PLANDEMIC: The next Covid 19 Conspiracy

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Dallas salon owner given 7 days in jail and $7,000 fine for not closing down business:

Viral pandemic interview  
Judy Mikovits main points:
1. Dr Fauche took her paper on HIV AIDs and rewrote it taking credit and getting patents on it. This delay caused the virus to spread more quickly "killing millions"
2. Individual goverment employees are allowed to patent vaccines that tax payers have paid for. 
3. She's not anti-vaccine but claims No RNA vaccines work. 
4. Covid 19 was altered either in North Carolina or Wuhan 
5. Covid 19 Death numbers are not accurate because they aren't testing
6. Hospitals are incentivized to put Covid on the death certificate. 13k from medicare for the hospital, 39k with ventilator.
7. A current Flu vacine used in Italy causes users to become more susceptible to all coronaviruses. 
8. Certain medicines we already have are effective in treating the virus but aren't being used because they are too cheap. 

this proposed bill would forgive medical school debt for covid workers 

happy hypoxia  

Smarter Every Day Video about Hypoxia

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100+ comentarios:

V M:
Regardless of if it's true or false, it should be kept on the internet as a reference. Mass removal of this video doesn't prove to the public the video is wrong, it just tells people someone has something to hide.
I just LOOOVE how Youtube Takes DOWN the actual video. But lets these people talk about it so that the public gets told what to think about the video, NOT actually... IDK. MAKE UP THEIR OWN MINDS ABOUT IT!?!
This is Ridiculous.
Youtube has hit a NEW LOW!
Jimmie Little
Jimmie Little:
"The truth does not need protection. Lies do."
The CIA came up with the word "conspiracy theorist" to debunk the truthers as a bunch of rambling nutcases "don't listen to anything they say, they're crazy"
two thumbs down no doubt...don't even waste any time watching these two clowns doing their paid duties, the truth shall prevail before the end of this year.
Deno K
Deno K:
For Those Who Doubt the Plandemic Movie
I've researched some of the “facts” going around claiming to have “debunked” the movie Plandemic, which are being regurgitated by many who prefer to remain asleep and won’t put the effort in to research things themselves. Here is what I found along with all of my supporting sources.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has worked at the National Institute of Health (NIH) since 1968 and has been a Director with the organization since 1984, “both as a scientist and as the head of the NIAID at the NIH”. A simple Wikipedia search resolved that one.

The NIH was one of the institutions funding the original study published in 10/23/2009, which Dr. Mikovits participated in and makes reference to in the Plandemic movie. Dr. Fauci worked at and continues to work at the NIH, one of the primary financial contributors to the study as one of it’s most senior directors, so you can indeed say that Dr. Judy Mikovits was in fact working for Dr. Fauci. I have downloaded the complete original study and saved for you to access here (highlights on page 3 denote Dr. Judy Mikovits’s participation and her employing firm) (highlights on page 6 indicate the institutions which provided the funding for the study):

The study was challenged in 2010, when other researches could not replicate their findings and in September 2010, the original team, inclusive of Dr. Judy Mikovits issued an official response supporting their work.

After which the original study was partially and then subsequently fully retracted (a very rare move in science). The partial retraction document states that two of the co-authors, Robert Silverman and Das Gupta (whom the original study listed as working for the Department of Cancer Biology) re-analyzed the samples they used and discovered that they had been contaminated. Please refer back to the first link provided herein, for item #1 showing the original study, indicates on the document that it has since been retracted.

That she was arrested and a quote from the prosecuting district attorney, that said the charges were dropped because "there were issues with the witnesses".

In September 2012, Dr. Judy Mikovits and a team of other scientists conducted another study replicating the original one and published their findings, ultimately resolving the scientific communities dispute over the original work.

As previously shared in another post, Dr. Fauci does in fact hold a large number of patents related to HIV (as Dr. Judy Mikovits states in the video). He also holds numerous patents related to the Novel Coronavirus.

