This is a clip of the last interview that music producer Phil Spector has done. I am not sure who owns this clip i found it on another video platform and decided to upload it to youtube. If you own this clip please comment and let me know how i can reach you i really want to watch this whole interview and if you want me to remove it please tell me.

Phillip Harvey Spector (born Harvey Phillip Spector, December 26, 1939) is an American record producer, musician, and songwriter who developed the Wall of Sound, a music production formula he described as a Wagnerian approach to rock and roll. Spector was dubbed the "First Tycoon of Teen" by writer Tom Wolfe[1] and is acknowledged as one of the most influential figures in pop music history.[2] After the 1970s, Spector mostly retired from public life. In 2009, he was convicted of second-degree murder and has remained incarcerated since.[3]

Born in the Bronx, Spector began his career in 1958 as co-founder, guitarist, and vocalist of the Teddy Bears, penning their US number-one single "To Know Him Is to Love Him". In 1960, he co-founded Philles Records, and at the age of 21, became the youngest ever US label owner to that point.[4] Over the next several years, he wrote, co-wrote, or produced records for acts such as the Ronettes and the Crystals, and later, John Lennon and George Harrison of the Beatles. He often employed what would become known as "the Wrecking Crew" as his de facto house band while collaborating with arranger Jack Nitzsche, engineer Larry Levine, and various Brill Building songwriters. Spector's other chart-topping singles include "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" (co-written and produced for the Righteous Brothers, 1964), "The Long and Winding Road" (produced for the Beatles, 1970), and "My Sweet Lord" (produced for Harrison, 1970).

Spector is considered the first auteur among musical artists for the unprecedented freedom and control he had over every phase of the recording process. Additionally, he helped engender the idea of the studio as an instrument,[5] the integration of pop art aesthetics into music (art pop),[6] and the art rock genre.[7] His honors include the 1973 Grammy Award for Album of the Year for co-producing Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh (1971), a 1989 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and a 1997 induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.[8] In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine ranked Spector number 63 on their list of the "100 Greatest Artists of All Time".[9] According to BMI, "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" is the song that received the most US airplay in the 20th century.

