Press Conference | FC Astana v Manchester United | UEFA Europa League

Hear from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Lee Grant ahead of United's UEFA Europa League clash against FC Astana on Thursday.

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100+ comentarios:

Lester Bezuidenhout
Lester Bezuidenhout:
Saving Brandon Williams for the important games. You love to see it.
Suyash Pandey
Suyash Pandey:
Flex's question 10:57 thank me later
jasdill sran
jasdill sran:
11:00 my G flex asked a question to ole
Tami dis
Tami dis:
"I make every decision that I think is the best for Manchester United". That answer is massively understated.
Алмаз Сага
Алмаз Сага:
I live at a distance of 2 km from the stadium, and I as a fan of mu since 1999, tomorrow I will go to the match😁😀
90% comments - flex men
9% - about football
1% - hi from Kazakhstan
Nice to see a young stars Like Lee Grant to get the opportunity in the Europa League.
saagar thakuri
saagar thakuri:
i hear flex from "The United Stand"
Elias Sancho
Elias Sancho:
Largie Ramazani for Reserves:
• 13 starts
• 9 goals
• 2 assists

Flying high. ✈️
JB White
JB White:
10:55 The United Stand! Flex all the way in Kazakhstan
Bendy Bendy
Bendy Bendy:
10:58 ayyye its flex from united stand
Vashi Mahik
Vashi Mahik:
11:00 my man flex asking question to ole the united stand
M V:
Glad they brought Lingard so he can learn from the youngsters.
Granth -
Granth -:
I felt that Ole knew that it was Flex from United Stand
Ronald Rain
Ronald Rain:
I like grant's attitude he seems just happy he is such a nice guy
Robert Xerxes
Robert Xerxes:
10:56 Flex from United Stand question
Deric Okongo
Deric Okongo:
Man I want this guy to succeeded so bad
Robin Van Persie
Robin Van Persie:
Brandon williams > luke shaw
Yo shout out my guy Flex getting his question in at the 11:00 minute mark
Really enjoyed Lee's attitude
Can someone post the time when flex asked solskjaer a question
My manager ❤️❤️❤️
Souhardya Ganguly
Souhardya Ganguly:
I'm looking forward to seeing how the youngsters do ❤
Looking forward to see taylor play even 10 min
Ole at the wheel ♥️☺️💟
Victor GOATnyama #GGMU
Victor GOATnyama #GGMU:
Flex💪 10:56
Wish all the best for you, dear Ole.
Азамат Бағыбай
Азамат Бағыбай:
Welcome to Kazakhstan Red Brothers!!!
Ronaldo Owino
Ronaldo Owino:
Start Lingard in this match, so at least he can look at least half decent.
Big Up Flex!
Святой Маскимус
Святой Маскимус:
Всем фанатам МЮ из Казахстана огромный салам!
11:00 yes flexxx
Marcjames Whelan
Marcjames Whelan:
Let's go tmw, lots of hungry kids with nothing to lose, come on Reds
Adomas Kundelis
Adomas Kundelis:
We lost 2:1. GET OLE SACKED
Gym rat ! and Rocker UK 86
Gym rat ! and Rocker UK 86:
Grant playing wow 😲about time
Nasser Hossain
Nasser Hossain:
Very excited to see some of youngsters play tomorrow. Hopefully they grasp this opportunity and get promoted to the first team!
Zain _
Zain _:
Flex from the United stand @10:57
Sia Nomigolzar
Sia Nomigolzar:
There's some weird freaking questions in here
Earn Ace
Earn Ace:
Lee Grant has the best job on earth😍
Man unt should win this cup please man
Yes we’re getting a majority youth side now baby!
Cosmic Cleanse
Cosmic Cleanse:
Is that Flex? The United Stand has officially made it!
Robin Van Persie
Robin Van Persie:
Forever a Legend of this club ❤ thanks for 99'
jonathan sotelo
jonathan sotelo:
Is he finally leaving Young out? 🤔
Chromecast Thisis
Chromecast Thisis:
United stand?? What is this united stand. I support Manchester United. Not some rip off fan base.
Sibisi 1
Sibisi 1:
Congratulations to the United Stand(Manchester united fan channel) for being present in the press conference and Flex for having the honour of asking Ole a question 💯🙂❤️
Mostafa Ashraf Haider
Mostafa Ashraf Haider:
Google Google
Google Google:
All Cars
All Cars:
Welcomte Kazahstan Sir Aleks Ferguson Legend meneger Man united Top club (Giggs Paul Scholes Vidic Ferdinand Legends Man United ) Manchester is red and not blue )))
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh:
Class attitude by ole at the end🤙😍
