Peaky Blinders: Season 6 RECAP

By order of the Peaky Blinders, we're back for the "final" season (a Peaky Blinders movie may be in the works!). Tommy Shelby tries to do a deal with the Boston crime boss Jack Nelson, while also working to take down English Fascist Oswald Mosley.

Peaky Blinders: Seasons 1 - 5 RECAP

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Wessel S
Wessel S:
The ending of this season was so sick, i do not get the hate it gets. Excited for the spin off series or movie
Despite the hate this season got, I thought it closed most of the story very well. A proper satisfying ending imo. But you still do wonder how different the season might have been had Helen McCrory been around to film it🤔
No Limits
No Limits:
You know you are good at what you do when people watch the show, yet still come to check the recap
Standing by the belief that they set this up to end it with a movie. Was actually pleased with this season. Arthur fighting his drug addiction, the lies of the doctor and the final fight of Micheal and Tom. Standing by it the doc is gonna go to Mosley and Tom is gonna go on a revenge tour in the movie. LETS GO
Merlin Siegl
Merlin Siegl:
Since alot of people seem to be hating on season 6 i have to say that for me it was a really good show. I could live with this ending even without a movie. Tommys charakter development while looking for redemption and trying to change his ways reminds me a bit of arthur morgan from rdr2. It just gets very dramatic in the last seasons to portray the troubles such a lifestyle and its choices may bring with them. Maby thats what people dont like, i dont know exactly.

