Post Match Review: Bournemouth vs Aston Villa

Join us as we look back on Aston Villa vs Bournemouth in the opening game of the Premier League season

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68 comentarios:

Aston Villa 1874
Aston Villa 1874:
Did anyone really think signing one midfielder and one Centre back was going to turn us into world beaters, in all honesty?
One of the easiest teams to beat if we concede, way to slow, don't force the opposition into making mistakes.
summitism karma
summitism karma:
I feel in preseason Watkins provided space for bailey who made good runs into the box. Villa always struggle against physical sides and I feel Mings with his physic wud have been better suited in this game rather than Konsa.
Shane Meade
Shane Meade:
McGinn's first game as captain and he goes missing as usual.
Imagine the only tactic was crossing it in to Danny Ings, woeful stuff.
Stephen Doyle
Stephen Doyle:
The Brisbane roar game really worried me because we struggled to break down a poor team. The blue print against villa is crowd your own 3rd then hit us on the break or get a corner
Ryan Davies
Ryan Davies:
We all joked about it but hardly surprised when it happened. I think we all have a right to overreact to this one, crosses up against giants was the only tactic which isn't a good one. For me now Everton is a must win overwise it's a slippery slope down to a Gerrard sacking and starting yet another rebuild
Every goal we scored in pre season came from a cross, crossing is his game plan.
We look no better than last season, worrying start
Richard Lawes
Richard Lawes:
It's not about chosen personal. It's about having a style tactically. Crossing and long balls are not good tactics. It doesn't matter if it's Watkins or Ings up top, it's about how the team retains the ball, and breaks down the opposition. When City play , anyone can take anyone's place and the team style doesn't change. SG needs to wake up F up soon
Photo Sankey
Photo Sankey:
The problems is Konsa ahead of Chamberes 🤷‍♂️, McGinn & Ramsey have been bang average in preseason yet they are ahead of Luiz and Sanson, Sanson never even made the bench. Cash as been shit rotten all preseason yet Hayden was awesome yet doesn’t even make the team. Gerrard stated he needed a proper preseason and also stated the preseason went well. His head is now on the chopping block as i think his selection was poor. Cash and McGinn was so bad i was so ashamed of a team i have supported for 45 years.
All the additions…. All the potential…. A full pre-season and THE SAME OLD SHITE!. At least Neil is honest, that’s why I watch this pod! What’s the point in strengthening the team and heading with Watkins/ings ? Buendia and Nakamba straight back in the squad and Phil the golden boy out. Should of bought Suarez and we need creativity in the team too.
Paul Burden
Paul Burden:
That was just starting off from where we left last season, no change, business as usual, weve been talking about what players to bring in and what players to leave out, thats all fine and good but
without any identity and plan then no player will make any difference, Gerrard just doesn't know how to call it, he should get some advice from Sarina Wiegman . Good teams come down to good managers, I think if the Villa management want to invest in quality then im afraid they need to start with a proven manager.
Si Bell
Si Bell:
I hope you’re right about the players abandoning the tactics Neil Cus even with Stevie Wonder in the dugout these lads should absolutely walk through a championship quality side. This reminds me on Brentford last year, Watford home and away etc too many to name.
Mike F
Mike F:
I often think, as you said, that players should take charge if its not working but I just have a feeling that Gerard is too unforgiving. If you dont do what I say you'll get dropped. Remember when Sanson had a wayward backpass (off the back of playing really well) against Man City and he hooked him almost instantly. I hated that decision because (although he said the opposite) it means you are not allowed to make a mistake which just isn't realistic. The tough guy manager rarely works in normal life and maybe it doesn't work so well for a team of players that are all in their 20s. I really hope he can turn it around but not super keen on his management style
Defensively allowing the ball to bounce in the box, un defended headers.. Best strikers in the world don’t score if there’s no service ..
Today was the first time I had my doubts about Gerrard, these are decent players but we're awful, the buck stops with Gerrard.
Steve Nunn Music
Steve Nunn Music:
The line up was a odd one playing two players together up too that never seems to work.

