"PATHETIC! We're Just An Awful Football Team!!" | Everton 0-1 Wolves | Cams Instant Match Reaction!

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Welcome back to TheMightyBlues, In today's video, Cam is live with the Instant Match Reaction to Everton's 0-1 defeat to Wolves at Goodison Park! Please leave a like if you have enjoyed and Subscribe if you are new to the channel and want to see more content regarding Everton Football Club.

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67 comentarios:

Ivan Pinson
Ivan Pinson:
I’m a Wolves fan but I have to say everything I watched today said Everton are set for relegation. I have seen us relegated a few times and recognise the same lack of fight and paper thin confidence . It only takes one push and the team falls over. Every 50/50, 40/60 went our way as there was no contest from Everton . I hope I’m wrong for you as Everton deserve better. To go wrong this much , for this long ,having spent this much money is not a problem of managers,the fault lies higher up .
Been watching Everton this season as my best friend is a toffee. I’m a gooner and it sucks to see Everton on their knees like this. Not to mention you might have a points deduction too. I hope you stay up but it might be unsalvageable at this point. I hope you get your club back one day.
Gari Reed
Gari Reed:
I’m 43 Supported Everton my whole life. This is by far the worst Everton team I’ve seen. You hit nail on head by saying the players don’t care. You can tell by body language and attitude none of them care. When they arrived at goodison today they looked as happy and enthusiastic as you would if you were attending a funeral. We are down Cam it’s been the perfect shit storm of a season.
I'm in shock at how shit that was today. I didn't expect a win I honestly thought we were gonna lose but I'm shocked at that performance
Chris Pearson
Chris Pearson:
My first game was a 2-2 draw at Forest in 1963.....we were champions and consequently finished third in this season.....in the ensuing 58 years I've seen some poor blues sides but these are the worst bunch of tossers ever....absolutely emabarrassed to call myself a blue.....sad sad time.
Bill K
Bill K:
Chelsea looked ordinary when Lampard was there - Tuchel walks in the door and they're champions of Europe ........... what do you think Frank's going to do with that squad.
Darren A
Darren A:
What’s Everton’s fans obsession with this Gordon? It’s like you’re all desperate for him to be the next best thing. He’s bang average.
Paul Beachcroft
Paul Beachcroft:
Good win for Watford. Both them and Burnley are used to an end of season scrap…….
Wanderlust- HFX Wanderers Watchalongs
Wanderlust- HFX Wanderers Watchalongs:
The ladies' Everton side showed all that they needed to against Leicester the other day: From 1-0 down at 5', five minutes I say, to 3-2 up at FT. The men's team could learn from this example.
We've dropped so far from the 2013/2014 squad that we had. Since then we've spent stupidly and brought in lazier players. Coleman was never the same after his leg injury. We should have had a back up for RB a long time ago because that's now our weak side. Such a shame we've got worse players in every position since martinez was sacked. Only player I feel for is Richarlson as he's the only one worthy of that everton shirt with his work ethic
John Turnley
John Turnley:
Everything you said young man,I agree with, couldn't of said it better myself,63 years a Blue.
Too many current Everton players don;t actually really ant to be at the club. It's just a job, for the money - and they still get paid if they lose. If Everton get relegated, they will sell the players concerned, who will happily do the same elsewhere. The club needs a manager who can instill a positive ethos around the gaff. Lampard isn't the man for that.
Sam Osman
Sam Osman:
Honestly Leeds and Watford both look more committed than Everton.
Remember what I always tell you Cameron. Forget Everton. Go travelling lad. It ain't going to improve and they don't care. Believe me, speaking as someone who wasted 8 years following us across the UK and Europe I could quite easily have travelled rbe world with that money twice over.