Other Interesting and Related Facts:
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has appointed Dr. Anthony Fauci to their Vaccination Action Plan:

Bill Gates personally owns a number vaccine related patents (amongst many other interesting and unrelated patents):

Pirbright, a company funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation owns European protecting replication of a variant gene of an avian infectious bronchitis virus. European Patent# 3 172 319 B1

Here is proof that Pirbright is in fact funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:

Pirbright also a US patent on the Coronavirus (you will need to scroll down quite a bit to see the owner and inventor they really covered every base on this patent.

Vanderbilt University owns a large number of Coronavirus vaccine patents:

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Director of Vanderbilt University go back..
Here you see them lobbying together:
Here it mentions how they went to college together:

Also as previously shared in another post, the polio vaccines the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation tested on children in the Africa, causing an outbreak of Polio from the vaccine itself and paralysis on the children.
What is the purpose of government? If you answer, "To protect us." You're wrong. What did Thomas Paine say in "Common Sense"? He said that those writers of history (Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, etc.) so conflated the terms "Society" and "Government" that he felt compelled to distinguish the two for people. Society was based upon our WANTS. We associate or socialize with people who are similar to us. We join a book club or bowling league together. However, Government is a necessary evil. In other words, once you bring together a group of individuals to form a community (of course, I'll define community here as any group sharing resources - be it water, food, electricity, Internet, etc.) well, how do you establish RULES to abide by? What are the social norms or mores? Government became so big that we had to write them all down. In other words - ACCORDING TO THOMAS PAINE - THE BIGGEST INSTIGATOR FOR THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR - government is the rule keeper. It writes the laws, it enforces the laws and it litigates (i.e. mediates) the law. In other words... What most Americans seem to be misinformed about is the PURPOSE of government. It is the mediator/arbiter of the society. When two individuals have a disagreement, it serves to step in to resolve the dispute... the referee. This mediation/arbitration role can also be said to be the reason we send them (government representatives within a Representative Democracy - or Republic) to mediate a truce or peace treaty with foreign governments on OUR.... WE THE PEOPLE'S behalf. The STATE is NOT ALL-POWERFUL and was never intended to be. Who is in the right? A judge enforcing a draconian measure enacted by some politician or an entrepreneur who creates jobs? You right, I can spin it any number of ways, but you don't want to start THIS PRECEDENT. This is a very dangerous precedent to start. When or where do they stop?
When you try to ban things and deny many medical experts a voice it shows debunkers as lost souls
If theres nothing to hide why delete it from the entire internet. We all know covid19 is a scam.
Adam M
Adam M:
Alll i hear is blah blah blah... Someone trying to tell me how to live and think. Look at the dislikes.. No one believes your media pandemic. Liars.
Summer Sky
Summer Sky:
Covid-19 is a hoax.There is no secret that will not be revealed!!!
Zidane Steiner
Zidane Steiner:
just throw out the term "conspiracy theory" to discredit anything without actually discrediting it.
April Mae June
April Mae June:
If you type “plandemic” into the YouTube search bar, all that comes up is stuff like this, and doctors debunking and completely calling people mentally deficient for entertaining the idea or notion that the government could be hiding something.
Colton B
Colton B:
These guys work for the CIA
O X:
two dudes just saying "i'm not an expert" and "i don't know" and "i'm not sure" for 1,5 hour
Danna V
Danna V:
the fact that this video came out so quickly after plandemic shows that they are scared and they're really trying to make people confused. Too late. We know. #q
D B:
You’re doing exactly what plandemic tells you they do hahaha
Mex Orkid
Mex Orkid:
Breanna Albiero
Breanna Albiero:
I’m glad there is no audio. At least on my end. Just so you know the term “conspiracy theory” was created to make people who SPEAK THE TRUTH LOOK CRAZY....oh no the audio works lol...I’m not even going to listen to this RUBBISH!!! Because I can think for MYSELF & already know the truth!!! Wonder how much you were paid to make this video lol
Matte Matsson
Matte Matsson:
We haven't had a lock-down in Sweden and we're doing just fine now.
Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross:
Covid-19 was totally a Planned pandemic. They sat in a meeting in October 2019. And they have a 2nd one planned for the Fall
Opinion is one thing and bleaching an opinion is another. Let us have the right to decide what could really be going on.
Precious Love
Precious Love:
This isn't what I was looking for. Just two critics. I have Christ in me and discernment. Where is the actual documentary so I can be the judge of that.
2 wannabe smarties talking about stuff they don't understand on the top of search results.
Philip Lavictoire
Philip Lavictoire:
When deciding whether or not I believe a given conspiracy, I actively seek out counter arguments in an attempt to disprove what is being claimed. In doing so I have stumbled on your video by chance along with a few others. One such video was by Doctor Mike Varshavski who uses facts and logic to disprove the Plandemic movie. You on the other hand don't appear to know much about the workings of the medical industry and you seem to be speculating on most of what you are saying. Save us all some time and either come to your video prepared with facts and get to the point or don't bother creating these. I couldn't count how many "I don't know's" or "I'm not sure how that works" I heard throughout your video.
Patricia O'Connor
Patricia O'Connor:
People convinced of a LIE have a nervous breakdown when the TRUTH is presented and defend the LIE instead of debating the TRUTH
High Frequency Radio
High Frequency Radio:
These are two experts? YouTube really does think think the listening audience is stupid. They remove the original video but allow these BS reviews to stay up by pseudo intellectuals?
Lisa Murphy
Lisa Murphy:
Where is the original Plandemic? Why would you censor that? hmmmmmmmmmm something is very interesting...people are on to the corruption actually going on now....
The Definitive Crisis