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Bryan B
Bryan B:
It's a damn shame he did what he did to that poor actress. His choice.
He was a kook but he was brilliant in the studio
The Progressive Curmudgeon
The Progressive Curmudgeon:
I always respected this man’s brave wig choices.
D 64
D 64:
Looks like Martin Short doing a parody of Phil Spector .
reffoelcnu alouncelal
reffoelcnu alouncelal:
He produced the records that were the soundtrack of my youth ,
Scott Masson
Scott Masson:
I feel sorry for him in many ways. His dad killed himself when he was like 5. I feel sorry for people who get mentally ill.
Robbie Crosbie
Robbie Crosbie:
After watching what he put ronnie spector through in their marriage he's one seriously messed up individual. He might of been a genius in music but the way he treated people was disgusting
Sebastian Baca
Sebastian Baca:
"There is no good music today" this was in accurate and quite sane observation from a sick man
B H:
Can't deny that Phil Spector was a legend in the music industry. Whish he had not murdered that woman. His involuntary shaky trembling hand visible in this interview might be a side effect of psychiatric medication.
Dr. Buzz VonJellar
Dr. Buzz VonJellar:
As brilliant as Phil was, in the end, he just had to deconstruct his life. Two lives were ended. That’s tragedy. His remarks here are accurate and insightful.
i wish someone had helped this man he give so much to people but will ne remembered for the wrong reasons rip mate
Keith Jefferson
Keith Jefferson:
Brilliant people often deal with a chronic level of insanity......
Ivan VDK
Ivan VDK:
Thx Phil for the music. Influencing me since 1976. Thx for ‘back to mono’. Thx for working with Jeff and Ellie, Carole and Gerry, Barry and Cynthia, Hal Blaine, Carol Kaye, Tommy Tedesco, Sonny Bono, the rest of the Wrecking crew still alive or passed away, Jack Nitzsche, Bobby Hatfield, Lala Brooks, Estelle Bennett and many many others who made your Wall of Sound. You made the sixtiessound popular. Respect for what you did for the music industry. The rest is private. To know your music is to love your music.
Benji Schneider
Benji Schneider:
he was a genius...of course. but also a broken man. his story of life is ending now. thank you for the music...
8:28 - hearing him talking about the Rolling Stones condoning murder is peak irony
Richard Whitfill
Richard Whitfill:
They say there is a thin line between genius and madness. Phil is an example of this.
Charles Winokoor
Charles Winokoor:
“There is no good music today.”
And Mickey Mouse broke the color line.
Not bad.
Mary Raymond
Mary Raymond:
In the mind of a madman genius. His music will surround us forever. RIP.
In the end, he was a troubled man due to the over indulgences he was able to feed himself with, along with the heavy doses of drugs. He didn't even blink in the end. Looked like a startled human being. Probably a foresight of where and what he would see after death in my opinion.
He can be seen as a very young man playing a record executive on an early episode of "I Dream of Jeannie."
Colin M
Colin M:
A troubled man but a true music genius. RIP Phil Spector.
James Kennedy
James Kennedy:
He was close friends with Lenny Bruce . Massive drug abuse led to paranoia , then psychosis .
Jean-Paul Richard
Jean-Paul Richard:
I heard "to know him is to love him" as a teenager. No other song ever moved me more during that period of my life. I still have the 78-rpm recording of it I acquired immediately after it came out. I still play that song in between French, French Canadian and Neapolitan songs of my collections. My thanks to a tortured genius who made important gifts to music. Now, he has found peace.
Bernard Winn
Bernard Winn:
Yes he was a genius. But you could tell he had serious issues in his personal life. But he had the gift of music. Rest in peace Phil Spector
Rob Fiss
Rob Fiss:
Incredible mind , he lived an eccentric life . Crazed unusual behavior is due to a mind that's in a different orbit .
Sharon Rebibo
Sharon Rebibo:
A true original whose songs will live on forever.😿
Andrew Segovia
Andrew Segovia:
Would've loved to have seen Ozzy & Phil talk to one another to see which one of the 2 was nuttier!
jeffrey bruce butterfield
jeffrey bruce butterfield:
" a thin line between love and hate" "Also thin line twixt genius and madness!"
I'm glad s1 else says there's no good music today !
Watching Spector interviews through the ages it's pretty clear he had a limited at best relationship with reality. This is probably the most coherent I've seen him
RIP Phil Spector.
"Spanish Harlem"
Chris Lancaster
Chris Lancaster:
An amazing find. Thank you for posting.
It's so sad about Phil Spector. It all went to his head and all the pills and he thought he could treat people like shit because he made them famous and he thought that he was the genius and they were nothing if not for him. I have little hope to ever see him released from jail and in good mental health again. The music he made has outlived him already.
S. Adam Bernstein
S. Adam Bernstein:
November 2008. 4:30 "You can't have civil change without good music and there is no good music today". Prescient as heck-- another aspect of his genius? 1939-2021. To know him is to love him.
It is nice to get a glimpse of the man when he wasn't in that awful place. You can see the genius , the intellect and the understanding of his craft. It's such a shame that it came with such a dark side. No excusing what he did. The music was great.
Katie Cameron Sage
Katie Cameron Sage:
- the tragic genius, but a genius nonetheless, I will always consider Phil Spector the greatest Producer of Records. The minute I heard his sound, I recognized it BECAUSE OF ITS DEPTH. I remember looking into his eyes years and years ago and he LOOKED at people. He took an interest in my music as well. Luckily, fate kept me safe.
Herr Zeit
Herr Zeit:
This man is a tragedy. He had all the riches, but no love. And this burned him down.
"Tortured", "Complex", etc....Please - on four separate occasions he used a handgun to stop women from leaving his home and finally killed one of them, for which he was sent to prison on a charge of second-degree murder. The man was a psychopath.
The Artist Formerly Known As..
The Artist Formerly Known As..:
Flew through a windshield and was never the same.
Sad, this gifted genius had to do what he did. He seems like he went crazy but a lot of geniuses are. RIp to the woman he killed and to all the woman he hurt in his life.
Richard Drolet
Richard Drolet:
This man knew his shit....and beyound.....listen to him....he knew what a studio was...creation.
abdulla hussien
abdulla hussien:
He is the Manson of music writers creepy and sick at the same time!!!
The only man who would add an orchestra to a Townes van zandt song.
Paul Kinna
