POST MATCH REACTION: Aston Villa 1-2 Brighton

Join Dan Rolinson & Mat Kendrick to reflect on another defeat for Aston Villa at Villa Park.
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22 comentarios:

daryl boag
daryl boag:
McGinn looked leggy understandable playing 3 full international matches Scotland away to Serbia , Slovakia and Israel . McGinn playing in a deeper role does not suit McGinn I'm a Hibernian fan now a Villa fan both in the past for Hibernian and Scotland he has never played so deep. When Barkley came off injured Deano should of brought on Connor H put him as a holding midfield beside Luiz and put McGinn in the same role as Barkley . McGinn even has played as a false number 9 and 10 for Scotland anyway West Ham next UP THE VILLA
Mr MT:
When we go a goal down the game is as good as over
Why are we Robin Hood?
Roger Black
Roger Black:
Never a pen
Sean Greene
Sean Greene:
The podcast was poorer this week for the lack of a Gyzmo impression. Hoping it makes its comeback soon...
Rich Lord
Rich Lord:
The one thing I would hope for is the reaction from this disappointment on to the next game. This week in training is key for them to turn the spirit round again. We can bounce back from this.
Nick Mcmahon
Nick Mcmahon:
VAR supposed to be for a “clearly and obviously wrong decision”. If it takes 5 minutes to decide, then that shouldn’t be VARd
Matt Bevan
Matt Bevan:
The pattern developing is that we are more effective counter attacking. When teams sit and hit us we are struggling.
Nick Mcmahon
Nick Mcmahon:
When did we last win after going behind?
Gdad Cooper
Gdad Cooper:
You only have to look at the pre match body language in the tunnel, tired and not really wanting to be there.
Harry Johnson
Harry Johnson:
Need a striker, 2 wingers and a centre mid in January
Restless Guitarist
Restless Guitarist:
Watkins has looked anonymous in a lot of games for us tbh. Other than the Liverpool game, I haven't really been impressed.
Geoff Sutton
Geoff Sutton:
The midfield needed freshenned up.
dj gremlin
dj gremlin:
i thought today it was very open and end to end either team couldve scored 4
Richard Lawes
Richard Lawes:
Could have put Cash in at holding midfielder. Putting Elmo on. Pushing Mcginn up behind Watkins
Sam Stokes
Sam Stokes:
Agree with the general balance of positivity and negativity from Dan and Matt. There is way too much negativity from this game among the fans.
Pete Tandy
Pete Tandy:
Its dangerous play ball or not he has endangered a player and its a foul
looks like another international break has done us over
james phelan
james phelan:
Laggin ell dan
Kemper Boyd
Kemper Boyd:
Absolute penalty. He made contact with the man and the ball at different stages. He impeded his movement.
Iceflower 8
Iceflower 8:
It is not a penalty
Jay Kafei
Jay Kafei:
Definitely the correct call!