Pre-Match Press Conference | Manchester United v Sevilla FC | UEFA Europa League

Hear from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Bruno Fernandes ahead of Sunday's UEFA Europa League semi-final clash with Sevilla FC in Cologne.

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100+ comentarios:

J.P _
J.P _:
Bruno is the prime example of what a true United player is meant to be. He knows he is quality, but is still humble and proud to be playing for Manchester United.
Looks like bruno had a turn to be ole's son this time
Anson antony jose
Anson antony jose:
We need Martial to be prime Henry tomorrow just like last time out.
Sid Striker
Sid Striker:
Like - Man United
Comment - Sevilla 👇👇
If the Sevilla goalie doesn't turn into prime Yashin then we can win this
Let's hope we can actually make a final this season
Man Utd _124
Man Utd _124:
Barcelona Conceded more goals in one match than Man utd at old trafford in the pl in 2020. But it isnt Liverpool Or city so you wont hear about it.
Ole looks 10 years younger than he did 6 months ago. Its incredible what pressure can do to you. He looks great.
Sarath Mohanan
Sarath Mohanan:
How can you win against a team which is unbeaten in the Last 19 games?
Ole : " By Scoring more goals than them"
Epic 🤣
Kevin Patel
Kevin Patel:
respect to the female journalist for trying a different question, instead of the same questions we get every europa game about sergio romero!
Don't Know Drew
Don't Know Drew:
People throw around "He should be captain" a lot...

But Bruno is definitely befitting of that responsibility. Great character, clear leader. Think Maguire might actually do better without the weight of that armband as well tbh.
Nikita Kofanov
Nikita Kofanov:
Use me as "Bruno's English got better" button.
Ian Huang
Ian Huang:
“sleeping...” 😂

- Bruno 2020
Leyton Troy Dohnahue
Leyton Troy Dohnahue:
When Bruno Fernandez says that he needs to improve more to be like Cantona. You know that we have a special player. I hope that we win the Europa League Cup because he deserves it.
It's great to see different players at the press conferences
Danstone Kaleka
Danstone Kaleka:
Don't disappoint me tomorrow. All I want is a win
Kevin Andersson
Kevin Andersson:
You just can't hate Bruno! ❤🔴
Bruno : This press conference is fun yeah
Ole : Yeah, strange...
Ankur Vaishampayan
Ankur Vaishampayan:
How do you beat Sevilla in a knock out tournament?
Ole: score more goals than them
Nasser Hossain
Nasser Hossain:
A few silly questions, who asks about whether a journalist needs a throat sweet 😂
Rupert Clint
Rupert Clint:
Bruno: Sleeping
Ole: Yeah 😂
The Unknown
The Unknown:
If we win Europa league and Bayern win the UCL.....

