Pedro Pascal Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Pedro Pascal breaks down his most iconic characters, including his roles in 'Game of Thrones,' 'Narcos,' 'The Good Wife,' 'The Mentalist,' 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle,' 'The Equalizer 2' and 'Triple Frontier.'
Triple Frontier is available on Netflix now with exclusive theatrical engagements.

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Pedro Pascal Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

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Amal Ajay
Amal Ajay:
then he went on to carry the entire star wars franchise on his back.
Odd that he did an interview about his most iconic characters only a few months before he had his most iconic role
Chelsea Murillo
Chelsea Murillo:
Not him saying he looked like a dork dressed like Javier Peña ....mans was finer than wine in those 80’s outfits
Olivia McDonagh
Olivia McDonagh:
I know people look different with facial hair, but when Pedro Pascal shaves, he straight up shapeshifts.
Dude was a legend in Narcos.
Nick Walker
Nick Walker:
Oberyn Martell: breaks his spear and gets his head smashed in
The Mandalorian: *has unbreakable spear and unsmashable helmet*
air conditioer
air conditioer:
His back must hurt ...after carrying the whole Star Wars universe
Colin Rude
Colin Rude:
"I looked like a dork," he said, with his uncombed hair and fully buttoned-up jean jacket
Jack Dunlap
Jack Dunlap:
Who's here after the Mando season 2 finale

edit: wow, didn't expect so many likes LOL
Emma Hiley
Emma Hiley:
I've watched loads of interviews with him where he's wearing that shirt... so either they were all in the same day or he really loves that shirt 😂
Juliet Jenny
Juliet Jenny:
In Narcos, “I looked like a dork”. Uh he’s very, very, very wrong about that. I thought he was hot and he was even sexier when he spoke Spanish. 😍🤤🤤😝😝
ana is hot
ana is hot:
"Game Of Thrones, never heard of it."

the SHADE 💀
Tom Rath
Tom Rath:
It’s funny watching him being pretty chill in this interview vs. being a total crackhead with oscar isaac in that wired interview
Evan Nesbitt
Evan Nesbitt:
We're gonna have to throw the Mandalorian in there too now
this guy has officially become my comfort person and i can’t figure out whether that’s a good thing or not
"I'm ready to play a character that just sits and doesn't have to wear anything".

