Post Match Press Conference | Man City 0-1 Manchester United (Agg. 3-2) | Carabao Cup

Hear from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in his post match press conference after the Reds missed out on a place at Wembley despite victory over Manchester City in the Carabao Cup.

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100+ comentarios:

Ole has been missing out on his best players the whole season, but look at the results. For anybody to complain about Ole after what he has achieved with the B-squad is highly unfair and not right! Ole has got what it takes to manage Man United. He has beaten Man City twice, and he is the ONLY manager in the premier league to have taken points from Liverpool this season. Give him the credit he deserves!
Lion :
Lion ::
We need to give more and better service to Martial and Greenwood. Lingard ruined that a lot. Bruno should start vs wolves
D W:
Ole looks way more confident than usual in his statements and in the Lingard incident he also showed a new side of him. He should keep being like this! More agressive and emotional!
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar:
He is a manager who protects player in front of camera and takes their class in dressing room
Patricija Piškor
Patricija Piškor:
Beat city at ethihad with red card without rashford, mctominay, pogba and people still saying no progress made
Mufc Racer
Mufc Racer:
I loved oles passion screaming at lingard need to see that more
Beat city with 10 men and without Rashford, Pogba and Scott... and had Lingard in cam. Give him credit
Joshua Pevy
Joshua Pevy:
Unlucky lads go again Saturday. Beat city away from home 2 out of 2 times this season 👏 De Gea was great today too.
Why does nobody mention the fact man utd have injuries... You put Pogba, Rashford and Mctominay in that starting 11 is alot better. We arnt as far away as people make out. Imagine Fernandez Pogba, Rashford in that team. Be a different story then

Thanks for the likes. Never that many before. Must talk some sense after all
Don’t think anyone should be saying OLE out until we see the squad with Bruno Pogba Scott and Rashford. Then we can judge him and the team
Muhammad-Farid Adam
Muhammad-Farid Adam:
Man we’re missing rashford.
At least we’ve got Bruno🇵🇹🇵🇹
Gg Gg
Gg Gg:
Love him or hate him he has a class attitude give him time like klopp!!!
Najiib Van Xirsi
Najiib Van Xirsi:
Ole beating pep fraudiola with 10 men
Myname ismohammed
Myname ismohammed:
People gonna hate ole for saying we made progress it’s a shame
Ahmed Adel Sorour
Ahmed Adel Sorour:
I’m happy Bruno is signing but don’t expect him to revolutionise this squad it still needs more
Ole’s admitting here we desperately need a striker, ffs United get one in!
The fact that he admits that the team is inconsistent but also complimented the team. That has volume💪❤
BozN -
BozN -:
Ole my manager, sold many deadwood players, bought long term players, Bruno will unlock the da Vinci Code, the summer window will be exciting if the owners lift their game.
Developed Spermcell
Developed Spermcell:
Imagine Bruno as a nr.10, maybe Sancho or some other right-winger with top-quality. Rashford on fire from the left. Ole is doing things slowly, but surely the right way. We don't have the players to break down teams like Burnley, Newcastle, Watford etc, but we need time to get those players. And when we get them, and we will, United is gonna be a handful for any team. OLE IN!!
harvey white
harvey white:
Loved the shouting at lingard! Thats what we want. Balls
Honestly went into this thinking we'd lose. Thank you De Gea for showing us why you're the best, and thank you Matic for being great today!
Shamzy Ahmed
Shamzy Ahmed:
Give this man some respect! I’m still believe he’s the right man for Man United!
Ted Gal
Ted Gal:
All those experts who laughing at Ole I like to see their opinion about Kloop or Guardiola managing this United team with Lingard,Pereira,Matic,Jones,
Name Surname
Name Surname:
He never criticise his players publicly. That's how it should be.
I think Ole is the one and olny manager to rebuild MU.
Jagroop Bhullar2
Jagroop Bhullar2:
some people out there still hating him. he beat man city 2 times in 3 meatings
this season
Thodoris 1926
Thodoris 1926:
2:56 is what you came for 😅
Kaylum mcdonagh
Kaylum mcdonagh:
this soljaekar sounds completely different with the statements he’s making. he sounds way more confident after tranmere
JL150 _
JL150 _:
Hvrlem Jvmvicvn
Hvrlem Jvmvicvn:
MATIC MOTM & the midfeild never find space to the forwards. Can't wait till Bruno in
Rikoosiimple _
Rikoosiimple _:
Best pressconfrence from Ole right there
Samuel Gizaw
Samuel Gizaw:
I dont know about yall but i feel like celebrating even tho we lost the draw. 😂
J U:
Always have been Ole in. He’s building for the future.
Great FIGHT in the derby.
In ole I trust GGMU
This was by far the most positive I’ve felt after a press conference in a long time
J.C 9ine
J.C 9ine:
Give ole the time he deserves and keep the faith🙏🏼
Andre R
Andre R:
Jordan Finley
Jordan Finley:
Keep up the aggression and emotion, Ole!
Nkosenhle Shazi
Nkosenhle Shazi:
Soumojit Guha Majumder
Soumojit Guha Majumder:
Hardly has he got his full first team the whole season. I dont remember when was the last time pogba, mctominay,martial and rashford played at the same time being 100% fit. And even then you'd say we're missing a no 10, CM/CDM and a RW.
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar:
To those people who bash him all the time he won these matches with almost no game played by pogba our best player jose won all these matches with pogba present so yeah in ole we believe he will bring the glory days back
Ross Ryan
Ross Ryan:
For everyone that says ole out isn't a true fan bruno signed get rashford mctominay pogba back we will improve a lot with fernandes and sending matic off was a disgrace he was the best player on the pitch the last one wasn't even a foul didn't even touch him
Raihan Siddique
Raihan Siddique:
Love him to bits, lives and breathes United.
Felita Notoharmono
Felita Notoharmono:
praise ole! dont sack ole!🙄
Matic is both the hero & the villain
Dimas Agil
Dimas Agil:
I love how Solskjaer get angry to lingard when he lose the ball due to bad control and man utd almost got conceeded by Man City counter.

