Portugal vs Croatia 1-0 ► Ronaldo vs Modric EURO 2016

Portugal vs Croatia 1-0
quaresma goal after extra time in 1/8 final
portugal vs france 1-0 4k


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27 comentarios:

Bernardo Sampaio
Bernardo Sampaio:
clear penalty on nani tho
fcporto porto
fcporto porto:
Var on Nani lol 😂
Sekar Sekar
Sekar Sekar:
my favorite star cr
Charly Charles
Charly Charles:
Portugal 🇵🇹 is crazy sheesh 😭
Renato Mihić
Renato Mihić:
Da je ovog Čačića zatuć čekićem po ovoj najglupljoj faci ikad...
IGOY Channel
IGOY Channel:
Lol 2020 ja iz bosne lol ima li balkanca
ivan kovacevic
ivan kovacevic:
dont mind me being a Croat- But we were playing the best freaking footbal in that championship. Croatian team had many pay offs to do. And it happened 2018. still, from my heart, Hats off to Portugal. it is indeed hard to be a champ
ivan kovacevic
ivan kovacevic:
thats footbal, 4.26 Vida... almost 1:1
Fadhello Hergi Mabelino
Fadhello Hergi Mabelino:
Modric face on thumbnail
Asian Minox Journey
Asian Minox Journey:
I feel bad for Croatia 😂 it was clear handball Nice last three minute goal let’s go
zivkovic dejan
zivkovic dejan:
viva portugal
Aleksandar Gutesa
Aleksandar Gutesa:
vida se mogao proslaviti...
Only markus Purnama
Only markus Purnama:
Only 99 k view why
Paulo Peyroteo
Paulo Peyroteo:
Ilhan Fakhry
Ilhan Fakhry:
croatia just had more shots... but were not wise on how to use them
Valerio Fabbri
Valerio Fabbri:
Modrić. Si. Scrive. Co. Si
Gabriel Gabriel
Gabriel Gabriel:
Jesmo bili bolji
Adil 17
Adil 17:
Sure penalty nani
Zeeshan Syed
Zeeshan Syed:
vida had so many chances
b conni
b conni:
Portugal owns Croatia. 6 matches -
Portugal 5 wins, 1 draw, Zero loses.
12 goals for Portugal, 2 goals for Croatia.
EssaTaBoa NaoTa
EssaTaBoa NaoTa:
bbb dinamo
bbb dinamo:
Katastrofa..Pojeli smo ih a opet izgubili..Užas...
Amazing bruh
Ktoś tam
Ktoś tam:
The Match is boring
Harcibald HF
Harcibald HF:
Honestly croatia should have won but portugal had luck
Wilfredy Bocanegra
Wilfredy Bocanegra:
Modric was better than CR7 here. But Portugal was better than Croatia.