PlayStation 5 Dev Kit's Cooling System Leaked Online

PlayStation 5 Dev Kit's Cooling System Leaked Online
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50 comentarios:

6 fans! Does the damn thing hover? Lol screams overclocked.
Oo oO
Oo oO:
George Foreman Radiator 5
Doppel Sauger
Doppel Sauger:
ah man this pizza heater looks lit cant wait 🔥🔥🔥
IronBandit 83
IronBandit 83:
Some guy said heatstation 5. Thats effing hilarious. 🤣🤣🤣 Playstation is gonna be lit literally 🔥
lwiimbo kasweshi
lwiimbo kasweshi:
High clock rates go with heat.
6 fans??? That’s gonna be loud af
PS5 just keeps getting worse😂😂😂
Sniper Scope
Sniper Scope:
Looks about as chill as a volcano 🌋 at least the tower of power was designed around how to beat dissipate heat number 1 and sheer power number 2

Not over lock or boost
PS5 (dev kit) - requires 6 fans for thermal stability.
XBOX SERIES X - 1 big fan is enough, One X was already stable and silent.
So the leaks from different sources are sounding true.
Mr Orange
Mr Orange:
Xbox design team needs to be given major credit here. Their design was intelligent and took console design into a new direction that allowed more power, better cooling (hence more power) and a single fan. My One X is silent. The XSX should be similar. I hope Sony has a better final design and cooling solution.
JDD Plays
JDD Plays:
3:01 Its called a vapor chamber.
Dillon Knight
Dillon Knight:
Looks like a terrible cooling solution really
6 fans is good. so maybe they wont need to sound like a jet ps4 actually hovers when under load...
Jetkingqb 1000
Jetkingqb 1000:
It’s gonna sound crazy loud 😂😂
Xbox series x day 1.
Dead Man
Dead Man:
“Now, a few things to note here. First and foremost, this patent is for the PS5 devkit, so it may not reflect the actual retail console itself. And also, as we often point out when these patents emerge, companies file and refile patents all the time that don’t amount to anything, so this may not even reflect the actual devkits themselves.”

Straight from the source. People here acting like the retail version gonna have 6 fans. How clueless are you gonna get?🤣🤣🤣
I can’t wait to see the actual design of the PS5 👍
abdullah show
abdullah show:
6 مراوح هههههه
على مروحه وحده وصوتها بصحي الميت
كيف لو كانت 6 😂😂😂
Madz did you see that gamingbolt has lit up their comment section after telling people that the SSD is not a GPU CPU or RAM
Paul Grant
Paul Grant:
PS 4 pro is a twin engine Jet plane Now it's look like PS 5 is gonna be a space shuttle ready to take off in our living rood this holiday 2020 cool!
6 fans 😂😂😂 #heatstation5
JDD Plays
JDD Plays:
But I actually agree with this design, They nailed it, in terms of logical design.
glenn yarzagaray
glenn yarzagaray:
that s crazy 6 fan , i mean if the keep it cool that the important thing but how the final product is going to be
Christian Sølvsten
Christian Sølvsten:
Hopefully now!? 🤔
I think that a simple sleak design like ps4 with bigger heatsink and two fans would do better. Maybe with direct intake over the fans with a dustfilter. 👍🏼
Tamaz S
Tamaz S:
Sony can't show the damn console cause they need space x to make sure it's cleared for take off😂😂😂
Abdelaziz Mohammad
Abdelaziz Mohammad:
Pls1234 has the badest cooling system, I wonder how is the next gen will look like ?
Thalia Granillo Alvarado
Thalia Granillo Alvarado:
How fast will it take to bake my pizza?
Mr Toogood
Mr Toogood:
Coooooool vid man x 6
Masta Pease
Masta Pease:
Space heater 5 😂😂😂
I hope it makes it into the final design because the complaints I'm making is allow the fan noise so basically the cooling system might resolve the solution
Killer Gamer
Killer Gamer:
Well done Microsoft killed it again with innovation.
Brian M
Brian M:
The PS5 will be around the same wattage as Series X. Wrong again with your nonsense assumptions.
Adrián Lugo
Adrián Lugo:
Well nice that Xbox has to watch out for Sony and I thinks this generation is going to happen the same with the Xbox 360 and ps3
Bluez n 2z
Bluez n 2z:
Lol you fanboys are hilarious. Are we really arguing about dev kits?. For those who haven’t read the source or watched the video, that patent is for a PS5 dev kit. Dev kits aren’t the final design. It makes sense for a dev kit to be designed this way as it allows for multiple consoles to be stacked on top of each other, because you know developers have more than one dev kit running.

Sony and Microsoft need to release some more information, otherwise fanboys are going to continue to argue on pointless things like dev kits lol.
Historically, have dev kits been patented?
warcrab cyber
warcrab cyber:
The ps5 will run hot, and the gpu will get difficulty sustaining 2.2ghz. Unless sony uses a giant cooler with heat pipes.

