Pogba Sends Manchester United Top | Burnley 0-1 Manchester United EPL Highlights

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88 comentarios:

Liverpool vs United will be a HUGE game
neil Driscoll
neil Driscoll:
Kevin friend was worse referee performance but referee in long Time maguire goal was never foul
You just got physical educated.

Btw Alfie is close to the only one who can hold his head high today. He's been Olein all along. Respect to you my man!
G Don
G Don:
Don't think I've ever seen a fanbase get so gassed over being top of the table after 18 games 😂😂 acting like they have won a trophy looool
Diego MaraQona
Diego MaraQona:
Top of the league ☺️ Not bad for a Physical Education Teacher ❤️ What does that make the rest of the managers? Ah yes they are all his assistants, teachers assistants 😁
>> Pogba 🤝 Bailly <<
Brian Jacob
Brian Jacob:
Enjoy this, yes, but remember, this is United's NATURAL PLACE IN THE WORLD. Simply returning to the norm...

Pressure is on Ole and the squad now. Time to live up to the club's legacy.
David Olajide
David Olajide:
If Neymar played against Burnley, he would be their dinner
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson:
When did goldbridge say, seriously, that united would lose 2-1?
Mfundo Mlumbi
Mfundo Mlumbi:
Our improving 44% has nothing to do with Liverpool's dip in form. That's on Ole and the players working hard
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson:
Glory glory glory man united, glory glory glory man united, glory glory glory man united, AND THE REDS GO MARCHING ON ON ON. COME ON UNITED
Nice to see the comment section has changed....Oh wait it’s still a toxic dumping ground.I haven’t watched this channel for 48 hours and my mind is a happy place.the live chat the comment section and most of the guests are negative people.I hope you all find happiness somewhere in your sad pathetic little lives.
Wow. Since Mccgoldrick started coming to the show United keep on winning.
Bajan Pops LFC
Bajan Pops LFC:
Terry never give any fans any forward for those types of post. None of that hate should be welcome on any platform. YNWA🇧🇧
1 don
1 don:
This title charge is dependent on two players Paul P and Eric Bailly
W K123
W K123:
47:20 ehh it was bailly and maguire that let 6 past them....
J Yid14
J Yid14:
Pogba was class today, but we all know he’ll go back to meedi performances and defensive mishaps, best thing is he leaves for both parties
Chris White
Chris White:
Hang on pal. Pogba has brought about his own criticism through his agent and constant talk of leaving. Now lets talk about amazing he was last night not attacking honest fans
Fraser Lewis
Fraser Lewis:
Fair play to him sitting there taking the 6 on 1 dont see any of the other Chelsea or Liverpool fans holding the smoke at the moment funny shit
Grinny Dorr
Grinny Dorr:
As a liverpool fan i have nothing but respect for manchester united, lfc havent been good enough we only have ourselves to blame for throwing away top spot, fair play united this could be a good season.
Afdeling Skillz
Afdeling Skillz:
Eye Test said Pogba over Zidane 💀
Alfie is a wallad
I missed the stream but,I'm happy with the result today, next is Sunday. Make or break
Royal Southwark FC Tv
Royal Southwark FC Tv:
Ppl stop saying hes inexperienced hes Inexperienced at this level yes but hes got 10 years in management now we can truly judge him at a big club
face 84
face 84:
Terry take out maguire lindelöf and bailly.. Play matic and som kid in central defence and lets see how your season Will go.. And then say 44 procent reduction blablabla
Jessie Aston
Jessie Aston:
Congrats man utd On winning the league..... Oh no wait there's HALF a season left.
Serious hilarity. You do it to yourselves.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Memes Central coming up. 🤭🤭🤭😂
So this is it. Pogba has to score 1 deflected goal against relegation fodder and all is forgiven. Never mind all the other players who put in the effort week in week out to get us here and the fact he has hardly featured in the season compared to others in the midfield. It is a fact that with him in the team we struggle to break teams down and create chances because of his style. It does not suit the league or at least our playstyle(whatever that is). When he gets the ball from deep every team we play against just drop back and wait and stifle everything we do. This is why he and Bruno don't play that well together despite both being creative players you would think we would create even more chances than with just bruno but the stats show the chances created go down by a looooong way. There does not seem to be a plan when Pogba plays either "here is the ball mate now do something" which is ok against shite teams for the 1 in 10 games Pogba decided to turn up which you can understand in his busy schedule where he has to undermine the club and create toxic vibes with his best mate Riola...Don't worry Paul, Pogba FC is fully behind you and we didn't want to be in the CL anyway so we are glad you fucked us up the day before the biggest game in years and of Oles life.
