Paul Merson: Tottenham are the worst team to watch in the Premier League

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Paul Merson describes Tottenham as the worst team to watch in the Premier League blaming Jose Mourinho's style of management. He says that Tottenham have talented players but Jose Mourinho needs to "change with the times".

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100+ comentarios:

J B Collett
J B Collett:
They defend to lose. What could be worse than that
“If that was being played in the back garden, you’d have closed the curtains”

I love Ally McCoist so much
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name:
Merson looking like he's auditioning for the next Guy Ritchie film...
The Mighty Dab
The Mighty Dab:
I swear every time someone speaks to Merson he responds as if they were threatening to fight him
prod. sammy
prod. sammy:
Going from watching Leeds play to watching Tottenham play feels like you’re watching a different sport
No photo found
No photo found:
4 months ago he was “old news”, 2 months ago he was a genius in a revenge tour, now he is behind the times again.
Jose is his own worst enemy, his ego wont allow him to realise his tactics are out of date. In his head, his tactics are great and everyone else is playing wrong
Devraj Ray
Devraj Ray:
Jose's own ego turned him into an absolute cartoon. His reputation is so dead, how does any club think this man will have a good effect on their team 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Music Conference with ‘Artist' & Friends
Music Conference with ‘Artist' & Friends:
Why does Merson think he’s Ronnie Kray?
Devraj Ray
Devraj Ray:
"I wouldn't say he's behind the times"