Famous last words before the Mandalorian lol
Marcela Preininger
Marcela Preininger:
I know Pedro just wants to chill, but we needed him to single-handedly rescue Star Wars for us and he did that
Mr. Mushroom
Mr. Mushroom:
He is so humble. Talking of all his coworkers in awe and giving credit to the stunt artists.
Beth Downey
Beth Downey:
Two roles: *gets eyes gouged out*
The Mandalorian: "The helmet stays on."
Tair Itzhak
Tair Itzhak:
Why is Peña pretending to be an actor named Pedro Pascal?
He was spectacular as Oberyn Martell. Havent seen an actor make such an impact in so few scenes in a long long time. The Tyrion scene alone is one of the Top 3 dialogue scenes of the entire show
Dan Fors
Dan Fors:
The Mandalorian refuses to remove his helmet because he's traumatized over what the Mountain did to him in GoT
I wanna see Pedro Pascal and Diego Luna star in a movie together
Kenji Mapes
Kenji Mapes:
He nailed The Red Viper in GoT. He’s a hugely underrated actor who deserves bigger roles.
Kat Rita
Kat Rita:
i love how humble and giddy he gets about how lucky he is to be in his position. idk so cute
Sylvia S
Sylvia S:
Full respect for this man. He is super humble, grateful, honest and gracious. He doesn’t have a bad word about anything, throws no shade and he remembers the crew and cast’s names years after the movies. 🙌
Win Shepler
Win Shepler:
This is so weird. They interviewed him pre-mando!
Chucky Tweek
Chucky Tweek:
Pedro about himself in Narcos: "I looked like a dork..."
Me: Well. I think i am into dorks :D
Ash Powers
Ash Powers:
The way he talks about women is so respectful and kind and loving and it's so hot 🔥
I’ve seen him first in mentalist then GoT and lastly Narcos. Wow such a Deja vu
I literally had a crush on him purely based on his voice (never heard of him before the mandalorion) so actually seeing him is a whole nother level like I feel blessed lol
Murloc Mage
Murloc Mage:
He’s phenomenal in kingsman: the Golden circle, they did him dirty at the end tho.
LG Free Gannik
LG Free Gannik:
He sounds like he doesn’t even know how he got in the roles just happened somehow, so chill
jacob_ filmmaker
jacob_ filmmaker:
And now he's playing Joel Miller. Can't wait for that.
He seems to be the absolute best lad out there.
John Schermerhorn
John Schermerhorn:
The fact this was made before one of his biggest roles of his career
Harry Richards
Harry Richards:
I was sad when Oberyn died. But I’d rather get my head crushed by the Mountain than live to be in season 8 too.
Epstein's Pilot
Epstein's Pilot:
Be prepared to add Joel to that list
carlos ronkiyo
carlos ronkiyo:
I think they would needed to this interview when he retires, it seems like their best roles are yet to come, first the mandalorian and then Joel
Oberyn was EASILY my favorite character in GoT. And I loved several characters but I'd still put him at the tip of a sky scraper above anyone else. Amazing character and acting performance.
M Nichols
M Nichols:
That scene with him and Dinklage in GoT... my god, they are amazing actors, the dialog gave me chills.
John Smith
John Smith:
Imagine Pedro Pascal in a Tarantino film
The Impressionist
The Impressionist:
I want him and Nathan Fillion to be in a movie together and play brothers, or cousins, or something....
And then Jeremy Renner could be in it, too.
Lueween Cansino
Lueween Cansino:
I mean who wouldn’t love this guy?
He just seems like a great normal dude who hasn’t let fame and his success warp his brain and I hope he stays that way.
anna doe
anna doe:
If Pedro ever invited me for a party, I’d take my passport.
GOT , The Mandalorian, Wonder Woman 84, Narcos.

This is the do a career right.
Arthur Burton Morgan
Arthur Burton Morgan:
The mandalorian: serious
Pedro: comedy-boy

"I have spoken"
Big Papi
Big Papi:
"Wanna know how they did it?"

Dude in the background : "YES!"
Moonman •
Moonman •:
Simeone tell Pedro he's famous too?!
I was so mad when his character died in GOT!!!!! Darn, I like that guy. He can do it all!
He's killing it in The Mandalorian. And he's doing it with pure body language, few lines and a face covered by a helmet. That's true talent. I do find it ironic he said he wanted his next role to be him sitting in a chair not having to wear a helmet or suit after Prospect and now he LITERALLY plays a character who is always wearing a helmet in full gear doing action. LOL!
Our new Joel, ladies and gentlemen
Silky Johnson
Silky Johnson:
I want to be so famous that I don't even need to comb my hair anymore.
Michael Scott
Michael Scott:
Kinda ironic that his stunt double worked with Star Wars, and now he’s part of Star Wars
Teresa Gonzalez
Teresa Gonzalez:
I love how much credit he gives to his stuntmen :)
Demiron Ayvaz
Demiron Ayvaz:
I cried so much because of this man, the compilations that people did.
Philip Clinton
Philip Clinton:
New iconic character now for him, Joel Miller (HBO- The Last Of Us)
Talon Gates
Talon Gates:
who's here after finding out that he's playing Joel in HBO's The Last Of Us
G Riddell
G Riddell:
Watching this and can’t wait to see him in The Last Of Us
Random Dr
Random Dr:
Binged on am binging on his interviews....
Borg Assassin
Borg Assassin:
I want to see him talk about Mando. This is the Way!
He seems like such a down to Earth dude. I wanna hang with Mando.
xX Ahmed Xx
xX Ahmed Xx:
After seeing him here I think he can pull it off as Joel
Mar Pandz
Mar Pandz:
He is THE Mandalorian..I have spoken
Vicente Brante
Vicente Brante:
Chris Ferdinand
Chris Ferdinand:
It makes me feel good inside to know that he did the Wired Autocomplete Interview in the same day.
Before Benedict Cumberbatch was cast, Pedro was my choice to be Doctor Strange.
They need to extend this now and talk about The Mandalorian and Wonder Woman!
So that's why the Mandalorian never removes his helmet.

