Pep absolutely smashed! Manchester City 2-5 Leicester City Match Reaction

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84 comentarios:

kosai ganem
kosai ganem:
Terry is pushing the agenda that liverpool have had “not good start”, on the next the side he thing arsenal has had a good start! Strange. Liverpool actually performed very good against leeds, its just leeds played great football and took all of their chances, and against chelsea liverpool had a very good performance and won 2-0, what is bad about that?! Dont give me the “bad defence” crap. These defensive can be avoided and will be avoided. As to arsenal, they will be brought back to earth very soon, be sure of that. Everyon has had a great start by their standard, maybe a top 6 finish for them
The Normal One
The Normal One:
Pep has not signed a new contract. He technically leaves end of this year.
Ian Burke
Ian Burke:
"Pep is bald fam"
Terry's face when the realisation kicks in that he's also bald at 3:25 🤣🤣🤣
Liverpool are starting this season more or less how they started last season, people love clutching at straws when it comes to Liverpool, leaving out context.
Ashley Knight
Ashley Knight:
Give Leicester city credit there a good side
James River CFC Reviews
James River CFC Reviews:
Elite Opinions is one of those delusional Tottenham fans when they start to open there mouth you mute them straight away
John Sama
John Sama:
Wait Everton and Arsenal started well, but the jury’s out on Liverpool?
N҉I҉C҉K҉Y҉ S҉L҉A҉M҉
N҉I҉C҉K҉Y҉ S҉L҉A҉M҉:
They can't blame it on lack of fans.😂😂
king mansa
king mansa:
The samuel kid reminds me of that teacher from "that's so raven"😂😂
Louis LasVegas
Louis LasVegas:
Every discussion on here always comes back to United 🤦🏻‍♂️ no1 cares about United except u Tel 😷
Anthony KImani
Anthony KImani:
People àre forgetting Peps hasn't done well since Arteta left & Mourinho fell off after Rui Faria left manutd in the middle of the season.
Josh Andrews
Josh Andrews:
I don’t get how everyone are hyping the start of the season it means nothing.
AM2 Racing
AM2 Racing:
What is this? Terry (worked in private banking brokering deals with football stars) leader of 18 year olds?
Fahed Al-ajmi
Fahed Al-ajmi:
With Sterling their main striker they won't make the top 4 😂
Mia Renata
Mia Renata:
Do a reaction of AVS "Uncomparable" 💚
Yan Hanna
Yan Hanna:
Terry just watched Utd stand repeats what was said on their channel
Chileshe Mutale
Chileshe Mutale:
Dont worry, they'll just spend another 300 million on defence and holding midfielders
James Rigby
James Rigby:
I think I know why Pep doesn't get the criticism, it basically he's a media darling, people judge him for that Barcelona squad that he built, making the player that Messi became, not what has happened since
That Scouser Again
That Scouser Again:
Liverpool piss the league,20 titles an perch is being climbed.
Springtrap Lover2010
Springtrap Lover2010:
Got to love the press already making excuses for pep making it known it was Cities 3rd game in a week. Where was that excuse for the other teams that have played the same amount? Hell Millwall play 3 games a week during a normal season.
pablo danilo
pablo danilo:
Pep has been fighting and struggling about Koulabaly all window because he hasn't the quality for look a cheap and good player and turn him in a world class player
is Stro a manc supporting Liverpool 😂
Life as Thato
Life as Thato:
City are nothing without David Silva and Vincent kompany
Joel B
Joel B:
51:20 just ignored him😂
David Gardiner
David Gardiner:
Today’s a good day
Life as Thato
Life as Thato:
Oilchester City are just having a blip this thing of winning ✌🏾big✌🏾 trophies 😬 league cup league cup and carabao cup oh same thing 🤷🏾‍♂️ all small trophies no one cares about in the words of Andy trait they are still little city from the 80s 70s and from the bloody 1800
Daniel Olumuyiwa
Daniel Olumuyiwa:
The way Terry finished Egal 🤣
Life as Thato
Life as Thato:
Simeone seems to be changing that’s what pep needs to do
So in such a short space of time the EPL has gone from a crap uncompetitive league to the most competitive ever??? These fans are so stupid doubt they believe their own opinions. These are the real frauds
David Harriott
David Harriott:
Pep has revolutionized football end of. Like the channel but maybe think about how you treat Zain
Samuel GGG
Samuel GGG:
Rodri said Leicester were lucky lol 😂😂😂
Jay Panchal
Jay Panchal:
Stro, man up! We are champions and your worried about Arsenal 😂
Casey John.
