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Jodeana T
Jodeana T:
Will you do a premier league table predictions this summer
Toka Dlamini
Toka Dlamini:
“We could even play tierney at LW if we wanted to” *Gud Ebening intensifies*
Azat Ates
Azat Ates:
Leicester was just unlucky. Chilwell and Ricardo Pereira were injured and Soyuncu was suspended for 3 games, that's nearly a whole back 4 gone. Also missing their playmaker Maddison
Aubameyang is leaving if you don't win the FA cup
"I've seen worse"

You literally haven't though. Our worst league season for 25 years, so at best you were what 3 or 4 years old, depending on your age... :p
Mew TM
Mew TM:
38 games gone and it's not completely over because of the FA Cup which could guarantee Europa League if they beat Chelsea. Good 1st half performance but total lack of quality in 2nd half and almost blew a 3-0 lead. Aubameyang again scoring over 20 goals in 2 season which is some achievement.
Feel bad for Leicester. All these injuries.
Peter Lundager
Peter Lundager:
Rob Holding was even worse! He sold us many times. He´s only good in the air, he´s an absolutely moron with the ball at his feet - Get rid off him!
Only Edwin
Only Edwin:
I’m sad Bournemouth got relegated their football over the past 4 seasons was fun to watch and now they have to play in the championship 😕
I would keep Martinez as keeper the man is in form.
Romanus Erdi
Romanus Erdi:
SuperDave 1
SuperDave 1:
God I remember in like December when Martinez was asking for game time and we all laughed him off. It seems only he knew how good he actually was.
I am so happy arsenal fans are finally getting to see how good Tierney actually is. Always been a baller. Just sucks him and Robertson play the same position for Scotland
TheBig BadWolf
TheBig BadWolf:
Martinez is shining those last matches, he did very well as a backup and proved that he is first team player.
Snimmer Sangha
Snimmer Sangha:
we almost bottled it
lirian playz
lirian playz:
do a fifa 21 bornmouth carrer mode
we drew against 20th, 19th, 18th and lost to 17th. Need to be getting all 3 points against the lower teams
Zad hamzeh
Zad hamzeh:
Watchu mean Lingard scored -_- The emirates is his dance floor..

Im joking i know he is sh*t
White shadow
White shadow:
Frustrating Auba didn’t get golden boot
William Smith
William Smith:
Now we have finished 8th, that is an extra £5M than we would have got if we finished 10th
also let's not forget that the eighth place is not down to Arteta, but it is very much stemming from the fact that Emery turned this club into Draw FC first then Banter FC.
Arteta did really well with a squad which has a weak midfield and I think that getting into the top 5 would have been a massive overachievement
Tringapore 98
Tringapore 98:
Buy Upamancano/Umtiti, sign Ceballos perma, get another striker and maybe another winger and we'll be quite good.
Connor Goodwin
Connor Goodwin:
Aubameyang only 2nd to the golden boot oh know cause I'm an arsenal fan! Love your streams and channel by the way I am the bestzachninjas brother and are on your streams as him.
Julian Taushterinho
Julian Taushterinho:
Does Arsenal qualify for european fotball if they win the FA cup?
Brendan Thomas
Brendan Thomas:
I like how 5 years ago Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich got promoted and 5 years later all three clubs got relegated in the same order.
Short Tom
Short Tom:
David luiz is the epitome of the single guy that gives out good relationship advice
Jasper Nordström
Jasper Nordström:
Torreira was awful! Should be sold to raise some money
Harry Hewitson
Harry Hewitson:
As a United fan I’m buzzing.
Harry Bath
Harry Bath:
Cojones 🤣 That one bit him on the arse didn’t it. Glad we’re staying up, UTV
Gary Turpie
Gary Turpie:
Eventhough Arsenal won they played terribly and if they play like that next week Chelsea will win comfortably
Kiran Truter
Kiran Truter:
We had a shite season, nothing more to be said about that. But I hope we learned a few things this season.
Talic Team
Talic Team:
U should stream or review a game of the liga mx “cruz Azul”🔹
Brian Schlaf
Brian Schlaf:
Aubameyang and Kieran Tierney played great! I thought Xhaka played really good besides his yellow card and Nelson and Ceballos played decent and Martinez another great match! Holding played terrible and Torreira was just ok
Adam Noone
Adam Noone:
Trent alexander arnold has more assists than every player at arsenal
Wolves fc
Wolves fc:
MGH same with me I can’t believe Bournemouth are going I’m gutted there going down
Alex George
Alex George:
I should be happy, but we almost blew a 3-0 lead.
Its Cixyz
Its Cixyz:
I'm really sad about Watford going down, so yeah Sarr may move to LFC lol, the bants tho
Yusuf Ali
Yusuf Ali:
It's not Arsenal without a minor heart attack
Clarke Reviews
Clarke Reviews:
Deeney will go to Burnley, West Brom or Sheffield United.
Troy Deeney’s interview calling the man a cheeky b*stard 😂😂😂
Annie Gurr
Annie Gurr:
Arsenal settling for a top 10 is ultimate Banter FC. 😂
Nuclear Atoms
Nuclear Atoms:
It's good that Luiz did these mistakes in this match,now he can look back at it and stay more careful in the final! I'm not an Arsenal fan but I'm going support Arsenal in the FA cup final because of MGH, AFTV, the players and specially because of Arteta!!!
