Premier League Hall of Fame: The Nominees

A place in the Premier League Hall of Fame is reserved for only the best. Who joins is down to us, the fans. Vote now for your chosen nominees here: Voting closes on 2 May, 18:00 BST

The nominees for the inaugural Hall of Fame selection are:

Tony Adams
David Beckham

Dennis Bergkamp
Sol Campbell
Eric Cantona
Andrew Cole
Ashley Cole
Didier Drogba
Les Ferdinand
Rio Ferdinand
Robbie Fowler
Steven Gerrard
Roy Keane
Frank Lampard
Matthew Le Tissier
Michael Owen
Peter Schmeichel
Paul Scholes
John Terry
Robin van Persie
Nemanja Vidic
Patrick Vieira
Ian Wright

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100+ comentarios:

Premier League
Premier League:
Vote now for your chosen nominees here:
Michail Aglamisis
Michail Aglamisis:
The sheer talent of Bergkamp is unbelievable.
Sims Nyandeni
Sims Nyandeni:
Every single one of these players need to be in the hall of fame
Bob e
Bob e:
I am yet to see a more aesthetically pleasing sight than Dennis Bergkamp on the ball, there was class in every turn, pass and goal. They don't come much purer than that.
Michael Uzoho
Michael Uzoho:
The thing is, we all know these nominees will get in one day, it's just a matter of when.
Viera and Keane can walk into any hall of fame with their eyes shut!
They didn't have the numbers like Scholes, Gerrard and Lampard but those 2 were a special breed.

If you're a kid from the 90's like me you guys know exactly what I mean.
Knut Olav Brekke
Knut Olav Brekke:
It's actually a crazy coincidence that all of them have the middle name Nominee.
Andy Cole is definitely the most underrated striker of the 90's. Glad he got recognized here.
Louis Jeffery
Louis Jeffery:
Le tiss is one of true most criminally underrated players of all time just because of the team he played for
I have seen Denis Bergkamps goal against Newcastle about 1 million times, still not sick of it.
Raka Abi Z
Raka Abi Z:
just waiting for Gianfranco Zola next , the man was a pure joy to watch
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast:
A pleasure to watch so many of these great players! So many great and heart breaking moments! 👊🏻😎
Le Tissier is an utter legend. So underrated.
Dennis Bergkamp is wow. I used to think he was henry's sidekick. Now that i have seen him play I wonder how many goals henry scored because of him
We need Scholes, Gerrard, and Lampard for sure.