Noelle Francisco
Noelle Francisco:
Buzzing to see the youngSTARS 🔥
Vikalp Maithil
Vikalp Maithil:
11:00 my man flex asking question to ole
Can't wait for the game tomorrow. Gonna be watching it on the way back from work. 👌🏼
Pavan Segal
Pavan Segal:
Hey I saw the back of Flex’s head there at the end...nice of Ollie to motivate Lee ...
Nice one Flex. Congratulation's to the United Stand!
Michela Corti
Michela Corti:
Many thanks to the Interpreter! Excellent job!
i hope Ole gets some time to do his thing. i love his attitude. lets see this january transfer window.
after so many sackings i'm just scared all the time. i believe in Ole. GGMU <3
Elvis Pratt
Elvis Pratt:
Great to hear quite a few female journalists in the press conference 😊
wezi kumwenda
wezi kumwenda:
"English only" version?
YES! save the best squad for villa and im excited for the young players! lets gooo
hayrulla Abdullaev
hayrulla Abdullaev:
Мне кажется переводчица много ошибалась
Mr North Wales
Mr North Wales:
Big Up Flex representing 💪
Man u go to Kazakhstan tomorrow there's a team in Kazakhstan who has finished 2nd in league for 5 years in a row this must be a record to finish 2nd
Abdullahi Adan
Abdullahi Adan:
15:10 when you try plead you innocence but the teacher says "stop argueing"
pk zAp 69
pk zAp 69:
จัดไปสวยๆ Manchester United โย๊วs..
Emmanuel Daniel
Emmanuel Daniel:
11:00 flexs questions
Алмаз Сага
Алмаз Сага:
я живу на расстоянии 2 км от стадиона, и я как фанат мю с 1999 года, завтра пойду на матч
Kjetil ‘
Kjetil ‘:
Ole in! ❤️
Love it when the fans get to question the manager!!!! Well done FLEX and The United Stand
Mr BobaJango
Mr BobaJango:
Ole @ the Titanic wheel!
Lil Momo
Lil Momo:
That’s why the video is so long
David O Brien
David O Brien:
Great questions by Flex - United Stand!
Абылайхан Жаналинов
Абылайхан Жаналинов:
Косячный перевод
mashrur lam
mashrur lam:
Flex is a legend ❤️
Бауыржан Оспанов
Бауыржан Оспанов:
Tomo720 __
Tomo720 __:
Yes WE
R a f e e q
R a f e e q:
ദേ മലയാളി 🔴🔴🔴
Zishan Khan
Zishan Khan:
Flex in the building 👀
Emmanuel Akerele
Emmanuel Akerele:
Shoutout to flex!!!!! UNITED STAND😎😎
illuminati confirmed
illuminati confirmed:
Huncho Jackkk
Huncho Jackkk:
Ole to flex where do I know this Kent huh he is a friend with that fat mark 😄
Simba Choga
Simba Choga:
i feel for lee, to only be needed when the team can afford to lose and also to play with the under 15 kids..
Rukan Daruish
Rukan Daruish:
Так приятно слушать русский язык на пресс-конференции Манчестера 👌🤩
Hussein Ahmed
Hussein Ahmed:
keep gowinig ole i love united for ever
Daniel Munroe
Daniel Munroe:
Yes flex, what a legend
Akhil Vijay
Akhil Vijay:
Lingard no goal no assists in 2019.
Ole decided to make him the CAPTAIN of Manchester United.
Does players have to prove on the pitch for them to be CAPTAIN of Manchester United?.
Adrianno Black A4.0
Adrianno Black A4.0:
I the Brazil. Love Manchester United
woodward OUT
XXdoomkid YT
XXdoomkid YT:
Anubhav Chatterjee
Anubhav Chatterjee:
What did ole whisper in lee grant's ears at the start of the press conference? ? Seemed like something funny
Great to see Ole giving youth prospect Jesse Lingard a start in this game, the kid has a bright future ahead of him and potential to win the ballon d’or one day.
Luthfa Begum
Luthfa Begum:
who's here for Flex's question?
and this video came out 16 hrs ago lol
i was looking for it yesterday evening!
well i found it
Golden Boy
Golden Boy:
Ole focus on villa, tot $ city WE NEED WIN
Rijul Savio
Rijul Savio:
Wassup with angel Gomes?
Marat Tastemirov
Marat Tastemirov:
13:20 - hell yeah! 100 bucks to watch nonames (except 2-3 of them) playing. Belgium brought whole stars gang and tickets were like 10-15$, see no logic but hope to see a great match at least))
Yasin D
Yasin D:
Nice to see the best keeper in the world, Lee Grant, make an appearance
Zakir Feysal
Zakir Feysal:
Man like Granty looking fresh
Chris L
Chris L:
Marv Mark
Marv Mark:
Ole is the bravest of them all
if he just promote 6 academy players to the 1st team thats understandable... Ole is trying to promote the entire squad!!!
Ole > Moyes/LVG/Jose