And then there will be a scary super cup...
Let’s give Sevilla the payback for what they have done in 2018.
young el maestro
young el maestro:
Ole's relationship with bruno is like sir Alex Ferguson and Ronaldo
Man 2 Man
Man 2 Man:
class act from Bruno, the question about the player who had corona virus, clearly the journalist had trouble formulating because of language but Bruno anticipated and did not shame answer him
ravi pahal
ravi pahal:
The heineken sponser is making ole look like he is stress drinking
Jilarny Beal
Jilarny Beal:
When you see Bruno in a PC you already know he's gonna be fire
Delano Foster
Delano Foster:
3:03 Bruno: “he’s sleeping” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Omari Adams
Omari Adams:
This press conference had some bad questions.
jabir Hassan
jabir Hassan:
The how many. Goals Manchester United vs Seville 👍
this is impossible to watch, the awkward silence makes me cringe everytime lmaooo 😂😂
Huy Lê
Huy Lê:
Even though I support Man Utd, but I also want Barcelona to beat Bayern as well. And I was devastated to see what happen to them yesterday. I hope that Man Utd can win the Europa League trophy and give me happiness. Glory Glory Man United.
Marcus Naidoo
Marcus Naidoo:
Bruno speaks so very well. The confidence and maturity is truly remarkable.
Abdirisak Awes
Abdirisak Awes:
When life gives you hundred's of reasons to cry, show life that you have thousands of reasons to smile
Eze Uchechukwu David
Eze Uchechukwu David:
Bruno brings a lot of excitement to the United side!!!
Funniest press conference ive ever seen
Show the toxic one what’s real Manchester United “football heritage”!
Brendan Stewart
Brendan Stewart:
55 million was a bargain for u Bruno best united buy in 6 years
Eng mowlid Hagi Aden
Eng mowlid Hagi Aden:
Dragon 789
Dragon 789:
Bruno will be legend of united
And we will rise again
this might be the beginning of new gooden era
No one:
That one guy: eh Coronavirus, Coronavirus, Coronavirus um Bruno egbeehehe (don’t send any hate to reporter or Player in question I am making this joke for entertainment purposes).
The Batman Channel
The Batman Channel:
i hope Bruno gets the armband in the future, he’s born a leader
After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title.
After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title.:
After 30 (thirty) years let’s all laugh at the scousers.
After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title.
After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title.:
After 30 (thirty) years of failure and embarrassment - let’s all laugh at the scousers.
Calistus Obitte
Calistus Obitte:
This Bruno has really add a salt to our team! He's such a prolific player!👌
Khaalid Patel
Khaalid Patel:
Hopefully man U don't make the same mistake as they did against Chelsea but come on United you can do this
Manchester United 4-1 Sevilla *GONNA BATTER THEM SO BAD!!!*
biax 89
biax 89:
If you can't answer the journalism ..just drink that Heineken infront of many2 new idea came then..😆😁
Noelle Francisco
Noelle Francisco:
I just love you, Bruno ❤️👍
DAZE77 Gaming
DAZE77 Gaming:
Ole always knows how to answer questions well in these interviews 👍
Bruno Fernandes’s memes
Bruno Fernandes’s memes:
There is a reason why I have Bruno in the back of my shirt
Gideon MJ
Gideon MJ:
Literally only watching this presser for Bruno
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali:
“Score more goals than them”😭😭😭😭
Fernando Ortegón
Fernando Ortegón:
Bruno for captain!
Nohan Syandana
Nohan Syandana:
"this press conference is fun yeah" -bruno
"yeah, strange"-ole
Elizabeth Galligan
Elizabeth Galligan:
Love the attitude from Bruno. He's a team player, not in it for personal Glory. The right mentality from Bruno and he wants to win trophies. Ole struck Gold when he signed Bruno. 😍👌
Khaled Ghonem
Khaled Ghonem:
"the boy next me here or the man next me here" 😆😁😆😁
morning star
morning star:
Next we want to see pogba there
Jahzidae James
Jahzidae James:
jesus christ it takes long for a reply from the reporters 😂😂😂
Asus FN
Asus FN:
Is it me or does Bruno’s teeth look more straight lol
Bright star
Bright star:
Apart from me who else over heard what Bruno said to old lowly he said this press conference is fun yha?😁 and ole laughed
Tsewang Tshering
Tsewang Tshering:
14:27 the disappointing question, irrelevant. Ole's reaction says it all. Journalism down the drain.
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher:
Man, I don't know why but I've got a sudden craving for Heineken™ right now.
Tube Dis
Tube Dis:
Bruno is the leader we needed 🔴
hmm m
hmm m:
9:18 Kurona bhairus 🤣🤣🤣 yoooo im deaddddddddddd
kevin millington
kevin millington:
Oh my Football
Oh my Football:
8:44 listen carefully
Bruno:this press conference is fun
Ole:yeah strange
Xhulian Qaushi
Xhulian Qaushi:
@3:06 Bruno : Sleeping 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gopi Bauri
Gopi Bauri:
Bruno is the key player of Manchester United
erom nrael
erom nrael:
8:50 what was that question???😂
Red Reigns
Red Reigns:
Looking forward to seeing how a drunk Bruno performs 😂
preston akidiva
preston akidiva:
De Gea should warm the bench, he was too casual in the last semi-final
jackie moon
jackie moon:
That's Bruno Fernandes, He's so hot right now
Wesley Jeff
Wesley Jeff:
Reporter Mentions Bruno
Ole: if you ask him some stupid thing🤔🤔
Rinoma Rafif F
Rinoma Rafif F:
"this press conference is fun yeah" -bruno
PES gaming
PES gaming:
Where is that super star lingard..
We wanted to see him score in the last minute and without the help of any of his teammate
Dude Dude
Dude Dude:
0:56 I thought my video was paused 😂
2:56 Sleeeeping
Emerald Supertramp
Emerald Supertramp:
1:58 When Bruno is about to get his first question. Look at the head on Ole! Looks like he might make a house call if this doesn't go well. 😂😂
Lowry TV
Lowry TV:
8:43 'this press conference is fun yeah?' he has a sort of Ibra swagger to him.
Jeril Jose
Jeril Jose:
United 3-1
👍 who else says united gonna win by 2 goals or more?
Daredevil EstiFire
Daredevil EstiFire:
ManUtd Forever
ManUtd Forever:
Well said Bruno! "When a club pays 55mil they show confidence in you." If we pay 120mil for Sancho we show our confidence in him!!! Sign Sancho!! The shirt sales alone will cover that fee!!
لبيسس ىىةاا
لبيسس ىىةاا:
I can’t help but to click on Ole’s image even when I’m not interested.
Basil Nadeem
Basil Nadeem:
3:07 when bruno said sleeping 🤣
Some of these questions... 🤯🤦‍♂️
Man Utd _124
Man Utd _124:
Bruno Bruno Bruno......
You finish it off!
Richard Limberman
Richard Limberman:
Bruno: this press conference is funnier. Hahaha
Ole:yeah it's strange hahahajah
Mr. Pk
Mr. Pk:
Manchester United need to Transfer or changing.

This is the first very very important to Manchester United future

1. OGS (Out)
2. Maguire (Out or Change)
3. Lindalof (Out)
4. De Gea (Out)
Mohamed Salim
Mohamed Salim:
Incoming “Bruno speaks better English than Harry Kane” comments
kmx200Gary kmx200Gary
kmx200Gary kmx200Gary:
Come on united love ya ❤💯% Red always from Darlington in North East 🇬🇧
Alan Koh
Alan Koh:
Already a United Legend only for 1/2 season. 🔥🌟
Dwayne Anderson
Dwayne Anderson:
That’s one of the weirdest press conference I have ever watched ! 🤷🏽‍♂️
Brandon Gomersall
Brandon Gomersall:
That Spanish interviewer😂😂
there were soo many awkward moments in this interview 😂
Siddhant Chiring
Siddhant Chiring:
4:01 came here to just listen to that magical word
After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title.
After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title.:
30 (thirty) years of failure and embarrassment - now that’s really embarrassing.
why bruno always start his conversation with ofcourse
marc uliartievo
marc uliartievo:
I think for Man Utd will be really difficult to win something since they decided to have so many black players in the line up
Lord Shane
Lord Shane:
GGMU🔴🔴 let's go lads!!!
Jonathan Johnston
Jonathan Johnston:
Pretty confident we will make it to the final I would like to see at least 2 goals from us first half