PL Classics (18/19) | Pogba & Rashford inspire Reds to victory over Bournemouth | Manchester United

Relive last season's clash with Bournemouth as Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford shone for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side as they claimed an impressive victory over the Cherries in December 2018!

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100+ comentarios:

Do you guys think martial will score tomorrow?
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes:
If mark goldbridge wears the bruno t-shirt tomorrow i will score
Jeremy jay
Jeremy jay:
Pogba was then playing as a 10....we should occasionally let him play that position again
Amir kiamehr
Amir kiamehr:
I miss Ander Herrera 😭😭❤
Who else loves Manchester United
The Imposter
The Imposter:
Do you guys think rashford will score tomorrow?
Subhan Qureshi
Subhan Qureshi:
we just need to win our games and hope for our rivals to drop more points..we have better fixtures and have a great chance of finishing in top 4...a couple of new signings and we will have a great squad next season.
Missing Herrera for sure 😭🇸🇴
Pogba scoring goals is always awesome
Abhirakshit Nawani IITB
Abhirakshit Nawani IITB:
Pogba is gonna destroy them again tomorrow, this time with Bruno
Rhezandiko Rifqi 1KA04
Rhezandiko Rifqi 1KA04:
1:11 what a cross that is from Herrera. how can i miss
Huz 9
Huz 9:
When pogba was running the prem
NJ Stylez
NJ Stylez:
Now we all know Bailly won't start tomorrow lmao
Man UTD finish 3rd
Catherine Bosman
Catherine Bosman:
Come on United you can win, we have to beat Bournemouth
Well hello there
Well hello there:
Ole's going to win Manager of the Month award🔴🔴🔴
Kamran 7
Kamran 7:
Congratulations 3M subs but we actually have well more fans❤️❤️❤️
I miss Herrera
This game Rashford was 🔥
Huy An !!!
Huy An !!!:
I love pogba and Bruno.They will help MU win Bournemouth 4-0
Eliam Gonzalez-Vejar
Eliam Gonzalez-Vejar:
Yesss congrats on 3 mill subs 🎉🎉🎉
Pogbaaaaaa !!!!! ❤️
Stelios P
Stelios P:
Lindelof is levels above Bailly. let this be a reminder to those parotting "fan channel" propaganda which only exists to stir up drama and get clicks.
Robin Sjögren
Robin Sjögren:
I miss Herrera🔥
Moataz Magdy
Moataz Magdy:
We love United , we do
We love United , we do
We love United , we do
Oh United , we love you ❤
M Hass
M Hass:
Pogba and Bruno masterclass pls?
Robby Yansyah
Robby Yansyah:
GGMU from Indonesia 👹👹🔥🔥🔥
Pluralisme IND
Pluralisme IND:
We miss Herrera 🖤🖤🖤
Ben 138
Ben 138:
Prediction another 3-0
Rayane Madison
Rayane Madison:
3M subscribers in 3 years😍
Congratulations my team❤️
1:19 Herrera 21.❤
Ayaan Aslam 09
Ayaan Aslam 09:
The fact at first we thought this starting 11 was amazing but compare that to now with greenwood bissaka maguire and fernandes it looks mid table compared to now and it was proven to be after paris 3-1
boyz1try : Sport
boyz1try : Sport:
1:17 look this
Herrera 😢❤
West Ham
West Ham:
If I didn’t support West Ham I would probably support Man Utd
Carol Samuels
Carol Samuels:
Bonnie Tin
Bonnie Tin:
Everton and West Ham gave us a very big chance since they defeated Leicester and Chelsea. We must seed the chance !!!
Đặng An OK
Đặng An OK:
Amazing game👍👍
Nifty_yt 8D
Nifty_yt 8D:
3:24 Martial, you've got this we've got faith in you..
Elias Sancho
Elias Sancho:
Appreciation for Martial's Assist for Rashford 🔥🔥🔥
Mehdi Sadik
Mehdi Sadik:
I heard Pereira in the second gial, and i said to myself there is no way that he delivered a perfect cross like that, nop, it was Herrara of course lol.
zombie zombie
zombie zombie:
Ole go on red ❤️win, lose or tie Man United tilll I die❤️ forever I'm United fan❤️❤️
Subhan Qureshi
Subhan Qureshi:
expecting another 3-0 or 4-0 tomorrow.
Carol Samuels
Carol Samuels:
Pogba will score tomorrow❗❗❗
Bintang Tsaquf
Bintang Tsaquf:
who missed ander herrera?😢
tado Wad a voice
tado Wad a voice:
I wish I could watch MANU playing in old Trafford 🌸 my dream 🌞
Dilnaam Singh
Dilnaam Singh:
3:25 martial respect!!
Golden boy
Golden boy:
We need to beat this team tomorrow
So come on united 🙏🙌⚽🔥❤
Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark:
It was a privilege to see this game live. Amazing memories.
Shiv HD
Shiv HD:
Manchester United 5-0 Bournemouth

