President Biden, Gov. Abbott greeted in Uvalde by people asking for change after mass shooting

President Joe Biden arrived in Uvalde as people cheered and begged him for change while the president's supporters booed Gov. Greg Abbott, yelling "Vote him out."

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"If we are hurting could you imagine how much their parents are hurting?" Well said by cafeteria lady
I usually never tear up over these events, but this one got me 😭, especially the man who passed away from a broken heart. My heart aches for the victims and families. 😭😭
Shannon Nonnahs
Shannon Nonnahs:
"Please Help Us , Our Children are not safe!" - So true.
Survival Resources
Survival Resources:
Rest in peace to the sacrificial lambs of our sick society. Humanity is self-destructing. Condolences to all involved.
This entire country will be a memorial if we don’t start making real changes. My heart goes out to all the families that have lost loved one to these senseless crimes
Juno Sugi
Juno Sugi:
I completely understand the children who do not want to go back to that school.
Willie Jones
Willie Jones:
As a teacher, this would be the end of the line for my teaching career. Transition back into corporate or something else. There is no way I could continue teaching after witnessing such an event. I couldn’t imagine I could ever step into that building again. If I feel like that, I’m certain the kids feel that way.
Mel Green
Mel Green:
The country is deeply saddened by this act of evil, praying for all that we can be united in Peace, not to be cruel and judgmental of each other, but rather let love rule in our hearts.
Felipe Cortez
Felipe Cortez:
Poor babies. My heart goes out to everyone 💔 😞 affected by this. Life is not fair.theres no reason for this to happen.
The begging for change is outstanding! This has to be a time to be heard!
Tyrell Williams
Tyrell Williams:
In Prayers 🙏 Condolences and Prayers for the family and friends of these very innocent and precious Children and well cared for and loved and RIP and for the families to heal. ❤ ❤ ❤
10 year old children under siege in their classroom and without any help from outside, while struggling to survive a madman with a semi-automatic weapon, acted more heroically and with more bravery than the heavily armed police just outside swigging water bottles and shooting the breeze with each other. Let that sink in.😡
Cloudie 9 Druoid
Cloudie 9 Druoid:
I completely understand the kids not wanting to go back to that school. They’ve been through enough trauma and deserve a brand new school somewhere else.
Moses Z
Moses Z:
United States is so divided to a point where it can’t be called united we stand no more
Harold Bryant
Harold Bryant:
Tsang Dennis
Tsang Dennis:
We wish to see constructive measures being done rather than turning to praying on each aftermath.
78 minutes, it took 78 minutes for the cops waiting outside to do anything before going in...perhaps the families should be getting lawyers and sueing their police department.
I am speechless as to why the officers did not barge into the classroom, they waited for someone to open the door, when they could of shot the lock open? Jesus Chris, never seen such cowardness. Someone please explain this to me because I do not understand.
Scott Tenn
Scott Tenn:
If the politicians were going to do something, they would still be in Washington working on a solution.
Willie Jones
Willie Jones:
I’m hopeful they can find a way to overcome their stark differences. Something must be done.
Fenton B
Fenton B:
The locks on the doors at school just like at your house weren't installed to protect you from threats on the inside, they are installed to protect you from the dangers on the outside trying to get in, evil does not obey laws
Netsanet Darihun
Netsanet Darihun:
I feel your pain all the parents
Judith MacFadzen
Judith MacFadzen:
Disgusting that Abbott never misses a photo op! 🤢
It's difficult for a couple when one spouse die at home. I had to stay with my mother until she find another place to stay. I can imagine all the kids and the adults, all the bad memories they have and trauma. Demolish that scholl and start at another place please.
Leilani K.
Leilani K.:
We share your loss and pray for Justice 🙏 R.I.P. ❤️
Art Pop
Art Pop:
I feel devastated and can’t stop watching the news coverage . Imagine their parents 💔
It’s sad what happened. They really can do something but you got that huge group of people that is the problem.
Elmhurst 1
Elmhurst 1:
There are so many points here that should be addressed. My daughter taught High School in San Antonio and she would have kids disappear in Sept. and reappear in Jan. When asked where they were they would reply "in jail". The school knew nothing about why or for what if true this child was locked up. After she complained she was told not to worry. Just give him a passing mark and let someone else worry about him. This is Texas. A breeding ground for losers. If you have money, you go to a private school. If not, be happy with what you get.
Hombre Nuevo
Hombre Nuevo:
Who is the lady who ran inside to get her phone after becoming aware of the gun man's crash and hearing him shooting in the street? She then left the door she went in through open?! Do something!!!!
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee:
One man will not change anything it's going to take people Republicans Democrats working together to get something done
The public and communities need to get involved and put it on the ballets to save our children and other loved ones.
Deborah Zenquis
Deborah Zenquis:
Every time I hear these stories I 😢 CRY. Hold your breath.
Rose Willis
Rose Willis:
Prayers to all!!!