Yash of ManUtd
Yash of ManUtd:
If we win this title, the Glazers and Ed Woodward actually need to be sent to the gulag......I mean they need to be sent there anyway, but you know😂🇿🇦🔴
Wdz One
Wdz One:
Ole needs to either sell for mctominay for 60-70m or offer him to villa for grealish as a straight swap
Yung Plague
Yung Plague:
My guy zain drawing his “facial hair” on with an felt tip pen
james barry
james barry:
Great team pick
Tariq goedar
Tariq goedar:
Terry bias af with fans but ok
Did this clown just say shaws tackle wasnt even a yellow?
adam huss
adam huss:
As a man utd i think were getting hyped for no reason
We should be on the board to get some signings because we could win the league with a Haaland and Upamecano or any two players that get into the first 11.
MRHenHen 1986
MRHenHen 1986:
Kareem Riley
Kareem Riley:
tbf if you deep it bailly talked maguire through that game. top class performance from both and i’m not even a huge maguire fan but he’s finally got a complimentary partnership
Abhrodip Saha
Abhrodip Saha:
One thing is that everybody is saying that City and Liverpool have been poor. Well, thats not the case the middle table teams are having a very good season and this season is so competitive and its gonna be the next few years until these teams need a rebuild but to say City and Liverpool have been bad is BS. Yes, they declined slightly but not to that extent it's the fact every other team is playing well.
Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan:
That Maguire disallowed goal was ridiculous. I just can't understand how the ref called that, and how does VAR not say that's an obvious error? Fair result to Man U. Big game coming up can't wait YNWA
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson:
I don't miss dressing rooms with no hot water.
Beck Sketchbook
Beck Sketchbook:
Seriously if we have good striker to replace martial and Rashford.. Man Utd easily stay at the top.. Them both wasted so many chances...
M Millsy
M Millsy:
Terry about a year ago you had a Norwegian lady think Liverpool fan on your show and she said 'Ole is your Brendan Rodgers' she is correct you have the firepower man u reminds me of 13-14 Liverpool team usually your matches are btts overall you wont win the league you'll come close
Refs r scared t give decisions against Utd lol who cares we r Utd dats y dey scared the PL is not PL without us 💪
Mike Hill
Mike Hill:
Martial and maybe Matic injured hope not serious also Baily must keep his place in defense cause make no mistake if Maguire and Lidelof play were gona get beat 🙁
Manchester United
Manchester United:
As a Man United fan, winning these season league title is one of the best league title we could ever won because, 1) Its the first after 8 years without winning one. 2) We win by the so called PE teacher. 3) Most importantly we take it from our most bitter rival Liverpool who won it after 30 YEARS managed by their beloved Klopp which a lot of their fans only have witness for the first time and it was in front of the screen. ROLF
Amro Arafa
Amro Arafa:
That marvin guy is well and truly gassed. You'd love to see it. Miss those days.
joshua october
joshua october:
Big up Zain from a Chelsea fan you turned their gas down
George Lovell
George Lovell:
Hey Terry Fire Ole, time for Pogba to go. Ha Haaa hahahahahaha
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson:
Ref decisions aren't luck. They are a part of the game meant to judge fairness. They don't always get it right, but all our pens were audited. Throw you salt rivals
kyle king
kyle king:
I prefer angry rantman to terry
T J:
1:29:54 “think you need to go walk the dog mate your rattled” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
United fans are so hyped right now u have every right to be but we are not Burnley and klopp is not Ollie I’m still hoping for a gd gm even if we lose we’re only 3 points behind them anyway so united fans just remember that cuz when u do win well if u do the pressure is on u and not us
Prateek Parmar
Prateek Parmar:
It's on us to put an end to this fake title race.
Lee Ashton
Lee Ashton:
let's rattle the rattledsnakes more on Sunday
Lwando Madikizela
Lwando Madikizela:
The Premier League is getting better this season because everyone is improving not just us. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy Manchester United are leading the Premier league(being a while since Mourinho was in charge), Everton, Southampton, Leicester and Spurs are much better than last season.