Casey John.:
Pep isn't a good manager. Inherited a amazing barca team from rijkarrd right into a powerful Munich team then to a open cheque book in city.. what has he actually built.??
Dont worry they only lost because they don’t have laporte 🤣🤣
Kannan K
Kannan K:
Samuel4002afc This has aged well. Calm down clown
kosai ganem
kosai ganem:
Smug Egal wants to wait until monday... he wants to join Monstar in the hall of crap... you got it body!
John Lyons
John Lyons:
How many minutes till the champions Liverpool get dragged into their conversation, rent free 🏆🥳🥳🥳
Joanna Kuzma
Joanna Kuzma:
This players dont have mor hart play for Pep
Joanna Kuzma
Joanna Kuzma:
Bayern play on wensday super cup in Hungary on wensday
Tash love
Tash love:
Tony Joseph
Tony Joseph:
How can you say peps times up samuel ? How many first team players were out injured?
He won 2 premiership with city in 3 years, one less than Wenger managed in 20plus years
Coz Brown
Coz Brown:
Man City have stood still for the last few years when it comes to transfers No one to improve the team no leader at the back looking stale to me
deluxe playzz
deluxe playzz:
i hate Elite_KJ for laughing at people's opinions when it comes to Man City or Pep
Jimmy Knizzle
Jimmy Knizzle:
You lot better hope the season gets null and voided this time #LFC #BackToBack
Joanna Kuzma
Joanna Kuzma:
City worry UEFA can do invastigation agein
Joanna Kuzma
Joanna Kuzma:
Edredona nerly kill Garcia wen restart
Chaz Clifford
Chaz Clifford:
In summary, Pep lacks pragmatism.
Dave Lovett
Dave Lovett:
Wenger in
Life as Thato
Life as Thato:
Zein is deluded rashford dropped bare man in de box v Brighton hush boy 🤫🤫🤫
Kevin Oliver
Kevin Oliver:
The handball rule will ruin this season and Liverpool haven't suffered from it yet. The jury's out on Liverpool??
Punyo Tadii
Punyo Tadii:
M not mancity fan but penalty VAR system should be improve its ruin the lovely game spirit of football.
Stay Woke, Wolves Paid 50mil For Fabio Silva, Worst Signing Ever
Ian T
Ian T:
!hat a result that was for leciester! After Man Shitty scored in the first 5 mins i honestly thought they would turn Leicester over but Leicester just tore them to shreds in the second half. if Leicester can sign a new CB
I think they will have a good chance of top 6 again but squad depth is an issue for Leicester as we saw in the second half of last season.
Tragic result for City
Man City winning and Laporte Bernardo sliva no aguero no Jesus and back CB was playing
Life as Thato
Life as Thato:
Pep Guardiola did the same thing at Barcelona wins trophies wins more trophies 🏆 then gets hyped by media then gets mentally drained then crumbles go watch TalkFCB vid about pep
Joanna Kuzma
Joanna Kuzma:
Barcelona it’s diffrent story
v cxv cxvxcv
v cxv cxvxcv:
city are still favourites to win the league and ucl
Ashutosh Rogye
Ashutosh Rogye:
Why pep shouldn't be called fraudiola or a PE teacher? Same system, same flaws last season, same now. Any player at that position can't improve pep's fraudulent system. Why he shouldn't be battered for his tactical naiveness?
the reason why pep doesnt get criticized as much as Ole is because of what Pep has done as a manager, Ole hasnt done anything as a manager and deserves all the criticism he gets
Keir Canwell
Keir Canwell:
Egal is the most delusional fan
robert kopite
robert kopite:
LOL dumb opinions😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Matthew Olugbemi
Matthew Olugbemi:
He is out of his depth, should no longer manage at the top level, the game has gone past him, he has refused to evolve in the game, his tactics is awful, making a multimillion team play like a championship team, he should be sacked...
Oh it's not Jose! It's Pep!