Two factual events never shown or discussed on UK mainstream media. Be sure to look at the publishing date of the Telegraph article! A panel of 15 high-powered international figures gathered in the ballroom of a New York hotel to
“game” a scenario in which a pandemic is raging across the world killing millions. Chen Huang, was the anchor with the fictional Global News Network (GNN) setting the scene of the global imaginary Coronavirus addressing the participants and its 150 observers.

Tom Inglesby, director of the John Hopkins Centre for Health Security, and Chairman of the “Event 201” discussion, the event was organised jointly by John Hopkins, the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Present at the meeting were George Fu Gao - Director-General of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control, Avril Haines - former CIA Deputy Director, Martin Knuchel - Head of Crisis for Lufthansa, Anita Cicero, Deputy Director at John Hopkins, Dr. Mike Ryan - Executive Director of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Health Emergencies Programme. Isn’t it ironic that the UK NHS track and trace app was called NHSX, you’d see the Telegraph article mentions what X means.

As announced earlier this year (28 Jan 2020) by Andrew Lelland, a US Attorney of the US Department of Justice that the FBI have arrested Dr. Charles Lieber a Deputy Chairman at Harvard University who had signed a contract with a university in Wuhan where he received $50,000/month plus $158,000 living expenses plus grants including $1.5 million from the US Department of Defence to help set up a research lab in China plus other grants from US National Institute of Health (at least $3.7M) as well as from other sources. Is it just coincidence that Christine Grady is an American nurse and bioethicist who serves as the head of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center and is the wife of Dr. Fauci. Dr. Lieber tried to smuggle vials of viruses (I’m guessing coronavirus) from the USA to China (I’m taking a guess Wuhan) and when questioned found to be lying about it. In two separate cases two Chinese people have also been arrested, one was working at Boston University as a Scientific Researcher who failed to declare on entry to the USA that she is a lieutenant in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Coronavirus Doctors Speak Out

Google are complicit

Harry Vox’s 2014 Prediction

The Broader Picture

Are you thinking of voting Democrat, before you do watch this

The Truth About Fatality Rates (Apr 2020)

Is the narrative falling apart?