Green and White
Green and White:
Classic Rashford
Classic Pogba
Classic Bailly
Bailly is hilarious I love that man
Pogba is for keeps!!🔥🔥🔥🔴🤞
16th baby 😂😂
Ferdi 72
Ferdi 72:
This cough from Pogba (0:10) scares me nowdays...
Calvin Heslop
Calvin Heslop:
Top 4 here we come🥰🏃‍♂️
Papa Monnies
Papa Monnies:
As the Reds go Marching On✊🏾❤️
Abbas Vali
Abbas Vali:
For me the goal of the month of United has to be Bruno's Second goal in last match
Abdirahman Ali
Abdirahman Ali:
Imagine getting a hearted comment on a pinned and hearted comment
boyz1try : Sport
boyz1try : Sport:
My favorite player still best, is pogba
Dara Devlin
Dara Devlin:
First ever game at old Trafford❤️. What an unbelievable match it was for that too.
For Players
For Players:
It's a fantastic🤘😝🤘 winning performance by my favorite😍 Manchester United.
0:05 is that you, fred?
Superpower Football
Superpower Football:
Hoping for s similar performance tomorrow! 🔥💪🏻
Ho Lun Ho
Ho Lun Ho:
Still remember this game, time flies.
fatma Osman
fatma Osman:
That is my team 😍🔥
Abdirahman Mohamed
Abdirahman Mohamed:
Who also saw that the reached 3M before watching this video
Tareq Rahman
Tareq Rahman:
I just hope this happens tomorrow on Saturday
I always wanted pogba to stay😭
someone random
someone random:
Solskjaer has actually returned this team to his intern manager period
Mlu Michael Mbambo
Mlu Michael Mbambo:
Who else loves the fact that there’s no ads?
Jerry Omwansa
Jerry Omwansa:
I am scared one of the teams fighting for survival will take some points from us. Btw is this injury rumor to Pogba and Bruno true??
Hope rashford gets his form back
Nduvho Motabatsindi
Nduvho Motabatsindi:
why dont they post the game where we lost to bournemouth, THIS season
Naqi Hafid
Naqi Hafid:
12 k likes in 45 minutes!!
Henry Vojyger Baiden
Henry Vojyger Baiden:
3 weeks ago Manchester United subs were 2.54
Before Bournemouth matche 3 million subs
This is massive
Xn Snowy
Xn Snowy:
I remember going to this game
Saaya Herdiawan
Saaya Herdiawan:
Congrats 3m subs
Ziyaad Siddiqui
Ziyaad Siddiqui:
Leon Lihtenvalner
Leon Lihtenvalner:
Raditya Binawa
Raditya Binawa:
Hendra Wan
Hendra Wan:
Glory glory glory❤
Rizky Alfianto
Rizky Alfianto:
Im from indonesian
I don't think a game from 1 season ago is considered a "classic"
Bruno x Sancho
Bruno x Sancho:
That Rashford Assist 🥵😍😍😍
Eric Bailly
Eric Bailly:
Im gonna tackle him even harder tomorrow hehe
Mohamed Abdiweli
Mohamed Abdiweli:
I can't wait the new season to begin with Marcus Paul Bruno Mason Anthony and last but not least Jadon Sancho
Mohammad Shahin
Mohammad Shahin:
I hope 🤞 they play like this tmrw
Mario v
Mario v:
I'm big fan of Man Utd & Real⚽
Cookie Playz
Cookie Playz:
Clavers Odhiambo
Clavers Odhiambo:
Thanks for not including Lukaku's name in the title or description. Better that way
Catherine Bosman
Catherine Bosman:
Come on United you can win, we have to beat Bournemouth
Hanad Mohamed
Hanad Mohamed:
Ones of the best matches
ola toivoinen
ola toivoinen:
i miss herrera
1000 subscribers with no videos
1000 subscribers with no videos:
Oles at the .....
Rakib M
Rakib M:
I hope it’s a clean sheet and an easy 2-0 win - de gea needs the clean sheet and can even perhaps get the golden glove at the end of the season and we need top 4
Williams Pandean
Williams Pandean:
Can you make Manchester United 2-1 Bayern Munich full match?
Need more flip flaps from rashgod
Lil Redd
Lil Redd:
Hope pogba scores again
Eeasr Sebola
Eeasr Sebola:
Need this again minus the Ake goal and the red card