Pedro Pascal Shows Jimmy How to Crack a Whip

Pedro Pascal demonstrates his perfect lasso form and the whip-cracking skills he learned for Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

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Pedro Pascal Shows Jimmy How to Crack a Whip

100+ comentarios:

Brothers of Panda
Brothers of Panda:
Pedro: "I felt more confident with the whip. I enjoyed it more."
*everybody liked that*
Mr. Fahrenheit
Mr. Fahrenheit:
ok, seems like our mandalorian should be the next indiana jones
Pedro: "I was pretty confident with the whip... I enjoyed it more"
Audience, breathing heavily: 👀
Pedro is such an underrated actor.
so literally no one is talking about how insanely hot he looks when he cracks the whip? ok
Erica Breaux
Erica Breaux:
“How many takes did you have to do of that?”
“I had to do it for like 4 months!”

*This is the way*
Kristína Szabó
Kristína Szabó:
So glad he is doing so well after game of thrones
Dániel Goger
Dániel Goger:
He also showed Jimmy how to crack some jokes.
Nique'a Childs
Nique'a Childs:
He's weirdly hot without being hot I can sooo dig it 👍👍
Nurfauzi Ahmad
Nurfauzi Ahmad:
"I feel more comfortable with the whip, I enjoy it."

**Woman screaming**

Holy shit, when he cracked that whip I *felt* something awaken in me
E. K.
E. K.:
this damn latino is on fire
Now all we need is the Mando cracking a light whip
Roberto Castillo Acevedo
Roberto Castillo Acevedo:
So proud of Pedro and his success. As a fellow chilean im really happy for him
D. Foxx
D. Foxx:
I've never seen a lasso look so cool in a movie since Indiana Jones.
Shashwat Maurya
Shashwat Maurya:
Just imagine Oberyn with a spear in one hand and a whip in another.. Damn
Every little bit more I see of this man makes my crush that much bigger.
My feelings: *this is the way*
He's so ruggedly handsome
JM Nation
JM Nation:
Did anyone else get this clip as their recommended, because he's The Mandalorian? lol
My ovaries exploded 💅🏻
Weeb Purger
Weeb Purger:
I think he should be the new zorro, just saying
“i’m more comfortable with the whip”
everyone: 👁👄👁
Makaili Clark
Makaili Clark:
*craps whip the hottest way imaginable*

"Can we see that in slow motion"

corinna bevier
corinna bevier:
the way he said “i enjoyed it more.” was so attractive
When he said "I enjoyed it more" about the whip 😱🤰
Gateaux Q
Gateaux Q:
I love Pedro. Strong serious actor, total goofball in person.
Alyssa Aguirre
Alyssa Aguirre:
This is my first time seeing him just as himself (like not in character) and he's just the cutest, his air lasso was adorable.
E Mum
E Mum:
Jimmy: security security!
Security: that mans got a whip, you're on your own buddy!
Akiva J. Torres
Akiva J. Torres:
Whips are real in the Star Wars universe, slave merchants especially had electric whips. To see Mando use them would be absolute fire and it wouldnt be far from Canon. Like some sort of episode where Mando saves a slave ship for info or to rescue enslaved Mandalorians.
that whip sound reminded me of my latina mom
Kevin F
Kevin F:
I already know Pedro is gonna be my favorite part about the Kingsman sequel. The guy took down Pablo Escobar for godsakes!
Michael Davis
Michael Davis:
Fun fact: the crack of the whip is caused by the tip of the whip traveling at above Mach 1 and thus is a mini sonic boom.
Fifi I.
Fifi I.:
So he said the names of all the actors in the film, except the main character.
Oh look it's my boy, The Mandalorian.
trinh le
trinh le:
we need Mando going old school with a lasso now
I hope we get to see his face while in the Mando armor. Even if it’s just for the audience and no other characters see him, I would really like to see how he would act without the helmet on.
I didn't think I could be any more attracted to him than I already am, but I was wrong.
Imagine Pedro in a possible "Castlevania" film adaptation? It would be sick.
i'm that one lady screaming louder than the rest in the audience
Carlos Morales
Carlos Morales:
Grande Pedro , tremendo actor , cuando vengas a chile vamos a compartir unas buenas empanadas ,te esperamos pronto
i like how Jimmy forgot Taron, who is the main character
If Pedro doesn't make it on the magazine for 'hottest man of the year', I'm going to be honest, I will be upset
Isi Mora
Isi Mora:
I love he is Chilean! VIVA CHILE!
fuck you
fuck you:
Jimmy- "where ya gonna do it"
Theres a literal pink x that jimmy set up for him to go to yet he still acts as if he doesnt know
Milla Jean
Milla Jean:
every time pedro smiled i smile i couldnt help it hes so cute
Joseph Blashka
Joseph Blashka:
I wanna see this guy and diego luna together
Olivia Brown
Olivia Brown:
That was hot.
Jimmy is overreacting so much it hurts.
Somebody make 00:52 a GIF immediately
Akash John
Akash John:
I can’t unsee an older Steve Harrington in Pedro
Jason Doty
Jason Doty:
I wonder if he would use a whip on the Mandalorian.
Le Negotiator
Le Negotiator:
Grogu when he sees the whip

Hanna Rae
Hanna Rae:
I hope we get to see the Mandalorian fight with a whip in one of the episodes now.
Chaise A La Moutarde
Chaise A La Moutarde:
How is that guy a mandalorian, a trator, a huge drug baron and a Indiana jones at the same time ?
I want this guy to succeed and become the biggest name in Hollywood
cassie johnson
cassie johnson:
Did i click on *ONE* interview and then watched like 10 because of the Mandalorian? Yes yes I did
Di I regret this decision? No No I don't
Tondo the Awesome
Tondo the Awesome:
he's so hot ♥
Calvin Ogden
Calvin Ogden:
He was the best character in the golden circle
Melanie Evans
Melanie Evans:
"I feel more comfortable with the whip, I enjoy it."