But for me Peaky Blinders was one of the best Shows i´ve ever seen.
leynlix li
leynlix li:
Yesterday watched your recap for seasons 1-5 and was surprised to see season 6 today. Thank you, you're unbelievably talented!
Dakota Wallace
Dakota Wallace:
i dont even care that i don't even care for the series you're recapping, it's just too damn entertaining. i gotta watch every one lmao
Evan hindle
Evan hindle:
Tommy cannot even lose to himself… loved the ending, I found it very satisfying. R.I.P Helen McCrory (Polly Gray)
This season didn't disappoint. Tommy is always three steps ahead. Peaky fookin Blinders!!!!!!!
Chamuditha Rajapaksha
Chamuditha Rajapaksha:
He does it again and in under 6 mins, great video as always 👏👏
Overall a good final season. I think it would’ve been perfect with Helen, but they did the best with what they had. I wonder if they considered recasting Pol to keep the original storyline. I felt everything was rushed instead of having a 7th season so a lot felt discombobulated. I hope the movie rectifies that. Otherwise, Peaky Blinders will always be my favorite show of all time
I just finished the season today, so I'm conflicted. A bit whelmed? I thought Peaky Blinders was on the decline ever since the political stuff got introduced. I found that to be kind of boring in my gangster show haha. So watching this last season sort of felt like an obligation. And this season, they introduced a few interesting ideas, only to not have the time to go anywhere with them. I honestly forgot there was gonna be a movie? So a lot of things were left unresolved as well. I wish they wrapped up more! The show needs to stand on its own without the movie or a spinoff.
marcelsmart 1718
marcelsmart 1718:
I think the reason people hated this season the most is because S5 left us in a cliffhanger and S6 started off mostly 4 years after S5, birmighnam changed a lot and we didn't get to see that change happen drastically like it did in previous seasons. It still is an amazing season however
Barba Ro
Barba Ro:
It's also worth noting how objective you are with these. You're my favorite YouTuber dude.
Jennifer Cannon
Jennifer Cannon:
Season 6 was good in my opinion, so happy to see Tommy survive, he did what needed to be done in killing Michael, I believe Polly would have done the same thing,you don't go against"The Family"
Henry Ross
Henry Ross:
I love how Tommy always outsmarts everyone & come out on top
Connor Harding
Connor Harding:
Missed a few things watching the season. Thanks for your services man! You’re awesome.
Todd Irwin
Todd Irwin:
Excited For Peaky Blinders Film! & the Potential Spin-off's They Might Plan!
Some Random Shorts
Some Random Shorts:
Rest in peace Helen. You will be missed. No one can ever portray our beloved Aunt Poly other than you.
Donato Bianco
Donato Bianco:
Had the actor of Polly not passed away, this would’ve been the greatest finale season to a show of all time
Sarojan Dongol
Sarojan Dongol:
Still just sad that Polly's actress passed away and so we didn't get to see her in the final season.
Peter Ly
Peter Ly:
Still the best man in the business! You know what would be a CRAZY challange? Doing a recap of the entire "Supernatural" series lol, now THAT, I need to get a Patreon account to get the ball rolling lol
Well done, the whole Shelby family is proud of you.
René Skyggebjerg
René Skyggebjerg:
Absolutely killing it. Like always. :)
Bish Bosh
Bish Bosh:
This always comes when I least expect it 😂
Thank you for this, I am just so confused by this whole show 😂😂
Just started this yesterday bc it came out on netflix. Your timing is too good man
Jason mittenkit
Jason mittenkit:
Wow. 6 seasons AND a movie!
What a *community* !
Bro this man is a good ass youtuber more people should really get to know this guy
This last season was disappointing as hell. So many storylines just glazed over. This kid, Michael and Arthur were barely in the season. No satisfying ending with Mosely. Every episode had scenes way too dragged out. What a shame🙁
Bish Bosh
Bish Bosh:
I'm sorry but this season was underwhelming and messy imo, your recaps always help me make sense of it but when it's all said and done and summarised in 6 minutes not much actually, this show relied far too heavily or atmosphere and cinematography, which is incredible, but in terms of story and pacing it's very lacking
Aditya Rawat
Aditya Rawat:
Can't wait for the peaky blinders movie. 😊
Suryam Gangwal
Suryam Gangwal:
RIP Helen Mcrory
Bish Bosh
Bish Bosh:
Michael: I'm going to war with Tommy Shelby... in 4 years... and I'll just rig a car to explode and blow up the wrong one.
Vlad Muresan
Vlad Muresan:
Leaving "the tv show" on an open ending was such a disrespect for the fans, it really bugs me out, what a weak final season...
Jeremy Dale
Jeremy Dale:
I wasn't able to get into this season either. I enjoyed the other seasons. But this one seemed disjointed and relied too heavily on loud music and slow motion. It used to be character-driven drama, but this season seemed more like a collection of cut scenes from a video game.
Elmer Fudd
Elmer Fudd:
*This movie popped up across Google & I was like...Oh crap, my cover is blown & the neighbors have caught me peaking out my blinds.* 🕵️
Foss Khan
Foss Khan:
Can you please recap the entire series of The Last Man on Earth? It's a great show and I know you would do it justice!
Aryan T R
Aryan T R:
This season was fucking awesome! And holy shit, can't wait for the movie knowing the ending!
osmi vilhu
osmi vilhu:
To be fair duke did say he killed a man before when he told uncle Charlie in the armory.
Mike T
Mike T:
So how did Tommy find out about the planned assassination attempt on him and Arthur?
This is just what I was looking for, clutch as always
TheShop with Marcus
TheShop with Marcus:
This seasons writing was a little sloppy imo. I just don’t buy that out of all of those IRA guys, Michael was with it at the bar, NOBODY thought it was a good idea to hang by the window to keep an eye out for Tommy or anyone else? Michael knows how strategic Tommy is, why would he not have anyone on lookout duty?
Epic C 1O1
Epic C 1O1:
Yes!!! Finally Peak Blinders season 6!!!!
Dogs Breakfast
Dogs Breakfast:
For me season 4 was the best by far. Then 5,1,3,6,2
King Ashley
King Ashley:
Duke needs a spin off
Just finished season 6 and everything was 👍👍👍👍👍
Nguyen Linh
Nguyen Linh:
W video, straight to the point and very pleasant
Thank you bro. Been waiting for this!
Will you do BCS S6 part 1 recap for part 2? I really like your recaps even though I know the whole plot lol
"Can't see anything Boring Gun Fight" I Agree lmao
They should have used a better and bigger actor for uncle Jack
Umar Saeed
Umar Saeed:
Man the recaps are better than the series...just love the commentary
Ethan Perez
Ethan Perez:
wait so how did thomas know about everything at the end of season6 and make counter plans?
Carolus Rex
Carolus Rex:
Normal Recappers: this is gonna take HOURS to recap!