My personal other 3 would be Keane, Viera, and Schmeichel
Farhan Junior
Farhan Junior:
Drogba at his prime was freak of nature by all the aspects of the game💪💪
Elijah Khaira
Elijah Khaira:
14:35 that goal HAS TO be in the top 3 best EPL goals of all time!
Ajigo's Studio
Ajigo's Studio:
This was a very tough decision but i have to go with Didier Drogba 💙💙 true legend
There should be a place in the hall of fame for PL commentators
So many moments were captured with their famous words
Pranab Khadka
Pranab Khadka:
So many Arsenal players here, what a team we had back in the day
Arsenal used to have amazing players back in the day, it's heartbreaking to see what they have now
Rodrigo R. Sepúlveda
Rodrigo R. Sepúlveda:
It's like a Power Rangers reunion, just put all these exceptional players on the Hall of Fame and we'll be thankful
You didn't play football in the 90s if you didn't pull your collar up and shout "CANTONA!!" just before smashing the ball. This vid is like the ultimate nostalgia trip
Personally I think Drogba and Bergkamp are the two that really need to get in this year.
Vidic, what a player, gutted when he left.
Mayera Hongera
Mayera Hongera:
There could never be another PL video full of LEGENDS than this.
Gerrard could do it all score, assit, defend and carry the team when needed. Shame people will only remember his slip.
Kenawak Tadele
Kenawak Tadele:
Andy Cole! That guy was born to score. So underrated.
mohd aisyamudin
mohd aisyamudin:
scholes have eleven titles..what a player he is. retired and come back from retired to save manchester. love him
Luuk van Krugten
Luuk van Krugten:
If Bergkamp doesnt get in its not a real hall of fame. What a legend.
JoJo Mullen
JoJo Mullen:
This video shows how good Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wengers actually were half there teams aswell no disrespect to any other players in the video all great players
Mezba uddin taohid
Mezba uddin taohid:
For me, everyone should get this award because everyone is so great in their perspective.
Having a mid fielder like Lampard in your team is a dream. What a goal scorer he was, just phenomenal.
Pato Games
Pato Games:
Where's Zola?!??!
I'm not a Chelsea fan at all, but Zola was true class. Deserves a nomination.
Elijah Khaira
Elijah Khaira:
Just about unfortunate that the likes of Le Tiss probably won’t get through, when he certainly is within the top 6 out of all those players, but just because he didn’t play for a “top 6” team he won’t get that many votes! Still he’s by far the best penalty taker and screamer scorer of all time!
Matt Le Tissier scored or assisted in every 2 matches. What a legend
RD Holyfield
RD Holyfield:
Bergkamp deserves to be in it 💯
7Kantz - CHOTIME
7Kantz - CHOTIME:
2:04 "Bergkamp a Huge fee of 7.5 million Pounds" How times have Changed
Even As a Chelsea Fan..I adore Dennis Bergkamp
Smelly Fart
Smelly Fart:
I think the trio of midfielder will be inducted this year: Scholesy, Frankie, and Stevie. I think the other 3 would be Keane, Vieira, and Peter (maybe because at least they can induct a goalie). If not, maybe Rio is a strong candidate because of his titles and longevity.
Souvik Roy
Souvik Roy:
Saf's whole team is a Hall of Fame❤️
Oh United good old days........🥺
Rubber Soul
Rubber Soul:
The infamous Roy Keane is the ultimate PL legend
Whoever said bergkamp couldn’t keep up with the pace of the English game needs sectioning. HE IS THE PACE THE GAME IS PLAYED AT. HES A PURE GENIUS.
Mr Meeseeks
Mr Meeseeks:
Owen at liverpool and Real Madrid was just something else
Unknown ?!?!
Unknown ?!?!:
Glad to say I have had the pleasure of seeing them all play
I cannot believe Titus Bramble, Shkodran Mustafi, Sebastian Squillaci, Phil Jones and Massimo Taibi are not included in this list.
Vidic, what a legend!
H • S
H • S:
Petr Cech should be there also. Most clean sheets in prem history, most saves made and consistent for years on years. PL legend.
Van Persie was something Else ❣️
All of these players should be the founding members of the Hall of Fame
Drogba, A legend.
Jay Jayesh
Jay Jayesh:
Ch Ynwa
Ch Ynwa:
It's just a matter of time to get all these legends in the HoF
The game needs more players like Roy Keane currently.
Eurofighter Typhoon
Eurofighter Typhoon:
Lampard scored 10+ goals for 10 consecutive seasons, and from midfield at that. In terms of pure goalscoring ability it’s difficult to find another midfielder that comes close
Shayak Bhattacharyya
Shayak Bhattacharyya:
that beckham assist to ole is complete goosebumps
Precious Jomaru
Precious Jomaru:
I am a die hard Arsenal fan, I would have picked one of the bunch of our players on the list but Steven Gerrard was absolute joy to watch........... Steven Gerrard all the way ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Knight Oyin
Knight Oyin:
Didn't know who Le tiss was until today. What a special player he was. Wow!
Philip Winstanley
Philip Winstanley:
The fact that half of these played for United shows how dominant they were
The Pro Clubs Any
The Pro Clubs Any:
Matt Le Tiss would easily be right in there if he played for a “Big” 6 club
i reckon vidic is probably the most undeservedly overlooked - just look at his highlights and stats in this video
David Roman
David Roman:
The whole invincibles team should be here imo. That whole team was just pure class to watch😍
sammy bore
sammy bore:
All these brilliant tackles would be fouls in the VAR era
Akashdeep 9
Akashdeep 9:
Van Persie. I want him there. He won us the 13th title <3
Beckham back then before injuries was quite a phenomenal player, even got to be acknowledged as one of ballon d or nominees.
Reagan M.
Reagan M.:
I don't know much about football but the fact that they're all called "Nominee" is an impressive coincidence!!
erik puka
erik puka:
2014 Luis Suarez is the best player I ever saw for a season in Premier League.The best and most dominant by far and I am a Manchester United fan who didn't like him at all
I think all of them deserves the honor
Renga Chinzah
Renga Chinzah:
Ashley Cole one of the best LBs ever
If Gerrard had won the league he'd be recognized as the best ever prem player , look at how good he was in the prem
120 goals
92 assists
1x pfa player of the year
1x pfa young player of the year
6 player of the month (2nd most )
8 pfa team of the season (most)
7x nominee for player of the year (most)
2x pfa fans player of the year
1x fwa player of the year
Won 206 points for Liverpool with his goals and assists (winning goals ,goals that earned a draw , assists for winning goal , assist for goal that earned draw)
, that's 18% of Liverpool total points between 98/99 - 14/15
Nobody has a resume like it , nobody else in the history of football could do what Gerrard could , pace , power , dribbling , heading , passing , leadership , finishing , the ability to never give up he had it all the most complete player maybe ever
Stoyan M
Stoyan M:
Imagine leaving out Ryan Giggs, the man who scored in 21 consecutive Premier League seasons!
Ayo Alabi
Ayo Alabi:
Bergkamp gives you chills
Xenofon Kontouris
Xenofon Kontouris:
A few exceptions I noticed, which I am sure will be called in soon:

- Ryan Giggs
- Ococha
- Fabregas
- David Silva
- Y. Toure
- Van Nistelroy
- Zola
- Pires
- Rooney
- Cech
- Van der Sar
- Ljumberg
- Xabi Alonso
- R. Carvalho
Barra Mundi
Barra Mundi:
Van Persie's high volley! UNREAL!
Arvind Acharya
Arvind Acharya:
I know each of them are amazing but if Bergkamp doesn't get nominated first it's a crime
Vincent Burke
Vincent Burke:
Roy Keane, Steven gerrard, probably the most influential captains in the premier league era.
joey runeckles
joey runeckles:
"No player has matched Lampards double figure returns for goals in 10 consecutive seasons"
Rooney did 11. 2004-2015
Man United were so dominant in the first 2 decades of the Premier League that you could pick a United player for every single position on the pitch that would be worthy of inclusion and still have players who were unlucky to miss out.
Blake Vincent
Blake Vincent:
Hilarious. In the week where everyone got sanctimonious about the ESL, we get this list. I think I see 2 players from outside the usual suspects of clubs. In case you all missed it, truly competitive domestic English football died with the creation of the Premier League in 1992.
Edit : I’ve just noticed no Alan Shearer - are you flipping serious ?!
man united loyal fan
man united loyal fan:
scholes ❤ and Premier league is the best league in the world ❤
Amro Arafa
Amro Arafa:
We all know why Ryan Giggs was left out. What a shame.
we all know what hes done off the pitch but you cant have a premier league hall of fame without Ryan Giggs
OMG in my generation so many legend.. so tough to vote !
old players are gold. nowadays you cannot compare the players with them .. they 're all legend. football is finished after 2010's . 90's and 00's era are the best.
Ariq Marwan
Ariq Marwan:
I voted Lampard, Terry, Drogba, Ashley Cole, gerrard and Bergkamp🙌
Debangshu Paul
Debangshu Paul:
I love Gerrard ❤️
Some of the tackles back then are considered fouls now man the prem has grown soft
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson:
back in the days, these players are rlly enjoying to watch. Miss the old days
Gaurav Vanvari
Gaurav Vanvari:
Scholes 11 PL titles, GOAT!
C Kelly
C Kelly:
Ah the good old days, when good tackling was permitted. Just about all of tackles in this video would have been a foul, some yellows and perhaps even couple of reds in today’s game. As for the nominees, even though I didn’t like some of them, with respect they should all be inducted.
Ishak Yildiz
Ishak Yildiz:
As a non PL-fan, i know most of the players from International Cups.

The one i dont really know, is Le Tissier and he impressed me the most.
That Paul Scholes penalty at 17:28 though 🤤
Yonas Efrem
Yonas Efrem:
This video has been one of the most exhilarating and trilling football videos i have seen in a long time
Hideyoshi Francois
Hideyoshi Francois:
Worth of memories and turn back I was a middle age man. Comparison for today's players much more pacing and agility still lack of the passion bringing to us. There are really a star and present just a professional footballer.
Quite shocked Teddy Sheringham, given what he won, the goals he scored & the pure longevity of his career, isn't in this list! Especially considering some of the nominees did nothing near what he did in his career (Owen, Les Ferdinand, Gerrard etc)!
haqi yoo
haqi yoo:
No Petr Cech? One of the best GK in PL ere along with Schmeichel and Van Der Sar. How is he not on the list? On that note, how is Van Der Sar not on the list too?
Khenrab Dorji
Khenrab Dorji:
If Vidic was English, he would be voted the greatest English player in the premier league. Two time Premier League Player of the year.
Albert Wilson
Albert Wilson:
Ryan giggs 13 league titles 4 fa cups 4 league cups 2 champions leagues 1 international cup 1 club world cup 1 super cup 9 charity sheilds 2 times player of the year 2 times sports personality of the year played 963 times for man utd he shuould have been the first name on the list whats happening in his private life is probably the reason hes not on first
S.K gaming
S.K gaming:
When you realise that this list was flooded by man United legends #GGMU ❤️😍
UNCLE #Gerrard didnt won the league but he has His Story ...its like an Open Book

#Ynwa #StevieG8
#Gerrard got my vote