He's not taking any chances this time...
"Come to Washington DC with me"
"Why do you want me to come to DC with you?"
"This is the way".
Mason P
Mason P:
And now he can add Joel to the list
Mia Ella
Mia Ella:
The thing i like about this man is that he plays a lot of great characters
Wesley Tipton
Wesley Tipton:
I love how he was saying that he hoped his next character would just sit in a chair. Ha. Oh Pedro you don’t know what’s coming
Bleep Bloop
Bleep Bloop:
He looks like a different person without the mustache
David Le
David Le:
Oberyn Martell, Javier Peña, Maxwell Lord, The Mandalorian,... and next is Joel Miller! Fantastic man!!!
I can't believe this men have been accused of being a '' diva''!!! He is such a lovely person!!!!
Maureen Saul
Maureen Saul:
I love how he mentions Javier's clothes in Narcos. The Jeans were awesome 😁❤
Vangelis Sioutis
Vangelis Sioutis:
Great acting in Narcos. He would be the perfect guy to play the life of Burt Reynolds. With a moustache & a hat, you have Bandit!
Kendal Moraes
Kendal Moraes:
In Narcos, “I looked like a dork”. Uh he’s very, very, very wrong about that. I thought he was hot and he was even sexier when he spoke Spanish. 😍🤤🤤😝😝
Kat R.
Kat R.:
best man in the whole wide world rn!
Sinem Fuat
Sinem Fuat:
I never realised Pedro Pascal was in The Mentalist, he looks so different without his moustache
Brad Hensley
Brad Hensley:
Coming back to this Christmas 2020 after he's played Din Jarin for two seasons of The Mandalorian AND Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984 ❤️
ali ihsan özkan
ali ihsan özkan:
Pedro Pascal Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters
Rupesh Biswas
Rupesh Biswas:
Love the way he gave credits to his stunt doubles
not many actors do this 🥰😁♥️
Mudrac Fuidji
Mudrac Fuidji:
Who's here after the last episode of Season 2 Mandalorian?
Stanley Roark
Stanley Roark:
He seems like a regular guy who just happens to act!
Andrew Justice
Andrew Justice:
Is it weird that Pedro looks LESS Latino without his mustache
Do you know a little show about a shiny Knight and his little green friend? Yes? NO?
Hairy Crackpot
Hairy Crackpot:
I love him in mando and love him more in got,both ive just watch it this week.
Justin Hamilton
Justin Hamilton:
Mans my favorite actor in years, he’s so good
I found him in Narcos. Fell in love with him in Kingsman. Mandolin just sealed the deal. I look at him in this denim shirt and it makes me think “Wow, that looks too small. At least loosen the top snaps. I can help!”
Dane Massie
Dane Massie:
I still wish the Viper didn’t gloat over the mountain, I loved his character and I wanted to see and read more about him!
Daniel Larsson
Daniel Larsson:
His death in GOT still makes me sick to my stomach.
brian butler
brian butler:
one of the best actors ever.
Tom McCarthy
Tom McCarthy:
Joel will soon be his most iconic role.
Jommy Fonseca
Jommy Fonseca:
he can play every role ! i like him when he´s on screen
Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark:
I feel like oberyn should’ve got more screen time on GOT
Christopher Purcell
Christopher Purcell:
His career started at 24 and it took him approx 15 years to make it big. I'm 24 now and graduating college so this gives me hope.
Austin McKenna
Austin McKenna:
And then comes along “The Mandalorian” 😌