Gumpy of the Bubba
Gumpy of the Bubba:
Why didn't the counselors, who have the mental health training, report his behavior? We need legislation to hold these people accountable!!
That governor shouldn't get a pass. He had reason to know better, instead of spreading favorable information the 1st day. No matter how you spell it. It's still a cover-up
Jeffrey King
Jeffrey King:
Yes, disarm law abiding citizens. That'll stop things like this! Funny how the whole thing reads like a script. Protect your children, especially from the government.
William Stalvey
William Stalvey:
If there is only 1 thing positive to come out of this trajedy, it's the fact I think Uvalde is going to be loved for a long long time that never knew this incredible loving Community!
Prayers and assistance to the Great people of Uvalde!
Buckhead Ga
gloria Cote
gloria Cote:
There's a song "Bless the beasts and the children, for in this world they have no voice...they have no choice" Our precious children are the most vulnerable and least protected segment in our society. Children have no lobbyists in D.C. fighting for them. While all the millionaire politicians have armed protection, there are no armed guards in schools safeguarding kids. Our governments, school boards, the education system and us, the people, have completely failed in protecting our precious children as evidenced by this heart-wrenching example. Yes, the gun laws must be revised...teenagers should not be able to buy machine guns...and yet, Americans must keep guns for their own protection and that of their families. If guns are outlawed, only criminals will have guns. My deepest sympathies and condolences to Uvalde during a tragedy of this incomprehensible magnitude.🙏💖💫
Ismael Carrillo
Ismael Carrillo:
Why hasn't the school chief commander who took the decision to wait 40 minutes outside doors not been charged. Pedro "Pete" Arredondo
Those people are blessed to me Joe Biden. Thank you Joe Biden you are amazing thank you for healing our country
Irma Salgado
Irma Salgado:
I coudn't sleep , when i saw this in the new's , thinking of these helpless children , and no one saved them and their teacher's , just unthinkable .
Giovanni Louise
Giovanni Louise:
To remove guns from Americans is almost impossible i think, but at least vigorous background checks should be applied from sellers.
Sabina Capuno
Sabina Capuno:
My heart so feel about them if i can do be there I should do something
Must faster,,, time is gold
Doing nothing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.
Those officers who waited outside that classroom for an hour as children losing their lives - it may as well be the same within politics where 50 senators have the Majority of Americans barricaded in a room who want a change, and they don't want to budge on Listening to the Vast Majority of Americans who want better Laws to keep all people from danger.
Cpl Bitter Klinger
Cpl Bitter Klinger:
The Supreme Court has ruled several times that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation. YOU are responsible for YOUR own safety, as demonstrated by this event.
Louis Matassa
Louis Matassa:
Our prayers are with all of the families 🙏🙏🙏🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Giuliana CR
Giuliana CR:
First covid then this... Can't imagine the stress the victims and the surviving students went through. I don't think they should make them go back to school this coming year. People need time to grieve.
Everything's Eventual
Everything's Eventual :
Yes, police reform. Those cops should be in jail.
Marky 360
Marky 360:
I think the workers should be payed without having to return to the school at least for what's left of the school year.
Bryan Brown
Bryan Brown:
It takes decades to build memorials for fallen vets…. I can’t even!!???
Beto G
Beto G:
They need to close the school down and make it a memorial center
R M:
I had been wondering about all adults who work at the school and know the children -- their relationships. The woman who works in the cafeteria will not be able to see many of the wonderful children again, only have memories of them. Her statement about the hurt being experienced by parents and others -- speaks to how far and wide the ever-increasing availability of guns (based on the lie that 'all have a constitutional right to bear arms') affects victims and those who have close or distant relationships with them.
Jaime Arceo
Jaime Arceo:
These babies were waiting for help to arrive and it never came shame on these officers they should do the right thing and resign I have bad words for these men but I want to focus on these babies can’t imagine
There is an area where moderates on both sides can come together and agree on responsibilities to promote safe use of guns. Magazine size, ammunition type and amounts, age limits to buy or for unsupervised access, safety training before buying first gun or getting/ renewing license are areas that many on both sides agree on.
Jelly Whit
Jelly Whit:
I wonder if shaking hands and being diplomatic with Abbot felt like the meetings he had to have with Putin, I bet it was a similar feeling.
lovely people
lovely people:
TX laws created a monster. Even the TX police who waited outside that classroom for over an hour, did not want to go in to take the shooter out right away, when they should have. A 18 year old had a more powerful gun than police officers did. smh
0:32 Why do Americans not know not to yell and cheer during such a tragic moment!? Even Biden was embarrassed, telling them with his hand to hush it. Moment of silence and they're hollering. Unreal.
I know it can happen any where but if I had kids in school definitely would home school
I can't imagine sending children back to that school either
Like all other shootings in the past we will soon forget after the song and dance are over , sad fact it’s going to happen again and again , people can’t deal with THEIR problems today without harming others
Saira Garcia
Saira Garcia:
We hope so because this is awful
john smith
john smith:
First on the list. Fire those Police Officers that did not do their job as "first reponders" during the carnage and send them all to jail. Lesson learned to all Law Enforcement and becoming one.