BLM Donations go via and onto the democrats

Covid19 or Hydrochloriquin & Zinc + High I.V Dose of Vitamin C (Super Antioxidants)

In my non-medical opinion it looks like mainstream media scaremongering is
deliberately creating anxiety that ultimately leads to anxiety attacks and hypertension, effectively lowering their oxygen levels so that they get admitted to hospital, they either die because of pre-existing conditions or medical malpractice by Doctors who are following the advice of those above them, they’re simply following orders...have you heard this before somewhere? There’s strong evidence that hospitals make approximately $29,000 per covid case and there have been cases where simple non-covid cases have resulted in death due to medical malpractice and yet autopsies are often not being carried out if a covid test comes back positive even though a positive test has an 80% chance of being false. Anxiety will affect less fit people and those with underlying health conditions more than fit people and that may explain why many of those that die have underlying health conditions, because it’s them that attract most anxiety as they get forced fed lies and scaremongering from mainstream media. Anna Brees has already had one man on her YouTube channel who took a phone call from a coroner’s office informing him that his dead friend will undergo an autopsy the following day providing the covid test comes back negative. The man said that his friend had had underlying health conditions and was told by the coroners office that anyone being tested as covid positive would not be given an autopsy and would be classified as a covid death. It’s been my belief for six months now that it’s covert genocide and the greatest part of the scam is when someone does die...there’s no autopsy so the evidence is being buried along with the victim. The elderly who have worked so hard to enjoy a happy retirement are now either dead or should I say murdered and their pensions lost, a huge savings for those holding the pension pot. Those with underlying health conditions will also suffer the same fate due to cancelled treatment and you can bet your ass their death certificates will be stamped Covid Positive. The Care Homes were deliberately forced to take Covid Positive old folk, like a Trojan horse the virus took out more innocent lives in an act of deliberation, it was akin to marching Jews into the gas chamber. All of these victims paid no tax, either retired and draining pension pots and being a burden to the healthcare “industry”. My focus would be .... follow the money

Charlie Kirk and Dr. Simone Gold

Dr. Simone Gold

Fake CBS Mainstream Media

Doctor’s In Arms

Anna Brees discussion with a bereaved man and no autopsies for covid19

Here’s another doctor successfully treating Covid19 patients.

Dr. Stella Emannuel

This is a doctor saying what I’ve been saying for a long time, protect only the vulnerable

A doctor giving an overall view of covid and its relationship with Dr. C Leiber

Watch these two videos.. undercover nurse in NYC Hospital Covid19 Doctor tells it as it is

What the media doesn’t want you to know
The media is misleading you with the numbers

Dr. Fauci the essential hypocrite

Vernon Coleman rtd General Practitioner

Vernon Coleman The Forces of Evil Are Gathering

Sunetra Gupta - Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology at Oxford Uni

A win for Robert Kennedy Jnr (July 2020)

Democrat Hypocrisy

BLM Donations go via actblue and onto the democrats

Ronald Reagan warned America in 1964 about the left extremists

A great video by a Yugoslavian lady, a warning from the past

Ideological Subversion
An interesting speech from 1984 by Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB defector who defected to the West in 1970

It’s Just A Mask

New Content of Bill Gates’ Vaccine Exposed

The New Normal

Escape From New York, all of this for a grossly exaggerated worldwide death rate of 0.012% ....really?

