Paul Sorvino dies at 83 | Nightline

“GoodFellas” actor Paul Sorvino has died of natural causes at age 83.




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Lisa Calvert
Lisa Calvert:
Damn! Another "Goodfella" is gone! RIP Paul Sorvino! James Caan, Tony Sirico, Ray Liotta, now Paul Sorvino.
Sad to see him go. And the Oscar moment stayed with me for a long time afterwards that year. I think what made it special was seeing Paul, who played a lot of tough guys, break down like that. But that's who he was and he was so proud. He wasn't what you would expect from him. So long Paul.
Monica Riley
Monica Riley:
My condolence to Paul Sorvino family. He was a great actor in the good fellows and other movies he was in. His legacy will live on. He was a legend. He will be missed. Rip Paul Sorvino 👼😢🙏
Condolences to the Sorvino family,one of the all time greats and one of my favorite actors ever,THANK YOU to the Sorvino family for sharing him with the world for more than 50 years,Rest in Peace Paul
theresa leigh
theresa leigh:
Love all the " Good Fella's" definitely a loss Rest in peace❤️❤️❤️
Pam Borders
Pam Borders:
So sorry Mira. WHAT A sweet dad you had you were blessed to have him. Xo 😘
Lisbeth Salander
Lisbeth Salander:
R.I.P. Paul Sorvino 🙏. I like his role of Paulie ( "The Godfather "), too. 💙
Keegan Shelby
Keegan Shelby:
A fantastic actor, truely a national treasure.
Charlie OBrien
Charlie OBrien:
The first I was aware of Paul Sorvino was when he played a father on the TV show, "We'll Get By". He was awesome and because my own family situation was in a shambles, at the time, he became my fantasy dad.
From then on whenever I saw his name anywhere, I made sure to watch and loved all the roles he played.
He will be missed by me and his many fans around the world. My deepest condolences go out to his family.
William Carman
William Carman:
We all loved him. RIP 🙏
Tony D
Tony D:
My heart is broken! :-( I am a Paul Sorvino fan, but i can keep watching his movies/shows. :-) RIP Paul.
Smith Js
Smith Js:
One of hollywood's greatests.
RIP sir 🙏
Johnny Mays
Johnny Mays:
Good-bye Paul it's been good knowing you....R.I.P.
Gio Torres
Gio Torres:
steve conn
steve conn:
Great in his brief Law and Order run, especially where he's shot and his sad goodbye. Also good in the controversial Cruising as Al Pacino's captain. RIP
Ray Liotta, Paul Sorvino, James Caan, Tony Sirico -- all in the last few months. Damn.
Robert Larussi
Robert Larussi:
Such A Bummer & From My Friends & Family & Me We Send All Our Condolences To Mr. Sorvino Family & Friends. Was A One Of A Kind Actor Like Mr. Liotta (R.I.P.) & Mr. Pesci & Mr. Deniro & The Rest Of Them... So Sad We Lost 2 Good Fellas In 2 Months Of Each Other... God Bless You Paul Sorvino God's Speed My Italian & Hispanic Sides Of Both Family's Loved You & Youre Passing Brought Tears As Did Ray Liottas.... Thank You For All The Wonderful Acting & Memories. Grew Up To You & Youre Crew & Love You All Into This Life & The Next🥲 God Bless "Paul Sorvino" Forever Was Forever Will Be A Good Fella🙂
OMG all my Good fellas is leaving we are going to miss u Paul💙
robert gentry
robert gentry:
RIH Paul 🙏🏾
Dirk Burns
Dirk Burns:
Goodfellas and Money Talks,,, Rest In Peace
Angel Pecica
Angel Pecica:
Ray Liotta passed away in May, now Paul Sorvino... The committee of Academy Awards members should chose one of the many scenes they shared together in Godfellas and put it in the In Memoriam segment, like a unique tribute to both of them...
Loved when he played in Money Talk with Chris Tucker 🕊
Ethan Cook
Ethan Cook:
Great Actor
castro matick
castro matick:
Wolfgang Von Zubaz
Wolfgang Von Zubaz:
Wait, what? I seen Nixon, and had no idea that was Paul Sorvino playing Kissinger. What a great actor
Le Guy
Le Guy:
Anthony Russell
Anthony Russell:
Good actor
juan diaz
juan diaz:
That makes 4 iconic actors in mafia roles now gone truly devastating
RIP Paul Sorvino
S C:
Why do I think he died years ago?
The Shawshank Inception
The Shawshank Inception:
Can mob movie legends stop dying please? Ray liotta, James Caan, Tony Sirico, now Paul Sorvino
Gain Of Function Junction
Gain Of Function Junction:
Gandolfini - Bourdaine - Sirico - Caan - they all perished from the cofid
Buffy The Hater Slayer
Buffy The Hater Slayer:
Once again...the wrong Goodfella died...
Rodrigo Gutierrez
Rodrigo Gutierrez:
Freezerino Paul Sorvino
sm peace
sm peace:
37 x 73
Mark Woldin
Mark Woldin:
Sorry to hear that Sorvino was a Trumper. Bummer.
RIP Paul..Shout out to George Floyd on 792 days of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals!
Alice Green
Alice Green:
Harvey Weinstein was a better director than I forgot his name and his daughter too what were their names pfffff da Sorvinos