Pogba stunner seals the points! | Fulham 1-2 Manchester United | Premier League | Highlights

Watch the best of the action as a Edinson Cavani goal and a superb winner from Paul Pogba gave the Reds all three points against Fulham to move back to the top of the Premier League.

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Update & Upgrade
Update & Upgrade:
Pogba is back!
Bonny Bonny
Bonny Bonny:
Not a United fan. Just came here to see Pogba's goal coz I like him so much. Absolute joy to watch.
Can you imagine Pogba and Bruno playing together in their best forms.
Can't wait!
Another huge win. Games that would’ve been lost/drawn last season. Pogba with the sensational winner. Shaw and Cavani fantastic.
Γιάννης Παπαδόπουλος
Γιάννης Παπαδόπουλος:
must admit pogba is an elite player. Only few players have his quality and characteristics. He is in my opinion ,along with Bruno, the key player to win the title . ggmu
Mike O`Keefe
Mike O`Keefe:
There was a moment during the match where pogba slid into the advertising boards keeping a ball in. It showed massive desire and intent. He looks up for the challenge. I just hope it doesn’t drop off once the transfer window closes........ He has the ability to be a club legend, I hope he has the desire 🤞🏻
Mostafa Esmaeili
Mostafa Esmaeili:
Cavani should've played in PL long time ago
Let's take a second to appreciate what Cavani brought to the team. If you remember, he was the last minute signing, kind of like Ighalo was last year. But by being brilliant he left Ole no chance but to start him! Beside obviously being a top notch striker with both head and feet, he also works hard in defence which our "young and talented" strikers often choose not to do.
Leicester : " lets go to the top"
Pogba: "SYKE!!!!!!!!
Let's all sit down and appreciate Luke Shaw, he has had so many injuries at some point Jose almost sold him.
paul troalic
paul troalic:
Fabulous match. Pogba, Cavani and Fernandes on fire. We deserved that. We deserve to be top of the Premiership. Well done lads.
L Vlogs
L Vlogs:
pogba is hungry. You can see it. It is not like last year, this year he really wants it!
Priyam Banerjee
Priyam Banerjee:
Pogba dribbled and scored, hope he continue like this
Ibrahim Kassim
Ibrahim Kassim:
I can see Ole and his players winning the premier league. We’re not even perfect yet! Ggmu
Can you believe that Cavani is older than Martial? He runs like he was in his 20s.. What a player..