Attacking the Pineal Gland by Temperature checks

Mark of the Beast
You guys are regular tools and puppets of the Establishment, and you don't think for yourselves. Keep pushing the "official" line, parrots.
Alberto Casiano
Alberto Casiano:
I see how this works. I've been looking at all the comment sections in all the "debunking vids"...
ok so most comments are from people saying they are awake and see the damage control patterns in the censorship and the damage control debunk vids and the dislikes are above the likes... And the videos and articles are almost cut and pasted from one another...
I am so happy we have woke up finally.
But I see commenters claiming they lost someone. Or they claim that the video puts out misinformation or that it violates a rule.. almost scripted just like the articles and videos and the mass clogging of the internet and censorship... I see the "cut and paste" similarities in the debunking videos, articles, and comment section.. pay close attention. Cause they are working overtime and they think volume works and it usually does but they are making them all exactly the same and either completely wrong or just stating things just to steer people away from The anti vax BS. Yet they never speak of Fauci or Gates or any other valid points she makes.... They have articles telling people what to say and do if someone tries to share Plan demic movie and what sources to cite as well..... so I'm almost positive this happened with their minion news outlets and shill commenters to re steer the cows...
It's all damage control.
Bret Emry
Bret Emry:
Give me a break. Youtube is cooking its own Koolaid now.
Peter Fitza
Peter Fitza:
I challenge you to see the truth Google HR 748 the care act the same stimulus bill for the coronavirus go look at the Congress. Gov website and see when the bill was introduced (01/24/2019) and explain to me no need for a fact checker right off the government website how does a bill get introduced almost a year previous any known knowledge of covid-19 explain that to me
Origins .0000
Origins .0000:
Nobody ever:
All major news networks: This is a threat to our democracy.
Kareem Salessi
Kareem Salessi:
1:00:00 SAUSAGE::: A couple of decades ago, a relative of mine who had been planning to start manufacturing sausages, with the latest production equipment by an English machinery producer, was sent to visit one of their latest production-lines during operation. The guy became nauseous from disgust, and vomited in the production-line, and left the factory, never to look at a sausage again for the rest of his life!!! Sausages are classified as "SLAUGHTER-HOUSE-WASTE", in probably every countries' customs classifications !!!!
Stock-markets are SCAMS/FRAUDS::: Do NOT recommend people to buy stocks, as buying stocks in the exchanges is NOT investment in those business, but a fraudulent speculation (lottery/gamble), and one of the common methods of plundering the population's savings.!!!
Ashy Williams
Ashy Williams:
It was the start of a bizarre episode at the medical center: the story of the epidemic that wasn’t.

For months, nearly everyone involved thought the medical center had had a huge whooping cough outbreak, with extensive ramifications. Nearly 1,000 health care workers at the hospital in Lebanon, N.H., were given a preliminary test and furloughed from work until their results were in; 142 people, including Dr. Herndon, were told they appeared to have the disease; and thousands were given antibiotics and a vaccine for protection. Hospital beds were taken out of commission, including some in intensive care.

Then, about eight months later, health care workers were dumbfounded to receive an e-mail message from the hospital administration informing them that the whole thing was a false alarm.

Not a single case of whooping cough was confirmed with the definitive test, growing the bacterium, Bordetella pertussis, in the laboratory. Instead, it appears the health care workers probably were afflicted with ordinary respiratory diseases like the common cold.