Do travel vlogging or something lad or gaming. It's less disappointing and you'll reach more people. More to life than football pal. Big wide world out there.
John Winstanley
John Winstanley:
Spot about Kenwright & Moshiri, can't see us staying up. It's coming to the point where it's time to fight and the usual suspects Burnley, Watford will know what it takes. The last thing our squad wants to do is fight for this football club.
As a Newcastle fan, I do expect us to smash you guys...I'm sorry to say, but I think we will beat you guys comfortably...Everton 2022 is Newcastle 2016
Robert Barnes
Robert Barnes:
I’m a spurs fan and I’m frustrated with the team. I can only imagine how you feel. I really hope Everton stay up. It’s a great club and big club. Can only wish you all the best.
John Winstanley
John Winstanley:
We made Watford look like Brazil, we need to understand just how bad we are.
Neil Gallagher
Neil Gallagher:
This team / squad would finish in the bottom half of The Championship. That's the worry, if (and probably when) we go down, they ain't coming back up for a very, very long time, as the main things you need in The Championship are fight and fitness, Everton have neither! Plus as you rightly say they're shite!
warren beddie
warren beddie:
I have been saying this for ages. The players are worse than poor they don't care. Why then dont we just give youngsters not in the squad a chance what difference would it make if we lose with them at least they will try.
3 games in hand. Keep the faith boys
Dylan Parsons
Dylan Parsons:
Rondon is not the best,but why on earth wasn't he thrown on for at least that last 10 minutes? Lampard like the team seems happy to let games just end with a whimper. Coleman is the worst everton captain ever
Gary Burns
Gary Burns:
I’m not calling for Lampard’s head but he has to stop expecting our shite players to suddenly turn into good players. We’re gone, this shower are incapable of the fight required to keep us up. I’ve come to terms with relegation. Do the same , you’ll sleep better.
Peter Crosbie
Peter Crosbie:
If we do go down. Please City win the league. Can you even imagine or contemplate the alternative?!
David W
David W:
Hopefully someone will have shown Lampard the 2 goals that Dobbin scored for the U23s on Friday.. and he might get a shout soon. The first was a classy "thinking" finish BUT the 2nd was a superb half length of the pitch run with ball, cut in past defender and clinical bottom corner finish. See them here: https://youtu.be/06wp6WLRlgc
British Aviator
British Aviator:
Bilston Barcelona fan here, I must say Wolves Ay We. Hope you stay up!
Gerard monaghan
Gerard monaghan:
This is the worst Everton team I've ever seen & I've seen teams with players like Stuart Barlow,Scott gemill etc. Wat does that tell u?
Sam Stanley
Sam Stanley:
Honestly cam don’t know what to do now. Would love to do a video with you but I don’t have the kit or confidence ahahah😅 we’re absolutely pathetic. I hate us. Those players deserve to go down
Annoyed the shit out of me watching dacoure just pass the ball back constantly..... Nothing changed in 25 years.....
Paul Southwell
Paul Southwell:
They probably pat each on the back and then jump into the ferrari's and range rovers not giving a feck.
Occam's Blunderbuss
Occam's Blunderbuss:
I would have taken Olly Norwood, Josh Brownhill, and Craig Dawson over the clowns we bought. What a fucking joke club.
Gary Burns
Gary Burns:
Cam, your analysis is spot on. It’s pointless booing shite players for being shite. The people who have run the club for the last thirty years are responsible for this shit-show. If we had spent fifty quid on this team because we have no money then fair enough, but this is after spending half a billion to get us to this. If ever a team and club deserve to be relegated then I’m afraid it’s us.
Leigh Richards
Leigh Richards:
Just seen everton's fixtures in april 😱 crikey even man city wud struggle with those. Think youre going to have to start thinking the unthinkable and prepare for life in the championship
Lampard could have subbed Rondon on as a second striker.
Douglas Taggart
Douglas Taggart:
We're going down as simple as that i just hope we play Blackpool when the illuminations are on in October.
j LFC:
The second half was worse than the opening 45...fans are as clueless as the players
Joseph Gemin
Joseph Gemin:
Excellent analysis.
Jeff Gillen
Jeff Gillen:
Been coming for years cam sorry to say I said it for years under kenwright leadership off the board and stadium will not happen will be halted for sure kenwright has brought our club to its knees
James Hayward
James Hayward:
Cam I agree 💯 but we need a victory against Newcastle gray will be man of match
Absolute shite we are in deep shit, no fight, passion.
Peter Carey
Peter Carey:
I've got my head round the fact that we are going down, no ifs or buts, hit the reset button and start all over again, when we do go down do these bunch of shite think other clubs are going to be interested in any of them, not a effing chance.
Robert James
Robert James:
Lampard says dele is part of a long term role, not in the Championship he won't be. Lampard is a mis-match for this club!
Colin Corn
Colin Corn:
Was Benitez such a problem? or are the players beyond redemption.In a relegation scrap,i know who i would prefer
Manuel Medellin
Manuel Medellin:
Lmao, this is getting hilarious, the Dogfight on March 17th between Burnley and Everton, if you lose that one you'll indeed be on a Relegation place, with Leicester (twice), Liverpool, ManUtd, Chelsea, West Ham, Arsenal all yet to be played...Leeds also won today to add more salt to injury.
Shane D
Shane D:
Everton going down
I’ve seen more movement in a jar of constipated molasses.
V O:
You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear, the players are not good enough.
As a fan you want to see the players giving 100% & getting stuck in, you don’t see this.
People take the “mick” out of Rooney, he’s not that thick that he didn’t want to be considered for an interview.
I bet Frank regrets not speaking to “Unkle Arry” before taking this job!
Gav Bailey
Gav Bailey:
Everton will get 0 points from their next 5 fixtures.
glenn moreland
glenn moreland:
Hi...Leeds fan here...
1953.....the last time Everton were relegated...

