truth to why he can “predict” these things but it’s a lot more sinister than just secretly being a time traveler..
Lun Hing
Lun Hing:
Someone has to research the simpsons it holds the keys 🔑
Markerip *
Markerip *:

*Epstein didn’t kill himself*
ambergris lo
ambergris lo:
The writer for the Simpson’s is a free mason they control the world . It’s a way to have a good laugh at us while we laugh at us
The Higgs Boson (god particle) was theorized in 1964; it was well known. It wasn’t DISCOVERED until 2012.
I’m not a foil hat guy but there’s s
Definitely something to that
Part 2
Part 2:
why did we all just ignore that coronavirus episode..
Neil Flack
Neil Flack:
To he fair, Ebola was discovered in the 70’s, all the others spook me tf out though
Yeah, it's 2019 and my mind is blown
Jacob Blanton
Jacob Blanton:
It isn't time travel. It's called paying attention
The Night Watcher
The Night Watcher:
A lot of these could’ve been easily predicted by anyone paying enough attention at the time.
AV 78
AV 78:
Not so sure about the time traveler thing but I'm almost certain he's in the NWO or at the very least, he's getting insight from them about future events. There's no way in hell those are all coincidences.
Can’t trust a person who’s says the universe was “founded”.
Eddie Martinez
Eddie Martinez:
It’s just the elites shoving their agendas in our faces while they watch us do nothing about it. Simpson’s are just a puppet to the elite.
InWilly WeTrust
InWilly WeTrust:
I’ve always said Matt Groening should be interviewed, he has the answers to everything going on guaranteed!!
colton carlson
colton carlson:
3:10 didn’t age well.
Boomer Miller
Boomer Miller:
Hey PMac, it’s pronounced “GRAINING” not “GROANING”
John Juice
John Juice:
That design of “facetime” was used in the space odyssey
To be fair, Trump ran for president in 2000. For some reason, a lot of people don't remember or know this.
Ben Valenzuela
Ben Valenzuela:
Well in 2001: A Space Odyssey, they said video calling was a thing.

And that was back in the 60's.
Ryan Editz
Ryan Editz:
3:58... wtf?!!
"What's really going to bake your noodle later is, would you have still done it if I hadn't said anything."- The Oracle
The Notorious YouTube
The Notorious YouTube:
3:08 here during corona. look at how things have changed.
The Drummer Dude
The Drummer Dude:
The footage that people use for the Trump one is actually from 2015, in 2000 they referenced "president trump" by name in an episode set in the future, they didn't animate him
Chris Guerrero
Chris Guerrero:
The day footage comes out of penguins flying will be the ultimate proof.
Adam Shutt
Adam Shutt:
Seriously though like this doesn’t get talked about enough
T Hunter
T Hunter:
Maybe he's in with the higher people so they planned all this
Dolan Cleary
Dolan Cleary:
“You have a single fact to back that up?”
umm, dude, even the Jetsons predicted video chats.
Dave Le
Dave Le:
Me: sees video and title
Also me: impossible
Jason T
Jason T:
To be honest, Star Trek ToS had "Face time" long before the simpsons
Andy Villarreal
Andy Villarreal:
More like dude was hanging with Epstein and the rest of the illuminati but yes. time travel.
Chris Angleton
Chris Angleton:
I watch this video twice a year
Matthew Fields
Matthew Fields:
those equations don't match
Kaylen Patel
Kaylen Patel:
Or they watched the Simpson’s and did it
0:55 Pokémon did too in 1997
Alan Greenway
Alan Greenway:
When you realise that all the Simpsons come from Harvard and Yale and have degrees in Politics and Nuclear Physics and Computer Programming, then you understand why they’re so good at predicting a lot of things.
JRJH 1997
JRJH 1997:
When he tried saying 911 I was like now your clutching at straws
Free Dom
Free Dom:
He made a show called “Futurama”. Case closed.
Smash Mean
Smash Mean:
The amount of sheep in the comments is extremely disheartening.
Emperor Mays
Emperor Mays:
Coined the phrase "The Simpsons done it"