Preview: Meghan and Harry open up to Oprah about leaving the royal family

In an exclusive interview with Oprah, Meghan and Prince Harry open up about their decision to leave the royal family and dealing with the British media.

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100+ comentarios:

Angela Barnes
Angela Barnes:
I wish them both well. I enjoyed the interview.
Pamela C.
Pamela C.:
I never thought in a million years that I could relate to what they have been through. Wow. My heart goes out to them both. 💙
Crow of Cainhurst
Crow of Cainhurst:
From now on Meghan needs to be cautious when driving past any tunnels on the road. God please save her.
Came here just to remind everyone none of this matters and will have no effect on your life.
I think it's cool to decouple the loyal family if it's what they want, but they should consider not to attach themselves with anything that has to do with the loyal family. I think if they don't want the responsibility, they should not take any advantage of it, just saying
George Washington
George Washington:
This all just seems so perfectly timed .
Adam Brass
Adam Brass:
Wow it is sure refreshing to hear America's views in a comments section again. i'm relieved to hear that what the media portrays about America's opinion is not what most people have been duped into.
Miss Heird
Miss Heird:
I believe the whole point of this interview is to inform people that being a royal is not an enviable position. After researching Diana and now this interview, I do not envy royal life. To spend every single minute looking and acting your very best in public must be tiresome. Having the tabloids write anything they can think of about you must be nerve racking and depressing!
Glad that they are moving on!
Terry Coleman
Terry Coleman:
Really amazing interview with you both. Praying that you continue to do service. Sometimes life take a curve. Thanks for sharing your experience never known from the outside. Truth always wins.
God bless you and your family.
No matter what is decided .
Nomad Jeff
Nomad Jeff:
I remember many years ago as a young GI in the UK I was surprised at how many people hate the Royal family. Granted many love them and I'm sort of neutral on the whole thing. It's not my country. Of course this was usually in the Pub after a few pints when you heard the rants and decidedly the younger generation were usually the ones spouting off about it all. Those people are now in their sixties.....and probably still at the Pub. :)
i think its so funny how half of the comments are like "who cares" but yall clicked anyway lmfao 😭
ben skaria
ben skaria:
Meghan for her age lacks clarity or she has other motives, she could have made her plans post marriage about stepping back known. If she did that she wouldn't get the Duchess title. She enjoyed the admiration and public interest for short time, no one falsified or portrayed her negatively to that extent. There will always be good and bad press and Harry was never portrayed badly like his reputation and image is tarnished. If it was the palace did a good job all these years protecting his image. It all started with her not being the favorite or Harry was comfortable staying behind William&Kate and the palace made it that way. So she felt her needs are not met and ignored and that for her was falsifying her image and putting out bad press. She has issues but palace wouldn't help her and its not their job anyways to revolve around meghan. She's not experienced long enough to judge the establishment and the Queen. Anyways its her word and one side of the story, seems like there's always criticism for everything. What next she blasted the family for not giving her son title, if prince charles didn't walk her down the aisle instead of her father she would criticize them, if her mother is ignored then blame the palace, if they don't maintain any relationship then blame the palace and family, if she has mental illness or suicidal thoughts then blame the palace and family. How long will she go on blaming others and putting on simple family matters and personal problems on television.
Bob leroy
Bob leroy:
Great Job On the interview and getting an honest response to
All your ground breaking questions
And Tyler Perry knew all of this and didn't say a word! That's how you help people! 💪❤️
God save the Queen ❤️❤️❤️
Adalene Hankins
Adalene Hankins:
I love you Meghan you will always be my princess 👸 Harry you will always be my prince two beautiful people that God brought together may no one separate you too apart don’t let those wicked witches evil trolls bother you stay strong God is always watching over you and I’m happy you are free from all the drama👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑🤴🏼👸
Man, I'm in the middle of the interview and it is GOOD! Forget about making the royal family upset, this interview will make a lot of racist/white supremacists around the world upset, period. Why? Two powerful, smart, and articulate black women have come together to talk about the real truth about the royal family and what happens when they think a bit too much melanin has been added into the mix. Meghan sounds extremely genuine, authentic, and believable. Base on what I've heard so far 36 minutes in, I believe the goal of some of the royals and the people who were against Meghan was to make her unhappy and hope that Meghan and Harry get a divorce. Moreover, I believe they wanted to punish Harry to a certain degree for marrying a black woman base on what they told him will happen to his kid. Even the American racist media is going after Meghan after this interview. Yes, people, racism was definitely in play and now I'm convinced, even before I finish watching the interview that Meghan and Harry made the right decision and Megxit.
When have did we get to the point that we don't care when someone say they was ready to take their life? When we get to the point when we think just because they have money, they don't have feelings? When did hate over power everything that make us human? When did we become to judgemental before we actually listen with our hearts? What is going on, did we learn nothing but hatefulness from the last 5 years?
Marie Tete
Marie Tete:
Toma cuidado e apaga tbm...o povo um dia quer gente como nós,precisamos disso,e o que disse está dito!!! glória a Deus!!!
For people who distanced themselves from the Royal family for to live out of the spotlight, they're doing a pretty good job of pulling the spotlight towards them.
Artful Dodger
Artful Dodger:
It is well-known in the acting profession that actors and actresses have to go through what is called a "screen test" to determine his or her acting ability. To determine an actor’s presence and ability to perform on camera, producers and casting directors utilize a screen test. I think I have just witnessed the greatest screen test of all time. If Harry and Meghan were applying for the part as Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara in the 1939 film "Gone with the Wind", I would have given them the part and even offered them a bonus for their screen test performance.