*Woman screaming*

Little Miho
Little Miho:
Game of Thrones was the first time I seen Pedro act in, after that I kept tabs on him to see his acting skills...and he is such a wonderful disciplined actor and humble personality. So glad he is making history in one of my most loved franchise: Star Wars.
Helene Paul
Helene Paul:
Umm my heart couldn't handle seeing him crack that whip TWICE 😘😘
Silvia xx
Silvia xx:
Oberyn <3
Yoda's Corner
Yoda's Corner:
GOT: swords
Kingsman: whip
Mando: Baby yoda

list of pedro pascal's weapons
Is there any weapon this guy can't use?!! He did master the lot of them as Oberyn
Ardie Kepo'o
Ardie Kepo'o:
In season 2 of the Mandalorian: the Mandalorian corrals and whips his bounties into submission using a laser whip... with the greatest of ease... thanks to Pedro Pascal 😀
Daeseong Kim
Daeseong Kim:
Funny he’s proficient with a lasso when hes now a villain to a lasso wielding hero, wonder woman
Duran ‘Dman’ Bodasing
Duran ‘Dman’ Bodasing:
Who wants to see Pedro Pascal earn his well deserved OSCAR playing BURT REYNOLDS IN A BIO - PIC!??!? PLEASE MAKE THAT MOVIE HOLLYWOOD!!
now he's lassoing aliens and droids in the mandalorian.
Owais Ahmad
Owais Ahmad:
The bar scene from kingsmen is amazing .
Hoda Farah
Hoda Farah:
"PAYdro PAScal"
“I was more confident with the whip. I enjoyed it more.” *cracks whip*

Me: I gotta go....
General Kenobi
General Kenobi:
GOT, Narcos, Kingsman... *Pedro Pascal rocks !* ^^
jimmy and pedro are like my uncles. they get drunk at every party and insult each other the whole time
Mandalorians actually have whips. Part of their anti-jedi arsenal
I love that he walks down the steps talking kinda like a nerd and then does the hottest thing ever. that sums him up
I didn't know anything about Pedro Pascal prior to The Mandalorian and I absolutely love him in it. I had no idea that he was funny too. Love him!
The needed Lemon Tea
The needed Lemon Tea:
Pedro literally took over the show and just did whatever he wanted, and I’m living for it.
My name is Nate
My name is Nate:
Pedro Pascal is so good at acting he should have an EMERALD STATUE IF HIM AND OSCAR ISAAC
He was the best thing in that movie. Honestly, his action scenes were phenomenal!
Dustin Chan
Dustin Chan:
Jimmy: How do you crack a whip?

Pedro: This is the way
Gabino Gudino
Gabino Gudino:
It’s funny because most scenes the rope and whip were CGI but him actually learning how to do it sold it to be more realistic love this actor
"I'm more confident with the nae nae" did Fallon just say something funny? What?
Aga Nova
Aga Nova:
Agent Peña  is so hundsome:)
Are those the glasses his dog chewed up that he still wears?
Milan Tamang
Milan Tamang:
So they resurrected the Red Viper with the gel plastic thingy from the Golden Circle, is it ?
Claire Wintersoldier
Claire Wintersoldier:
i literally DIED when Jimmy said: Ok but we don't have to slow motion..
Talking about him crouching on the chair

Omg I cannot breathe it's so hilarious
Kacie W.
Kacie W.:
For the record, “lasso” is a verb. “Lariat” is the proper term.
Badaboomba !
Badaboomba !:
“Where you gonna whip?”
“(Deep sigh) I’ll go over here.”
Rob DiLauro
Rob DiLauro:
This is the future, hello! Pedro Pascal is IN NO WAY underrated in 2020.
Nerdy Gal 613
Nerdy Gal 613:
If a zombie apocalypse ever breaks out I’m allying myself with Pedro
Nevaeh Vandemark
Nevaeh Vandemark:
My cousin taught me how to crack a whip too.. still in process a bit and Pedro did exactly what he was teaching me! :D
Hailey Chalupa
Hailey Chalupa:
Every time I see Pedro Pascal, he always looks different
O Flode
O Flode:
I find myself very attracted to Pedro, IDK why, there is definitely something getting hot in here!
If Trump ever saw Jimmy in person he would try to "grab" him ;-)
Arrow Animations
Arrow Animations:
This is the mandolin but with emotions
Lucy Newman
Lucy Newman:
i was very annoyed when jimmy was naming the cast he didn’t say taron he’s he best cadet member
Acer Wolfe
Acer Wolfe:
Jimmy Fallon had to ruin the demonstration by making it ALL about himself. If not for Pedro I'm not going to watch this interview at ALL.
Good job Jimmy always trying to bring the attention to you. Nice! Real professional.
Cari Prebyl
Cari Prebyl:
Oh my god what if the mandalorian actually held a whip
And now, suddenly, I am picturing the Mandalorian with a goddamn whip. jesus christ