Premier League Away Days | A Year Unbeaten | Manchester United

As The Reds reach a year unbeaten away in the Premier League, take a look back at the best bits of United on the road!

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100+ comentarios:

Lester Arthur
Lester Arthur:
Everyone: theres no place like home
Man United: there's no place like away😭🤣
Abdul Karim
Abdul Karim:
The Lingard goal that ruined someone's bet😂😂
Shirish Baral
Shirish Baral:
Only if we could improve our home form
The fact that Bruno is involved in most these goals shows how important he is to us❤️
This is the progress
Trust in Ole
Jaazib Shah
Jaazib Shah:
It's hard to imagine that we don't lose when we play away! Come On United 📍🔴
Let’s keep this record against Fulham🤞🏾🔴
Μάριος ΒΣ
Μάριος ΒΣ:
This is how many can't wait vs Fulham game
RAGE GAMING - The Flash gamerz
RAGE GAMING - The Flash gamerz:
Probably the best team after The Fergie era🔥
My daily routine has been checking up the epl standing 5times a day and smile.
Harry Maguire
Harry Maguire:
It's an honour to captain the best team in the world!
Silly Billy
Silly Billy:
Wow that run by Martial against Liverpool, through half the team nutmeging Alexander-Arnold on the way.
Nathnael Tesfa
Nathnael Tesfa:
I hope rashford starts dribbling more on the left wing and terrorize defences like last year
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes:
Let’s win this league lads please
Joshua Daniel
Joshua Daniel:
2:02 a career ending moment for TAA
MJenius MJ
MJenius MJ:
Imagine losing away, could never be us
Myst Ghost
Myst Ghost:
Let's hope city lose to stay at the top
Thomas Johnsen
Thomas Johnsen:
Everyone: Home Sweet Home
United: Away Sweet Away
Michael Njeru
Michael Njeru:
Let's maintain our away form against Fulham tomorrow! The least we truly should do is consolidate that top spot. Up United! Let's get it! 🔥
Tatenda Karikoga
Tatenda Karikoga:
Manchester United will never DIE!! as the Reds go Marching ON!
Daniel Munroe
Daniel Munroe:
Big tony nutmegging trent is just glorious.
David M
David M:
Number 21 is coming 🔴🔴🔴
Marshall Ndhlovu
Marshall Ndhlovu:
what a year🙌🏾
Joe Mack
Joe Mack:
Let's keep it going at Fulham
Fan MU in from Vietnam 🇻🇳
Mohamad Riski A B
Mohamad Riski A B:
I hope this season Man Utd will bring back the EPL trophy. It's been 8 years without EPL trophy. Now this season will be ours
Emery Ezekiel
Emery Ezekiel:
Alternative ttitle : All of Bruno's goals in 2020
Purist vs Purist
Purist vs Purist:
Love those little clips from the Liverpool game at the end 🤣😂🤣 those were put there on purpose...(subtle digs)
Nivedh Gopalakrishnan
Nivedh Gopalakrishnan:
Bruno effect 🔥❤️
Manchester UNITED FC
Manchester UNITED FC:
We have our own Unbeaten stuff bro
0:53 이영상의 주인공 등장
Lucas Glory
Lucas Glory:
We can make it 2 years in a row
Μάριος ΒΣ
Μάριος ΒΣ:
Only Man United can make Pl better
Let's go
BD Faraz
BD Faraz:
United all the way.
Big fan from Bangladesh 🇧🇩💓.
Let's win the league this year.
Smith Six
Smith Six:
We come to the right way now. Take back our Premier Champ! Come on Red!
Jamie doly
Jamie doly:
Details: 4 draw, 12 Win
Aanu Olanrewaju Agoro
Aanu Olanrewaju Agoro:
Now let's keep it going and have some home form too
Andi Folea
Andi Folea:
Emamboccus umar riaz
Emamboccus umar riaz:
Without Fernandes it would have been impossible to achieve this
Septian Azhar
Septian Azhar:
Dwayne 14
Dwayne 14:
GGMU. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Izzudin Ismail
Izzudin Ismail:
Yes I got in here early
Zeyad Mohamed
Zeyad Mohamed:
congratulations on the premier league from now😍😍