Well, one thing is for sure, they won't need any screen tests in the future, not of this performance anyway.

It's not the lies Meghan is telling me that bothers me; it's the insult to my intelligence that I find offensive. It becomes amusing when you know someone's totally lying to you. What I don't understand is how a person can tell you so many lies and never feel bad about it.

Well, Harry and Meghan, life is full of disappointments, and I just added to the list.
Blue Sky
Blue Sky:
Sending Harry and his family love & light!
james david manning
james david manning:
Amazing how people suck up to these elites.
Straitouttacompliation 05
Straitouttacompliation 05:
Is there a website or something where I could watch the full interview I missed it 😩
A lot of accusations without context, claiming to be victim to every subject and no accountability. All because the questioning was poor.
One question I have in my mind is, if the race of their children is an issue, why was the marriage allowed to go ahead if you consider the royal's history showing us that they have and do dictate who can marry who and who not.
Jim Jim
Jim Jim:
John 14:6
Jesus said to them, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
Samiat Olayide
Samiat Olayide:
Please where can I find the full video?🥺
EJ Valdez
EJ Valdez:
I’d like to see Oprah interview Prince Andrew 🙈
Faiza khandaker
Faiza khandaker:
anyone know where i can find the full interview
Marty McFLY 1985
Marty McFLY 1985:
2 hours of Oprah Winfrey Interviewing Oprah Winfrey as Oprah answered every single question herself