Jack 49
Jack 49:
David luiz has given 5 pens this season
Bao FC
Bao FC:
I think we should NOT be buying Partey and instead go in for Dani Ceballos
Trin ko
Trin ko:
Loving your vids👌👍! You, Cani and S2G really have inspired me to start my own career mode here on yt - you 3 are all my favourite youtubers! 💪👊😁 guys if you see my comment (the same) in a lot of his videos i am really sorry if this is annoying to you. But i just want him to see that and ofc there is a self promoting as well what makes this even more annoying. I just want to find my audience because i only started. I hope you can understand where i am coming from. I really appreciat all of you that come to visit my channel😊. You are the best! 😁. So sorry once again and hope you understand.. 😔
Knowledge Nyamaradzo
Knowledge Nyamaradzo:
If Arsenal Win the Fa Cup They Will be in Europe
Connor Moorhouse
Connor Moorhouse:
Villa and Arsenal 🤝 Relegating Watford
Mr Lim
Mr Lim:
Martinez will join Leeds United next season
Martinez might go to leeds
If that goal had been given in the Sheffield vs Villa game (the one where the ball blatantly crossed the line) then Bournemouth survives and Villa goes down. Someones getting sued lol
Kyle Cook
Kyle Cook:
A win off top 6, and a loss off 10th
Steffen Ejstrup
Steffen Ejstrup:
funny thing here if we win on sunday, spu*s wont have european football next season!!
sam covington
sam covington:
Do a keep or sell Series and do a transfer round up Series
B13 Paiin
B13 Paiin:
10:57 I sneezed the same time you did
Temi Omo-Loto
Temi Omo-Loto:
Leicester dropped from 2md to fifth in ten games
jimbob james
jimbob james:
Hey mat after arsenal pls could you do a derby fifa 21 career mode I would love it
Alexander Trujillo
Alexander Trujillo:
You'd make a great pundit .. good work mate . (:
Keep ET
Keep ET:
I am so happy that we won't have any European games so we can fully focus on the Premier League and domestic competitions.
Louise Cleal
Louise Cleal:
Just want to say there is r/MghComminity
George Underhill
George Underhill:
He said they had worse season under emery. That was this season 😅
Zayd Amro
Zayd Amro:
Let’s start next season on the right foot
Loving in Bournemouth, all of my mates are devastated . If Goalline technology has been working for SU vs Villa, Bournemouth would’ve stayed up. If I were Eddie Howe I would sue
The Blackspades
The Blackspades:
I wanted villa to stay up there.
Chaise Samargis
Chaise Samargis:
Even tho I'm a man utd supporter I feel bad for bournmouth cuz Eddie is good manager and he did such a great job keeping bournmouth up for 6 years great accomplishment
Alex George
Alex George:
Give the recruit who saw Tierney, a pay rise
Chibueze Nwagwu
Chibueze Nwagwu:
Are we going to ignore that Lingard scored
Alex George
Alex George:
I was doing an Arsenal career mode and in my 3rd season (im in my 4th now) Bristol City got promoted and went back down with 5 POINTS
Ricky Dong Dong
Ricky Dong Dong:
Aubamyang will leave probably his last chance to get a move to a big team with his age now
thodoris tof
thodoris tof:
Please react to the Wolves-Olympiakos game because they kicked you out of Europe
And also I am an olympiakos fan too
X2_ Gecko
X2_ Gecko:
Luckily for niran akinfenwa didnt reply to his instagram message
Congratulations for the win, although I think it's funny that Welbeck of all people scored against you today.
Alexander Wood
Alexander Wood:
Sheffield United still did brilliant
Louie g
Louie g:
Matt we already have him for another season on loan
Dk Jones
Dk Jones:
I really feel bad for Bournemouth, I liked them
Putting Tierney in my fpl team was pretty good business from me🙃
Sebastian Kral
Sebastian Kral:
Leno goes back in easily
G H:
Hopefully arsenal are looking into Lewis dunk, quality centre half
if watford won they would stay up they would be on 37 pts
blur blur
blur blur:
we need to sell ozil i would get fekir
With this Watford team they can easily walk the championship but the players won’t say which is a shame
Jonny Slater
Jonny Slater:
come on United 3rd place champions league next season can't wait 🔴
Wesley Ives
Wesley Ives:
Imagine taking the piss out of a 32 year old striker getting relegated
Andrew menzes
Andrew menzes:
Would love to see a new updates transfer video from you !
Ultraz101 !
Ultraz101 !:
Sheffield will not even crack top 10 next season
Well Arsenal did beat Chelsea in their last FA Cup final in 2017
Kenz Coopz
Kenz Coopz:
I’m soooo happy villa won omg
Nahom Gelaye
Nahom Gelaye:
No one underestimated lingardinho
Patrick Greene
Patrick Greene:
Leno sold? We need the money.
Alec Williams
Alec Williams:
No mention of united that's funny😂😂😂
Daniel Weir
Daniel Weir:
Watford got what they deserved
Stijn Kersten
Stijn Kersten:
Emi Martinez the man!!!!!!!!!!!! Underrated Mgh
Chelsea didn’t acc need to win the game they just needed Leicester to lose
Oli Madej
Oli Madej:
I think we should try and sign ake
b00m maoam
b00m maoam:
As much as I like Martinez I think Leno will remain number 1, but I’d still love to see Martinez get more premier league game time.
Jack Taher
Jack Taher:
Arsenal fans are getting triggered about Troy Deeney speaking the truth about your club, such a banter club.
Minh Hoàng Vũ
Minh Hoàng Vũ:
come on , 1 match left. Hope Arsenal can win the cup
Sariya Ahmed
Sariya Ahmed:
We probably only have 20-30 million pounds to spend this season so I don't think we would be able to afford Ceballos unfortunately
bmartin 65
bmartin 65:
Martinez is underated
Sarr will move to Leicester and Doucoure will move to Everton
Arsene was right.