Kamara thinks he’s got an hour on the ball

Konsa looked slow

Cortinho went missing completely
Graham Alford
Graham Alford:
First goal we conceded was when defending with 10 men cause digne was off the pitch with starting the game with jewelry on! Like how can this be happening at this level?
Paul S
Paul S:
All the hype, all the preparation, then bang the bubble is burst as usual on opening day. Gerrard out? Too early but he's had a whole pre season and his excuses will look pretty desperate with another performance like that against Everton. A must win already that one.
Nicholas Nc
Nicholas Nc:
Watkins did an interview for AVTV saying that Gerrard has given the team a clear view of what they need to do, a clear identity......I think we could all do with knowing what the fuck that really is. I've watched a few of the pre season friendlies and I cant see any clear way of playing, in fact, they seem pretty clueless and despite winning a couple of games, the only game where they seemed reasonably dominant was against league 2 Walsall. I'm not sure he has a clear idea of the way he wants his team to play, what formation, what his best team is.There's a part of me that wonders if he doesn't have the bollocks to upset the players and properly shake the whole thing up because the team need to all show grit and determination to win a game of football. having been given money to spend and a bit of time now especially the pre season, I feel we can expect to see something happening out on the pitch that looks different but right now, you'd think DS was still the manager with the way we're playing. It's shite, that was shite today, completely unacceptable. I personally don't feel he does have the personnel to play the formation he seems to favour or he needs to work out bloody quickly, which players can be tasked to play a certain role. 6,8,10.......certain players need to be given defined roles and coached on how to play a role and stick to it.
Gerrards Right Foot
Gerrards Right Foot:
Are we going to pretend we expected anything less? We knew it was going to happen, my only disappointment is that I had 3-1 Bournemouth, but my 30/1 accumulator (Bourne, leeds, Newcastle, chelsea and Leicester is still on. Am I not a true fan for being pessimistic or am I the only fan with eyes that work?
beans 81
beans 81:
We should start as a club charging for the services we provide. Need a win on your return to premier league, we’ll help you out there. Have a striker who’s been in bad form & hasn’t scored for weeks….we can help.

In all seriousness I do not want to see JJ starting in central midfield. He needs to play further forward, We need an 8 who instantly improves us. Midfield is lacking, including Meatball in that too.
When is Aston villa going to stop being a charity for teams we should be dominating, the soft under belly continues...neither of our strikers will win many Arial duels so we may aswell not cross the ball
John Millar
John Millar:
Konsa was dodgy when playing on the tour games. Mings ir Chambers why not. Coutinio has been brutal for a long time.
Frank Carrodus
Frank Carrodus:
We don't know which centre back pairing is going to start, we don't know which is our best midfield, we don't know who is our main striker, and we change our captain a few weeks before the season begins and low and behold there's no cohesion....
Lyndon Sherwood
Lyndon Sherwood:
We were kind of brain washed into thinking we had a good pre season when in fact it was fairly poor with not many chances created or scored .
Reality hit us hard & the next 5 games luck very tricky & with teams around us all strengthened etc .
I'm nervous....... but fingers crossed 🤞 we need at least 3 more quality players at least . utv
daryl boag
daryl boag:
We should play two DM’s Kamara & Luiz or Nakamba, Our Right-back & left -backs going forward leaves our defence exposed our wing backs don't track back as a result we have no attacking intent coming from midfield . Play McGinn as an 8 not Ramsey ,attacking link up play trio of McGinn, Continho & Buendia, & Watkins striker. Gerrard needs to change his formation and positional roles of certain players
Barbalaza 83
Barbalaza 83:
So disappointed and disheartening. Defence was shocking at set pieces and we are completely toothless in the final third
English Man In Prague
English Man In Prague:
I share your frustration. I just watched the video from the start. You were spot on with your comments. The only way is up. The players do not look at your bank balance, look at yourself, a disgrace to the shirt, that was a dreadful team you just lost 2 nil against.
Derek Nash
Derek Nash:
McGinn is just not good enough………gives the ball away far too often…..we need a class number 8 and a quality number 9…….I fear for the future……
Danny H
Danny H:
Paused it here at 13 mins to say that if the plan was to cross the ball all game then Olli Watkins would have been first name on the team sheet as our best headerer of the ball in attacking areas.
Steffan Davies
Steffan Davies:
No fight, no passion, minimal effort....
All. Of those that played today are interchangeable... Even Martinez.
Mings should have played today.... It would have given him an opportunity to show his worth.
Konsa's form before his injury was shocking.... Same today.
If we are gonna insist on wingbacks then why not a 3,5,2 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Reality check? 100%

There’s a reason why Phil only cost £17m?- love McGinn but is he really going to take us to the next level?