Now, as they look back on the episode, epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists say the problem was that they placed too much faith in a quick and highly sensitive molecular test that led them astray.
NTD RebelLines
NTD RebelLines:
Y’all don’t seem to really know much about anything that you’re discussing???
abi hart
abi hart:
Just remember guys, we are all in the same team ! we want the same things, someone is doing a really good job in getting all of us arguing with each other. Love to all
Can you imagine shilling for the government like this?
I can’t believe mom let them use the basement to make this “trust the powers that be” video.
Glenn Mulholland
Glenn Mulholland:
They have not lost income, till then they can’t represent the people fairly.
Kody Jung
Kody Jung:
absolute garbage spreading misinfo
ppl who made plandemic... sigh
Praveen Sampath
Praveen Sampath:
I almost broke my headset in the first few minutes.
Christa M
Christa M:
I used to think the same as this paid off news anchor, until I watched the 30 min movie for myself. I looked into everything they said and now am horrified as to how much we have been lied to. The news lies to us. Our government lies to us, health officials lie to us. Please see it for yourself and you decide.
Aldo Josué
Aldo Josué:
"And this is extremely dangerous to our democracy"
Brian Lyons
Brian Lyons:
it is sad that the players in the deadly game are the same ones that keep destroying the videos and hiding and trying to bury the truth by discrediting those who are exposing them.
Marco Argueta
Marco Argueta:
Who are these cats are they refudable or just hipsters
What about Fauci and his dealings with the HIV virus? What about the patents? What about the doctors that are speaking out against this? What about the clear and obvious conflict of interest? NOT TALKING ABOUT COVID!! But all the other shady things going on!
jbug watson
jbug watson:
Actually there is no volume on this video 😂 so we cant watch anything on the plandemic movie are u awake yet people
Johnny Baker
Johnny Baker:
Dr. Judy is America's Dr. Lee. This video and all like them need to be taken down. YouTube, you are wrong for what you are doing.
David Lewis
David Lewis:
Watching this 3 months later, recommended by FJ, I see more has taken place since the original broadcast that substantially validate the timeline
Tim C Droyd
Tim C Droyd:
There's a couple of ways I could Reply..I'm in a good mood so I'll reply positively...NewbWorld Nazis order..Pre Planned pandemic to bring in positioned Public Health Officials SS and Phoney Specials SS who can usurp Laws and leaders...China..All Major Corporations..Liberal Leaders of All western Nations are up to there eyeballs in Crimes against humanity...To divide the people to use propaganda to usurp the west...Prez Daddy Trump became a politician to pit down this world revolution...Decades of planning by World Banking Cartel ..Bilga burger etc..China is the sword....Wuhan lab mishap..Oct 2019...Pandemic Simulation Oct 2019....Lists of people who are pro God And constitution and not willing to submit to a Public Health Official...One More Use your head...Microsoft and Google constructing all of Chinas surveillance..In the west we have Huawei Constructing our surveillance...hmmm nothing really..Do some research before using your voice..Lastly.A evil Nazis Movie script is playing in all nations where senior homes are turned into death camps..The Canadian Airports have non stop Chinese prepaid visas flying into Canada to keep virus alive to bankrupt the people..You'll find this behavior of communist stupid in every country..Planes or borders..Prez Daddy Trump is the only man standing for you and its best to get on board and wipe out the lies and evil or your future as a free citizen will be very short ..Tic TOC..As The Days Of !Noah...O and Chuck Missler Bible in 24 hours..It will up your tech IQ
Ferver Rel
Ferver Rel:
Is this that effect that occurs when someone censors something and it becomes more popular. Gotta love how YT censored one vid but allows these slimeballs to give their take on it.
Fiery Eagle
Fiery Eagle:
11:40 - I don't even know the bald guy's name but that dude on the right is such a clown. Hahah
Liza Beth Papacena
Liza Beth Papacena:
I’ve been been looking for the actual “plandemic” video, which has been pulled from every media outlet (surprise, surprise!). While I don’t agree with your opinions, thank you for your bullet-points that I missed from the actual video. I’ll connect my own dots. I do appreciate that you explained what Judy Mikovits was trying to tell us. I hope your video doesn’t get pulled down too. People have minds and want to connect their own dots too, without censorship
Gooner Ace
Gooner Ace:
All I hear is misquotes and PC talk. A lot of "uncertainty" as well. Research more before you rec a video on it.
etil hcir
etil hcir:
Dont let these shills tell you what its about , watch it for yourself .
Owen Asquith
Owen Asquith:
I love how I was searching for the movie, I knew this was not it by the thumbs down. Haha, that speaks volumes, and the algorithm cant get around that human observation. I go search on BitChute.
Jake L
Jake L:
"what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points"
Merciless Radio
Merciless Radio:
Oh I love it when they start spouting the term Conspiracy Theory. It labels them with the IQ of a Turnip.
Darryl Henry
Darryl Henry:
I got no sound on this video the one trying to debunk it has sound but not this one
Eugen Ahmad Lang
Eugen Ahmad Lang:
If you cut out someone's tongue, you just proof that you fear what he has to say.
Eric Sopp
Eric Sopp:
Great analysis however I want to point out some information about the medical Monopoly:

American Life expectancy is 46th in the world with countries like Mayotte and Martinique ahead of us. Spending more money on healthcare than ALL industrialized countries we have many 3rd world countries out ranking us. So I guess these vaccines and flu shots are not so amazing after all. Many countries that do not have access to them out live us. One of the largest reasons for greater life expectancy in the early 1900- mid -1900s was simply having much better waste management system to reduce waste and garbage in our streets; along with access to clean water. And it's funny how we are so concerned about double and triple blind studies when "deaths related to medical doctors" are #3 in the world. Even more ironic medical debt is the #1 cause of bankruptcy.