Don't worry about the aforementioned
Clement Cuco
Clement Cuco:
Whatever it is, in the end of this week still Man. City is above of Man. Utd. Also conceding 3 goals through the penalty is not Pep's fault. OLE's tactics of getting a penalty in almost every game seem to be emulated and taken seriously by other teams. Once again OLE shows his talent. Good Job OLE. #olestayforever
Real Gems
Real Gems:
City is a bad man manager. Players that hate him: Ibrahimavic, Eto'o, Sané, Yaya-Toure,
J W:
This is the blue print to defeat City. If they are tied or behind late in the game, they panic and implode. There is no plan B for City. If the possession based game isn't working for them, they can't grind a result out.
William Irvine
William Irvine:
Ha ha yass
Allister Lambert
Allister Lambert:
Ole is the best manager in the league
James River CFC Reviews
James River CFC Reviews:
I think what this guy ‘Zorgie’ is right I think this is the most open season in a long while, even Liverpool who are the team to beat right now can be beaten like we seen at the back end of the season and against Leeds, this could be a really interesting season as a whole
Abdul Wadud
Abdul Wadud:
Anderton Chigoneka
Anderton Chigoneka:
He rebuild Barcelona where they were struggling bar semi finals in 2008.
He brought Basquets and Pedro from the youth team.
He made Messi, Iniesta and Xavi to world class players.
Brought in Alves and Pique.
He brought a new style and won a treble in his first season.
He made Barcelona into a winning club again.
At Bayern Munich he had it handed to him as they were by far best team in Germany and were best in Europe.
They actually got worse in champions league they got destroyed in 2014 by Real Madrid and got beat by Barcelona the year after both in semi finals so they got weaker.
Yes he dominated in domestic league but that’s easy work.
At Manchester City that was his most impressive job they were just fourth and only positive was semi finals appearance.
He made them a force in domestic football but has failed in Europe.
He had broken records and winning back to back leagues is no mean feat.
I respect him but it’s over for him at Manchester City.
He should’ve left in the summer for me
Chappers Gaming
Chappers Gaming:
Think of this if arssanal beat Liverpool they will be joint 1st on points top of the league... Could it be there year?? I'm a Liverpool fan and I fear arssanal, they beat us 2x and could beat us 3 Even 4 times, we need to figure out them... I dunno if we stepped off the gass due to being champions
Xain86 K
Xain86 K:
i am a Liverpool fan, but City didnt play as badly as the scoreline suggested. A few of those penalty calls were marginal at best. City also dominated the game, so i fail to see how they were terrible at all. Yes lots of individual errors, and they did deserve to lose, but come on, we saw these types of performances from them last season too. Aguero playing in this game would have given them the finishing touch. Lets also not forget that Leicester had a really good game. Very clinical.
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena:
British media favourite Kevin Debruyne without David Silva was is nice to have the little conductor around.........every player needs good players around them to excel......only Manchester United fans do not understand that simple fact!
Bryce Blaisdell
Bryce Blaisdell:
Mate there is a reason why Nathan Aké got relegated
Moody Ali
Moody Ali:
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena:
fans say the most stupid thing...........'Mendy is not a footballer' you know the sacrifices and physical demands it takes to reach that level! when was the last time you run for 10 miles in 90 minutes?
Life as Thato
Life as Thato:
Elite Opinions more like deluded opinion pep is done but he is not on moroninho level yet in two or three years maybe pep is a one trick pony as a manager he is a spoilt egg 🥚 head but let me just say tielemans vardy or VARdy cistanya and kasper shmeickel espesialy Youri Tielemans were class tielemans is world class
Osteoman 74
Osteoman 74:
I am am Arsenal fan but this Samuel kid is really talking out of his back side and it is way past his bed time, come Terry get someone on here that talk sense not this kid that looks like he has not even reach puberty yet
vaibhav sharma,123
vaibhav sharma,123:
These guys talking city is finished, they beat Liverpool 4-1
Morris Musinguzi
Morris Musinguzi:
I don't think it's funny laughing at rival teams, this could easily happen to any of the big teams coz this season, the top 10 EPL contenders have quite upgraded, i wouldn't give this a laugh..
Joanna Kuzma
Joanna Kuzma:
On munday Arsenal park the 🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌
Nicole Rodgers
Nicole Rodgers:
thiago stay hurt
Anthony KImani
Anthony KImani:
Leceister will bottle it don't worry guys.