Thats more like it Ole, show your passion to win 👍
He has a point
harvey white
harvey white:
We want glazers out!
Nicholas Campbell
Nicholas Campbell:
People say Ole is soft but the way he yelled at Lingard that if he gave away the ball once more he'd take him off that was class HOWEVER, he should've put on Juan instead of Andreas at that point even though he didn't really have much options but I do believe Bruno can fix that so he's not gonna have much excuses after that. I do believe he's learning and we do get better every game. But those little quirks in his game management needs to get fixed which I do believe will be fixed. Ole's gonna get us to a better place, do I feel he should be long term? no. BUT he's gonna get us back up there just trust the process.
ashley mapfumo
ashley mapfumo:
Is he building something?...Definately!!!

I beilive in giving this one the time!
The Unknown
The Unknown:
Cmon OLE
𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑
𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑:
Took a big pause when asked about a striker, must have something in the works.
Khubaib Ali
Khubaib Ali:
Bring in Neves and Dembele!!!
All the Fail
All the Fail:
My manager
Thomas Byles
Thomas Byles:
The results he’s got with that squad is remarkable. Come on United!
Awudu Moro
Awudu Moro:
Ole should keep hit on Lingard if he want the best out him🔥
paul curran
paul curran:
Kryptic Shadow
Kryptic Shadow:
Ole in 100%
Venkat Eshwar
Venkat Eshwar:
If we would have got our full strength team, maybe we could have beaten or even smashed them.
I love ole, What with he’s got he’s done fantastic
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best:
The ole out brigade is waiting for next man utd defeat to come out again.. but we do expect inconsistency from a tough transition season.. nothing to do with ole's tactics or pedigree..
Brindley Weerasekara
Brindley Weerasekara:
Ole finally gave a YES for Bruno !!!! 🎉👌🏻🕺🏻
lukman pelu
lukman pelu:
Lingard : i scored 1 againt tranmere. I will get vontract xtention

Ole : TF is wrong with one 😡😡
He need time and called best mangaer finished 8th in his first season and uel final(lost)..
Saahil Nagar
Saahil Nagar:
Ole seems reborn, I absolutely love it!!
Martial gets no service at all and yet people wondering why he doesn't score 🤦‍♂️
M N:
I have belief in OLE! It's just going to take time.
p beatz
p beatz:
We need more than Bruno. A winger, CM and a striker as well. Don’t rush rashford back and take some pressure off the 2 kids James and Greenwood
shiddeshwar khandekar
shiddeshwar khandekar:
First time as a manager he looked so angry and disappointed.
2 wins in a row
Edi Park
Edi Park:
In Ole We Trust
Love United and Ole
Hate Glazer and Ed
Rish 22
Rish 22:
He has a united heart! ❤️ 🔱
Earland Raflianda
Earland Raflianda:
Manchester United must be careful in controlling the ball, and tightening the back,
six figures BoY
six figures BoY:
Sell lingard
Ole starting to look like emperor palpatine
Tube Dis
Tube Dis:
Well done ole and well done to the lads. Great effort gents 🔥👏 oh and welcome Bruno Fernandez. Super excited to see him play 😬🥰
Ole should Kick out lingard too
zerisenay semere
zerisenay semere:
I love Ole's idea to build Man United but Edwards not work with Ole, so Ed should be sacked.
Ole in, big things to come for united under his reign 👏🏼
Albano Doko
Albano Doko:
We love you Oleee
Tony Alvarez
Tony Alvarez:
Matic's first yellow card earnt the ref a stay on the Palm, a gold bullion, some rupees and a drum of the finest non-refined Abu-Dhabi oil
Sheikh F Hossain
Sheikh F Hossain:
one more signing in Center forward or right-wing will change everything, hopefully :)
Frank 69
Frank 69:
Everyone is down but I guess atleast we won this game
top 4 we comin
Sagar Sunuwar
Sagar Sunuwar:
thank you ole for transfer
Ghiyãth Klink
Ghiyãth Klink:
Watching this, you can tell Ole is as frustrated as the fans, with the lack of players we have, the lack of quality and the lack of signings. At the same time his trying to build confidence in "the rest" of his squad.
Feranto Supu
Feranto Supu:
ole have a spirit manchester united. we must support him. ole wil bring back the glory for the Man United.
Ciaran Corcoran
Ciaran Corcoran:
United should have gone through unlucky United
Joshua Mark
Joshua Mark:
we finally signed Bruno!!!
Hossenbaccas Suhayl
Hossenbaccas Suhayl:
We have to give united a chance in another league coming soon
fiddlestickz muzik
fiddlestickz muzik:
red card was soft as a pillow.
Great result. Degea kept us in the match but City were the best team by far. Utd showed grit and determination, something we have not seen most of the season.
Dr. Aikins
Dr. Aikins:
Best press conference!
Loved the response relating to Bruno 😂. Ole's becoming better and more composed for this job. Hope he's able to make it. All the best.
Derrick Wang
Derrick Wang:
⚫🔴⚪Ole is The Mancunian to bring Upward and Forward!⚫🔴⚪
Start Bruno vs wolves!!!
Sajjad Gital
Sajjad Gital:
I trust Ole's game plan 100%, but I doubt his in game management
Andrew Richardson
Andrew Richardson:
2:58 important moment