Mate, Jose is so far behind the times my guys using a sun dial.
The players know if they score early they'll just be defending for the rest of the match. Must be depressing
Niki Mitchell
Niki Mitchell:
This time I agree with merson from a spurs fan
2 months ago everyone was licking his arse, why did Man Utd sack him haha, from a Man Utd fan I celebrated the day he got sacked, the football and his personality was awful
Dubakoor Damaka
Dubakoor Damaka:
Jose might .. might be a good Italian national team manager
Pedro Beires
Pedro Beires:
Spot on analysis! Spurs might not have proper replacement for Kane, but there's more than enough talent there to score a couple of goals per week.
Jose always loses the dressing room when things go south, did at Chelsea, United, probably happening at Spurs right now. Spurs went to a CL final without Harry Kane, that speaks enough of if they can do it or not.
Jamie Lomas
Jamie Lomas:
Merse with the strong “promise I haven’t fallen off the wagon” look
Michael Kotsiovos
Michael Kotsiovos:
Paul, for once you hit the nail on the head! I am a big longtime fan of Spurs and they have become really painful for me to watch!
Jaysus Christ
Jaysus Christ:
When he was at United we had some great periods under him in his first and 2nd season. Which is usually the case with a jose team, but with spurs he seems to have already lost the dressing room a lot quicker this time around. Unfortunately for Jose football had changed and he hasn't changed with it.
Meanwhile united pop open bottles of presecco chanting “we told you so”
eye asmr
eye asmr:
if spurs and burnley play against eachother will the ball just stay in the center circle
Mohammed Afsar Ali
Mohammed Afsar Ali:
Clearly hasn’t been watching arsenal this season
As an Arsenal fan, I couldn't resist that headline :p
Chidera Azaraih
Chidera Azaraih:
Jose always fighting with players look at Luke Shaw now look at other players he did what he is now doing with Bale, Dele,etc how they improve once he is sacked.
Krush Jones
Krush Jones:
That's Mourinho for you. He sets out so defensive and makes his teams look ugly. His coaching format does not work any longer.
Anthony m
Anthony m:
I always felt pochettino was over achieving
"These teams haven't got talent" Hahahaha well said Merson
Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser:
Jose is the football manager version of Mike Tyson. In his prime Tyson was the man, defeated all the top dogs but time moved on, his lifestyle effected his latter years then he was never the same. Jose ever since Real Madrid he has never been the same and I feel bad for him because when he was up there, he was unreal
David Walsh
David Walsh:
I've been saying this the last 12 months absolutely shocking 2 watch.
Jonathan Landa
Jonathan Landa:
He clearly hasn’t watched newcastle
Jose mourihno is in the stone age.
Matthew McLaughlin
Matthew McLaughlin:
Reactionary punditry as always 😂 we beat City at the weekend and suddenly he’s a genius again just you wait
Everyone time I watched spurs under pochetino they were really good.
Serena Dhande
Serena Dhande:
"Sticky toffee pudding defending"😫😫😫 - mark goldbridge
Samson Kumo
Samson Kumo:
I must say, i myself being a Spurs fan watching my own team play is soo awful........i just cannot watch a full match without having a feeling of boredom
James Noone
James Noone:
I know they are social distancing but merse doesn't have to shout
The lilywhites
The lilywhites:
" i don't need others to put pressure on me"
Heroes Zeros
Heroes Zeros:
This Spurs side is the worst I’ve ever seen.
And I’ve been watching them for 40 years.
Big Dee
Big Dee:
As Newcastle fan am pleased we’ve moved up ladder 😂😂😂
Carl Mooney
Carl Mooney:
Sometimes Kane an son quality 👌but other than than that I'd rather watch the grass grow 👀
Newcastle would like to have a word with you, Mr Mearson...
I’ve been saying it for years Jose is a dinosaur aka the special once aka the bus driver. I’m a United fan and his tactics are awful and he’s too stubborn to change. I told spurs fans all of this but they didn’t listen.
Ammaar Dawood
Ammaar Dawood:
love seeing ally
Humphrey Lawrence Bens
Humphrey Lawrence Bens:
Is Merse still sober?
Raza Ali
Raza Ali:
Well said
Car Content
Car Content:
United fans were screaming this 2 years ago.
Dan The man
Dan The man:
Not when ndombele is on the pitch 🔥🔥🔥
C Marq
C Marq:
Força Mourinho 🇵🇹
John Bones
John Bones:
How does Jose keep getting gigs? Another multimillion pound payday payoff approaches...
Zebadon Looney X
Zebadon Looney X:
Villa 1 Arsenal 0 :)
Chris Gilbert
Chris Gilbert:
Thank you, Merse, for addressing the "low block" elephant in the room because nobody in this country heard it until last season.
Rob Whitton
Rob Whitton:
You always wish for a reaction following a poor performance,and give the players a chance to put things right,passion and desire.from where we were till now in free fall,
Maharlikan and Proud • 15 years ago
Maharlikan and Proud • 15 years ago:
The problem is that Tottenham acc have the potential to Play Attacking Football, but the Team’s Mentality and Jose’s Tactics Just ruin it.
Tottenham are REALLY REALLY BAD!
Stadium soon to be biggest Lidl in Middlesex
Adam F
Adam F:
As a Spurs fan, it's hard to disagree most of the time 😐
ryaner 7867
ryaner 7867:
Merson is actually speaking facts for once
L18 ht
L18 ht:
Spurs have very little squad depth. Change my mind
I am a lifelong Spurs supporter and I agree, even when we were winning it was painful to watch. If there were crowds at White Hart Lane they would lynch Mourinho
Hossein Esfandiari
Hossein Esfandiari:
Another masterclass by Merson , they played beautiful aganist west brom 😂😂
Another classic response from the PM
Nice to see Lee Hendrie back earning a few bob
peter cramp
peter cramp:
Merson back on the sauce..
MC Brodz
MC Brodz:
It’s just the way he plays and sets his team up
Bros Gee
Bros Gee:
United fan: we told you so😂
Reece d
Reece d:
No Paul we are (Gunner fan in hiding) 🤣
Jamie Murray
Jamie Murray:
i actually agree with paul for first time in my life ,,,,,,,,,,, Tottenham fan!
Gary Hagen
Gary Hagen:
He was the Special One in a different age.
Karan Abraham
Karan Abraham:
Aren't spurs happy that they gave poch away for mou😂
Totally agree from a Spurs fan since 1968.
abhijeet chandra
abhijeet chandra:
Maybe he hasn’t seen Arsenal this season 🤣
Try watching Newcastle’s Brucie ball every week man..
Got to agree with him on this one
will stephenson
will stephenson:
What was the chant in 2018 . “Park the bus , park the bus Man Utd “ Jose has used this tactic for years now . And it doesn’t work .
Merson arguing with him own point..
Solja Man
Solja Man:
Merson looks agitated ,having watched spurs against chelsea 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 spurs were outplayed by their arch rivals,painful for spurs
Arthur Balls
Arthur Balls:
Remember a few months ago when we thought Spurs would be title challengers. On 22 Nov 2020 on MoTD Lineker asked : "Are Tottenham title contenders?" "Wright said "yeah", Shearer said "yes they are, definitely"
Elvis Pratt
Elvis Pratt:
😆😆 Clinton Morris “ Who told you, you have to use the word low block”
Two Hat
Two Hat:
Bit random but nice to see two ex villa players on the panel
Burnley football club: hold my beer
Harley Osborne
Harley Osborne:
Expressions oozing
Craig's Channel
Craig's Channel:
Paul Merson 'The Specialist One', getting stressed over Arsenal's bitter rival's.
Mike EE
Mike EE:
Paul Merson needs elocution lessons!!! His grammar is appalling!!!
Jimmy Jemal
Jimmy Jemal:
Mourino and talent. A bad combination 😃
Sean Burley
Sean Burley:
It’s the Mourinho effect. As a United fan I couldn’t stand watching us play under Mourinho either.
Jocasta Nu
Jocasta Nu:
Merson going for the diamond geezer look
Exactly Paul ! But it's not a surprise considering Mourinho is coaching the team.
Sam Warrender
Sam Warrender:
Ally: "if they were playing like that out in my back garden, I'd have closed the curtains!!" Genius!!
Yogesh Rupani
Yogesh Rupani:
The reason united threw jose out !
Gameboys NK
Gameboys NK:
Obviously it was an former Arsenal player 😂
The only good player West Brom have is Mathias Pereira.
The Cannonball Kid
The Cannonball Kid:
Jose working his ancient magic
I am watching Tottenham losing 4-5 to Everton in FA Cup and this comes in my feed... Lol.
Sohaib Khan
Sohaib Khan:
Remember when it was United a couple years ago? Yeah it's not Spurs it's Jose
Everyone else: Paul Merson is the worst pundit.
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed:
Spurs need Kane back sadly
Madrid probably laughing at bale
Stephen Spio Nyarko
Stephen Spio Nyarko:
You want Mourinho to turn Sissoko into Iniesta?
Supporting Spurs is a real low.
I'm a spurs fan and I couldn't agree more... it's so depressing watching constant defensive pressure, followed by little to no attacking edge only for us to lose/ draw most games off of defensive errors..
Cj Cooper
Cj Cooper:
Classic ex arsenal, your best moment on sky sports was when your teeth fell out
Paul Merson is an Arsenal man through and through!😁😉