Premier League Classic | Manchester City 2-3 Manchester United | Pogba Double Sinks City

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Enjoy all the highlights from last season's trip to Manchester City, as Paul Pogba inspired the Reds to a memorable comeback win over the Blues.

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100+ comentarios:

Tasneem '
Tasneem ':
"He might have blue hair but he's got a red heart..."😂😂❤️❤️#GGMU
Jacob Kishoyian
Jacob Kishoyian:
That de gea save. That was just epic
Rian Mullaley
Rian Mullaley:
Missed out the best bit… the city fans crying at the end😂
Emil Westergaard
Emil Westergaard:
Anyone here after "the double" against city 19/20?

*update* Triple
Joshua Sunny 18
Joshua Sunny 18:
Anyone here after 2-0, ending City's 21 running win streak?...
Zohaib Khan
Zohaib Khan:
What a match
De Gea saves
Pogba’s brace
Brilliant 👌👌👌
Rinshab bizarro
Rinshab bizarro:
Sanchez was world class that day
I could watch that Ander Herrera assist all day 1:00
Michael Townley
Michael Townley:
Coming back from behind and humiliating our opposition is in our DNA.
Glory to UNITED
Jayant Patil
Jayant Patil:
Then Ander spit on City's logo. Icing on the cake ♥️
Joshua Bitterling
Joshua Bitterling:
It‘ll never grow old😂
Most underrated assist by Herrera, assist of the season!
There is genuinely more fans for us than them at their own stadium
Aryan 474 Anuj 456
Aryan 474 Anuj 456:
Whoever dislike is a ManCity fan.
King Vis
King Vis:
You're here because United just beat City 2-1 at Etihad, aren't you?🕵️
Fernando Mariscal
Fernando Mariscal:
Alexis, pogba and herrera❤️😭
Aaryan Sabharwal
Aaryan Sabharwal:
I just loved the smug grin of kompany being turned into sadness. City thought they had won. Classic united
Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis:
These comments:
80% Manchester is RED
20% lies
That game was probably the best game Sanchez played in a united shirt! Such a memorable derby game!
Alexis underrated in this match
Yobill Lin
Yobill Lin:
and until now people still doubt about Pogba.....i'm sure when his back at the team, imagine with him, bruno and fred...amazing
Ricardo Sibrian
Ricardo Sibrian:
Best season post Ferguson, I just can say, thanks Mourinho
Juvangel TV
Juvangel TV:
Most underrated Jose Victory ever
sayyam nasir
sayyam nasir:
It still gives me goosebumps. Jose's best ever game as United's manager
Pogba is an absolute BEAST!!!!!!!💪💪💪💪💪 that second one he started the run of play from the defense and STILL scored!!!!
Shingie Chakoma
Shingie Chakoma:
So no one's gonna mention anything about Herrera's assist 🔥
Ahmed Mwinebang
Ahmed Mwinebang:
Here to appreciate mourinho again 🥺
Sam X
Sam X:
The only match of the season where alexis sanchez was on fire
thanh tuan nguyenvo
thanh tuan nguyenvo:
This is the best season of MU after Sir Alex.
Keny Brown
Keny Brown:
After the 2:0 I thought I'd see this classic again, gotta love it when we beat the noisy neighbors
cutie bae
cutie bae:
Alexis was on fire that day hop he does the same
Pogba!! He Carried The Team to victory incredibly!
Molamin Kinteh
Molamin Kinteh:
Lets do it again 🔴
Divinefist 90
Divinefist 90:
Kompany reaction of his first goal was so funny but can't hold down the comeback Kings Manchester United. 💯👍⚽⚽
Cascade L
Cascade L:
2:25 AHAHAHAHA. Sit down mate.
Aditya Alzahr
Aditya Alzahr:
1:42 my favorite part🤣
Official Dj Eswift
Official Dj Eswift:
Meanwhile in 2019, we loosing 2-0 to Watford and letting our top 6 chances slip thru our fingers or David’s fingers...
mister alli
mister alli:
I won't ever forget this game..
The drama the action the entertainment!!! Sexiest COMEBACKs
Sanchez best performance in a United Kit👌🏽 he created every chance for them goals, only wish he was able to play like this from that match onwards
Arsh Tangri
Arsh Tangri:
Had my JEE Mains paper the next day. The match is bittersweet memory lol😂
I'm such a UNITED fan that everytime I see Utd beat City, a wave of Joy hits me from out of the blue.
Arshan Salam
Arshan Salam:
The best they ever played with lukaku and sanchez