Paul Kinna:
Phil Spector was a Genius , Best sound , I think the music of the 60's was the best .
mac man
mac man:
Maybe in death he will find the peace of mind that eluded him tragically during life , one thing for certain despite his misdemeanours he single handedly made a difference and will go down in musical history as a maverick , how many of us mere mortals will leave that legacy behind , R.I.P mr Spectacular.
Robert J. duPreez
Robert J. duPreez:
This is the only interview where the man seemed to have a warm, and open personality. 50 years too late I'd have to reflect back, but he is gone now. Had the music thing down, but not the PR.
Alex No.3
Alex No.3:
He was a really killer producer
Poupon Digbo
Poupon Digbo:
I genuinely think that he had a tormented lifestyle despite all the money and fame that he had. However, he did said in his last words that nobody wants to be in his shoes that shows he didn't have a peaceful life so rest in peace ✌ 🙏 😢
Blair Macdonald
Blair Macdonald:
Great interview, and great music.
joere Snakenborg
joere Snakenborg:
Most of us can not see above that line Some see most are blind ❤️🙏🦋.
I can't have too much sympathy for a murderer. But. I love him somehow. RIP Phil. You changed music and were way ahead of your time.
Loved the music he produced plus he was a handsome dude too lol
Death January 16, 2021, of Covid. i did not see this anywhere. i just thought of him and looked up when he was supposed to be released, and found out he has died. he was a lonely person, and afraid of being alone.
Interesting person, seems very lucid, profound perspective of things, his demons got the best of him and a beautiful woman at the receiving end.
M Cruz
M Cruz:
You have to remember what this man did. One of the most respected at one point and still is in a sense, cause of all he did and brought to the table. Fate turned into unimaginable and inexplicable things. He lost his mind. His creative mind went haywire and the stories and updates kept getting worse and worse.
Thank you so much for the upload.
O.G Vivas Negishi Negishi
O.G Vivas Negishi Negishi:
I don't know for a fact...maybe just maybe, he's happier inside than being a free man, because inside the jail , he's never all be, could made lotsa friends He used to tell us that he's so lonely inside his mansion, if I am he, I'd enjoy life as an inmate lol
Foltz Art
Foltz Art:
chris jeffries
chris jeffries:
He looks like a Martin Short comedy sketch character
anibal cesar nishizk
anibal cesar nishizk:
He was hired by the Great Manager to compose music above.In Hell he can't stay, he lived 80 years surrounded by demons as by the inner ones as well.
Edward Anthony
Edward Anthony:
He was an amazing versatile talent. Too bad it went downhill @ the twilight.
Rudy Perez
Rudy Perez:
A true genius who sullied his character in his later years. What is with the hand tremors?
Richard Drolet
Richard Drolet:
I talked today about this to friends and they dont recall of him.....fkn idiots they are and say they music is there knowing......yeah sure.RIP MR.SPECTOR.......TRUE FANS will always remember you sir.
Rich Boy Ant
Rich Boy Ant:
Rest in peace. Best producer that ever done it.
TURK 182
TURK 182:
Pretty interesting ,thanks
You are correct But
You are correct But:
With his shaking hands if he picked up a gun everybody around him would be at risk of being shot.
Edward Price
Edward Price:
In 2009, he was convicted of the 2003 murder of Hollywood actress Lana Clarkson.
His death was confirmed by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.
"California Health Care Facility inmate Phillip Spector was pronounced deceased of natural causes at 6:35 p.m. on Saturday, January 16, 2021, at an outside hospital
Steve Rodgers
Steve Rodgers:
Bat shit crazy!
Steve Crow
Steve Crow:
He took a trip and never left the farm.
Isaac Wale
Isaac Wale:
I mean, him adding ab orchestra to 'The long and winding road' was a good idea. End of.
jacob aponte
jacob aponte:
It's crazy. I saw him in his last days every day at work. I heated up the food for the yard he was locked up in.
Wow Mr. Spector is far more coherent and cogent than I thought.
He was a Production genius, I wish he hadnt killed that women.....A Really Big mistake...
Lubos Suchanek
Lubos Suchanek:
Phil Spector byl originální, výborný. Byla to osobnost.
Anemal Demo Music
Anemal Demo Music:
I just hate that being genius go hand in hand in being insane lol
Raelene nobody
Raelene nobody:
The songs came from a good place.. well.. you know what happens if you want everyone to love them.
Craig Cather
Craig Cather:
Ross Walters
Ross Walters:
Poor Lana Clarkston. Hopefully she went north and Spector went south.
Troy Rossi
Troy Rossi:
He even chased John Lennon around the studio, drunk, with a gun in hand.
MiamiBeach xxx
MiamiBeach xxx:
I wonder if he is holding on to any of John Lennon's outtakes or rehearsal sessions from the rock and roll album..
Frank Leone
Frank Leone:
"he walked a delicate line between genius and insanity" you said he "casually murdered someone"
Norma Bates
Norma Bates:
He told Phil Lynott that he was gonna die in the bath tub and then it came true.. LMMFAO
Richard Drolet
Richard Drolet:
It says it in his eyes......crazy genious he truly was....RIP Phil.....the murder was a man gone mad....for what reason we will never know what happened that day.rick.
Daniel Fronc
Daniel Fronc:
Most all of us are gifted in some regard but also have one or more shortcoming(s). The gift we're given seldom lasts a lifetime. I'm glad that I was able to experience this clip. He was not a lifelong criminal. Just the opposite. He was a lifelong musical prodigy who was bereft of purpose, and direction at he end of his life. He desperately needed someone to balance his inner demon and engage his mind after he retired and became a recluse. Not living a daily job, working at anything, can and will bring out one's baser personality. I'm sorry first and foremost for the young woman he killed and that he didn't own up to it in court, pleading insanity as he clearly was insane. In healthcare I've worked with felons that are like your next door neighbor. While lucid here, i believe that his mind just continued it's downward spiral. It's too bad that his life's work will be checkered by a lack of a support system and the murder which resulted from it.
That AMC Guy
That AMC Guy:
It's a tremendous balancing act.... genius and insanity walking hand in hand. Like he says, how do you get people to think like you when they're not even on the same level as you? How can you convince them that you might have a better idea when they don't even understand what your idea is? But somehow, he managed to get his point across and he was right. He was the man behind much of the music of the early 60's. He created the sound of a generation.