Wasn't she supposed to be Interviewing Harry and Meghan rather than asking and answering all questions herself for 2 hours
John Wick
John Wick:
Who else came here for the comments 🙋
Ma Auriesan Limas
Ma Auriesan Limas:
Full interview please🙏
derper derp
derper derp:
Gee I hope they are all ok!
I love her!
Malcolm Germano
Malcolm Germano:
”How the royal family will react?” Like THEY DIDNT KNOW THAT THEY WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS- I can’t believe how ppl can be so dumb
Marie L
Marie L:
God bless America.
It's a strange situation in my house. I mean I'm not British so we're pretty neutral but I'm ready to believe Harry while my mom thinks they're playing the victim card and that these title issues were because acc to her the royal family knew of their intentions to break away and hence withheld the title, in her words " they knew they were making seperate noises" and that it has nothing to do with racism. Infact she doesn't believe a word of Meghan. And when I said it's similar to Diana she started lecturing me about how it's wrong to bring in Diana as her situation was completely different acc to her. Idk why we're arguing about strangers lol
Big Bang
Big Bang:
Royal Family will get a heart attack after watching this. 👀
Huh Ahh
Huh Ahh:
I have a good article title. How a monarchy is not relevant anymore? Give us our tax dollars back.
Alex Z
Alex Z:
My wife and I have had to deal with my wife’s family who are very much like the Windsor family- all about the Façade and the mold. The best thing we did was politely step away and it’s been more than liberating. With narcissistic and manipulative parents, that control the family dynamic, the best you can do is step away and SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE.
Renya Duran
Renya Duran:
I really really feel so bad for then it’s so sad that race plays a big part of them and the fact that they feel that way so so sad 😞
Chris Azure
Chris Azure:
The first things I thought about when I learned of this interview by Oprah was "Since when did Oprah start doing Jerry Springer style shows with dysfunctional families again? I thought she swore off sensational style shows for shows of substance."
peter bedford
peter bedford:
Oprah handles the serious stories
Megan seems depressed. I don’t mean the way she looks, I mean by the way she speaks and holds her perseverance or something. She’s just sadder than she used to be, and I see it.
I feel like people think that she's the victim. but Kate has been humiliated by the media since she's start dating prince William. and she never acts like she's a victim at all
Yet its shocking to know that majority of British people still support the royal family and queen
Claudine L
Claudine L:
I didn’t watch the interview. I was surprised that 17 millions people watched it. So the Royal family is not perfect but neither are these two. However, I look down on people that talk badly about their family on national TV. It’s like biting the hands that feed you. Regardless of whatever happened, these two had already left the RF. What is the point of bringing up the past and air your dirty laundry to the public? If you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s better to keep quiet, especially when it comes to your own family.
Aaron Cumberland
Aaron Cumberland:
Everyone seems to ignore the blaring fact that Meghan aggressively pursued Harry for marriage BECAUSE he was a member of the Royal Family. She was intent on marrying a Prince and enjoying the wealth and privilege thereof. Same with Princess Diana marrying Charles. If a person decides to marry for status instead of love, they should be prepared to maintain the rigors that status demands. Had Harry been a plumber, Meghan wouldn't have thought twice about him. Wait though - my plumber charged me $10,000 to repair a broken drain pipe recently. Sh*t. Marry a plumber next time.
Jeanette Parise
Jeanette Parise:
They wanted to live a normal life, so live it privately. That's Hollywood for you.
Harry's discomfort was palpable. The stretches of silence before his answers about the relationship and regrets was painful to watch.
I applaud you making your own decisions.
These two are simple minded. I watched the entire interview and was surprised and thrilled that Prince Charles stopped taking Harry's phone calls and the RF cut them off financially. Harry was upset the RF cut them off financially (even though he's a middle aged man!) but then adds, "thank goodness I had a $35 mil inheritance from my mum." What??? Are we suppose to feel sorry for these two? I don't. Cry me a river indeed.
Maryann Kearns
Maryann Kearns:
I have just finished watching the special with Oprah, Harry and Megan.....much to my surprise it has left me some different opinions and insight I have not previously had. First, what I realized being a “Royal” .....I do not think the average American really can understand what that really is like, and all that entails good and bad. Obviously, there is American culture and a British culture and they are two different realties. I certainly came away with a different perspective. There is always two sides to every story. Previous to watching. I was definitely not a fan of Megan....I think she had been painted with too much of a negative brush. I was shocked Megan had suicidal thoughts at one time in the UK and according to her was denied help when she asked 😱😭, why this help was not given to her immediately left me could have and should have been done privately. Postpartum depression came immediately to mind, the grave implications of this if Megan had this, let alone serious depression...all we Americans saw was Photos of Megan with iron on Cheshire grin. I was always Prince Harry fan and felt even more so after the show. I see and sense honesty in Prince Harry. I felt genuine compassion for the position he is in...he has grown up. I may never be a super fan of Megan....but she deserves people to see her in more tempered view.
🦋Lost In Wonderland 🦋
🦋Lost In Wonderland 🦋:
At first I was not very pleased due to all the ex that she has, my uncle is from England so once he married my aunt they live their now I asked him why the family is like this, point blank its a Royal Family just like we have a President they have the Royals. He wanted to protect his wife and son so he left, the love for his family is more important to him and my uncle said that he was never going to be king since his brother has a family and they come first, so he did what was best, he holds a lot of heart ache from loosing his mom and Im sure their is so much that we do not know. They are young they have a whole life ahead of them, let them be
i do not understand how its not okay for them to live in America to keep his family safe and yet the one who is a disgusting man who is tied to Epstien gets to stay and do what he does on a daily? Thats stupid, but I do believe that Queen Elizabeth behind closed doors he is a loving grandma and wants her grandson happy especially with what happened to Princess Diana and the mistress moving in fast. From what my uncle Brian told me is that they are nice family and sometimes you get to see them out and about and they do not make others feel less than. She is one of the ones who gives EVERYONE a pension when you live in England and my sister went their with my aunt and uncle since I missed out because I was 8 months pregnant, when my sister was coming back after being in England for 4 months she even was given money to make sure she came back to America with cash in her pocket for her needs, and they all get free health care. I would love to live in England but after shown videos my sister had on the loooooonnnnnngggg ride of the plane and I hate hights im like no thank you, I just hope she is not the way so many think about her, he would be so broken but lets try to stay positive and be happy for their little family. This goes to show you fame and money is not always happiness sometimes you need the simplest things. Im sure his mom is proud of him especially protecting his wife because she wasnt.
Oprah is the LAST person I would talk to... about anything.
Nintendo Meli
Nintendo Meli:
Tbh it’s meghans choice and for her to speak for herself. She’s doing what’s best for her
Randy Andrade
Randy Andrade:
To be perfectly honest !
I'm English and an anti-Royalist pity she didn't come out with all this before her grand wedding that the uk tax payer had to fork out for me and the missus had a Town Hall wedding and we are very happy together ❤
Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene:
Great performance by Meghan..
Jean Jackson
Jean Jackson:
We have in America right Now, homeless , hungry children/Teens, adults.... And, the 2 of them cry over what ? You reside in a Manson , you have plenty of Food, Clothing, warmth in your home, beautiful furniture, a beautiful child, healthy all three of you ! Meghan and Harry, our people are struggling , hurting, starving , homeless, and we have Covid here also ! Please, move on ! Or back to UK , tired of hearing how horrible it is for you ! We have lost 500,000. People to Covid ! How many precious children to Covid ! We don’t want to hear your crying any longer.... Go back home Harry ! Or try another country !! Let me tell you , for my American family , I love my people, and my heart goes out to them ! Period ... Add On: Both, Harry & Meghan are: his is sweet, Meghan is a beauty, just be happy ! You both are so blessed... Not like so many here in our country !
Laina J
Laina J:
Wow. The amount of people who read the title of the video, clicked on it at their own free will knowing exactly what it's about, and taking the actual time to comment how they don't care.
Then proceed to comment about how much they don't care 🤔😕
Ash love
Ash love:
I missed it 😭
Lol, why does everyone care so much about this interview? I see it all over social media as if it’s important. It’s just wealthy people having wealthy people problems, what’s so intriguing about this? 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Cash Money Chanel
Cash Money Chanel:
Where can I watch this now ?? Like is there not gonna be a way to stream it after ??
SFla Saint
SFla Saint:
So Harry & Meghan worth $45 Mil outside of the Royals and Oprah got $7 M just for interview them. Geez sure am glad these people are ok !
This seems like a publicity stunt to get people to sign up for subscriptions, just to watch this interview. This should be offered for free without having to sign up and give all your personal information and credit card, even if it is a free trial and can cancel anytime. You are still giving all your personal information and credit card open for recurring charges for anyone to see and yes, they do charge your credit card and hold your money hostage.
Och No
Och No:
God created all men equal, and we should also know that love is blind, it doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is, love is love. Harry and Meghan, may the Almighty Father protect you and your son in Jesus name Amen.
Captain Fury
Captain Fury:
“Royalty” is wrong in this day and age...
Kendra Morgan
Kendra Morgan:
Meghan Markle has her Sun in Leo,Moon in Libra with Mercury in Leo. She probably did come off as mean or even bossy to the staff at the palace. But with her moon being in libra I'm sure she tried working on her with relationship with the family.
James Madison
James Madison:
Interviewer to Harry, “Some say that your wife dominates you....”
Meghan “No, I do not!!!”
Marie Tete
Marie Tete:
Charles...reinar é deixar legado, não vergonha!!!
Imagine Harry who lived in that place and grew up in there 😳
Lynn Snow
Lynn Snow:
So sorry for your loss of independence Megan. But I’m more worried about our rights being trampled within our United States Constitution.. This is how we all feel.
Give her an Oscar. What a 'performance'. One of the best acting jobs I've seen in years!
Harold Rigel De Silva
Harold Rigel De Silva:
Where can I watch the full interview?
Kay Bourgeois
Kay Bourgeois:
I just really want to boycott tabloid companys...anyone with me???
King Matolo
King Matolo:
I have been observing social posts/comments and I now understand why many people in the UK hate Meghan Markle.