On rdna 1 even running @ 1900mhz the gpu ran hot to the point that the gpu hit 100 degrees on the reference coolers. The AIB cards ran much cooler but had tripple fans and massive heat sinks with copper heat pipes.

Then there is the ssd hard drive with the special memory controller, that will also have to be cooled as well.

Nvme hdd get much hotter than SATA hard drives, so you looking at a fan for the hdd as well. If sony does not put a fan on the hard drive the ps5 will have premature hardware failure.

Microsoft took a smarter approach they went with a bigger gpu @ lower frequency. While everyone is praising the ps5 for hitting 2.23ghz with boost clock. that will also be its downfall in the long run. Microsoft learned from the xbox 360, so they went for a safe approach to have a reliable console. That's why the xsx gpu is clocked reasonably. It's better to lose 5 fps than to lose 100$ in repair per console if it fails prematurely under warranty.

Microsoft had to pay a million dollars in repairs for the xbox 360 red ring. The ps5 cooler has to be overkill for the system to be reliable. That will add to the size of the console.
Shaun Greer
Shaun Greer:
If that's what the ps5 console looks like, I'm getting series x.
The PlayStation 5 will cost $500 for the console, and another $500 for all those damn fans. Sony is not looking good at all
I thought an insider said none of the renders that had circulated online were accurate. This one was actually from the first leak. If accurate, it fits with the reports that the dev kits are really loud. Six fans? Wow.
Gar Funkle
Gar Funkle:
It seems like they really rushed the Dev kit out. They over compensating on the fans. I bet the console will look nothing like it. They don't have to look alike but it could be an indication that Sony had still not finalized their design. And the rumors of them trying to find a solution to cool down their ramped up chip, true.
Winston M.
Winston M.:
The PS5 will run the Ghost of Tuschima as the Toast of Hiroshima. 2.2 GHz clocked GPU with a 3.5GHz clocked CPU. Receipe for disaster . It will need a serrious big ass cooling solution and enough room for the cold/hot airstreams in the case. The thing will be huge and capable of blow during your hair, mark my words ...
Killer Gamer
Killer Gamer:
6 fans lol doesn't sound good lol
huge heat sink... 6 fans.. wonder if any of it will be In the market console.. 6 fans will mean it's reasonably quiet.. but will mean it's not going to be slim..
Hollis White
Hollis White:
Kevin Barbeau
Kevin Barbeau:
This how much peoples in this comment section hates PlayStation : 97%
Mark Wheeler
Mark Wheeler:
Do u think the V shape will be in the retail console? I kinda like it, if it genuinely helps with cooling and I get a quiet console fantastic! I really do like Series X but the tower design simply won’t fit into my set up I’d have to have a little stand separate to my tv stand with it on so I’m hoping PS5 isn’t a tall tower? I don’t mind it being a large console at all though I’d prefer a big chunky boy that’s quiet over a small compact cool looking console that’s loud as hell.
Guru Velu
Guru Velu:
Single fan vs 6 fan . Xbox technically has best design
Siji Adegoke
Siji Adegoke:
Wasn't a "leak". Its a publicly available patent.
Chef Riz
Chef Riz:
PS5 Gonna be Epic. XBots will eat their words. Proven Greatness for the past generation.
Sony addresses loud PS4 complaints with PS5 cooling system...Xbots still comment on it being loud? 😂 High profile developers and engineers praise the PS5 tech innovations. Xbots scream and lose their shit comparing it to traditional PC architecture 😂😂😂 Y'all in for another generation of serious Ls. Don't you learn?? 25 years of mediocrity didn't sting enough???
Di Almighty Spartan God
Di Almighty Spartan God:
I see fear from this comment section. Notice y’all never once seem name diss the Xbox Series X, but all I see is y’all undermining and downplaying Playstation 5. I could’ve sworn y’all were saying you want more unity amongst console gamers to combat PC fanboys but the Xbox dudes here are becoming what they hated on. Ponies here I don’t know why y’all argue like you don’t have the better console right now gaming wise.

6 fans tho. Sounds like Sony is using that same tech that they out into their smartphones and Apple does in which the heat is sucked into one spot and then dispersed out of the open ports. Playstation 3 did this already so it seems Sony took lots of inspiration from Playstation 3.

Cheer up that we’re finally getting capable console and stop tryna tear the other one. And before any of you say “if the Playstation 5 was more powerful you’ll be screaming it from the heavens”. Oh yeah, go back to Madz videos, Rand Al Thor videos, Kidsmoove and Dirt Griggity videos that talk about that supposed 13.3 teraflops rumor and watch me deny and denounce that rumor telling ponies to chill.