Problem is, where do you go from there?

Genius and Sloth make terrible bedfellows. He may have had issues and it's just a shame he may have never had the opportunity to face his demons. It's not easy growing up without a father as I'm sure anybody who has done so will surely attest. Becoming successful and really having nobody to share it with makes one over-indulge. With nobody to keep a person in check... well, that's recipe for disaster.

I surely hope he finds the peace in death he so craved in life.
First Lastname
First Lastname:
Bottom line after watching this is the guy's a classic narcissist with a large bankroll, decades of substance abuse and no behavioral controls. But he isn't crazy.
Phil Spector was the best producer in the history of rock and roll, he invented modern pop and the development of several sub-genres of rock music and the study as an instrument.
Stechris Willgil
Stechris Willgil:
An unpredictable genius by the sounds of it. Lennon cleverly makes it look as if he’s the one calling all the shots in that self indulgent movie / diary
‘ Imagine ‘ . The truth is that Spectre was Lennon’s ‘ George Martin ‘ when he went solo. Without Spectre you wouldn’t have those spooky sounds and production quality which characterises Lennon’s 70s work. Spectre created those albums. It’s a pity producers are never really acknowledged on an album properly. Same goes for Macartney on Band on the Run produced by Tony Visconti .
Andrew Hillabrand
Andrew Hillabrand:
Phil was a mess personally but a great producer. Of course he will always be remembered as a murderer but he did change the way music was recorded. His influence and sound changed everything. After listening to his wall of sound structure I do believe Brian Wilson took it another step further. Brian is a genius and wrote some of the most heart warming songs of all time. But Brian will always say he was influenced by Spector. I hope people listen to Brian's work and really cherish it but still remember Phil was the muse that made him record in that structure. RIP Phil. As fans try to separate the two sides of this complexed man. What he did was beyond wrong but this is about his music that will live on for years.
Glenn Wishart
Glenn Wishart:
Let's face it . . . his Barber was the real Genius!
julie jackson
julie jackson:
Grandiose Idealization! The insanity came out and his first Sentence. Phil Spectre is insane
I Rod
I Rod:
R.I.P. Phil
Heh heh... I just happened to be the 800st. 'liker' of this video. That's a bit special regarding the fact it was in the week Mr. Spector died. More of this interview please; I hear some interesting things being interested in the subject. (But please mind the audio levels regarding the difference between uncompressed speech and quite heavily compressed music. Thanks ;o)
Charles Samuel Penn
Charles Samuel Penn:
Alleged and convicted. That's different. He doesn't even give a f*** about that nonsense, he's focusing on the real stuff. People who are like him, people who are like me, people always talk smack, and create situations out of jealousy. Someone would invent stories of being held at gunpoint if they had to work with someone they didn't like. I've seen it a dozen times. Laymen plebe walks in thinking they're better and own the place, then gets embarrassed when the expert slaps 'em back to reality. I work alone just so I don't have to deal with panty waist people, their incorrect nuances and biting off more work than they can actually chew. Drunken virgos are the worst. They just want their names on sh*t. Never work with f*ckin' virgos, cause yeah they'll lie, and halfass, then call you a monster when all you did was demand they live up to their potential. I might pistol whip John Lennon too if I saw him slapping a woman, or saying the N word which we all know john lennon did. If you can say it in a song you can say it in real life. Sorry tangent - this poor guy got greedy, and embroiled in a world that makes a romantic with eccentric hobbies the perfect fall guy. He should have never had strangers in his house, considering how many 'lazy drunken halfass put my name on sh!t' virgos I've personally wanted to thrash.
dabney offermein
dabney offermein:
Wonder why BMI didn't call Phil and tell him that he hadn't cashed his $22,000.00 check yet?
Lex Von Ghoul
Lex Von Ghoul:
Rest in peace. Spector was a troubled soul but also a musical genius.
Patrick Steve & Amigos
Patrick Steve & Amigos:
insane man
Captain Price
Captain Price:
Listen to Christmas kids by ROAR
Ben Vasilinda
Ben Vasilinda:
He ruined his life, that woman’s life along with her families lives but damn that man knew music.
Paul Mitford
Paul Mitford:
Ironic that Spector says the Rolling Stones got away with murder which he tried at and failed.