1) SHE'S A FOREIGNER, SPECIFICALLY AMERICAN - I have seen comments like "how can she come to my country and tell us what to do" , "she came here and she's now using taxpayers money" , etc.

2) SHE HAS AN ORDINARY BACKGROUND, PREVIOUSLY MARRIED AND COMPLICATED FAMILY HISTORY - she does not come from wealth, so they labelled her a "gold digger". She was a divorcee, that did not give her the "pure image" that royals are supposed to have. Then she does not come from the perfect happy family.

3) RACISM AND HER BLACK IDENTITY - I have seen racial slurs posted online. Not going to quote them.

4) HARRY & MEGHAN EXITING ROYAL FAMILY - Meghan was blamed for it. People seem to forget Harry is a grown up man who can make his own decisions. Personally, I understand why they left, the UK became so toxic.

5) HER ACTING CAREER - I see many people bashing her acting career. People saying that she was never in Hollywood, she was never a recognized actor, etc. Her acting roles was never good for the conservative British people.

6) BULLYING BY THE PRESS - many people don't know her at a personal level but they know what they read and heard from the press. The same press who bullied and attacked her on a regular basis. The same press who attacked her for wearing trausers to an event, the same press who made endless comparisons between her and Kate Middleton, the same press who posted about her financial and racial backgrounds, etc.
Know what's incredible about this? Meghan's shoes. She is lovely. That's about as deep as I go into their business.
Where could I see the whole interview
Jerek Acas
Jerek Acas:
Where i can watch this whole interview here on youtube? Thanks
Mbulelo Xinana
Mbulelo Xinana:
Besides all this. The Anchor is beautiful jhoo it's the first time seeing such beauty in television.
Nugget Boop
Nugget Boop:
Where can I watch the whole interview?
Social Power
Social Power:
Hypocrisy, harry cut ties in fact in light of Megan saying she knew what she was getting into and now?
Marie Tete
Marie Tete:
Eu era criança,eu acompanhei a covardia de criança,seu filho está feliz...seja um monarca decente,por favor!!!
Oprah??? Oh, yeah....they sure picked the right person to be their mouthpiece didn’t they? Disastrous.....
Josh Rees
Josh Rees:
I'm not a fan of the royal family but as a British person I find it odd to treat the situation like some kind of reality TV show. The monarchy isn't a governing institution. It is its own private entity with its own rules and procesdures and should be treated as such. It's not for other countries to criticise or spread unsubstantiated rumours. It's not surprising they're strict or prohibit the kind of freedoms a 'normal' person would expect. They are literal royalty important international duties. It's perfectly fine to disagree with the idea of monarchy but it doesn't seem fair to give a one sided story in a foreign country where it's treated as a form ill founded entertainment rather than a matter of national importance. It's disrespectful.
Shanaia Fernandes
Shanaia Fernandes:
does anyone know where can i find the whole interview?
Apete Toko
Apete Toko:
where can u watch the full interveiw
I love Harry & Meghan! Diana was watching over them!❤️
Levi Lee
Levi Lee:
Meghan is a free woman. Harry want that freedom. Plus he knows what his family can do and he doesn’t want the same to Meghan they did with he’s mom.
Justine Justice_League
Justine Justice_League:
I find it interesting that Meghan says she and Eugenia were friends before she met Harry and yet there was never any talk about him? Or that he was a bachelor and that she would make a good match as they shared the same aspirations. How can she say that it was never thier intentions to be where they are(celebrities) when every step taking was to get where they are? How can she say she was willing to do ALL duties and step into her role when after less than a year she was ready to end her life. Any good man and husband would not allow his pregnant wife to harm herself nor an unborn child. It is fortunate she wasn't deemed unstable and committed. If she was left totally in the dark on Royal protocol why didn't her husband and love of her life guide her or was all guidance rejected as she is an independent individual. Did they not say they wanted to be financially separated from the Crown as both British and Canadian tax payers didn't want to pay for thier protection. Someone has to pay for their protection and it's the public who pays the Crown. As Harry stated it's entire working system. The Monarchy needs the support of its people and with them separating from the Monarchy Why did they expect to still be protected? What mother would agree to having her and her child unprotected but claims she just wanted her husband protected? I'm glad Meghan was at least honest about the Queens patience with her. Lastly as a woman who has a bi racial child myself it is NORMAL to wonder what your child will look like, just like you hope that he or she is healthy. Even when you have two parents of the same race you still wonder what the baby will look like, it's normal. Family members will also wonder, some will say it out loud and others will make inquiries after the baby is born. It only becomes racism when he or she is discriminated against for their color. And there is absolutely no evidence of Archie being mistreated by the family, especially not the Queen. Why Harry would even tell his wife some of things is beyond me as it only caused her further madness. Family members talk amongst them all the time, I don't tell my husband every conversation I have with my family. These two wanted out of the family, they had a plan and should be honest about it and as Meghan stated everything she wanted came true. She ultimately didn't give up anything, not long-term and has gained substantial heights( there is rain with every rainbow). I hope she and Harry can now put this all to rest and move on. As Harry seemed tired and over the whole thing. He can't mend fences as he says if he and his family stay in turmoil with Meghans need for retribution continues
Kenia La Loca
Kenia La Loca:
Her problem is that being a liberal she didn’t have the freedom to post on Twitter & Instagram like all her friends do.
The reporter blinks a whole lot.
🍅 Grow what you eat and eat what you grow 🫑
🍅 Grow what you eat and eat what you grow 🫑:
💔💔💔💔We all should respect their space and move on from this unnecessary drama. Because stress and pressure that lead any one to do things that they don’t want to do....All this drama that everybody yes everybody is projecting towards Prince Harry can lead him to get emotional exhausted and reveal all the secrets from royal family member and everything his mum princess D been through also when she was a life...... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH 💔💔💔 or this story my end up badly for prince Harry and for Royal family too let’s respect them choices and move on 😔😔😔😔😔
Not Again
Not Again:
So let's see. Two multimillionaires are complaining to a billionaire, about oppression and racism? 🤭
Samy Nketshi
Samy Nketshi:
I’m sure the comment section is gonna be entertaining 😊
The royal correspondent blinked 157 times.. what’s with that?
The royal relationships have been lost already.... as Megan has very strong voice and she will not continue to be silent for what she had been through in the UK ... it’s about time to review the truth....not too surprised that Kate can be a bully too .... just too shameful as women bully each other , instead of supporting each other , no matter what colour or nationality you are ..... 🙈🙈
Aliaa Marizan Nor
Aliaa Marizan Nor:
Love the cbs broadcaster's make up and especially her lips! Can she please share her lip color and makeup tips