Permaneceremos - We Shall Remain

On November 17th of 2014 a group of 40 black women from a rural community in Colombia set out on a march to their nation’s capital in what they dubbed “Black Women’s March in Defense of Life and The Ancestral Territories”. Once they arrived, they proceeded to occupy the Ministry of Interior until the government agreed to sign binding agreements for the removal of illegal mining activities; the suspension of illegally awarded mining titles; and protection for the community leaders threatened with assassination. Francia Marquez, a community leader who has travelled to the US on numerous occasions, spoke the following words to the government’s negotiating team.

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6 comentarios:

Astrid Yulieth Cuero
Astrid Yulieth Cuero:
palabras como llamas las de Francia Marquez, mis respetos para tremenda luchadora
alexandra aragon
alexandra aragon:
yo me ciento haci dueña de mi terrritorio y luchadora hay que seguir muy bien
eric robinson
eric robinson:
One of the best speeches I've ever heard, brought tears to my eyes, globally, the political sell-outs and corporate thieves make much indefensible misery where ever they worship their god of profit.
Lacayo Norales
Lacayo Norales:
Eso así, como si más de 400 años de abuso e indiferencia humana no fuese suficiente. En Colombia y el mundo entero, nosotros los Afrodesendientes estamos hartos de los abusos en nuestra contra. Gracias Francia, ojalá ésas palabras caigan como dagas en los oídos de quiénes abusan del medio ambiente y el pueblo.
alexandra aragon
alexandra aragon:
exelente lider y muy berraca emfrentadora y luchadora por su territorio muy bien
Maria Daniela Valencia
Maria Daniela Valencia:
Ay Francia, tú me inspiras