SG seems to be having a few player issues-too? Mings, Sanson etc…

Going to call it here- I don’t think SG will take us to next level, he is tactically inept, and unproven as a manager.

We need a new midfield identity, we need to be ruthless, if players are right to get us to the next level, then why aren’t they.

Our forward line also needs teeth.

Forget reputations, this is serious business- how on earth do we think we can challenge for Europe ?… we flattered to deceive in pre-season

We had more crosses today than the Vatican and did SFA with them

We need to be real and honest here, I don’t think we will get where we need to be and SG’s record in 2022 is nothing short of woeful.

Pi$$ed off.
Brent Murphy
Brent Murphy:
Wouldn't have scored if we were out there all day. If Danny Ings signed for Brighton tomorrow he would turn into a 20 goal a season striker again. Why are all these players decent until they sign for Villa? There's obviously a certain mentality within the club that accepts mediocrity and an attitude of 'well if we lose a few games it doesn't really matter because we're Aston Villa' let's talk real here, we've been awful ever since Martin O'Neil left the club 12 years ago and it's just a carbon copy every season. Play badly, get beaten by everyone, sack the manager by November, employ a new manager, look like a different team for 5 games and then the whole cycle starts again. Plenty of possession yet zero cutting edge just for teams to hit them on the counter attack. It's so easy for teams it's laughable. All these teams are spending money and I'm not expecting any better than 14th - 15th place this season. Villa spend 30 - 40 million on players every season and they don't look any better than championship standard. Bailey 30 million, Ings 30 million, Buendia 38 million. What have any of these players done since signing for Villa? Change the manager, change the coaching staff, change the players, change the owners and what changes? This club is rotten to the core.
darren woolley
darren woolley:
You got it spot on Neil I'm really disappointed with our performance. UTV
Lee Bradshaw
Lee Bradshaw:
Really poor today , agree woth you Neil about wingbacks , we have to start defending first and let the attacking players attack . To many times were getting overloaded because digne and cash getting caught to high up the pitch. In my opinion the system doesn't work , Gerrards had half a season and a full pre season and the players still don't get it . He made a mistake by not playing mings today , Mings may have a mistake in him but he's the most physical player we have . Only player that can head the ball out of defense , we are a small side all round and are desperate for some height in the squad . Ings is getting pelters which I don't understand as heading crosses in the box isn't his game and he didn't stand a chance against their foot taller back 4 . Coutinho looks like an empty shell , mcginn and Ramsey were really poor . I just don't understand what Gerrsrd is trying to do ? Coutinho is his boy and he's not playing to his strengths? I just don't get it at all . Kamara was the only glimmer of light today . Itsnonky the first game but you can already see the negative things are still.there from last season despite bringing in a couple of players into the first team .
Brett Riverboat
Brett Riverboat:
2 wins in 12, I've been sold a dream by Gerrard and it's looking like Stranger Things
Seb Blackmore
Seb Blackmore:
New team for next week lol:-

Coutinho Watkins

McGinn D.Luiz Kamara/ Cash

Mings D.Carlos Chambers


Reasoning. Firstly we need to stop goals going in as the number 1 priority. 3 CBs, double pivot in front and McGinn, Buendia and Cash pressing hard to force errors/turnovers.
Have our best finisher on the end of some of these balls - COUTINHO. Leave him as the furthest man forward. Play the experienced left footers on the left(Mings and McGinn) and rights on the right. Bailey can swap with Cash or Watkins. McGinn if he gets booked can swap out for Digne or Young. It is effectively a 5-3-2 out of possession, which reverts to a 3-4-3 in attack. Get Coutinho and Watkins to the byline as often as possible and try cut backs for the midfield runners. Or go through the middle with the South American/French connection(our more assured players in possession, who can use their weak feet better) and get McGinn and Cash high. 5 in attack while 5 sit back . Ings can come on for Coutinho or Buendia. Archer for Ollie. Marv for Dougie. Hause + Konsa for Mings and Chambers. Develop JJ off the bench as Buendia's replacement if assists and goals dont materialise. Keinan Davis wild card if PC/DI get injured. Whole point of This is to grind out draws until our attack improves.