you deserve it🤩🤩
jack jinggo
jack jinggo:
Bring another year unbeaten mate!
Didier Kooren
Didier Kooren:
This video makes me a proud United fan. United is my club and I will always support them.
Tahkik Ma'ariz
Tahkik Ma'ariz:
GGMU GGMU !!!! Greetings from Indonesia🙋
Marcin _
Marcin _:
1st love you
Estiwel Santiago Ndong
Estiwel Santiago Ndong:
Mohammad zain gamer
Mohammad zain gamer:
This is great to watch
Kennedy Putra Candra
Kennedy Putra Candra:
Daniel R
Daniel R:
CAVANI is truly one of the greats.
Dennon Saputra
Dennon Saputra:
King Justice
King Justice:
EPL21. Common Reds. NG 🇳🇬
Mecha Meister
Mecha Meister:
Insane away form
21 in 21 is very much in sight
first )
kumpun parapong
kumpun parapong:
Night Lion
Night Lion:
That defence against Liverpool though. Unstoppable, even Liverpool's best forwards stood no chance.
Nurul Ihsan
Nurul Ihsan:
0:57 awowkakwkwk 😂
Kabano Amos
Kabano Amos:
They’re soo many talented Man utd video makers on twitter and YouTube and you guys should offer them a job
Chrisostomos Missurdiyanto
Chrisostomos Missurdiyanto:
Christian Ozorio
Christian Ozorio:
So Many Memorable Comebacks xD
lingard still beast💪
Syahid Wajdi
Syahid Wajdi:
Now, we need to end 3 years trophy drought
Abhijith Pradeep
Abhijith Pradeep:
Pogba ❤ Bruno
kill maestro
kill maestro:
Martial nutmeg on Trent was savage 🔴💯
Ole is at the wheel
Demir Kurt
Demir Kurt:
I need Greenwood to score bangers again for my health
NAcover vidclip
NAcover vidclip:
DNA MU Dari dulu sbnrnya emang jago comeback Dan skrng MU mulai menemukan jatidirinya
Cat Hair McBane
Cat Hair McBane:
Bruno is truly one of the greats
QuarantineYoda 74
QuarantineYoda 74:
Let’s keep it up
East Africa TV
East Africa TV:
Always I am Man United! Today I have to win against Fulham
Gr3y North
Gr3y North:
1:59 That's an epic nutmeg.
Manchester UNITED FC
Manchester UNITED FC:
Jayden_ Seow2009
Jayden_ Seow2009:
make it 2 years
rainhard Siregar
rainhard Siregar:
ah yes gracias ne..
Eman Talks Football
Eman Talks Football:
Incredible achievement lads, Well done
anass jebali
anass jebali:
I miss last year's mason
Vishal Jude Michael
Vishal Jude Michael:
philip russell
philip russell:
Lets keep it up lads.
Mohsin Khan
Mohsin Khan:
The bruno effect
J D:
What: the record here again?
Wakgotla MOLOI
Wakgotla MOLOI:
Get Diaby from Leverkusen Right wing we need to have real depth each position
They posted this just so they could feature the GOAT at 0:55
Testo Modesto
Testo Modesto:
0:55 Lord Lingardinho
revika varialo
revika varialo:
BlackAmex Vlogs
BlackAmex Vlogs:
lockdown for a few m,onths, very misleading
Nice lads you jinxed it.
Israel x
Israel x:
I miss Greenwood 😔
Aashutosh Pandey
Aashutosh Pandey:
We’ve to keep this same hungry winning mentality keep going if we’ve to win the league and plz improve at home 🛑❤️
Ishaan Panaser
Ishaan Panaser:
Look if see greenwood has aload of confidence we just need that back and it’s all because of the media someone should stop man
Mohammed A
Mohammed A:
El Matador 🏹🎯
Robert Wagoner
Robert Wagoner:
It’s funny watching flopp cry about how hard it is to play us now where’s all the ole haters you only come out from holes when we don’t get a result Rome wasn’t built overnight he inherited a mess and from day 1 with his passion and Man United know how we sit top enough said great job ole and staff I’m a 53 yr fan GGMU
Cai Howarth
Cai Howarth:
Bruno was a 1 in a million
0:42 it looks like Bruno is celebrating pogbas skills lol
persie van
persie van:
I love bruno 💪💪
Come on United! Let's go for the title💪🏾🔴⚫GGMU
Jayant Calla
Jayant Calla:
Come on Manchester United