Man of recaps: Pathetic
I really liked season 6 until the end
Aussie Content
Aussie Content:
Great series
Recap City
Recap City:
Been waiting for this one!!!
jasneet singh
jasneet singh:
Abed said it best, 6 seasons and a movie
Tom Glenn
Tom Glenn:
Damn good recap!
Alexander Windh
Alexander Windh:
Sadly the end of the show was style over substance. I have watched all episodes and can't remember anything worthwhile about season 6
SB Music Club
SB Music Club:
So will there be a another season or just a final movie to finish peaky blinder?
Jacob Drechsel
Jacob Drechsel:
end was perf❤️
Dylan Govender
Dylan Govender:
Six seasons and a movie!
Clear Blue Sky
Clear Blue Sky:
I don't hate the end, I hate it that it ends.
This season felt rushed, messy, so many questions left unanswered. Throughout the whole show I was just like wtf.
Sooraj T
Sooraj T:
Thanks for saving my time 😀👌
Mark G
Mark G:
This season is all about Thomas Shelby talking. He’s in every scene talking and talking and talking. Not much room for any other characters.
Rafi Siddiki
Rafi Siddiki:
How likely is there for a movie to actually happen
RFC Fan J:
This season was saved by the last episode because it rapped it all together. Also what happened with the billy boy and jimmy mccaven, also how is Alfie still alive doesn’t he have lung cancer
Yeheskiel Hubert Parluhutan_ Nalaraka'19
Yeheskiel Hubert Parluhutan_ Nalaraka'19:
This is the most exciting and entertaining Peaky Blinders season out of the 6
The 6th season is too boring. I watched first 5 seasons impatiently waiting for each, one by one and 6th I was waiting for the end. Actors played very, very good, story exciting but.....Surprise
Amal Cruz
Amal Cruz:
Later, Duke is gonna take over with Charles and Finn's gonna be the bad guy and this time we know the villain's origin story ;)
Can you do a recap of the Netflix series "To the Lake?"
cyrus gomes
cyrus gomes:
Finally, about time, thanks man!!
Miss Elle / LaniLav
Miss Elle / LaniLav:
Shid. I just got my Netflix back and didn't know peaky fuckin blinders was back with a new season 🥳🥳🥳
The thing about Duke is that there is difference between a good kill and a bad kill. To kill with good reason, is powerful, but to kill a innocent who simply wouldn’t submit is a bad kill. Duke killed a traitor, all I can say is that it would’ve felt good defending the family from insidious men like that.
Grimshaw Grummage
Grimshaw Grummage:
thanks, i just watched this instead of watyching rhw season, seems like a lot of stuff going on for the sake of it, they seem to love twists.. a lot. it would haven been annoying to watch all the tewists. And michael trying to kill tommy - what a stupid plot.
The season was a little rushed. Still don't know how Tommy knew he would be betrayed and how they knew it was Billy who blabbed to the IRA? Many unanswered questions.
They can’t end the season like this wtf I finished it like 3 days ago. What the hell
Marcel -
Marcel -:
Please do city on the hill :)
Spartannugget l
Spartannugget l:
this show was so good until everyone started dying all the main cool characters are dead and it was so boring to watch through it
R. Clement Sam
R. Clement Sam:
I thought hitler would be in the final season and rowan atkinson would play as him
Adamu Thompson
Adamu Thompson:
On point on the Arthur fog gun scene couldn't see anything
Mark G
Mark G:
Not much of a fight or quarrel between tommy and Shelby. Michael’s revenge is poor. He ends up in jail then tommy shoots him
Milkshop Arts
Milkshop Arts:
I hope they don’t put it in a movie because I feel like they’re not going to be able to fit all the plot in an hour long movie
A J k
A J k:
He's not an American Thomas Shelby. He's an American Billy Kimber
Johnny Olden Jr.
Johnny Olden Jr.:
Micheal character was just dumb he leaves from working with tommy his family to working for his wifes uncle hes still not a boss and has no respect. Ended up being an idiot. He was to smart for that outcome.
Nyce Playz
Nyce Playz:
Thanks for saving me like 6hrs
Butts Carlton
Butts Carlton:
6 season and a movie ;)
IDon't like to socialize
IDon't like to socialize:
Guys do you have any news on the upcoming movie or series? please leave a comment by the ORDER OF THE PEAKY FOOKIN BLINDERS
Bish Bosh
Bish Bosh:
Was Finn Cole too busy filming Animal Kingdom or something?
James Shone
James Shone:
Eh can’t really kill oswald off. His son was too important in real life
Lovely, just lovely
Tyler Kovacs
Tyler Kovacs:
Wish I just waited for the recap instead of going through the slow episodes
Michael's beef with Tommy was so dumb
Abram DeLisle
Abram DeLisle:
literally six seasons and a movie nice
The wife and I really want to start watching this show, but who has time to binge a whole new series. Am I right guys? 👋🏽 Guys? Seriously though can we get the recaps of the first 5 seasons? 😊
Ruchit Jain
Ruchit Jain:
You are the best!
Alex Christodoulou
Alex Christodoulou:
What the hell you kick Finn out, they left Mosley alive.. what a crap ending..