So in this case we DO NOT "get what we pay for. " Not even close. The last time I was in the ER many years ago I requested an itemized bill for my visit. Of course just being there was over $300. But shockingly my IV fluids of saline solution (salt water for rehydration) was over $800. If that is not using us and our health insurance as an ATM then idk what is.

Trust me folks I'm speaking first hand experience when I tell you I was diagnosed with Lupus, psoriasis, chronic fatigue syndrome, chrons, and type II diabetes. After being loaded up on drugs from the allopathic reductionist MD directed medicine I felt worse than before. Felt deathly ill actually. Taking medications that reduced my white blood cells and would cause hospitalization from a common cold? No thanks.

However after about 90 days of working with a naturopathic physician I tested negative for EVERY SINGLE one of those conditions. So yes these treatments were available before, but they have not been known by the main stream. Simple vanadium and chromium ridded my body of type 2 diabetes as they are necessary for the cell wall to open and accept glucose. And they're dirt cheap. Do you actually think that the FDA is going to spend millions in research for minerals? Well they're not food and they're not drugs, and therefore considered supplements. So I think not.

Funny thing is most of my issues were a few SIMPLE diet changes, mainly the elimination of gluten. And ironically I asked my MD on MANY occasions "why my stomach would swell and be in pain after eating bread, pasta, and various gluten containing foods?" He and GI specialist all told me that I had an autoimmune disease that's hereditary (yet no one else in my family had it) and that diet wasn't the issue and that I just needed to take their medications.

Oddly enough the medical and naturopathic doctor that ridded me of my illnesses has sure the FDA 8 times and won. He is the reason folic acid MUST be present in a prenatal vitamin. He is the reason Omega 3 supplements can now claim "May reduce risk of cardio vascular disease." He single handedly cured "Keshan disease" in China by mandating classroom children are given a selenium tablet in class everyday after discovering the selenium content in the soil there was almost non existent. Furthermore this doctor has a book in the Smithsonian institute recognized as a national treasure. Oddly enough he is licensed to sow up chainsaw wounds , deliver babies, prescribe drugs in all 50 states. However if he practices naturopathic medicine in a state that doesn't approve it he can be fined $5,000 and thrown in jail.

The Genesis of this medical Monopoly stems from "The Flexner Report." And I would highly recommend you all look up "Dead Doctor's Don't lie" on YouTube.

Isn't it ironic that MDs with all this knowledge about reducing symptoms and virtually no knowledge about nutrition live almost 10 years less than an average person? Infact they have one of the lowest life expectancies out of any professional following their own advice.

And don't tell me that is stress as I'm active duty military and have been in risk of my life and under fire many of times, yet we still are projected to live longer than MDs.

These poor doctors don't know what they don't know. And when you're a hammer , everything looks like a nail. They ACTUALLY believe that the petroleum based pharmaceuticals that disrupt the natural Harmony of the body is the best solution, and that's just sad.
James stivaly
James stivaly:
I’m curious to see if you guys have read anything remotely connected w medicine, virology, immunology, enteromunology, to come to conclusion about Anything related to the situation were in. Did you read the PrePAct
Get informed youngsters or you sound ignorant
Keep up the conversation though
Mary Jane
Mary Jane:
7:44 entitlement at it's finest!!!
PATH 22:
Now there's sound.... it was prolly another conspiracy behind the imperfections.
You should have stayed on ‘mute’ for the whole video.
Sean Harris
Sean Harris:
I paused this to watch that movie. O...M...G...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gro4Life CannabisQueenOrg
Gro4Life CannabisQueenOrg:
Jimmie Little
Jimmie Little:
Plandemic 2 is out now! It's a masterpiece of unimpeachable legal evidence and proof of the films' title!
i just came here to damn this video,and judging by the comments so did everyone else haha
anyway we all know who is the biggest disseminator of conspiracy theories ie WMD`s,in Iraq where over a million people died because of that misinformation,and a few made millions of dollars.
the fact that so many professional people are coming out with alternative diagnostic opinions indicates that more critical and open discussion is needed,not less,and not just by one sector of society.
i thought the whole point of democracy was FREEDOM OF SPEECH
youtube has become the enemy of that freedom.
Trent Stevenson
Trent Stevenson:
This video is obviously controlled opposition. IE damage control.
C Ali
C Ali:
Imma head out. I thought this was the film at first. ✌🏾
Enlightened Prophets
Enlightened Prophets:
It’s a thumbs down from me loool
Paul Breland
Paul Breland:
See that Nikon camera on the coffee table? You guys are the reason I QUIT using all Nikon products. If I find I'm using anything else you recommend, I'll smash it with a sledge hammer and throw it into a dumpster.
Hail Mary Recordings -
Hail Mary Recordings -:
I wouldn’t discount her story outright.

