Portugal vs Argentina 7-2 - All Goals and Extended Highlights RESUMEN & GOLES ( Last Matches ) HD

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Messi grabs late winner. A last-minute penalty from Lionel Messi gave Argentina a 2-1 win over Portugal in Geneva. International friendly: Portugal pip Argentina late on at Old Trafford. Lionel Messi outshone his Ballon d'Or rival Cristiano Ronaldo but the latter's team took the spoils as a late header from substitute Raphael Guerreiro snatched a 1-0 win for Portugal over Argentina from a disappointing friendly at Old Trafford. Argentina 2 Portugal 1: match Highlights. Lionel Messi scored a 90th-minute penalty to secure Argentina's 2-1 win over Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal in the first international meeting of the two players.

Portugal vs. Argentina: Score, Grades and Reaction from International Friendly. Portugal scored a late winner in injury time to beat World Cup finalists Argentina 1-0 at Old Trafford in Manchester, England. It was a match that had been billed as a battle between stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi yet lost all its luster as soon as the two were substituted at half-time. Lionel Messi Just Scored Another Victory in His Rivalry With Cristiano Ronaldo. Lionel Messi tops Forbes' 2020 football rich list ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar: Who are the world's highest-paid footballers.

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Ahammad Ahammad
Ahammad Ahammad:
മലയാളീസ് 😉😉
Michael Michael
Michael Michael:
Messi and Ronaldo interacting at the beginning most beautiful moment
Charlie Allen
Charlie Allen:
Imagine watching a game with Messi and Ronaldo both playing 🐐🐐
Luiz Gustavo do Lago e Silva
Luiz Gustavo do Lago e Silva:
Não sabia que o nani jogava ainda , ainda mais na seleção !
Flix Mincraft
Flix Mincraft:
0:23 literally most spontaneous thing I’ve ever seen
joejoe joe
joejoe joe:
I'm Portuguese, and I love them both. What a blessing to watch them play.
Would love to see them in the same team :D . Even if it was a Friendly Match.
Fayzullo Isroilov
Fayzullo Isroilov:
Please answer me where you download and upload highlights without copyright?
jorge c.silva
jorge c.silva:
Sou portugûes! mas admiro o Messi e nada ném ninguém pode discutir entre esses 2 gigantes da bola!! os 2 melhores do mundo com historia que vai ficar gravada para sempre! cada um deles com suas metas e deixando legado para netos e bisnetos de todo mundo! Abraços! a todos e bom 2021!
Good players Legend Top👍😀
2 mins of silence for those who believed it’s true 😂

Real result 2-2 friendly game in 2014
LUSITANIAN POWER. Awesome video. Thank you.
Kevin Hartagi
Kevin Hartagi:
Two goat🐐🐐
Ma ubi siptara
Ma ubi siptara:
Cuscuz Atômico
Cuscuz Atômico:
e isso ae B)
amar mhmd
amar mhmd:
مافي حدا معلق بالعربي هههههه
Imafidon Oyamenda
Imafidon Oyamenda:
4:43 now u see me, now u don't, now u see me, now u don't 😂
빅매치 잘 보았습니다
Crowd : viva Ronaldo ❤️🎶
Suhayb Arab
Suhayb Arab:
I love ❤️ these videos
Rima 1
Rima 1:
Januarius Januariua
Januarius Januariua:
Geuh Oficial
Geuh Oficial:
7 - 2 ?
Srinjoy Debnath
Srinjoy Debnath:
It's very sad that national teams in football cannot arrange for series like it's in cricket . Had it been that way, then we would have been able to witness these two giants face each other in national jerseys so many times. Just imagine how many games would have been played between Portugal and Argentina during the time when both Messi and cr7 played football. The next hope is Qatar 2022 world cup.
Rislim tarihoran Tarihoran
Rislim tarihoran Tarihoran:
vivi ant
vivi ant:
Jo Di
Jo Di:
Ronaldo fans dari INDONESIA 🇲🇨🇲🇨
Danang Riyanto
Danang Riyanto:
Iki pertandingan tahun piro lek,??
pilen kipgen
pilen kipgen:
Op match
Ahmed Gaze 07706744478
Ahmed Gaze 07706744478:
Rizki Lubai
Rizki Lubai:
Cr7 Terbaik Dari Yg Terbaik👍👍❤
Manuel Jimenez
Manuel Jimenez:
Ole por Portugal, viva cristiano
Syed Shayan Gillani
Syed Shayan Gillani:
Crowd singing ronaldo❤
Ks Raimy
Ks Raimy:
Ronaldo is very happy to see Messi is back 🤗🤭 but too bad Aguero not playin i'm big fan of Aguero😔
Jere Pro
Jere Pro:
Que goleada nos comimos😂😂😂grande messi y CR7🔥🇦🇷🇵🇹
ظاهر العبيدي العبيدي
ظاهر العبيدي العبيدي:
Абдурахим Сафарализода
Абдурахим Сафарализода:
Хорошое игра
Назира Максутова
Назира Максутова:
Раналдо 😎👍👍
Thanhhoang Nguyen
Thanhhoang Nguyen:
vn ma da duoc vay thi vn mih dug dau chau a
Gaming Zone
Gaming Zone:
Football is love ❤️
Ronaldo and Messi clashes soon 🔥
Enes Aydin
Enes Aydin:
Super bir ozeti
Roksi Simon
Roksi Simon:
Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p a l o n e c a s h . x y z*
I'm making over $1482 a week with them!