Ultra defnsive version:-


Buendia Watkins
Douglas L.
Digne Mings D.Carlos Chambers Young


Gung Ho once defence adjusts :-

Watkins Archer

Buendia Coutinho/JJ Bailey

Douglas L Marvelous

Diego Carlos Konsa Chambers

Need a bloody Striker! and a number 8 pronto. Hope this performance gives Gerrard nightmares tonight
Michael Giles
Michael Giles:
I feel your pain brother.. gutted, angry
Snowflake says...
Snowflake says...:
I am going to throw this out there, I hate to but are we seeing a manager without his tactician sidekick 😞...the next 4 games will be telling because this needs fixing.
Was like Stab to the heart today all the hype for this shite . Disappointed to say the least
john bambury
john bambury:
No 8 and striker now .. you can forget top 8 .
Sean KMG
Sean KMG:
I get the marauding fullbacks. But that can’t be our only style of play, it has to be fluid between the wingers and the fb’s or it’s sussed and defended easily, ergo yesterday. We need that god damn 8 too, for the 4th season. God I miss Jedinak. He’d have eaten this lot up.
James Diskin
James Diskin:
The game was over after 2 mins. We dont do comebacks. This is a continuation of the garbage we have seen under Gerard. Time to part company. He knew we need a new striker and did sweet FA.
Graham Alford
Graham Alford:
Konsa our worst cb last season and he picks him to start staggering
Failed G4m3r
Failed G4m3r:
Im a wolves fan and we were shite aswell 😂
Ulster Villan
Ulster Villan:
We have not progressed one iota from last season. Preseason was painful to watch. What is Gerrard doing.? Very little from what has been on display.
Junior Bennett
Junior Bennett:
Enough said Neil yes lots of questions they all got it horribly wrong if that’s the one and done then good ,as you said god help em if that’s what served up at villa park 😳
jason ward
jason ward:
the system don't work teams have worked us out we need wingers whipping balls in not trying to play it thru the middle strikers have no service
Cian Greally
Cian Greally:
Have we gone full arsenal fan tv🤣, shit today but it's the first game of the season, let's wait 3 or 4 games and see.
need creativity? we have buendia, coutinho, bailey. you can't be creative if you haven't got the ball, or can't keep the ball. we need competent coaching and a style of play.
Graham Alford
Graham Alford:
This team needs better coaching a massive of lack of off the ball runs rarley get in behind teams along with ball control and the ability to play in tight area's is very poor
Steffan Davies
Steffan Davies:
Is poch still available? 🤔 🤔
You are spot on,that was awful
Snowflake says...
Snowflake says...:
Last time we weren't a soft touch was under Ron Saunders... :-(
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson:
No point pointing fingers at individual players. When the whole team play that bad the manager has to be questioned. I don't like his 4-3-3 system.
Seb Blackmore
Seb Blackmore:
Gerrard reminds me of Ole Gunnar Solksjaer.
carl thomas
carl thomas:
The problem is we think we are better than we are. We don't do ANY of the basics well. We can't slow a game down. We can't pass the ball progressively. We can't make a smart foul to stop the counter. Gerrard talks a great game - absolutely great game...the reality is he throws players under the bus, he never picks on form, he flaps and makes hasty substitutions...he doesn't have the strategic mind to be an elite coach. Elite coaches have philosophys: what is Gerrards?

For me, Gerrard now doesn't have time to begin embedding it. Now he has to make us hard to beat, good on the counter and aim to finish up where Brighton did.

Id go 4231 as this is the most conservative team and gives Kamara the best chance of succeeding (he was a bright spot for me).

Cash Chambers Carlos digne
Kamara mcginn
Bailey coutinho buendia
Richard Knows
Richard Knows:
No leader on the field. The ship will keep sinking without a captain.
David B
David B:
Weren’t Bournemouth good
What is gerrard trying to do with the wing backs Schtick ?
Nick Mcmahon
Nick Mcmahon:
Should have got Conte. Gerrard has only managed in a farmer’s league.
john bambury
john bambury:
Sanson had looked good but sent to go shopping with his mrs
R B:
8:30 😉
MindDrive TV
MindDrive TV:
what did Captain Mcginn do?
terry wilson
terry wilson:
Been saying from day 1...Gerrard is an imposter
shariq J
shariq J:
absolutely awful. Dont beat everton i want Gerrard gone. what was the game plan? hope and pray?
Rob J
Rob J:
gaz #
gaz #:
We are shit