Danny Hayes
Danny Hayes:
Cheering, clapping and screaming at a somber event is not normal.
Asking for a change...not asking for change...🤦‍♂️
Bob longdickder
Bob longdickder:
Biden is the last person who should be there. Just imagine how many kids could have been saved if the cop's in the hallway would have done their job.
Bruce Barton
Bruce Barton:
foreal foreal
foreal foreal:
We are talking about a small majority of people…a small majority of gun owners, who are up against the opposite of what the vast majority of Americans want when it comes to gun control. Further...
There were mixed reactions to both Biden and Abbott by that crowd
his determination to serve his country with love and compassion
Lily's Cloud
Lily's Cloud:
I agree, there should be no building ever again. Make a memorial parkin their honor so they will never be forgotten and their families have some place to find peace, grieve and have solace at the very least.
Jamie M.
Jamie M.:
Yes, I concur the school should be torn a memorial...construct a new school on another site.
Brenda Smith
Brenda Smith:
That is so sad about those children!!! Praying!!!
Swingout Museum
Swingout Museum:
Nothing is going to change. We have had eight (8) mass shooting in 13 years under a Republican-controlled legislature. The change involves a political process, however, many don't vote or get involved in the political process. So, thoughts and prayers until we meet again.
Problem, reaction, solution.
An obviously sick, misguided lone shooter full of twisted, misdirected rage has brought about highly concentrated, ultra-focused unity of purpose around the world. Now, if only that powerful coalescence will inspire national leadership to unite and legislate measurable positive change to stop such devastating carnage. And if not, to election of new leadership capable of affecting such positive, desperately needed change.
J B:
After Jan 6th congress responded by immediately increasing the amount of personal security each member of congress has. Currently each member of congress gets $10,000/day in personal ARMED security.
Chris. M
Chris. M:
Come together with a solution!!!!
N&N's Numbers and Notes Unlimited.
N&N's Numbers and Notes Unlimited.:
In any country the head of this mess would resign immediately. What are you waiting for G. Abbot to take responsibility and leave office?
Paul Pugh
Paul Pugh:
The brake down of the family and our failure to raise children to love and respect each other has brought us to this place. Politicians cant fix this , we want to blame someone for our failure to properly raise our children. Look in the mirror . im taking a honest look at my failings ,are you? We are all to blame,so stop blaming politicians,they cant fix this.
J Dog
J Dog:
Personally I think the school needs to be tore down. They can in it's place build a memorial with flowers and fountains. I don't see how any child or staff member of that school could return. Praying for everyone affected
Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes:
( I see that both extend their ✋ hands, now they need to work together ( you hear that Greg Abbott !)
Pure mind静心净心
Pure mind静心净心:
Closing classrooms 111 and 112 .
These two rooms need to put in peace.
Condolences to victims 🕯🕯🕯
Ken M
Ken M:
"mmmm I wonder what this one's hair smelled like?!" - Joe Biden
We need change for gun free zones. Allow staff and teachers who wants to conceal carry to be the first line of defense. These places are picked out by evil for the easy targets.
Gotta address this mental health issue we have with our youth.
Janie Little Horse
Janie Little Horse:
Texans do love love love their guns.
Jocelyn Joseph
Jocelyn Joseph:
Death robbed our family members one by one, but I, in the mortuary, prepared those who'd meet our Creator, and I did find our Creator avenge the murderer.
Pray for peace. Help those bereaved to face life anew.
Wayne Baker
Wayne Baker:
Do something? ,Like Fix the Border, Get inflation under control, Fix High gas prices, It would help if he just went away.
Please please 🙏 do something. We are begging you. 💔
Frank Phillips
Frank Phillips:
We call for weapons training and psychological evaluations before teachers can be certified.
TB Coach Niblick
TB Coach Niblick:
Joe asks I ask the dude in the wheelchair to stand and take a bow like I did before
Jocko Harpo
Jocko Harpo:
Please Mr. Biden...Pass legislation that criminals with guns will obey!
Scooter Dom
Scooter Dom:
Joe Brandon doesnt even know what year it is or what continent hes standing on
christian hernandez
christian hernandez:
at some point we the ppl should be what matters and not political power !! this has to stop and these politicians must put their differences aside and work to make us safer
this has got to be the closest he's been to the border isn't it?
Jeremy L.
Jeremy L.:
For 26.4 billion dollars the US could have 4 armed officers being paid 55k each in every school in the country.

To put that in perspective, the US politicians sent 58 billion to Ukraine and we can't even trace where it went. Think about that.
Cruz O
Cruz O:
I think tearing down the school and putting a memorial in its place is a great idea. I hope they move forward on that idea.
A Wiener and a Beaner
A Wiener and a Beaner:
We want "change" alright....
Change ALL DEMOCRATIC lunatics from position of authority.