It got pulled for a reason - and it’s not for spreading disinformation
I think Billy and Fauci are planning a zombie virus for their next business endeavor.
Valerie Simpson
Valerie Simpson:
Not everyone collects on employment. Especially when they work for themselves
Raymondo Murica
Raymondo Murica:
A judge earning $120k issuing a fine to someone trying to feed their family.
Mr. Phil Natural Medicine
Mr. Phil Natural Medicine:
This is misinformation!
Glenn Mulholland
Glenn Mulholland:
Judge should be impeached ! Come on Texas vote him out , or other.
Jeremy Davis
Jeremy Davis:
I don't have to even hear it to know, they might not me 💯 but they on2 something
Jamie St Amand
Jamie St Amand:
Plandemic is being pulled down super fast by youtube and facebook makes the conspiracy theory sound true
Robyn Sanchez
Robyn Sanchez:
Did anyone inform the birds, bugs etc... we're having a so-called pandemic..🙄stay are not allowed to look for too bunny 🐇🙄🙄🤔🤔🤨🤨🤔🙄
Chad Nah
Chad Nah:
Wow, the shill are shilling hard on this one
Why should we trust you guys when a literal virologist tells us the opposite?
Kalli Biermann
Kalli Biermann:
A big THANK YA to Fstoppers for this very important upload!!
Charlie, from Hamburg/Germany
Bryson Decker
Bryson Decker:
This video is not the real plandemic video. This is probably the distraction video
How you guys can watch this Fox News ? Will be better if we stay on photography!!!
not me
not me:
why do you think UTUBE pulled the video. they (u-tube) changes my comments all the time, do a show on that!
Shiveonia Forever
Shiveonia Forever:
smh y’all on snooze too 🥳and don’t mind not waking up. the masses I tell ya believe they’re so righhht gn
Kimberly Hart
Kimberly Hart:
She’s sentenced to jail and convicted criminals are being released!!!!!
Doris Accardi
Doris Accardi:
There is no sound on the movie. They will not let you hear what they're saying. Somebody fix this wake up
Ian Bray
Ian Bray:
Now watch 'The Social Dilemma' on Netflix, to see how easy it is for Youtube to delete and discredit truth, with casual relaxed counter chit chats like this. Make your own mind up and stop having it made up for you.
Maya B. Doyle
Maya B. Doyle:
There’s no sounds on this video now.
anybody know where i can find the video/conspiracy theory? i want watch :>
matt kiefer
matt kiefer:
Interesting how youtube, instagram, google, snopes, worked overtime to cover up the real documentary they don't want the public to see. Even google is putting all this BS to cover search results. Even the video at has been taken down, the site was hosted by GoDaddy.
Remember what "science" used to say in the 60's and 70's about sugar? tabacco? orage gas? and so many other things we now know are really bad?
Doris Accardi
Doris Accardi:
They will not let us hear the voices on the movie. What's up with that YouTube 🤔
Action Boss
Action Boss:
Corona is a conpiracy and yall know it where's yall masks... 😂😂 the irony
The Bruiser
The Bruiser:
In the description for this video it refers to "Dr Fauche." Who is Dr. Fauche? Are they associates of Fauci?