* Apologize for the typo, I meant 20s not 20th.
Shabesh Lyngdoh
Shabesh Lyngdoh:
The tempo that both teams played was such a joy to watch
Bruno been dropping off a bit and now Pogba takes over with his class, imagine both of them playing well in the same game
Eye Witness
Eye Witness:
Lol... I love this commentator "comebacks in our DNA" 😂😂
ZJD 85
ZJD 85:
1:59 What a perfect timing for Bruno, he got it and pauses split second to get perfect timing for Cavani running inside. Man what a combination play between AM and CF, we missed it so badly.
Jeremia Susanto
Jeremia Susanto:
I'm sure Cavani can end the curse 7
Saif Islam
Saif Islam:
You should have shown the De Gea's save too. It deserves some credit.
T Akbar Ramadhan
T Akbar Ramadhan:
This time, I can see Fred's skill and effort shine. He support Bruno really well
And Cavani...
10 wins, 3 draws since the loss against Arsenal. The longest unbeaten streak in any of Europe's top 5 leagues,
unbeaten away from home in a year 💪
Supreeth N Shekar
Supreeth N Shekar:
1:37 Goosebumps. WHAT A GOAL. Just what a goal !!
Dara Hession
Dara Hession:
cavani was superb today the man has three lungs
Benjamin Morgan
Benjamin Morgan:
Tbh Man Utd has the most loyal fans in the world of football.😁😁
Benjamin Morgan
Benjamin Morgan:
Been watching Pogbas goal since the end of the match till now. I feel like am addicted to it. Absolutely stunning.❤️❤️
just hope MU could keep this spirit till the end of season ..
well done Areola 👍 u save fulham from massacre.
Steve Roger Nongsiej
Steve Roger Nongsiej:
People tend to forget the magnificent positioning of cavani.
I dont know what Ole did at the training, but he sure make Pogba shine again in the past few games
Fred played well as always !👍👍
James Rutemba
James Rutemba:
Was so happy for the win.grt thx to Pogba and the entire team.i personally appreciated the grt team work these guys had and how wish the continue with such grt spirit of winning games.
Val Paschal
Val Paschal:
Owen Inganga
Owen Inganga:
Very composed Manchester United FC...love it
Sanskar Baral
Sanskar Baral:
Man we seriously need a Right Winger. And Cavani should start ahead of Martial.
Ismail Metedad
Ismail Metedad:
“Top class from the best player on the pitch”
Engel Michael
Engel Michael:
Comentator at 1:48 says comebacks in our DNA
Lemme see those who agree
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu:
Let's all sit down and appreciate Luke Shaw, he has had so many injuries at some point Jose almost sold him.
bongumusa mlungisi
bongumusa mlungisi:
What a goal by pogba 👏👌
Sai Mah
Sai Mah:
Why does every goalkeeper we face turn to David De Gea in his prime
Funny Cute Animals
Funny Cute Animals:
Bruno is really great, if we have 5 of this kind of player that plays with all their heart for man u we will be winning always. However Pogback was Exceptional in the comeback
Daniel Noah
Daniel Noah:
Top class from the best player in the field 🔥 Pogba ☑️
Vivian Nicholas Mojulat
Vivian Nicholas Mojulat:
Glory glory. Bring the spirit back just like 1992
(N.v.0)Lev De-BLanCO
(N.v.0)Lev De-BLanCO:
magnificent United🐐... 💖💓 never awake a sleepin Giant🦁🦁🦁
Ricardo Mendes
Ricardo Mendes:
Temos saudades tuas Bruno Fernandes 🦁💚🤍
Desejo-te felicidades no Manchester United
Саша Ковалев
Саша Ковалев:
Защита МЮ в первом голе бешеная)))
Congratulations pogba, keep the wheel moving
Rustu Ardiansah
Rustu Ardiansah:
Pogba said : Alhamdulillahirabbil alamin..
I loved...
Kluna Tik VT
Kluna Tik VT:
i can dance all day haha
Sandra Kavenandjamo
Sandra Kavenandjamo:
Luke shaw is magnificent 👏 in all the game he play seriously. Bruno is the best player , positive as always and an excellent team mate. Man united really made the best move buying him . Great job Man united.
Abduba A.
Abduba A.:
Pogba should just sign a new contract now🤞
Δelta Is gone
Δelta Is gone:
i always said we need to start cavani, hes an absolute nightmare for defenders, we need power to stay consinstent, GGMU
Bakary Danso
Bakary Danso:
Cavani needs to play every game and every minute cuz he still got it
4-2-3-1 suits him and he fits in the squad too
I can already see people hating on bruno for not getting a goal/assist 2 matches in a row
But the things that stopped him were insane saves
Hilman Sutanto
Hilman Sutanto:
Stunning goal!! Cheers for Pogba
Glory glory united come on to champions. Epl😍❤️
Nurlan Islamov
Nurlan Islamov:
Great Goal from Pogba 👏👏👏
Emily Carter
Emily Carter:
Pogba needs to stay he’s class even when he has a off game he is till crucial for this team
SincerePrayer 94
SincerePrayer 94:
I'm a genuine Chelsea supporter and I must say I admire your team
the beloved
the beloved:
Fred has been immense lately
Abla channels
Abla channels:
Kang Seblak
Kang Seblak:
If Cavani plays in the early minutes, look what happens 😎
Pogba is motivated and playing some of his best football in a United shirt, he's giving us fans a reason to believe we can do something special this year, and even if he ends up leaving I respect him for giving United his all. Thank you Paul
Saber Tazer
Saber Tazer:
Cavani went to Man U for some retirement but he’s fire in Man U wow
Parijat Saha
Parijat Saha:
Cavani is a volcano. His reactions spit fire!
Rich Sports
Rich Sports:
We said it would be close in the podcast. Fair play to Fulham. They played well.
Ismacil Ahmed
Ismacil Ahmed:
United forever 🔴🔥
PKING #Glazersout
PKING #Glazersout:
This is the Pogba we wanted, this is what we all yearned for, hope his amazing form doesn’t drop and he keeps performing consistent.GGMU🔴.
I’m still having counselling over how maguires goal was ruled out last week
We need a new commentator 😩
Singering Star
Singering Star:
Is it just me or is United getting crazier out there!
Watching them is real fun these days! Fan since Cr7Era
Gobinda Mridha
Gobinda Mridha:
Yesss!! Love from Bangladesh..We have to carry on like this..still 19 match in hand.. So march forword manu..love u manu..
Sumit Rathod
Sumit Rathod:
When pogba fans heard " THE BEST PLAYER ON THE FIELD " for pogba by commentators .... They were in tears 🥺
آيات القرآن الكريم
آيات القرآن الكريم:
اللهم صلي وسلم وبارك على سيدنا ونبينا وحبيبنا وشفيعنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه اجمعين
خالد عبده
خالد عبده:
مباراة رائعة🤗
Niezam Latiff
Niezam Latiff:
Bailly looks unready for the pass from fulham players that led to the 1st goal of the day
Micheal Owusu
Micheal Owusu:
Bruno is one hell of a player .knows when to shoot and how to shoot .
Cavani is 33 years old and has much better work rate than Martial! That man is really proving age is just a number
fantastic goal from Pogpa
Qwarme Osei
Qwarme Osei:
Classic goal from Pobga
chris barker
chris barker:
We must keep Pogba. One Love.
Jovan Gunawan
Jovan Gunawan:
This is PogBoom🔥☄
Cavani is without a doubt a world class striker. We’ve got a gem on our hands.
Fabián Laguzzi
Fabián Laguzzi:
Vamos Cavani!!!
Pogba Is Comeback Amazing😍
Fabian Mcgaw
Fabian Mcgaw:
cavani...brilliant💪 pogba..sensational💪 shaw...supercalifragalistic...whatever word is that 😂😂😂Shaw is back let's hope he stays healthy for the remainder of the season i feel a title buzz this season glory glory Manchester United💪💪💪💪💪💪
flyvon fernandes
flyvon fernandes:
Ole is back🔥
They all just look so happy
Mahmud Ibrahim
Mahmud Ibrahim:
We do it Man Utd forever 1❤❤
Manu Loxo
Manu Loxo:
Golazo de pogbaaaa
Come on United!💪
What a great win. Loved the mentality of boys. And stop conceding so early
René Vélasquez
René Vélasquez:
Gracias negrito!!!
WZ Channel
WZ Channel:
Pogba after game "Alhamdulilah"... Great job
Miloud Mebrek
Miloud Mebrek:
Homme du match Pogba , toute mes filicitations
Elypse Music
Elypse Music:
Well if we learn anything in this highlights is that BRUNO is a gem , he makes chances happen and put out some brilliant moments (just like what a world-class player should do)
Bleeding Keano
Bleeding Keano:
Let me just say this...
"WHAT A GOAL" by Pogba . Just amazing.
All goes to ,pogba and cavani 🔴💯
Tømöñg Krïshnä
Tømöñg Krïshnä:
Jeanpiero Vieira
Jeanpiero Vieira:
Bien Cavani e Pogba. Vamos Manchester United.