Tony Nesbit
Tony Nesbit:
We actually dont have a decent footballer at the whole club mate,not ONE,dont dare give me richarlson or Gordon as is all they do is run around in circles with NO end product. I am really pissed off with that fanny Calvert lewin who just cannot be arsed helping us out at this woeful time,we have got to start scoring a goal or we really are gone,no goals no points?what a disastrous transfer window that turned out to be, almost comical. I honestly cannot remember any side going into freefall like these bastards, it is ridiculous that the club has not addressed the obvious problems the team has?Everton football clubs future is all down to brentford palace and burnley at home and watford away plus praying that the 4 teams around us mess up.Lampard is mental picking the same shite players every game with the same shite results what the fuck does he expect? God help us Cam.
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma:
As a neutral, I want to understand why fans are blaming Moshiri. He has invested heavily in Everton, & Bill Kenwright makes the decisions, which is why he's still around from what I understand.
Also, although it wouldn't seem like it atm & upcoming fixtures are tough, but I expect Everton to stay up. There is a reason they haven't been relegated for so long & other smaller clubs have.
tez tickles
tez tickles:
Fuckin on 1 u Cam I loved the swearing mate need to do it more. We're proper......was going to say shit but that would be abusing shit m8
-.- smile
-.- smile:
Imagine Liverpool with the potential of winning a quadruple whereas Everton, who have spent over 500m getting relegated. You couldn’t make this up. 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Justerini Brookes
Justerini Brookes:
Another day Another fcuking disaster for Everton Football Club Ha Ha Ha Made me laugh did that!😂🔵⚪
Daniel Murphy
Daniel Murphy:
Use can’t be the worst team in the prem because u got teams below use 😂
Mark Redmond
Mark Redmond:
You’ll stay up son. Watford Burnley Leeds. Easily finish above them
Lyla Hale
Lyla Hale:
future opponents are going to relish being part of destroying everything about Everton off the face of the earth, when i think of all my family members who are no longer with us, if they came back and i had to update them on where Everton are, it would break their hearts..i grew up with stories of Dean, Dave Hickson, Alex Young, Derek Temple, Mike Trebilcock, Brian Labone....then i look at this lot !!...feel sorry for anyone of a certain age, who have known nothing but SHITE for their entire lives as Evertonians.
Brendan O connor
Brendan O connor:
Sorry lads..but all ye anti Moyes anti Big Sam folk have played yer part in the sad demise of our great club.
Paul Beachcroft
Paul Beachcroft:
On the upside, at least you didn't waste 17 hours of your life today....
Dirk Dickler
Dirk Dickler:
Hahahahahahahahahahsha your going down lad YNWA
Bri Reubs
Bri Reubs:
These players should have a toilet at goodison and at the new stadium named after them
we are done....im 50 and ive just spoken to my older LFC fan brothers and im so emotional i could hardly talk...accepting the obvious truth is a hard take....we are fucking done and im so dejected it hurts!!
glenn moreland
glenn moreland:
I mean everyone was putting Bielsa up in lights....
Yet he kept on & on & on with the experiment that was Tyler Roberts...
The lad's just not good enough at premier league level...
Geleart comes on and within a minute the boy's scored...

Colin Corn
Colin Corn:
and there are those,including your mates from Toffee Tv,who would still not take back the one man who could have fixed the problem.DM
Kevin Gallagher
Kevin Gallagher:
we are going down lets not kid ourselves give the kids a chance at least they fight for the badge nothing to lose frank embarress this load of dross that played today apart from gordon and richie ive watched everton since 1966 seen some bad sides but these clowns take the crown
martin donaton
martin donaton:
This is just brilliant go the championship give someone else ago school of booing bag Ed’s oh an the grounds over haaaaaaaaa
Seriously you need to get a grip man utterly embarrassing you need to get a life its just football and its completely out of your control so why let it bother you that much? Go get a girlfriend start a family and actually do something with your life instead of whining over something you can't control