For now let's drop the Ole in and Ole out debate. I don't give a shit if he's the right man or not and just support Manchester United as we have a shot at the Premier League title.
Hannah Welch
Hannah Welch:
i hear fire inside the mountain
MUFC 89:
Not gonna lie that Aaron is clueless with football
vineeth menon
vineeth menon:
I feel Mancity are the team fav to win the league .
Ihsan Jasni
Ihsan Jasni:
Where is Danial Spencer the Nottingham Forest fan ????? Gone missing
neil Driscoll
neil Driscoll:
Let not get carried away long way to go
neil Driscoll
neil Driscoll:
Yes terry can win premier league but do think we will no
I hate United but i see them having one of those liverpool season where they get nobody injured and they just scrap wins in the second half of the season regularly.... not saying what may come of the outcome at the end but.... i would not be surprised.
when paul pogba is getting his shit together you know Ole is the man
The perception that martial has been terrible is crazy. He hasn’t been clinical but Rashford was a lot worse than martial in this Burnley game but the hate martial gets is ridiculous
Dean Robinson
Dean Robinson:
Those other two was not that fucking good it's because man United was that bad after the greatest left simple fax
Sattar Mozafari
Sattar Mozafari:
Lee Ashton
Lee Ashton:
anyone but Liverpool
Scott Ayres
Scott Ayres:
Liverpool aren’t the best team
John Joseph Mccormack
John Joseph Mccormack:
Hey neeks lindelof should have played against burnley yeah shut up bruv 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤣🤣🤣 Clueless u know what it is
as big as 08/09.. maybe
Marcus Trashford
Marcus Trashford:
David Olajide
David Olajide:
I thought he was a pe teacher
No wonder Utd fans are in the same category as Liverpool in most hated fans
Sajid Soreetoollah
Sajid Soreetoollah:
Good job well done united bye bye liverpool hahahaha
Jack & the Headbangers EVIL
Jack & the Headbangers EVIL:
Klopp cryin about united getting pens and whiner jose too doin the same has had an effect on them referees....Kevin friend wat a mug..how he must've wished he'd cost the game for united...but it wasn't shite to be...
charles Williams
charles Williams:
The oppertunity to ruin Manpoo season in a week is too good for our lads to turn down. We be playing against VAR as usual on the 17th but Klopp will ensure the lads are aware of this. Then knock them out of the only competition #OleAtTheWheel has a realistic chance of winning #Boom
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson:
Big win tonight. Lets go to Anfield and get another massive 3 points. I can see us winning that game. We can get at that makeshift Liverpool back line and cause them massive problems.
J Brew
J Brew:
What is this Chelsea fan talking about? Like Werner isn’t playing like shit.
Marv Sewell
Marv Sewell:
21 is coming to my Man U fan around the world 🌎 please believe. Believe in the players believe in the manager believe in the coaching staff.... fuck the board if they dnt want to see this great club bck on top.
Salty Neutral
Salty Neutral:
Has anyone ever met a Liverpool fan who isn’t mentally unstable? Serious question, think about it.
You gassed fake Penchester United fans
Blue Maniac
Blue Maniac:
Simply Embarrassing who celebrates going top in January as for the Pogba gas he was absolutely awful tonight yet again, just as he was last week with finding Bruno. Enjoy your night as your season ends this weekend 😳😂
Edder Wright
Edder Wright:
Man, this is embarrassing, United fans are behaving like Arsenal fans... Guess that's what happens when you've been average for so long. Celebrating being top of the league for a few days... lol. The standards at United have dropped massively.
N҉I҉C҉K҉Y҉ S҉L҉A҉M҉
N҉I҉C҉K҉Y҉ S҉L҉A҉M҉:
Liverpool fans will be crying in their man city blankets tonight.
Harry Dawson
Harry Dawson:
This guy doesn’t represent Liverpool fans, I’m calm about Sunday not making rash decisions because ik my team is winning Sunday so I hope terry you have the clips ready for another montage
The most Painful thing is, WHEN LIVERPOOL SMOKE UNITED AT ANFIELD, (cause they will), Terry wont Clip any of this Gas and Overexcitement from the United Guys like he does other teams cause its his club
Bruno Dacruz
Bruno Dacruz:
I must warn man united fans not too cocky because it only takes a couple of games for it to go horribly wrong .Man united will go through a sticky patch it will happen .

Man united will have a sticky patch.

Learn from Jose mourinho . Who got very cocky before the match and look what happened? So like I said before don't get too cocky because it will bite you in the ass just like it did with Jose mourinho when Tottenham played us.
Max Watkins
Max Watkins:
United have won the league
Mosie Shaks
Mosie Shaks:
Why does nobody REALISE that the reason the likes of Tottenham and Man united are talking like they are challengers is because we have no senior centre backs fit, there is going to be a significant drop off you can’t help that, with van dijk and Gomez we would be 6-8 points clear. I have always said this years title is going to city or Liverpool it could go either way.