είναι ένα εργαείο ερσίας για όλ
Aman Deep
Aman Deep:
Pl keep alert not any accident with each other
Nisrole Lengkong
Nisrole Lengkong:
Ahirnya anda menemukan komentar indo nesia
nice skill ronaldo.. marcedopusto
Indra Lasmna
Indra Lasmna:
Kleber DeGracia
Kleber DeGracia:
It’s not fair to say one is better than the other when they are both monsters on their prime! They are Both Amazing!!!
And IF I had to chose one, I’d still chose both lol as 1.
Enrique JuarezVidaca
Enrique JuarezVidaca:
luka doncic
Ithilo Ali
Ithilo Ali:
MESSi good luck
Manoj Gurung
Manoj Gurung:
soon djukian
soon djukian:
Sanali Ali
Sanali Ali:
Indonesia selamat
Ricardo Rios
Ricardo Rios:
Cr7 fan
Reza Ardiansyah
Reza Ardiansyah:
Taiklah nipu...GX sama judulnya
Conrad Mavundla
Conrad Mavundla:
Where dod you get the 7 2 ,from?
Okaa Stylo
Okaa Stylo:
Tahunn kapann?
Samuel Mari
Samuel Mari:
Ole tu
Purna Wati
Purna Wati:
Untung saja tidak gol
Aman Deep
Aman Deep:
Good both are good👍
Noralien Juniel
Noralien Juniel:
Lè nou gen baay sa yo manman nou ak papa pou nou bay yo
Noralien Juniel
Noralien Juniel:
Lè nou gen baay sa yo manman nou ak papa pou nou bay yo
bang arka
bang arka:
Gak kebayang kalo CR7,L.messi,neymar.jr,berada dalam 1 club
Muhammed ajmal Ajmal
Muhammed ajmal Ajmal:
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira:
Mouhamad ali blaybel
Mouhamad ali blaybel:
حمدون فرع الاجانب يفجرها
Gabriel Farias
Gabriel Farias:
Jogo foda❤
Абдурахим Сафарализода
Абдурахим Сафарализода:
Хорошое игра
Mr Majestic
Mr Majestic:
Barsa vs Madrid, Portugal, Juventus manda Cristiano. Barsa vs Manchester manda Messy
Cartolaproo Apostas
Cartolaproo Apostas:
Zulbahraini 15
Zulbahraini 15:
Bahasa indonesia
Emre Gamer 707
Emre Gamer 707:
7-2 😂
Kelifa Mnhamed
Kelifa Mnhamed:
Very good pila
Lwadlala Usiba Sessions
Lwadlala Usiba Sessions:
Ronaldo is saying"Hey man let's do our best"
Messi is like "Oww yeah let's show em"
Aneesh Cr7
Aneesh Cr7:
Cristiano ronaldo is great food boaller 😍💪👍💪
david _yt
david _yt:
Y eso que argentina tiene el equipo y solo en portugal esta cr7 y algunos mas que destacan un poco😂😂
Pawan Shreelaw
Pawan Shreelaw:
Cr7 💖💖🤘🤘
Dayan Burin
Dayan Burin:
MDR 7-2
ar 07
ar 07:
Amazing 🔥🔥👍🏻👍🏻
Andrey Zamora
Andrey Zamora:
Miisa Heino
Miisa Heino:
Ra Ra
Ra Ra:
sunitha ps
sunitha ps:
Where the hell is 7-2 lol.
Misbahurahman Sadik
Misbahurahman Sadik:
Willian Vival
Willian Vival:
Que ano foi este jogo?
Young Curvy
Young Curvy:
1st game ARG 0 POR 1
2nd game POR 1 ARG 2
3rd game POR 2 ARG 0
4th game ARG 0 POR 3

In total of the all games they played POR 7 ARG 2 goals

Thats what the video was about, many people was thinking 7- 2 just in one game 🤓🤣🤦
Michał Łaguz
Michał Łaguz:
From EL95
Heri Bilung
Heri Bilung:
Portugal aku suka
Dien Cao van
Dien Cao van:
Siêu kinh điển
Samwel Makala
Samwel Makala:
Tundu lisu
Mesbah Uddin
Mesbah Uddin:
Halar po hala tor bape 7-2goal dicilo na??
Gabriel Sánchez Monsalvez
Gabriel Sánchez Monsalvez:
Donde esta la segunda parte del video para ver los 7 goles🤔
Luthunia man CRzero
YHWH Rei Eterno
YHWH Rei Eterno:
CR7. Like
Messi. Comenta
O . M Creation
O . M Creation:
mhd hasz
mhd hasz:
the duo king❤cr and messi
King Colion
King Colion:
Which year was this?
Rehan Rivano
Rehan Rivano:
Mantap lah Ronaldo
FrAnCiScO ViLlaFrAnCo
FrAnCiScO ViLlaFrAnCo:
chulo clickbait