Jasraaj Singh
Jasraaj Singh:
We will win GGMU
Amirul Daniel
Amirul Daniel:
Pogba was happy back then with United 😌
I’m gonna miss Pogba 😢
Jesus Celedon
Jesus Celedon:
Alexis man of the match
Nobody is talking about 2 of Sanchez’s assists! 🎯
Rahul CR7
Rahul CR7:
One of the best comeback's
Sai Akshath
Sai Akshath:
Mourinho masterclass
Joshua 1
Joshua 1:
If we beat city Sunday I'll be the happiest man alive
Raji Keerthi
Raji Keerthi:
Greatest comeback I have ever seen
Pmss 118
Pmss 118:
Feel like its gonna happen again come this weekend 1111. 💖 GGMU!
This is easily our most gratifying victory of the past 10yrs!
A Simple Noob
A Simple Noob:
One of the best games of that season
Samuel Mwenda
Samuel Mwenda:
I'm lovin' the red goals pogba and smalling
권도안 턴 대박이네ㅋㅋㅋㅋ근데 이걸 역전했었지...ㅋㅋㅌ
Eva Manullang
Eva Manullang:
"Well he has a blue hair, but he has a red hart" lol
Kreolin Malayan
Kreolin Malayan:
1:31 - labile the boy 🔥🔥😍
데헤아 와ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Spot Tube Indonesia
Spot Tube Indonesia:
The best comeback in 2000 era
Zach M
Zach M:
This still sends shivers down my spine
stanell giddings
stanell giddings:
Goosebumps ♥️🔥😴
Ruairi Duffin
Ruairi Duffin:
I come back here every now and then lol
" Well he might have blue hair but he's got Red heart ! "
TheProGamerz 28
TheProGamerz 28:
im watching this 2 years later and sanchez actually looked sick on the highlights pogba had a great game
Mr Toad
Mr Toad:
Herrera's chest assist is just lovely.
Young Abu
Young Abu:
Smh still watching this game almost 2 years later wait for this to be the norm
Abuthahir khan
Abuthahir khan:
I came to this after watching City crying on dressing room.
MasManpastim 98
MasManpastim 98:
Top Assist Alexis Shancez 3 goals in all👍👍👍👍.
Haidar AlFaruqq
Haidar AlFaruqq:
Epic comeback reds
Kai yui Li 19
Kai yui Li 19:
When you saw a crazy save from United's goalkeeper
First reaction : oh wow,that goalkeepers is legit
Then you realisd that is David de Gea: well it is de Gea style...
หมวย 'ย
หมวย 'ย:
We want Aaron Wan Biss-Saka
Comeback kings ❤️
P.J. Dales
P.J. Dales:
I love how all the goals were scored at the same end and we get too see the reactions from the same crowd every time 😂
black mamba
black mamba:
Good Luck.GGMU
Liam EFC
Liam EFC:
That chest from Herrera for Pogba's first goal was class
Ruhan Ahmed
Ruhan Ahmed:
That de gea save. That was just epic
David Hamilton
David Hamilton:
I love watching pogba being happy that ending was something
What A glorious game it was !!!!
Three Ple
Three Ple:
I like seeing ManCity celebrating and cheering in the beggining just to later see their party getting spoiled🔥😏
Teejay Lagercy
Teejay Lagercy:
Pogba was on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
지리긴 하네 폭바
D. C.
D. C.:
A day i will never forget❤
Ashay Jadhav
Ashay Jadhav:
I love how from 00:56 the sound of the crowd seems to build up to that first goal.
Tye Neadik
Tye Neadik:
Who's here after our comeback against Southampton?
He might have blue hair but he's got a red heart!
The most iconic Moment 2:24
Ouzi Aquarius
Ouzi Aquarius:
This was one of the best win for every United fans to the coaching staff the manager and the players.
The Jester
The Jester:
there's a beauty to Pogba's movement even when he's getting knocked over like that first goal. Unreal play.
Ariel 123
Ariel 123:
lets do it again❤
Oliver craig
Oliver craig:
Just come back and watched this after what raiola said today very sad that he’s going but it never worked
I'm here again, i'll be back next month to watch, again ❤😻
Easy Team's
Easy Team's:
The king Comeback!
Euann AC
Euann AC:
Such a good game. One to remember 😈
A M:
People forgetting city couldve won the league if they won this game but we stopped them ❤️
Shape Shifter
Shape Shifter:
2:29 That's the most man city fans I've seen in one frame
Kigs Music
Kigs Music:
I still get excited when i see this GGMU NEVER COUNT US OUT!
Amit Goswami
Amit Goswami:
Back in the days when GOAT Lingardinho used to start the game😭
marcorunitup _
marcorunitup _:
I was so happy this day😭